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Happy October!

Hello, fall, and happy October! The energies are getting intense. The first of October was also the full moon (the Harvest Moon with the Blue Moon occurring later this month on Halloween); it was pretty obvious. The energies may be a bit intense, but it's the perfect time to focus on releasing, letting go, and "deep cleaning" of our lives. Here's some food for thought from Amanda Ellis and others on this.

We had lots of fun with tutoring this week! The kiddos wanted to make more fuse bead projects. I also brought more crystals for them to have (which made them super excited). We played on the trampoline during recess. We even played a bunch of games like Guess Who? and Uno. I'm super grateful to be able to work with these sweet kiddos.

I also enjoyed working on some art. I experimented with liquid water color. It was pretty fun using a straw to move the liquid water color around. I also finished the rainbow abstract art I started last week. It took over 9 hours to complete, but I think it's pretty sweet!

The sky was really interesting this week. Clouds are incredible. It literally looked like there were waves and a sea up in the sky (which made me think of Weathering With You). Nature is mind-blowing. Goddess Provisions' October box also arrived. This month's theme is shadow work, and it's pretty timely in light of everything that's going on in the world right now. Reflection is really big right now, and healing is crucial now more than ever. As above so below; if we can do the shadow work and heal our inner world, we can heal the outer world.

Fluffy cat enjoyed spending time with me and snoozing. I had intended to do a bunch of things on Sunday, but the universe had other plans. I felt so exhausted, like everything was too much effort. Fluffy cat and I stayed in bed until about 11 am before I had a light breakfast (and fluffy cat had hers). We then returned to bed to watch anime. Despite my intentions, fulfilling my plans on Sunday just couldn't happen. I even went to sleep super early. I couldn't stay up any longer; I had been feeling alright and then it almost felt like a truck of exhaustion hit. I could barely stand or move. I could have tried to stay up, but I knew nothing good would come from it. Fluffy cat followed me back to bed for snuggles while I slept. It wasn't the day I planned, but it was still a great day full of anime and fluffy cat cuddles!

Recently, Ralph Smart created a video about the importance of speaking up rather than "being shy." He pointed out that a lot of people label themselves as "shy" when they're afraid of speaking out on something that society might not see in the kindest light. If we remain silent on such topics, though, things will never change for the better. I recognize that there are a number of people that are scared of getting sick. I recognize that those people might feel safer wearing a mask. Your feelings are valid. That being said, not everyone feels that way. Each day that passes more and more people come out about things not adding up--doctors saying it doesn't make sense, creating their own investigations, promoting cures that are deemed by certain parties as being "false information," etc. If you're scared, you have every right to be. Please realize that not everyone shares that sentiment. There are those who feel safer NOT wearing a mask. There have been no studies about what impact wearing masks for long periods of time has on mental and physical health. If I have to wear a mask, I end up getting major headaches. My close friend has gotten seizures from wearing a mask too long. That's not healthy. I don't think wearing masks should go unquestioned and accepted immediately. There is a possibility that wearing a mask could potentially help, but there's also just as much possibility that wearing masks does so much more harm than good. You are allowed to have your own views on this, but if we could actually have meaningful discussions about this rather than attacking others for not supporting masks or labeling them as conspiracy theorists, we could actually get the solutions we seek. At the end of the day, both sides value health; it's what both sides are driven by. Ideas aren't necessarily good or bad, but having these deeper, meaningful conversations can help us discover the best solutions rather than just the first one that is suggested. Things aren't always what they seem. Maybe the mandates about masks came from the intent to keep people safe, but who was involved in the decision? Were experts consulted? Was the public? What was their basis for deciding masks were a must? Was it safety or was it something else? Was it to see how much control they could achieve? Was it to see if people would blindly follow? This is not to make light of anyone who lost loved ones. I send you love and supporting energies; losing a loved one is not easy. I lost a loved one during all of this, but it wasn't to the virus. It was cancer. The test that is going about isn't necessarily all that reliable either (doctors are coming out about that, too). Even if someone may have said illness, that doesn't mean that they necessarily passed away from it. If you happened to be a passenger in a car that happened to have this illness and got into a car accident, would you have really passed away from the illness? I point this out because there have been cases of this--if someone has it, they "died" from it even if it was other conditions that are much more likely to have caused it. Could some of the people have passed away from it? Sure, it's a possibility. I don't know everyone who's ever gotten sick nor do I know what caused them to pass away. Critical thinking is a vital skill right now. We need to be able to think for ourselves before we get stuck in a precarious situation--we don't need to go down with a sinking ship. You don't have to agree with my perception. Just consider it. Be respectful. There's no need to be "right" or "wrong." Right and wrong tend to be a matter of perception, anyway. Many consider stealing to be wrong. I don't condone stealing by any means, but if a family is on the brink of starvation because despite how hard they work, they are siphoned dry by society, is it really wrong for them to take a little bit of food to eat? Is it really wrong for them to have their basic needs met? Is it wrong from them to live? Are they in the wrong for taking a small morsel of food? Or is it society. which has used them, sucked them dry, and spat them out, in the wrong? People like to categorize and label everything, but, honestly, life is full of grays. You can try to make things black and white, but that can skew your perception considerably. It's okay to have different perspectives because it helps us start to piece the bigger picture of our world. Someone isn't necessarily wrong just because they don't see the world the way you do. Keep an open mind when listening and communicating with others. They might have helpful information if you allow yourself to hear it. Keeping an open mind doesn't mean you let them dictate your beliefs. You get to decide for yourself. If it resonates, great. If not, let it go and be on your way. It doesn't have to be complicated or aggressive.

Take time to take care of yourself; don't let others dictate your life. There are no coincidences. If you feel a certain way, don't ignore it; your intuition is a powerful tool if you allow its guidance in. Don't silence yourself. You and your words hold power. Remember to breathe. Remember to work on becoming your best self. Remember to heal. Other people may have hurt you, but you can heal those wounds. Others can help heal those wounds. If someone is meant to be in your life, they'll stay. Those that are meant to be in your life will never reject you. Don't settle for less than you deserve. You are worthy. You matter. You are the work-in-progress and masterpiece simultaneously. Prioritize your peace of mind and health. You can't help others with an empty cup. Find the beauty in life every day, big or small. Savor the little moments that often slip by in the hectic busyness of "normal" life. Let go of the old leaves that no longer serve you; new leaves that are meant for you, that will help you thrive, will come in when you finally trust the universe and let go. The universe works in your favor. The universe if full of abundance and blessings. The universe loves you. Never forget that. Be authentic. Be you. You're amazing! Stay blessed, friends, and feel the love and light~

Here's some food for thought from Spirit Science:

Here's some food for thought from After Skool and Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Some info on moon energies, full moon energies, and the specific full moon energy from this week:

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Here's this week's food for thought:

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