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Happy New Moon in Virgo

I hope everyone is doing well and that the energies are treating you kindly! The energies have been a bit intense over here, which has left it rather difficult to sleep. I'll often be tired during the day when have obligations and responsibilities to tend to, and then wide awake at night. Morning drop off can be a bit challenging at times, but the weekend is glorious. It's so nice to be able to sleep in to whatever time my body needs, relax, and take it easy. Others I've heard from have been experiencing similar struggles, so hopefully the energies will ease up soon. If you want to learn more about the recent new moon in Virgo, check out the videos below:

My dream was all over the place, but I could only remember bits and pieces when I woke up Monday morning. There was something about being on a field trip that got cut short and left students frustrated. There was something else about a friend and cousin wishing they were together and frustrated because they hadn't said anything. At one point I was supposed to go to some park. Then there was something about a performance, and some girl ended up changing the color/design if her dress when she sneezed to a blue butterfly wing design. More happened, but that's everything I could remember once I woke up.

My dream was basically a whirlwind; it was a complete blur, as so much happened, and I wasn't able to recall specifics when I awoke Tuesday morning. I did wake up sleepy, though, so it seems highly likely that I was quite active in the astral realm. Dreams were a complete blur again Tuesday night/Wednesday morning; it felt like a lot happened, but I had no idea what exactly transpired.

It was challenging waking up Thursday morning; I almost fell back asleep--I was so groggy. What I could remember involved an ex trying to force their way back into my life. I had been walking, and I stumbled across this guy I didn't recognize. He kind of gave off hippie vibes and had this really shaggy and longish hair. He was giving off these really weird vibes, making me uncomfortable. I tried to wave a polite greeting and be on my way, but he insisted on following me. He kept asking to hold my hand and wouldn't take no for an answer, acting all hurt by my refusal. He said something along the lines of "Don't you recognize me?" and tried to play it off like we were super close. I pointed out that he had decided to suddenly break things off without warning or any effort to improve/nurture the relationship. He wasn't all that happy about my remark and continued to act like nothing had happened, following me around and basically trying to weasel his way back in. It was super frustrating and alarming that he was blatantly ignoring me and my requests to leave me alone; he basically started stalking me. I kept walking and tried to find a way to lose him off my trail. He refused to let up, though. I ended up ducking into some kind of ice cream shop/food place. He continued to follow. April ended up walking in after me, and we snuck out. We hurried over to her mom's car, hoping he hadn't noticed. Her mom drove us away, as I hunched down in the seat, avoiding being spotted via the window. After we got a distance away, I started explaining what had happened. They were surprised that he was back and was trying to force things. It seemed like we had managed to lose him, and the dream seemed to shift into this VR/RPG type world. There was some kind of large dragon/serpent-like creature off in the distance in some dramatic fight with a knight or something. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember.

It was a challenge getting up Friday morning, and I almost unintentionally fell back asleep. My dream was incredibly hazy, but from what I could remember I was meeting up with Corliss. She had mentioned something about coordinating so we could see each other around 4 pm. She was also convinced that I had woken up at 11 am and was shocked when I told her I had been up since 6:30 am. Not sure what we planned on doing, but whatever it was happened to be quite significant. There was also something about Dragon Ball Z, but details were way to muddled to remember anything clearly. More definitely happened, but that's all I could recall once awake.

I was thankfully able to sleep in and relax Saturday morning, which was a wonderful blessing. It's so nice to enjoy some R&R. My dream recall was a complete blur, though, so while it felt like plenty happened in the astral, specific details were elusive. It was another relaxed morning of sleeping in this morning, and it was beautiful. Taking it easy on the weekend is a true blessing. My dream recall was fairly fuzzy, but I think there was something about some kind of gathering, class, or something. It seemed fairly important, but specific details were elusive in the waking world.

It was a fairly chill week of babysitting/tutoring. The boys were excited to discuss video games, anime, Funko Pops (like the new release of the Umbreon Pop), abridged series (like DBZ Abridged and Yugi-Oh Abridged and their funny moments), and some of their assignments. One morning the boys started to suddenly talk to me about a Portuguese version of Dragon Ball Z and how it sounded like the voice actor was trying to sing opera. They were also excited for this weekend because it's the local fall festival for our hometown as well as the Balloon Glow; it's sure to be plenty of fun, and the younger brother is even going to perform at the parade with the marching band. It was an interesting week.

Tsuki was her typical nutty self, getting into all sorts of antics while looking adorable. With the cooler fall weather, Tsuki was all too eager to snuggle and get cozy for cat naps. She enjoyed playing with bags, straws, her toys, as well as a new cat toy. It was a pretty chill week of hanging out with Tsuki, and she also enjoyed some spying from the upstairs railing. Tsuki can be such an adorable goof.

Artwork for the week included:

This week added new content for Creativity Chronicles and continued to create YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Please, be gentle with yourself as you make your way on this journey. You're doing the best you can; you don't need to do things "perfectly." Give yourself grace as you're still growing and learning. You don't need to have all the answers. It's okay to figure things out as you go. Rest when you need to; it's okay to take a break and breathe. Your to-do list isn't going anywhere, so take some time for self-care, so you can be rested and recharged, ready to tackle it head-on. Take your time because there's no need to race; the only "race" you should be concerned about is running your own race. Your timing is uniquely your own, so don't get caught up in comparison traps. Do the best you can do, and know that's good enough. Your best is all you can do. Have a wonderful week and stay blessed!

Food for thought for the week:

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