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Happy New Year! 2022 Is Here!

Happy 2022! It's hard to believe 2021 is over. Time is flashing by in an instant. It's so surreal to think about. It still feels like we should either be at the end of 2020 or the very beginning of 2021, but here we are at the start of 2022. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Tsuki and I ended up chilling and cuddling at home while I read and watched some anime; it was nice, relaxing, and calm, and we loved it. The New Year was followed immediately by a new moon, too! Today marks the first new moon of 2022: the new moon in Capricorn. If you're interested in learning a bit more about this new moon, I included a few videos below, so feel free to check them out!

I remembered two main parts of my dream upon waking up Monday morning. The first had Corliss and me at some store. We were browsing its contents when we stumbled across this gorgeous rainbow crystal unicorn. It was absolutely stunning. Corliss wanted to know why it was in the clearance section. Upon inspection we saw that there was a tiny version that was broken that was attached to it so it was being sold as is. Corliss was bummed, but upon closer inspection I realized there was some sort of mechanism with a screw that connected the two and could be removed. I pointed this out to Corliss and she got real excited, exclaiming, "You're right!" We wandered around other parts of the store. There was this older lady that was an employee or owner of the store that was trying to get other shoppers to buy something. I got Corliss to move away and put some distance between us because something about that lady made me extremely uneasy and uncomfortable. Something about her didn't sit well with me and put me on edge. Once we were a great distance away, I peered around a shoe rack and asked Corliss her thoughts about the lady in a hushed tone. Corliss peered her direction and matter of factly stated, "Oh, she's casting a spell on them. You can see it in her face. She's trying to steal their youth." We decided to vacate the store immediately. I unlocked the car, and Corliss pulled out this toolkit, taking out all of these various tools. The lady came out, asking us in this (false) sweet tone where we were going and to come back. She tried to force us to go back inside. I pushed some panic button that alerted the police, and we immediately heard sirens, indicating that they were close and on their way. The lady was pissed, and it seemed like nobody had ever gotten away from her before or busted her actions with the authorities. That's all I remembered from this part.

The next part had me babysitting this group of four kids (three girls and a boy). It was one of the girls birthday, and we were at someplace like Chuck E. Cheese. We were playing games, and the birthday girl scored a jackpot of 50,000 tickets followed immediately by me getting a jackpot of 20,000. We had to get an employee to help because the game ran out of tickets. When the staff member opened the game to refill the tickets, she pulled out a certificate from the game that wished the kid a happy 8th birthday. I was confused to how the game knew and could give out certificates from the ticket dispenser. The female employee took us to the front to help us get the surplus of tickets. The kids and I followed. I noticed Queen V (Veronica from Higher Realm Holistics) standing off in the corner like she didn't want to be there but seemed obligated to be there. As the lady continued to assist us, her manager/the owner of the establishment came out and started being a serious jersey, belittling her at every opportunity and having such a nasty attitude. Queen V seemed to be growing more and more disgusted in the background, and I got fed up with the guy, manager/owner. I called him out for his horrendous behavior, demanding to know if he had any decency at all and raising my voice to point out it wasn't okay to treat employees or anyone that way. The new guests that came in witnessed the whole thing and decided to leave because they didn't want to support such a man. The manager/owner was pissed that he was called out and had the spotlight on him. Queen V seemed happy for the first time. Strangeness then ensued. There seemed to be some disease outbreak that turned people into zombies. Queen V acted as a guide and helped people. She got people to a certain point where they could escape the building, and then stating they were on their own from that point. She decided to stick with me and the kids, calling them the "minis." It gets fuzzy for awhile and then seemed almost as if things reset but in an alternative reality/timeline. Queen V had us gather in a bathroom with a small group of others. She handed out paintbrushes. Instructing us to visualize love while using it as it would be our best defense against the zombies. As we exited the bathroom, we used the paintbrushes on people as she instructed. The people we used them on were confused. The outbreak seemed to be almost nonexistent here. The four kids wandered onto this theater stage, and I went to save them, knowing if they wandered off, they'd be lost and doomed. Queen V had said that everyone had to keep up because she wouldn't wait, but she did end up waiting for me and the kids, slowing the group's progress so we could catch up. I know more happened in the dream, but that's all I could remember.

The only thing I recalled upon waking up on Tuesday morning revolved around Phineas and Ferb. They were constructing this giant building. Once completed, people flocked to it. While they never specifically specified what it was, it gave me the impression of a concert after party or club. There was loud music and lights. Their mom knew about their project as she was literally sitting outside of the building but seemed convinced that it wasn't real. She seemed out of it due to exhaustion and fell asleep where she was sitting. Once the day was over, they decided their project was finished, hooked the building up to a car, and started towing the entire building. The building snapped free of the ground, but it wasn't the cleanest break with residual building remnants left behind. They reached out to their friend Lester, a beaver, who was apparently in the construction business, so he could clean up and gather the materials so they could reuse them at a later date. That's all I remembered.

The specific details were a bit fuzzy, but the first thing I remembered from my dream Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was being at some sort of recreational center. I didn't particularly recognize it, and I wandered the hallways unsure of where to go. A kid found me (who specifically it was I couldn't recall upon waking, but they were familiar), and they were so excited to see me. They grabbed my hand and dragged me off, taking me on a pseudo tour of the place and wanting me to hang out with them. They ended up taking me to an area with things like a pool, hot tub, and sauna, chatting enthusiastically about everything that's happened to them. Other kids showed up from all of my various jobs, including the two boys I babysit regularly, and they all were eager to see me and wanting to talk/play with me. I was in very high demand with various kids trying to drag me off to do things with them.

It got a bit hazy, but the next thing I recalled was being at some movie with April. We exited the theater and went to find our rides. There were crowds in the hallway, which seemed to be people waiting to pick up the movie watchers. April seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, going on ahead of me, but I noticed her dad as I exited the building. April entered her car while I went to mine. I saw my dad exit the building as apparently he was driving. I called out to him to tell April's dad that she was already at their car.

Recall got fuzzy again, and next thing I remembered was being with the boys I babysit regularly. One was showing off this new Pokémon game, but it didn't seem to be one that exists yet in the waking world. He was taking me on a walk-through of all the different areas in the game and showing off all the cool, new features. Their dad showed up and started asking me about my past experiences with school, grades, and standardized tests. He was so proud of his boys, gushing about how smart they are--apparently, they did really well on their tests.

Things got fuzzy again, and the next clear thing I remembered was being at home. I was going through belongings and realized I left my bags of Perler beads from Hobby Lobby in the car. I went to go get it, and Tsuki wanted to follow me. I closed only the glass door so she could watch what I was doing. I got to my car and grabbed the bags only to become unsatisfied with my parking. I decided to fix it. It took several attempts to fix because various distractions/interference came up, like Tsuki somehow slipping outside despite the door being closed. It nearly gave me a heart attack, immediately throwing my car in park so she wouldn't get hit or become scared and run away. I quickly scooped her up and returned her to the safety of home. More happened, but that's all I could remember clearly. Everything else was a blur.

My dream recall was a fairly fuzzy Thursday morning. I knew a lot happened but only remembered parts and snippets. The first thing I remembered was being in the car with one of my brothers. The car seemed to be driving itself because even though I was in the driver's seat, I didn't know where we were going or seem to be in control of the car. My brother was either just aware of the destination or in control because he said we were going to the funnel cake food truck. I tried explaining that it hadn't been around for years and that I hadn't seen it, but he didn't want to listen/believe me. The car started going on all of these different highway ramps, and we got lost, reaching some kind of dead-end. We got out of the car, and my brother tried to leave Tsuki behind. That seriously ticked me off, so I went to get her, refusing to let her be abandoned. There was something about a broken bridge and parachutes, but the details got hazy.

The next thing I remembered involved Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Shrek and Fiona made a brief cameo, and it seemed to take place after the 3rd movie. There were new kinds of dragons, and this super old dragon was like bullying other dragons because he was set in his ways or something. The rest was fuzzy because the next thing I recalled was being in some kind of store with my other brother. We were getting ready to leave, and either the owner or the manager started handing out free pens. It seemed like ordinary pens at first, but there were small buttons on the pens. Turned out the pens could do stuff like lock and unlock the store doors. We left, making our way to the car, and it was dark out. Along the way, we passed this extremely colorful and tiny clown car. There was also this giant, inflatable, rainbow, castle bounce house in the field behind it. There also happened to be fog rolling in. That's all I could remember upon waking.

My dream seemed kind of all over the place and a bit hazy when I woke up on Friday morning. The first thing I could remember was being back in elementary school for some reason. I was back in class with my 5th grade teacher. There was something going on, maybe like a celebration for the end of the year or before winter break or something. Most of the other kids had already left I think. Specifics were kind of hazy.

While more happened, the next thing I recalled was hanging out with the boys and their mom. She was asking me about my final exams. I apparently was in college again. It seemed like my exams had been somewhat easy, and I think I talked about getting a lot of my required course out of the way. There was something about there only being two art instructors available for the next semester, but I wasn't sure what that was about.

More happened that's veiled in a fog, but then I was outside for some reason. April might have been the one with me. We were confused because this deer came right up to us, but then it started going to the bathroom, grossing us out. Things got blurry, and there seemed to be like a school dance or something. Some popular girl arrived, shocking everyone as she had suddenly shaved the most of her head bald and painted it gold. It caused quite a stir. I remember getting pulled off into a small group of three as this other small group of three went the other direction for the purpose of having some kind of emergency meeting to discuss recent developments. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember.

My dream recollection was rather murky Saturday morning, but I did remember there being some kind of unusual weather phenomenon. There had been like this acid rain or something, but it wasn't everywhere. It was normal rain most places, but certain pockets had the acid rain. I think it took place at the Eiffel Tower. More happened I think, but the next thing I remembered was there being like a boarding school or something. The wealthy seemed to be imposing some kind of rank system that they got to decide for themselves. There was this small group of students that came in and took these two girls. In the dream I didn't resemble my waking self, but I grew very concerned for the girls' wellbeing as the group didn't seem to have pure intentions. I followed after them, shouting that they were being kidnapped over and over in hopes that someone would help. The group reached a desk and ignored me (probably because no one cared what I said and would help). Two of the group left, leaving one boy. This boy wrote a check for each girl and seemed to be buying them, like giving money to appease the girls' families. I saw the checks and grew confused. The wealthy people seemed to be able to determine someone's "worth" on a whim. One girl received a check that was like $22,000 while the other received one that was like -$578. It made no sense. I called him out on it, and he tried to explain it off as students could receive penalties for not following the rules. When I questioned him on what rules since no one had ever explained any, he retorted, "The ones in the handbook." No one had given out any handbooks, so I pointed this out and asked how we were supposed to know if we never got one. He grew exasperated and said it could be found on phones. Only the wealthy seemed to have cell phones, though. He then proceeded to say things like I couldn't talk whenever I wanted, that I had to wait for the designated time in class. I grew even more confused and pointed out that we weren't in class, so how would that apply to our conversation at all. He got a snooty attitude and was all, "Exactly. I have the affirmative, so you need to do as I say. You can't just speak to me. You need my permission to do so." (Affirmative/affirmation seemed to be higher ranking.) The system was so rigged and messed up, and he really didn't like me asking all those questions. I'm pretty sure I kept asking questions anyway, much to his exasperation. That's all I could remember from the dream.

My dream recollection was rather foggy this morning, probably because I struggled staying asleep for some reason. I remembered being in some school computer lab with a group of students and my cooperating teacher from student teaching. The kids were supposed to be reading digital books. The trio sitting next to me was trying to alter the books instead of reading them. They were getting rowdy, talking and laughing rather loudly. I went over to quiet them, but apparently I wasn't quick enough in acting because my cooperating teacher offered tickets to two volunteers to switch seats, making some comment about students taking advantage of teachers that are too nice, referring to me. It was rather disheartening because she was making it seem like I couldn't do anything without her intervention.

I think more happened, but the dream transitioned to me getting ready for babysitting. My sister was moving all this stuff that wasn't mine into my room, and I was getting irritated about it. I went to babysit for one of my regular families. The kids were using a variety of Pokémon stickers and seemed to be assembling Pokémon cards with them. It got hazy with Lockstin off of YouTube showing up with these Pokémon/Carebear fusion plushies, making some comment about his brother making them.

It got tricky to remember again--there was something about travel. Then I was at the children's museum with one of the boys I regularly babysit and the preschoolers from my previous job. The boy I babysit was working on some art projects when a preschool teacher from another school came up to me. Her class had made a book just for me (which I found interesting because we hadn't met prior to her walking up to me). It was about pumpkins, and it was super cute with all the drawings; I could tell the preschoolers worked really hard on it. I know more happened, but that was all I could remember this morning when I woke up.

It was a pretty chill week with Tsuki; it was the final week of break. Granted, my brother and his dog left chaos and trash in their wake, which was a struggle for Tsuki and me. It left me with no doubts that I can't live with him ever again--the 7 days he was here were brutal. He was being pretty inconsiderate and disrespectful, letting Yogi, his dog, go everywhere in my parents' house, even their bed, when our dad is severely allergic to dogs. He invited his friends over on Sunday afternoon/night, and all of them left my parents' basement as a disaster zone. Did he clean any of it up? Nope. My sister and her boyfriend tried to clean up a lot of it so my mom wouldn't freak out, but she had already seen the basement before she went to work early Monday morning; the only thing my sister asked was that my brother vacuum the basement. He didn't. I wasn't surprised, yet my sister seemed convinced that he would. He left beer cans everywhere and then complained how it was easier back in Springfield because there was no recycling so he could just throw them away--he didn't even clean up the cans, so I don't see why he even cared. I doubt they would have made it to the trash can. It was a very frustrating experience, and my parents, despite their aggravation, didn't do anything about it and just made excuses for him. Considering how my brother let Yogi do whatever he wants, I only see myself visiting them/letting them visit for short periods of time; that duo is terrible for my peace of mind and wellbeing. If I had to live with them, I don't think I would manage well, unless some drastic changes were put into place. Once they finally left on Wednesday, calm tranquility finally came back. Tsuki was getting ready to seriously mess Yogi up; she was fed up with their antics, too.

Aside from their chaos and disrespect, Tsuki had a great week, especially since I was on break, meaning she didn't have to be alone. She had a blast playing with bells. I had tied 8 of them onto strings I attached to her play tent, but she kept ripping them off so she could chase the bells around the tent. She had a blast with the leftovers from Christmas, too, playing in all the bags, boxes, and tissue paper. Tsuki will play in her tent with the bells daily if not multiple times a day (even taking the bells out of the tent, racing around the house and up and down the stairs with them). My aunt had given her a cape, and Tsuki loves to roll around on the floor with it, chomping on it. She's such a nutty kitten. The cold had her wanting to snuggle with me and her bed often this week.

New goodies arrived from Spiritual Supermall this week! I love receiving new crystals and getting goodies to give others; I look forward to see what they release next for Divine $9! January's box from Goddess Provisions arrived this weekend, too! The theme was Sacred Cycles, and it's always neat to see what goodies are in this month's box. Plus, Corliss gave me my birthday/Christmas presents since we finally shared the same day off; it was great to see her again, and we laughed hard. Lots of fun InuYasha and Sailor Moon gifts, too!

Artwork for the week included:

I spent time writing, reading, and watching anime this week. In light of the holiday I wrote a new story, Bringing in the New Year. It was inspired by how I'd like to spend the holiday, although I haven't personally spent it this way as of yet (definitely not opposed to it; maybe April, Corliss, and I will spend the holiday this way sometime soon). Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for the week included: No More Chances, No More Forgiveness, Don't Stay, Don't Leave, A Second Chance, Need a Hand?, and Kagome, Kagome. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch a new episode of YashaHime this week; it seems like there were no new episodes due to New Year's. I look forward to next week's episode, though!

I watched Dagashi Kashi on a whim this week, and it was interesting. I wasn't sure what to expect (or even know what dagashi was prior to watching the anime). It was pretty comical. Hotaru is quite the character. I appreciate her sincere authenticity, though. She keeps things interesting, and you never can anticipate what exactly she'll do next (although, there's high likelihood that it'll involve dagashi because she's obsessed with the snacks). Hotaru is never afraid to speak her mind or follow her heart, and she's super knowledgeable about dagashi. She's genuine--there's not another Hotaru out there, and we could learn a thing or two from her example. Saya and Kokonotsu were talking about a dagashi, "Get a Move on, You Cod!" in Hotaru's absence, and they noted that Hotaru would have no qualms against shouting the dagashi's slogan--she wouldn't be embarrassed in the least (Saya and Kokonotsu both found it to be embarrassing). Hotaru doesn't worry about what others might perceive of her and is concerned with being herself rather than trying to align herself with others expectations. She's a free spirit, and I respect her for it.

I watched The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made this week, and it was pretty intriguing. This anime seems to be following the trend of OP main characters in isekai. That didn't bother me; they had an interesting take on it. The Fruit of Evolution seems pretty OP; makes me wonder if lots of people in that world know about it or if it was only the forest creatures like Saria that know. The anime addresses a great point, emphasizing the importance of taking steps forward. Mei has some stellar paintings for sale, but no one bought them before Seiichi, which leads to her doubting her own abilities. Seiichi encourages her to enter a competition, but her lack of self confidence prevents her for even trying. To prove a point Seiichi enters the uber dangerous racing competition as a newbie, despite the odds, and gets her to promise that if he ranks high, then she'll enter the competition. He ends up coming in first without initially realizing it, and Mei finally starts to have faith and confidence in herself, entering the competition. She ultimately wins the competition, but if she never took that first step and took the chance, she never would have won. Sometimes you have to just go for it in order to get what you want. That's what 2022 feels like--we need to take steps forward and have the courage to try. If we never try, we won't ever succeed. 2022 feels like going for it even if all "evidence" (or your current belief system) seems to point to the contrary; life and the universe will surprise us with wonderful blessings when we least expect it, like with Mei. 2022 feels like a year of upgrades and evolution; we're going to be moving on to bigger and better things. Sure, we'll have to say goodbye to the old, but that doesn't mean it's a "bad" thing. We can level up just like Seiichi did and before we know it, we could have our lives made. We need to be willing to take the chance, though. Don't remain small like Mei tried to--we're made to be so much more. Take that step to become the best version of yourself you can be! This year will be what we make it, so please don't sell yourself short! You're amazing, and I can't wait to see what you'll achieve! Take care, be gentle with yourself, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Some food for thought for this week:

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