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Happy St. Patrick's Day and Full Moon in Virgo!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's been another busy week. The full moon energies were particularly active; it was blatantly obvious while I was working with the kids. Emotions were running high, and the kids were choosing to be absurdly sassy. Hopefully, the full moon treated you kindly (and you didn't deal with the extra sass). If you want to learn more about this full moon in Virgo, I included some informative videos and a meditation below:

My dream recall was kind of fuzzy when I woke up on Monday morning. There was something about my sister, Tsuki, and I having what seemed to be a sleepover. Not sure exactly what happened; details were hazy. There was also something about this little kid. I think it was a girl, but remembering details about the kid's appearance was hazy. What I did remember was that the kid kept coming down my street and getting into trouble/causing mischief. The kid was stealing, and I think at one point they were stealing internet. As soon as someone would spot them, they would run off. After a few times, I started piecing together information about them, and I noticed them going down the street next-door, appearing to go back to their home. I called out to the kid, letting them know that I saw them and that while they might be getting away with it now, it wouldn't last forever. Eventually their "fun" would be stopped, and they wouldn't be allowed to get away with it any more. The kid seemed to be in major denial and seemed to be convinced that I didn't see them/didn't know anything. At one point they were climbing over the fence in our neighbor's backyard, and I warned them to watch out for the dog. They laughed at me, convinced that I was making things up/just trying to scare them off so they wouldn't get to have their "fun." I found it humorous when our neighbor's dog came out and basically pinned them to the ground--the kid was fine, as the dog just wanted to play, but they didn't know that and were panicking. I pointed out that I tried to warn them but that they didn't listen. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

I woke up extra sleepy and rather cozy on Tuesday morning; it made getting up for before care a bit of challenge (definitely looked forward to spring break). My dream recall was a bit fuzzy, too. I remembered creating and uploading art to sell and something about my aunt talking about Sango from InuYasha (since she had watched it with my siblings and I were younger), but that was the only things that I could recall upon waking. I knew a lot more happened, but everything else was veiled in a fog.

I woke up a bit sleepy on Wednesday morning. My dream recall was somewhat hazy. What I could remember was helping my mom look for something in the corner of a room. While searching, I noticed a wasp nest on the inside of the room near the window. I alerted my mom to it, but, apparently, there was another nest hidden in the items we were looking through. Wasps basically swarmed me, which made me uneasy. I didn't freak out, but I definitely didn't enjoy it. They started crawling into my pants. I wanted no part of it, so I removed my pants. Thankfully, I was not stung at all (maybe because I took calming breaths and didn't panic). Eduardo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends appeared, and I think he came to protect me, as he took my pants and started chomping on them to crush the wasps. Wilt from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends appeared at one point, too, and I think he was adding dried bugs to his ramen for protein/flavoring. It was weird. That's all I could remember upon waking.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy on Thursday morning; the main thing I remembered was being with April, her mom, and Iris. There seemed to be some kind of disaster. I ended up meeting with them while going through wreckage and crowds. I think Corliss and Iris's dad ended up meeting with us, too. There were these challenge-like puzzles we had to figure out and unlock to gain access to useful tools and gear. I remembered gaining a tent, sleeping bags, survival knives, etc. after completing them. There was something about setting up camp, and someone emphasized we should make the most out of all of our time, that rainy days should be used for gathering/creating resources for personal use as well as to trade. I think we gathered mushrooms. That's all I could recall when I woke up.

I woke up Friday morning rather sleepy. There were two parts I could remember from my dream. The first part was fuzzy, but it had something to do with my aunt Angie and her pregnancy. The second part had me hanging out with Corliss. She was buying a lot of groceries. Some of my family was there. Instead of helping with taking the bags to the car from checkout, they all kind of left. I stopped them by remarking, "What, you're just going to leave and not help at all?" I think they came back to help carry bags, or they at least helped but them in the trunk (but they seemed kind of grumpy, especially my dad). I think he was grouching about never seeing me anymore, which I found ironic considering my brothers live hours away, rarely seeing anyone, my sister is often doing her own thing, and even when I'm around, my dad is usually doing his own thing. He grumbled something about not wanting to go to food trucks. Corliss and I ended up going to this new ice cream place. When we pulled up, there were so many choices. The staff were wearing wacky outfits that included rainbow slinkies on their heads. Corliss seemed really indecisive, but I knew I wanted mint chip. I was debating whether to get a small or a medium; I decided a large was too much (I think it was 24 ounces). I'm pretty sure two of the prices were $3.69 and $4.38. Corliss started exclaiming how she needed a new house and mentioned something about Michigan. I pointed out that the ice cream shop couldn't really help with getting a house, that it sold ice cream, as she seemed really fixated on getting a new house. While I waited for Corliss to decide, I noticed two roller coaster tracks on both sides of the shop. I saw the hanging roller coasters zoom by. Some of the coaster cars were pretty neat, like resembling a red helicopter. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

My dream recall was kind of fuzzy when I woke up Saturday morning, but I knew a lot happened. From what I could remember I was at a store (pretty sure it was Target) at one point. Other people were there with me, like my sister. I remembered looking for alligator themed gifts for my aunt (and her kids, a 2 year-old and a baby that will be born next month). I found an alligator shaped flashlight and water wings for sure, but there were other items as well. I think my sister was getting grouchy and wanted to go home, and she started complaining since she was apparently my ride. More happened but the next thing I recalled was visiting family in Colorado. Not sure what exactly I was doing, but I think my cousin was my ride back; he decided it was time to go because he didn't want to be driving late or something. That's all I could remember once I woke up.

When I woke up this morning, my dream recall was rather fuzzy. What I could remember was that I was hanging out with April. I think we were working on projects and writing books. There was definitely a bunch of snow, though. At one point we were warming up a car so we could go somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. At one point I was taking one of the boys I babysit regularly to school, but he had taken off/lost his shoes somewhere because they were apparently soaked. He tried to say he had no other shoes and that it'd be fine, but I pointed out that he wouldn't be let in the school without them. We started a quest to find shoes. I think we eventually found them, and when we got to the school, there was this obnoxiously long line of students waiting to get in. That's all I could recall when I awoke this morning.

The kids were excited about spring break in before care (but they're parents were less than thrilled by the prospect). The kids lost some of their interest about the Pokémon book, although we made some new entries. They counted how many drawings we have so far, and we're up to 65 (as of Tuesday). The sister brought in some pokeballs they made out of modeling clay, too. She started telling jokes from her jokebook one morning, trying to get people to laugh and see if they knew the answer. Later she brought in these pair of erasers, a panda and a fox. She announced that their names were Foxy Woxy and Pandy Mandy. She asked me if I knew what a trash panda was, and I answered a raccoon. This got me thinking about red pandas, and I glanced at the erasers again, remarking that if we fused the two together, we would get a red panda. She grew excited, exclaiming, "Yes!! I love red pandas!" My art buddy was excited since her birthday was Sunday, but she was ticked off at her mom since her mom didn't let her open her presents until Monday. She also told me that she created a book for her dad (his birthday was the 10th); the story was all about Encanto characters, and Isabella and Camillo were up to trouble--Camillo shaped shifted during dinner while Isabella decided to blow out the flame of the family's magical candle.

They were eager to go outside on Tuesday. They started playing some kind of zombie game, stating that my coworker was the zombie and exclaiming, "Conner's the zombie! Runnnnn!!!!" Ironically enough, they were chasing him down rather than him trying to catch them. I also inquired if they were sure he was a zombie because he was running awfully quick for a zombie. They took his jacket and hung it up on one of the spinners, exclaiming, "Look! It's Ghost Conner! He'll eat you!" Apparently, if "Ghost Conner" spun around, he was eating. "Ghost Conner" also was pretty rude, smacking a bunch of people. My art buddy kept telling me that "Ghost Conner" was begging me to come closer; I refused because he was just going to eat me. She promised he would be nice before remarking, "He just wants to smack you. Or eat you. That's all." I exclaimed that I didn't want either of those things and refused to budge (but playing along with the game). My art buddy decided to make a ghost version of herself, hanging up her jacket, too. Then she became a vampire, trying to eat me. She would "turn into a fruit bat" to lull me into a false sense of security before reverting back into a vampire. She game me a hug and started having me walk around the playground backwards as she continued to hug me. I impulsively remarked, "Click. Clack. Moo. Click. Clack. Moo. I am a cow. Click. Clack. Moo." My art buddy then asked if I was a mouse, which caused me to laugh and remark, "I just said I was a cow--how would I be a mouse?" It was an interesting morning.

Wednesday was interesting... the kids were rather moody. The sisters kept getting in arguments with each other. About a fourth of the kids were absent with most kids trickling in late. At one point there were 4 kiddos there (the sisters, a 2nd grader, and a 5th grader). The sisters and the 2nd grader couldn't agree on what we should do and kept bickering amongst themselves. Each wanted something different--one wanted to go outside, one wanted to stay in the cafeteria, and one wanted to go to the gym. They were all adamant that before care do what they wanted and refused to budge on their stance, exclaiming how everything else was boring and how they refused to do it. The 5th grade watched quietly as it all unfolded, becoming exasperated and wanted to know why they were all sassy with such attitudes that morning; she was fed up with it all. No matter what we said or how we tried to reach a compromise, they didn't want to hear it, sticking to their guns. Eventually, we were able to get a near-consensus for going outside as more kids arrived, but no matter what we would have chosen, there would have been unhappy individuals. Not sure why tensions were running so high, but maybe it had something to do with the approaching full moon. Most of the kids were back to normal on Thursday, except for one girl, who was extra sassy, bossy, and grumpy. She announced that I "make all of her fun disappear" (I wasn't aware that I was a magician or so powerful that I could evaporate all fun). She wasn't happy that I told her not to stand/walk on this bench on the playground that was unstable and incredibly wobbly. She's not a bad kid, but she definitely decides that she's the boss of everything (she announced that she was the leprechaun queen that ruled over all in the land of leprechauns), and then she gets super triggered and throws a fit when it doesn't go the way she desires. It was an interesting week.

The boys were excited for spring break, grateful to be able to sleep in next week. We got into discussions about various abridged series; they thought the Yugi-oh Abridged series was hilarious. They were curious as to if there was a Fairy Tail Abridged, and while I haven't seen one, it has to be taken into account that I've never tried to look for one, so there very well may be one. They thought the clip of Kirito drawing on Asuna's face from SAO abridged is hilarious. There was a random kid hanging out on their street, and the younger brother was visibly irritated. I asked if he wasn't all that keen on the boy, and he affirmed that, explaining that the kid got expelled from his school because he was threating to shoot and murder three teachers. He also said that the kid was failing in school, but what really caused dislike was that this kid had previously bullied him before school for over a month. I was surprised, as I hadn't heard about it, and I remarked that I could see why this boy wouldn't be his favorite person. He didn't say he hated the boy, but you could tell that he wanted nothing to do with him (not that I could blame him). It was heartbreaking to learn that he had been bullied, but I'm grateful that he no longer is being bullied by the kid since that boy can no longer attend his school. I look forward to the day when we can all live together in harmony, without trying to harm one another.

I also did some last minute babysitting for a family that's friends with one of my regular families. It was great meeting new kids and their parents. This family had 3 kids, and they're all pretty sweet. They also had a 4-month-old puppy named Oliver, who was incredibly hyperactive (which isn't all that surprising for a puppy). The oldest was working on some homework where she had to code a game, and it looked pretty cool. The youngest was quite a character (in her mom's words, she's a "little firecracker"); she tried to claim I was a bounce house and jump on me. She was extra rowdy during bedtime, refusing to change into pajamas or brush her teeth. That wasn't exactly too surprising (spring break paired with an upcoming trip and the full moon), what shocked me, though, was the fact that she squatted down in the corner of her room by her bed and purposefully peed on the floor through her clothes. That was a first. Her siblings didn't believe that she actually did it, convinced she had just pretended. It was not pretend. The cleanup said otherwise. They're not bad kids, though, and they're a really sweet family.

I hung out with April and Iris on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun. Iris is a hoot. She kept telling me all these wild stories (i.e. her candy tasted like fish, her candy was made out of chocolate ramen, she washed her hair with soap that was made out of ramen soup, I was invisible and she couldn't hear me with the only way I could revert back to normal being to eat all of their food, etc.). The kid has wild imagination.

We got some yummy food (I got eggplant Parmesan) before playing at the park. Iris had a blast and made a lot of friends, including a dad with 4 kids. The family was on this bouncy car playground equipment, and the kids were demanding that he try to bounce them off as they clung on for dear life. Iris thought it would be fun and asked if she could play, too. She was allowed to join and started chatting up a storm with them, telling them how she was a pro at the game. One of his kids started asking the dad why he was smiling so much, and he remarked, "Because you guys crack me up." The boy didn't seem convinced and retorted, "You never laugh at home." The dad raised his brow, replying, "That's because it's not very funny when you don't listen." They started playing on the playground, Iris tagging along, and they started demanding that their dad go down the slide. He was a good sport about it and decided to make it interesting, exclaiming, "If you're ready, let me hear you say, 'Oooooohhhh!'" The kids immediately complied. He then exclaimed, "Let me hear you say, 'Oh, oh, oh~~!'" All the kids, including Iris, were enraptured and immediately began repeatedly shouting, "Oh!" With his requirements satisfied, he sped down the slide. The kids thought it was hilarious. Then they started playing tag and were determined to catch their dad. He expertly dodged all their attempts, though, and you could tell he'd had a lot of practice; he would flawlessly dodge last minute with ease. It was hilarious to watch.

After the park Iris wanted to go see her grandma, so we went to her home. April and I ended up chatting while Iris watched TV. It seems there was even more drama unfolding at her work; I emphasized yet again how she should turn it into a book, comic, and/or animation. From what she was telling me it made me think that one of the people were steering a ship (akin to the Titanic) and then crashed it into a massive iceberg. They wanted to blame April for it, but I commented that April had already evacuated ship and was waving goodbye to them as she drifted away on the lifeboat. The guy wasn't taking it too well that April decided to cut her losses and not deal with the BS anymore, so basically he's on the sinking ship trying to take April down with him, attempting to launch rockets and missiles to sink her lifeboat, instead of trying to save himself and get off the sinking ship; he's unable to take April down with him, which he is none too happy about. There's so much drama at her workplace and April remarked how she couldn't believe she was still there. I replied it was probably so she could bear witness to it all and turn it into a book or video series or something along those lines; there's turning water into wine, but April's going to be turning all their poo into gold. Seriously, people would eat this story up; April can't believe it's real life when she's the one living it. With my encouragement (I've been encouraging her for weeks since the first time she started telling me about it) she started drafting out the story, so hooray for progress!

Tsuki was her usual nutty and adorable self. She kept trying to steal from me and swipe Perler beads (she did manage to snatch a handful of them). She's spent a lot of time out on the porch since it's been so nice out. The warmer weather has her all hyped up, practically bouncing off the walls. Tsuki's been wanting to chomp, attack, and wrestle pretty much nonstop. She'll try to wrestle my feet as I walk down the stairs. She'll try to wrestle my arms/hands while I work and type on my laptop. She'll try to attack and wrestle my legs while I'm sitting down. She's tried to attack me in the shower. Tsuki's such a goofy, nutty kitty with so many antics. The only time she's calm is when she's worn herself out and needs to recharge.

Artwork for the week included more Perler bead star constellation projects:

I have a new shop open on Redbubble now, so feel free to check it out! I'll be adding more things to it, so revisit the shop often!

I did more writing, reading, and anime watching this week. I wrote a new story, Leprechaun Party, in honor of St. Patrick's Day that's based off the creativity and shenanigans of the kids in before care. These kiddos definitely keep my mornings interesting. They were so intent on catching a leprechaun, but, to my knowledge, they have yet to catch one. I also wrote a poem for the From Across the Room Challenge called Marked By the Crescent Moon (I didn't mention who I was referring to by name, but it should be pretty obvious, especially if you're a long-term anime fan). Feel free to read these pieces and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for the week included: Oh, Lollipop, Lollipop, Why Dogs Shouldn't Have Chocolate, Herb to Heal, Gratitude, Grace of the Raven, Midnight Meddler, Sesshomaru's Ghost, Some Dreams Fade Anew, Fate, Death, & Rebirth, and Absurd Distractions. The newest episode of YashaHime pulled hard at my heartstrings and had me squealing like such a fan girl. While I wasn't exactly surprised about Riku's fate, I still felt for him. At least he was able to live according to his own heart. The girls help restore Rion and Kirinmaru's relationship, which was awesome, and don't even get me started on Sesshomaru. For his character to be so patient and do so much talking/explaining was extremely noteworthy in his fight with Kirinmaru; he drove his point home hard to the point where Kirinmaru couldn't misunderstand. Granted, I know it's not because he cared about Kirinmaru; when Jaken questioned him about why he went so easy on Rion and Kirinmaru when he could have easily stopped both of them, his response completely melted my heart. He's such a great dad! No matter how many people were nonbelievers about whether or not he cared, I always knew, and the end of this week's episode proved it. Why did he go easy on Rion and Kirinmaru? For the sake of his daughters; he knew that they would be devastated and heartbroken if he had just finished of Rion and Kirinmaru. He's not one to alter his course of action, so the fact that he would SCREAMS how much he cares about his daughters and family. I'm so excited about next week's episode, but it seems like it might be the last episode, which is a bit disappointing. I love InuYasha and YashaHime, and I had been hoping that YashaHime would have a run time that was at least a little closer to InuYasha's runtime. The ending scene of this week's episode with all the family's finally happily reunited was priceless!! I love it so much!

Life is full of great things, new opportunities, good laughs, excitement, love, and abundance. As a society, we frequently cause interference for allowing it in. We can change, though. We can transform from the caterpillar into the butterfly. Change and transformation can seem scary; it's different from what we know, from what we're familiar with, from our comfort zone. Different doesn't mean bad, however. I'm committing to changing, learning, and growing so I can improve and become my best self. It's a work in progress and a never-ending process at that. Abundance and prosperity are heading my way, and I look forward to it! I grateful for all the opportunities I have and that I have so many wonderful people (and kitties) in my life. Blessings abound if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Life is full of boundless, infinite potential and possibility. Be gentle with yourself, make time for rest and fun, breathe, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought to consider:

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