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Happy New Moon in Virgo!

I hope everyone is doing well! There were days were energies felt intense, and I would suddenly feel exhausted. I almost fell asleep while waiting in the afterschool pickup carpool line without realizing it; it just came out of nowhere. Hopefully, the energies treated you well. If you want to learn more about this new moon in Virgo, feel free to check out the following videos below:

My dream recall was fairly fuzzy when I woke up on Monday. I think there was something about school and crafts, but specific details eluded me. My mom did give me a check for like $55.90 in the dream, though, and I think it was for cat toys/supplies. There was something about people making deliveries in uncanny but awesome ways. Someone made a delivery during a flood/tsunami by surfing on the tidal wave. There was something else about companies not being straightforward and people getting singled out/hunted down. There was a small group that was helping the people stay safe from the companies, though. That's all I could remember.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up Tuesday morning. All I could remember was being in this lake/waterfall area and finding a huge treasure chest. I think the water got "turned off" and that's how we reached it. Everything else was murky and hazy.

I woke up at 4 am on Wednesday and couldn't get back to sleep. My dream recall was pretty hazy overall. There was something about being what seemed to be a McDonald's, but it had these massive, colorful Greek statues. The main one I remember seeing was female and could have been a goddess. I remember seeing a pair of other "people" while I was there, and I'm pretty sure they were some of the Greek gods. There was another part of my dream that involved hanging out with April and Iris and meeting up with a girl I used to babysit all the time. The last part I could remember seemed otherworldly. There was this person that stayed hooded and was the friend of this girl. Others were convinced the friend was a girl. Turns out the friend was a former male model that got in a tragic accident, getting burns/scars all over their body. There was something about magic and casting spells, too. Pretty sure the girl casted ice magic because someone was after the former male model. That's all I remembered when I woke up.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy when I woke up on Thursday. There was something about creating something and the youth volunteer group I uses to be a part of. My aunts were talking about it I think. There was also something about giving different aunt's Winnie the Pooh character-themed oneself pajamas. More happened, but the last thing I could remember is going to the store with Corliss, April, her mom, and Iris. We ended up discussing different edible plants and mushrooms with this elderly couple. April planned on using one of them to make chicken-less chicken Parmesan. Corliss found a plant or mushroom that looked an awful lot like tuna fish. It was interesting.

My dream recall was fairly fuzzy when I woke up on Friday morning. There was something about being in a store. It seemed similar to where my dad works. I went up some stairs to a break room to hangout, but it's not like I worked there. My aunt Heather showed up and mentioned about how other family members were wanting to ask me stuff. More happened, but the last thing I remembered was going to babysit a pair of siblings. I thought it would be a regular session, but then it somehow turned out to be watching them for days. I wanted to talk to the parents to get more information and clarity, but they had apparently left. I asked the brother and sister, and they said their parents went on a 10-day trip. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, my dream recall was rather hazy. There was something about talking to one of my friends back from elementary school. They didn't remember much, something about never being at my house before, but I reminded them that they came to a birthday party and that their mom or grandma had made me a customized pillow with the letter "J" on it with Dalmatians. There was another part where an electrician was talking to my parents, saying that they couldn't keep their ceiling fan because some electrical part was out of date and not up to code. Not sure what the significance of it was, and I feel like more happened, although that's all I could remember.

My dream seemed all over the place from Saturday night/this morning. There was something about ordering pizza for my parents. When it arrived, it showed up as a mini pizza that only had 3 slices. I double-checked the order, and I had ordered the right size--they just didn't deliver the right thing. I went to go figure out why they didn't bring the right pizza and then ended up over at April's place. While there, the power went out. Iris wasn't happy about it. It seemed like it was almost like a fire drill in a school, and we all had to leave. It transitioned into an actual school. My former boss from the preschool was there being snotty. She was demanding to know where my backpack was because we were all supposed to evacuate the building. I told her I couldn't find it. She gave me an attitude and retorted that I had it when I got her pretzels last week (as if that was supposed to mean I still had it). I pointed out that that was a week ago, which she didn't appreciate. The dream transitioned again, and I ended up in some kind of movie theater with Corliss. In one of the theaters a group was wanting to make it specifically for cats (sort of like a cat café but a theater designed specifically for them). More happened, but the details are really fuzzy; that's all I could remember once I woke up this morning.

The boys started school on Tuesday and were a bit disappointed. They are happy to see their friends more often though. They enjoyed playing games, sharing memes, and watching videos for their last day of summer break. We enjoyed some new InuYasha memes involving bees, and the younger brother is convinced he wants to do a hot pepper challenge. He told me that the spiciness is mainly contained within the seeds, which I didn't know. They enjoyed discussing anime with me and other shows they enjoy on the drive home on Tuesday. What started the conversation was Owl House and representation; it meandered to Yuri on Ice and Legend of Korra and ended on The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. It was pretty fun and interesting to get insight on their thoughts. They informed me that one of their party members died in D&D; apparently, it was an NPC made out of mushrooms, and raiders stole the corpse in hopes of doing nefarious deeds. It definitely sounds interesting and unique.

One of the boys was telling me about the book they started reading in school; there are these people called Scythes that go around killing people and keeping the balance. While I do understand the importance of balance (Yellowstone wolves come to mind and the disastrous disarray the area suffered when they were eliminated), the premise makes me uneasy, especially because kids are being trained to be Scythes, and they don't want to do it. It'd be one thing if they chose to do it/wanted to do it, but forcing them to kill people just feels wrong. I know it's for the greater good, but why force kids? I'm sure there are pragmatic, righteous individuals in the book universe that would be honored and want to do so. Sort of like there are some people who want to become police officers, firefighters, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc. Each role is important, but some people would hate the position while others would love it. Granted, there is likely more to the story than I know, since I've just heard second-hand tidbits.

Tsuki is still a goofy nut. She enjoyed her naps, intensive play sessions, destroying paper, hunting bugs, and embodying silliness. Tsuki enjoyed cuddling with her inclined scratching post and snuggling under the table. She enjoyed new toys, hiding beneath paper, and cramming herself into tight spaces. Tsuki always keep our lives full of laughter.

Artwork for the week included:

I worked on more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

I started watching The Owl House this weekend because the kids I babysit highly recommend it; from what I've seen so far, I really enjoy it! It's got some powerful messages and takeaways right from the get-go, about finding a place to fit in, finding your path, being aware of those that want to take advantage of you, etc. My favorite character is King; I just love him so much!

I hope you're all taking care of yourselves. The energy and flow of time feels rather wonky right now, and self-care is of the utmost importance. Make room for joy, fun, love, and laughter, following your heart and doing what feels right. Logic is all well and good, but it can convince us to make choices that destroy our soul. Don't make yourself miserable with what you "should" do. It's not worth it. Light your soul up today and follow your passion. Your future self will thank you for it. Be gentle with yourself, stay creative, and be blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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