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Happy November and New Moon in Scorpio!

Can you believe we're in November already? It's surreal. Time has flown these past two years. It boggles the mind. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the new moon! I'm not sure if it was the new moon, energies, or what, but people seemed intense on Tuesday. At first I didn't think much of it. Things kept happening like a car speeding around me and driving into the oncoming traffic lane to get around me when I was going the speed limit (not sure what their hurry was) or a parent grumbling that we didn't answer the phone in before care when I was at the door letting another parent inside the building to sign in. I thought it was strange but didn't pay it much mind. When I was picking up the boys from school, a lady was bugging out. I was parked in the carpool lane, waiting for them to come out of the building. She kept making these intense, frustrated gestures (and looked like she was probably throwing some colorful language my way) and pulled right up onto my bumper as if to make me drive; my car wasn't even on, and I wasn't about to leave the boys at school. I'm not sure why she didn't think to go around me; it would have been an easy solution and saved herself a lot of grief (that is what the other lane is for in dismissal). That was the main thing that made me start to wonder, but then later my mom was spazzing out about struggling to login to some account. She has issues sometimes with her accounts, so that wasn't strange, but it went from zero to one thousand in seconds. She started throwing a tantrum, slamming doors closed, stomping up stairs, banging her hands onto the desk, cursing up a storm, etc. I didn't see why she didn't give herself a break to calm down and try again when she wasn't agitated. In light off all I observed on Tuesday, I asked Corliss if she witnessed intensities, too, and she confirmed my observations--it was crazy intense on her end, too. Makes me wonder what's going on with energies that caused so much irritation and intensity.

If you're interested, I included some videos and a meditation for the recent new moon below:

When I woke up on Monday morning, most of the details of my dream were hazy. I think Iron Man might have been in my dream, but I wasn't certain. I did remember getting some groceries in the dream, and it seemed like it was from the mall that's been closed down for years. I had put them in my car and getting ready to leave when this group of people started entering my car suddenly. I think they might have been my brothers and cousins from Colorado, but I'm not entirely certain. They started going through all my food and taking what they wanted (I remember them taking this loaf of bread that had pepperoni on it, but I'm not sure why I would have gotten that since I don't like pepperoni and I was surprised when they suddenly entered my car). They started insisting I drive them somewhere. I remembered considering taking them where they wanted to go but upon hearing where they wanted to go (some other mall that wasn't all that close), I told them I'd be willing to take them part way. They might have gone to my home instead. That's all I could remember upon waking.

My alarm scared me awake Tuesday morning, and I was very out of it. I couldn't remember much from my dream, but I remember being an Eevee. For some reason we were trying to convince someone/something or kind of trick them/it (as a game maybe?). There were different parts/stages to the act/play/drama thing. My part was in the middle (part "i"). I was supposed to act like I had eaten bad berries or something and distract whoever it was. The whole thing seemed really elaborate. There were a couple of others that followed right after me. It was strange. I couldn't remember what the point of it was. It's all hazy. There was some part that seemed to relate to the new game Pokémon Café Remix with lining up matches, but I honestly couldn't recall what for or why. That's all I could remember from the dream upon waking.

I didn't remember too much from my dream when I woke up on Wednesday morning, but it had something to do with these dinosaur like creatures in a park/pool. The creator had the help of this group of five scientists/astronauts, and they came to visit the place in honor of him/her. The creator might have passed away; I'm not too sure. There were these beings that came out at night that were real skittish. I remember following one and wanting to be its friend. I hugged it, which surprised it; it turned out to be a female, and she smiled so big when receiving the hug. She was disappointed when I fell asleep but expected it because apparently these creatures put all the dinosaurs to sleep at night (and thus why they avoided contact with people--the also seemed to have fairly long, lanky limbs). At one point my brother Adam was in the dream learning to be a life guard at the pool but couldn't swim. Go figure. I knew more happened in the dream, but that's all I could recall.

I didn't remember everything from my dream when I woke up Thursday morning, but it seemed like it took place in a school. I was in some class, but I didn't recognize the other students, teacher, room, or school. It seemed to be an art class. The teacher seemed to be married to the principal, who was just chilling in the room for whatever reason. I remembered packing up my textbooks to leave. In the hallway there were so many projects taking place with paint and supplies everywhere. I had to step over a bunch of stuff, and it was hard to walk through the hallway. I ended up tripping on the stuff and getting paint all over my black pants. I went to the classroom to clean off my pants since I didn't want it to stain. The teacher told the class that she needed two people to go help--one to help me clean up and one to help clean up the hall. This guy volunteered to help me clean my pants; he seemed jealous and miffed that I was answering another classmate's question and cleaning my pants by myself (I guess he wanted to earn points with me by being helpful, but I didn't see a reason not to clean my pants by myself since I could easily do so on my own). I ended up leaving the room after they were clean, and it was apparently the end of the school day. I went out for dismissal, but this teacher was holding up a sign with different letters on it (like "Co," "C," etc.) Apparently, the letters represented who's ride was here. I guessed that my ride was here (they didn't actually have names, so the letters could have easily represented multiple different family names). I looked at the various different cars to see if they were my ride, and there was one car/family that had a bunch of food in it. It seemed like they were celebrating something. That's all I could recall when I woke up.

My dream from Thursday night/Friday morning was interesting. I remembered being in a school again. It might have been a high school. It definitely was an art class. The teacher had a big tray set out in the middle of each table full of paint for us to use. He wanted us to make prints, but his choice of material was really interesting--he wanted us to use raw chicken to do printmaking with the paint. It was the strangest thing. He assured us that they would make the best prints. He had yellow paint on the trays, and the chicken made kind of stripy prints. It did look pretty cool. Then somehow we got into this philosophical discussion involving color (and kind of life). I didn't remember what exactly he said to lead up to the discussion, but whatever question he asked got me talking about color. I explained that technically all colors were a single color in a way, saying "Take blue for instance. We see the color blue, but technically all the other colors have blue while blue doesn't--we only see blue because it reflects all blue light and absorbs the others. In this manner, all colors are blue and no colors are blue. Any color could be 'blue' yet not 'blue.'" The teacher was surprised by the depth of the conversation and apparently had never known about the light and how certain colors absorb/reflect the different frequency bands of color. More happened in the dream, and it transitioned somehow to me being with my mom and sister. We were apparently going to move in with my grandma, and my grandma was having us buy all new stuff for when we moved in. I couldn't remember much detail about this part, and that's all I could recall from the dream upon waking.

My recollection was hazy when I woke up Saturday morning. What I could recall involved Kagome being in a forest type area (maybe by a shrine?). She might have been cleaning up, but then she tripped. While on the ground, she noticed that some kind of energy beam shot at her and would have hit her if she hadn't fallen. She became concerned and was going to call for InuYasha, but another beam shot out and hit her, putting her under someone/something's control. It seemed to be coming from some kind of rock formation. She basically became a mind-slave. Within her trapped consciousness, she lamented that InuYasha didn't know that she was now possessed and was concerned for what "she" would do under the control of the entity. Turned out InuYasha was secretly watching from above (maybe on top of the roof of a shrine?); He was glowing from some kind of barrier that prevented others from seeing him, and thought to himself, "I knew it!" (knew that there was some being that was trying to take control of people). He had his hands locked in some kind hand gesture/prayer position and began praying to the kami to release Kagome. More happened, but it got fuzzy. It might have been Kagome and InuYasha in the next part of the dream, but it was difficult to determine upon waking. There was some part about being in some kind of video game in real life--there were different levels that were all connected (sort of like the tower of dungeons in SAO). It seemed to be Mario themed but sort of resembled Sonic the Hedgehog with various loops and what not. It was strange, and I couldn't remember the point of it (there was some kind of purpose to it all, a goal they were trying to achieve aside from merely clearing the levels). There was also a group that traveled around some kind of town/city (InuYasha and Kagome might have been part of the group). There was a female (could have been Kagome under the mind control) going around, acting as if she was looking for a new job and going to all these interviews. All these companies/stores/groups would be excited, thinking she was serious. She'd shake their hand, which left them believing she was joining, only for her to leave and never look back. Some of the others with her would join her on some of these interviews, taking part in these pretend interviews (at least on their ends). At one point Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins started asking the rest of the group what the point of this charade was--"What are we even doing? What purpose does this serve? Haven't we done this long enough?" The others didn't seem to share his viewpoint and continued their little game, going so far as to travel across the world on planes for new interviews. More happened, but that's all I could remember. My dream from Saturday night/Sunday morning was completely shrouded in a haze when I woke up; I couldn’t remember a thing.

On the way to work on Friday I had an unusual experience. The drive started off clear until I reached one point; for a few minutes I entered this dense fog that seemed to come almost out of nowhere. It almost felt like I entered another world/different reality. After those couple of minutes driving through the dense fog it suddenly dispersed. It was kind of surreal but pretty neat. I've never experienced anything like it before.

Before care was fun; the kids are full of creativity and imagination. One of the girls was telling me all about one of the characters she was making for her story. She was the Queen of the Sea. Apparently, she started off being born as a Princess of the Sun. Turns out, her egg was washed up on shore and the Queen of the Sun thought it was one of her eggs, so she warmed it in her nest. When the egg hatched, she was a squid, but she also had a twin. The mother decided she had to have a test to see who would rule the sun one day, and the twin won. The mother cast her away to the sea where the Duke transformed her into an octopus. Turns out, she was much more powerful than her twin, and her powers continued to grow, causing her to become the Queen of the Sea. We started working on backgrounds for her play/story. She got really engaged in the creation of this story and couldn't wait to continue working on it with me. It's been a fun collaboration. She came up to me this week with a huge smile on her face, exclaiming, "I love working on the story with you! It's the best!" She immediately wants to work on her story with me as soon as she arrives and never wants to go to the gym with the bulk of the other kids. It's really sweet and quite fun. They had me play guessing games with their breakfast bars, trying to figure out which is the same flavor and which is different. They also had us creating "twin art," which was when two people work on the same coloring sheet and use the exact same colored markers to color it identically. They had me color a dragon, and they were very particular when it came to coloring it (i.e. they told me exactly which colors to use where).

The boys were excited to talk InuYasha and YashaHime this week. They wanted to know if Shippo has made an appearance in YashaHime yet and if InuYasha and Kagome were free yet. They were curious if April and Corliss had gotten the Naraku and Miroku costumes yet and if we all went out for Halloween as the InuYasha characters. The boys wanted to know if I received any news on my Kagome Nendoroid; they've been asking for updates each week (they asked about my Sesshomaru Nendoroid and InuYasha Loot Crate every week until I received them, too). The older brother suggested I get the new Miroku and Sango Nendoroids that are coming out, too. They searched for all sorts of Bernie Sanders memes, mostly in anime and Disney movies (i.e. InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yugi-Oh!, The Lion King, Frozen, Animal Crossing, etc.). Some of them were pretty humorous. They wanted to hear all about the stories I've been writing for competitions, and the boys seemed pretty interested in the premises. The older of the two ended up late to one of his classes due to getting medication, and his parents decided he would have a loss of privileges due to him managing his time poorly; he was quite upset about this. He was extremely frustrated and had a meltdown; he's very big on routines with his unique needs (he's highly functioning but happens to be on the spectrum), and he got royally ticked that he couldn't do his normal electronics. It was an interesting car ride home on Thursday with him saying a lot of things he didn't mean out of anger (i.e. all the other drivers were stupid, how he hated himself, how he wanted to die, how no one cares about him, etc.). I calmly responded to his statements, empathetically expressing how I understood how he was frustrated and angry about it and pointing out how he didn't mean it. I calmed him down, and we had a lot of fun planning on what kinds of presents I could get for Iris for her upcoming birthday (he thinks it's awesome that their birthdays are just 6 days apart). They also wanted to know if Tsuki was being extra nutty again and laughed at all her antics.

Tsuki's been a nut, as per usual. She was super excited that we replaced the shower liner; it used to be opaque, but now it's a heavy-duty clearish one. She didn't cry for me this week while I showered because she could now see me through the liner while she hung out in on the edge of the tub; she did join me several times in the shower, but she was happy to just be able to see me. Whenever she can't see me, she freaks out and starts crying, running around the house trying to find me. Seriously, she'll be passed out on the chair asleep, and when I go to the other room for a few seconds, she'll immediately start crying, chasing after me. Tsuki's such a nut. She's stolen so many Perler beads from me (and she's messed up plenty of projects by jumping up on the table, pawing at them and running across the pegboard). She's one hyperactive kitten, who also happens to love climbing up me and hanging out on my shoulders/back. She had so much fun being wild and free among the fall leaves; she begs to go outside all the time--she looks longingly at all the falling leaves, thinking they'd make excellent toys. Since she's so nutty and bounces off walls, the only way the others felt comfortable letting her go outside is if she was in her harness (but she tried to get out of it while she was outside and managed to get herself out of her collar when she got back inside--she's an escape artist).

I enjoyed going for walks with April and Iris this week. We walked around the area they live in and went to a park. It was the first time we ever went to Quarry Park; it was pretty neat. It was mainly trails, but it was fun strolling through the woods; Iris gave us sticks to use as wands, stating that we were now fairies (she mainly turned me into a kitty and ice cream lol). The leaves are so beautiful right now! Fall colors are gorgeous! We also found a giant mushroom, and Iris decided that it was a dinosaur egg, stating that it must have gotten lost from the zoo (I have to agree with her--it does look like one). She found a "heart leaf" and wanted it in her hair, so I helped her out, too. When we were making our way back to the parking lot from all the trails, April was getting a bit tired. Iris started pushing her up the hill and then decided to alternate between pushing April and pushing me to ensure we made it back to our cars (Iris wanted to make sure she could get McDonalds lol). This older couple saw Iris pushing us up the hill and thought it was hilarious, laughing and remarking, "Good job, Iris!" This threw Iris for a loop since we hadn't met them before, but they had heard me thanking Iris for the help earlier, so they learned her name. It was pretty funny. It was lots of fun, and thankfully, it wasn't too cold! The sunshine was incredible and illuminated the fall leaves' vibrancy!

My Kagome Nendoroid arrived, which the kids I babysit should be happy about--they ask every day if I have received an update about shipping or if it's been delivered. It's pretty cute, too. My new goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9 arrived with lots of energetically chosen pieces: spheres, pyramids, and angels. I was super excited to receive them; crystals are always fun! Plus, the November box for Goddess Provisions arrived this week, too. This month's theme was Moon Goddess, and Tsuki had to check out the goodies when I opened the box, which I thought was fitting, considering her namesake is the moon ('tsuki' being moon and 'hime' being princess).

Here are the art projects for this week; I worked on some glow in the dark pieces, autumn themed pieces, and presents for upcoming birthdays (Iris's birthday is in 7 days and one of the boys I babysit has a birthday 6 days after that).

I spent a lot of time on the Perler projects this week, but I also did some writing, reading, and watching a bit of anime. I wrote a new story this week for the Scarlet Macaw challenge! It's one of the longest short stories I've written to date (possibly the longest so far), and it's called Diego's Big Escape. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works (several are inspired by the interactions I've had with children lately), so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for this week included: Shattered Innocence, Forever Until This Day, Days of My Youth, and The Other Side of the Story. I watched the newest episode of YashaHime this week, and I really enjoyed it! It was great learning more about Hisui's childhood and the dynamics of his family. I had wondered why Kin'u had ended up following Miroku's footsteps--it seemed like he would have wanted Hisui to with how that era prioritized son's surpassing their father's accomplishments and the importance of an heir. It was really cute seeing him interact with his sisters and seeing a child Hisui; I loved learning the backstory of why Hisui teamed up with Kohaku, too (not that it's super strange since he's his uncle, but I was curious). I hope we can learn more about all of the main characters of InuYasha's children; it helps me get invested in all the characters.

I hope everyone is doing well and taking time for self care. I forgot about Daylight Savings, but I appreciated the extra hour of sleep! It was a pleasant surprise. I've enjoyed chilling with Tsuki, whether it be playing with her or reading, writing, creating, or watching anime while she snoozes on my lap/next to me. I'm truly grateful for the better balance of work/self care. I could never go back to working 12 hours (or more) a day. It was so unhealthy. I barely had time for me, let alone anything else. Sleep was rather lacking back then. I look forward to the day when everyone is able to have a healthy work/personal life balance and be receive proper pay. It seems like the new hires are getting better pay nowadays with lots of sign-on bonuses. I just hope the current workers aren't forgotten; I could see many (or maybe all) quitting if they aren't properly compensated and taken care of. As a society, we're getting to a better place, but we've still got plenty of work ahead of us. I'm grateful for the progress, though. We're more than numbers or cogs in a machine; we're human beings, and we have value. Enjoy the beautiful fall scenery while it lasts; it feels like sometimes we blink, and it's gone. Take care, rest up, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Some food for thought for the week:

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