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Happy September and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It's surreal to think we're already in September and are in the final quarter of the year. Time just doesn't feel real.

When I woke up from my dream on Monday morning I remembered one main thing. I had been going to pick up the boys I babysit from school. I was running a bit late, but it shouldn't have been a big deal because I always get there so early. The thing was, every way I tried to go (not just main roads but all the side streets) were completely backed up with bumper-to-bumper lines of cars. Nobody could get through the intersection due to the non-moving traffic. After trying every way I could think of, I ended up riding a bike to their school just so I'd at least be there, and I figured my mom could bring my car up when I got there, hoping the traffic would be cleared up by then. I got there at like 3:30 when I normally get there around 2. When I got to the office, I saw their mom there, having left work, and she was signing them out. I apologized and explained the situation; she was cool about it. The office staff kept giving me grief, asking if I knew how long football games lasted and insisting I set a timer if I work on things like writing articles. It was strange.

My dream felt like it was all over the place Monday night/Tuesday morning. What I could remember involved creating with colorful fabric/yarn. There was something about turning water on in some building, and it starting to flood. Someone started using the water to surf/boogie board. There was another part that involved visiting my aunt Angie at the hospital with my sister and parents. She was there to have a baby, and a number of relatives from the other side of my family came to visit. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember.

My dream seemed to be all over the place Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. There was something about hiring someone to help me write articles, but what they sent me was a piece about Old McDonald's farm animals. There was another part involving some kind of commission sale, earning like $.03. At one point there was something about clothes. I think there was a part about King from The Owl House, too. The last thing I could remember involved Bleach characters. There was something about characters going to the Soul Society, and it didn't make sense why some were allowed access (like the Vizards and Arancars) but others were (i.e. humans). The specific details were really fuzzy, and that's all I could remember upon waking, although more definitely happened.

In my dream from Wednesday night/Thursday morning I was writing articles. At one point I was at a school with the boys I babysit. We were playing some sort of board game. I rolled the dice and got some sort of elusive combination of moon phases. It included like an eclipse, new moon, crescent moon, full moon, and half moon. I remembered asking the boys I babysit about it. Someone came in announcing that I earned some award/certificate. Most of the people in the class seemed to earn one. We ended up going to another classroom to get them. Since there were so many of us, the teacher wasn't sure if all of us would be able to get it within the next half hour. We had to wait in the hallway to receive it. A small group of people was discussing how awful some of the students had been acting, and I pointed out that it had been a rough 2 years (like the virtual learning). They admitted that I had a point and conceded that it didn't help matter that more and more people were quitting/didn't have their job any more. At one point I was going to go hang out with Corliss. Pretty sure more happened in the dream, but that's all I could remember when I woke up.

It felt like a lot happened in my dream when I woke up Friday morning, but details were really fuzzy. I think it involved writing at one point. At some point there was a water park, and at another I seemed to be in this building that resembled a church with various family members. I think my dad was telling my grandpa to give me his house and that the house I had bought had fallen through, but it was all so fuzzy that I couldn't really remember much of anything.

My dream recall was pretty hazy when I woke up on Saturday morning. There was something about hanging out with Iris and someone that gave me the impression of a person I used to play online games with but never met in real life. We seemed to be having fun. There was something else about being at what seemed to be a hotel with a bunch of family members, but it seemed to be moving as of someone was erratically driving it like a car from time to time. That's all I could remember when I woke up, but it felt like more happened.

The only thing I could remember when I woke up this morning was being at some kind of school. There was some kind of special event/group rotation going on, and I was thrust into the position of activity leader without knowing anything. I wasn't asked or informed about it beforehand; I was just expected to run the activity with no experience, planning, or preparation. The activity seemed to be about eggplants, and there was some activity sheet I was supposed to use. The sheet up and disappeared, leaving me with no idea what to do. One of my previous coworkers from the preschool showed up and helped by looking for the sheet. She recommended I tell jokes and stuff in the mean time, but I completely blanked. It didn't seem like the sheet was ever found. There was a pair of twin brothers that had attended the preschool that I talked with, and one of the kids from before care showed up to give me a thank you note. More happened, somehow involving a bus ride past what sort of seemed to be a college, but it had somewhat strange names for its buildings. What seemed to be a parking garage was named something about pilots. The rest of the details were fuzzy, and I couldn't remember anything else once I woke up.

The boys had their first full week of school this week, and they weren't exactly thrilled. I heard from their mom that they haven't exactly been staying on top of all of their assignments (and that they've been giving her extra attitude lately). I wondering if it is energetic or if it's their hormones or both. They seemed like their normal selves when interacting with me and were excited to tell me all about the games they've been playing. There was one called Celeste with some character named Theo, and they were also playing Elden Ring as St. Nicholas with a rusty anchor. It was definitely an interesting premise. They enjoyed discussing how to build the perfect aquarium or terrarium for fish, frogs, turtles, etc. The pair has been learning a lot. They even discussed the major aquariums (i.e. Sea World) and debated whether or not the habitats were fitting and suited for the sea life. They also enjoyed chatting about different anime and games as well as if dubs were better than originals. The boys are super excited for the long weekend and plan to go to Greek Fest to celebrate. They told me all about the flaming cheese that they got last year. It sounds really interesting.

I did some pet sitting for my aunt's friend and took care of Nala and Big Red. They were super excited to see me again (it's been almost a year since my aunt's friend took her last trip). It was smooth sail, excluding Saturday morning when Big Red took off down the street and into a neighbor's bushes after a cat. That was the first time anything like that has ever happened, and my aunt's friend has told me many times that her dogs will stay in the front yard. The incident made me a bit reluctant to let Big Red out in the front.

Tsuki was her typical nutty self, but she was miffed this week because the remodelers finally came back, meaning she had to be confined to a bedroom while they were here. She was feeling rather lethargic this week and so was I, which led to us chilling a lot and watching The Owl House. Tsuki enjoyed watching all the rain, snoozing, looking for bugs, playing with plastic bags, exploring the remodel, and being a goof.

Artwork for the week included:

I made my first sales this week, which was super exciting! Granted, it wasn't anything mind-blowing and massive, but it's the first step in the right direction! It's only going to keep getting better from here on out!

I worked on more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

I watched more of The Owl House this week, and it's getting quite good. King is still my favorite character. A lot of my predictions are proving to be true, too. I was always suspicious about the whole forced coven thing, only being able to use 1 type of magic, and the bad rep of "wild" magic. It screamed control and deception to me. It just illustrates the importance of using your discernment and listening to your intuition, even if "logic" can "prove" otherwise. People aren't always what they seem, and you shouldn't just assume that they have the best intentions towards you. Sure, plenty of people do have pure intentions, but looks can be deceiving. Someone that seems to be your "friend" or have your best interests at heart could just be using you and see you nothing more as a pawn or stepping stone. Be aware. It's still important to be kind, have compassion, and live with a loving heart, but that doesn't mean you should let others take advantage of you and hurt you. A lot of us are learning the importance of firm boundaries; it's just as important to love and be kind to yourself as it is to others. Show yourself compassion and love, ensuring you get the self care you need. Be gentle with yourself, have fun, take care, and have a wonderful rest of your holiday weekend. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Some food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week includes:

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