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Happy New Moon in Virgo!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed the new moon! I don't know if it's the new moon energies or energies in general or what, but I've been super tired lately. I'll go to bed early and all, but I still won't be fully rested. Maybe I'm super active in the astral/dream realm. I haven't done anything all that strenuous in the physical; I've been taking it easy since I haven't been feeling up to doing much. I'll babysit the boys, play with Tsuki, do a bit of writing/painting, read fanfic, and work on applications (I will likely be starting a new part time job working before care with the Y next week). Normally, I would be more "productive" but I just haven't felt it lately at all. Has anyone else experienced anything similar lately? There's also been random (but kind of intense) occurrences popping up left and right. At the beginning of the week, the drainage system completely stopped working and the basement started flooding. It drained slowly on the first day and then just stopped draining altogether on the second. We had to get an emergency drainage/plumbing worker out here (we weren't able to have any water go down the drain). Then there was my mom getting this massive screw lodged into her tire at the strangest diagonal angle, which caused it to go flat. I had to give her rides to and from work for a while. April and Corliss's families have been experiencing intense incidents, well. I wonder what's going on with the energies. Anyhow, here's some videos with information/meditations on the recent new moon in Virgo if you're interested:

When I woke up on Monday morning, my dream was pretty hazy. What I did remember was that involved travel with Corliss, and I think April was with us. I think at one point we went to a store and looked at batteries. I couldn't recall anything else.

From what I could remember when I woke up Tuesday morning, my dream started off in a shopping plaza parking lot. It was nighttime. There were shooting stars. Some of the “stars” weren’t stationary, but they didn’t move like shooting stars, either. They kind of rotated, twirling around the sky almost as if dancing. It was interesting. Someone I didn’t recognize spoke to me in the parking lot, but I couldn’t recall what they actually said. I ended up going into Target. Apparently, Target had undergone a massive remodel. I didn’t recognize it. I was both pleased and displeased with the remodel. There was even more space in the store, which I appreciated since I don’t like feeling crowded, but they had expanded the store to an enormous size—there was now an excess of stuff. I thought it was a bit overkill. I ended up meeting with someone (I think it was Corliss, but I’m not entirely certain). Apparently, there was some special where customers could receive an entire free pie. We went in search of it. We thought we had found the pie we desired, but it turned out to be a lousy imitation. On the search we found several that looked similar to the pie we wanted but actually weren’t the real deal (one had a bunch of ice cream in it). We ended up finding the pie we actually wanted after trial and error (I think it was a French silk pie). I think we ended up talking to an employee, but I didn’t remember what was actually said in the conversation. I did remember that the employee asked me to stop some customer that was trying to mess something up. I think they were trying to smear something all over a product, effectively ruining it so the store couldn’t sell it. I didn’t remember what I said to stop them, but whatever it ended up being was effective. The others were impressed with how I handled the situation.

Other things happened, but the next thing I remembered was being on some kind of field trip. I think the group was meeting in the same shopping plaza parking lot. I don’t remember what the field trip was for. We were all getting on a bus. The teacher seemed kind of distracted, like a lot was going on. I think they were on some kind of phone call. While on the bus, a flag was brought up, and people were discussing what was on it. I think it was supposed to be a state flag; I know that in the dream it had a bear, eagle, and snake on it. We were discussing the quantity of items depicted on the flag and couldn’t reach an agreement, so I tried to search for it on the internet on my phone. After many repeated attempts to search up the flag I became extremely frustrated. No matter how many times I searched up the flag (I think I searched up “American flag,” but it definitely wasn’t the current American flag I was trying to find a picture of—maybe it was a future flag?), but every time I entered the words in the search engine, the search engine would change my query. At least one of the words I entered every time would be changed to something completely different, yielding the search results completely unhelpful and kind of pointless. I do remember at one point pictures from InuYasha came up, featuring Sesshomaru. The teacher came back on the bus, and I explained the situation to her. She tried to search up the image, too, but ended up with the same type of results. The search engine would change the query. She ended up walking off the bus to see if there was something going on with the signal on the bus. I don’t think we ever ended up figuring out why the search engine refused to search up our query. I think we ended up driving back towards the school. I remember going on the highway; the driver wanted to speed up the return to school and only planned to stay on the highway for a short duration. Upon entering the highway, they planned to exit at the next exit. They were surprised that the desired exit was backed up basically all the way from the ramp we entered the highway from. They merged into a different lane and were somehow able to get to the exit before the cutoff, finding that the exit was now basically cleared up (not sure how that worked out). That’s the gist of what I could remember.

I didn’t remember everything from my dream when I woke up Wednesday morning, but what I did remember was being in a class. I think it was a class about P.E./health. I don’t think the teacher actually was teaching anything. I remember a classmate was surprised that more people weren’t in the class. I know I had been doing some small lifts with some weights for a bit (although I’m not sure why I was). I think it was the start of class. I remember the teacher passing blank paper out at one point (I guess for notes?) to students. There was a Sesshomaru wall scroll or image hanging up near my desk, and the girl next to me made some comment about how she thought people had forgotten about him. I remarked something along the lines of, “He will always be remembered in my heart; I could never forget.” There was some kind of interactive screen on the desks that allowed students to communicate with each other (sort of like an instant messenger/group chat function). My classmates started discussing Bleach on the communicator. The teacher either didn’t care that they were discussing anime during class or had no clue it was taking place. The conversation seemed to be going rather deep. I think more happened, but the last thing I could recall was passing out other people’s projects; I had never met most of the classmates (apparently it was the first class) yet I somehow knew their names despite never being introduced. That’s all I could remember.

When I woke up on Thursday morning, I felt like a whole lot happened in my dream. The first thing I remember is being in a bedroom (I’m guessing it was mine, but it wasn’t decorated the same). One of my coworkers from the preschool came to visit me. I think I had a scratchy voice, but I could tell I wasn’t sick. It was a bit strange. My coworker was commenting on how she really liked the lion in my room. I asked if it was a bank (I couldn’t see the lion she was referring to from my position on the bed—there was some kind of dinosaur blocking most of the lion from my view). She picked it up and showed me that it was some kind of box. It was a cute lion, though. She had come over to bring me this packet for something the preschool was doing. It was about some kind of fundraiser involving groceries. I was flipping through the packet as she told me about her experiences for it, complaining about how this person had been demanding things that were not being sold (she was rather miffed about the whole thing, blatantly telling the individual that they could buy what they had or they could go elsewhere). Apparently, it was too late to help with the grocery part of the fundraiser, but the school had managed to snag this opportunity to get a zoo membership at a discount while supporting the school. I ended up going to the preschool for some reason; I guess it was just to check out their fundraiser because I wasn’t there very long. I ended up leaving pretty much as soon as I made a quick round of what was going on.

When I was leaving there was this group of teens off to the side. There was some kind of overpass; beneath it was a river with rather rocky banks/cliffs. They were goofing off on the rocks. One of the teens pushed another into the water, and the pushed individual was pissed. The others laughed, unconcerned about the wellbeing of their friend. Apparently, I had parked my car by the river, so I checked on the friend before driving off. For some reason as I drove home, I ended up at some kind of huge restaurant. I had followed some car there, and the car had these interesting long, light-up horns on it. I’m guessing the restaurant was Texas Roadhouse, but I’ve never been there, so I have no clue. I ended up wandering around, confused. I ended up finding my way back outside, intending to leave as the restaurant was perplexing. It took me awhile to find my way back outside (it seemed like some kind of maze-like layout, all these rooms and hallways weaving together). When I did, I looked for my car, but apparently, I was driving my sister’s white car home. Her car changed, though—it was some kind of fancy car that had doors that opened by lifting into the air. The driver’s seat was one that leaned far back, too. It was weird. I’m pretty sure Vegeta and Goku were hanging out outside of the restaurant by the car. No idea why. I remember trying to drive home but getting rather confused because nothing looked familiar. As I was kind of lost, I used a navigator to try and get back home. The navigator got really sassy with me; I tried to follow the directions it gave, but apparently, everything I did was wrong, and it had no qualms telling me such. It got really snarky with me, saying stuff like, “I didn’t tell you to turn there. You should really be following the directions properly.” As I tried to follow the directions, it almost had me drive off into the ocean. More happened, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

A lot felt like it happened in my dream when I woke up Friday morning. The first thing I remembered was going to what appeared to be the local children’s museum with the boys I babysit regularly (although it started off just being the older brother at first). We were walking around and stumbled upon a game room, much like Chuck E. Cheese and other similar establishments. He requested that we get some quarters to play the games, and I spent $20 on quarters; a $1 and $5 bill also came out with the quarters for some reason. We went off to play the games. He ended up playing a game where you insert your coin in order to try and knock off the other coins from the various levels and/or get them to land into certain holes to earn tickets. He ended up winning a lot of tickets and coins from the game—like a crazy amount. I started collecting all the coins for him from the slot they fell into so we could use them for other games. His brother came up to us, talking about various things he’s been up to, and Tsuki, my nutty kitten, was also there. The younger brother started to play with her while he chatted with us. Some of the kids from before care showed up: a pair of brothers. The older of the two had been the 5th grader who had no qualms with playing Pretty, Pretty Princess with the kindergarteners; I asked him how middle school was since the last time he had been in before care was two years ago. He seemed to be enjoying middle school and was happy to see me. He younger brother showed up, and I greeted him as well. He recognized me, but for whatever reason he couldn’t remember my name. His older brother was giving him grief, teasing him that he should remember my name by now (going on about how it was an easy name). Their dad showed up and loved on Tsuki, wanting to take her home. I think I had gone to try to win tickets for the boys I babysit because they were still content at the first game they had started playing. I ended up going to some fishing themed game. I inserted 8 coins for 8 tries to play the game. You would try to stop a light that traveled around the wheel to land on the prize you wanted. My first attempt landed on some kind of nature documentary (the cover featured a pair of cardinals). The next few attempts earned small amounts of tickets. I think it was around attempt 5 or 6 that I won a larger amount (like around 100 tickets). The 7th attempt earned me 2000 something tickets (I don’t recall the exact amount). I wanted to continue with my last attempt, but apparently the game had a limit on how many tickets you could win at one time and decided to turn off. There was a girl sitting in the table booth behind the game I was playing, commenting to just let her know if I wanted to pool our resources to earn a larger prize. I went back to find the boys and found my family along the way. We ended up getting a table. I think more happened, but that’s all I could remember about this part.

The dream transitioned, and I had stopped by this house I’d never been to before. I don’t know why I was there. Maybe I was there to pick something up? Regardless, I was outside of the house (the neighbors’ homes were pretty close by, possibly even connected to whatever house I was outside of). Two girls/teens came out of the house, cooing about this kitten they had found three days ago and how they would never let it go. It turned out to be Tsuki. I informed them that the kitten was actually my families and that we had been taking care of her for weeks, that she had grown so much under our care, going from around 1 pound to now 4 pounds. The girls didn’t want to let Tsuki go, but they recognized how much Tsuki loved me, so they ended up relenting.

I was driving at the next part of the dream. I think my brother, Adam, was in the car with me. I don’t know where we were, but we ended up passing Corliss as she was walking. I picked her up. I think we were supposed to meet. My brother made a comment about supposed to be meeting Corliss’s brother-in-law wherever he was working. I think we drove past some school. My sister ended up getting picked up by me, as well. I feel like more happened, but this part of the dream is hazy.

The last thing I remember is going to student teaching. Even though it’s been years since I completed it, apparently I was supposed to go back. Some guy was apparently supposed to come with me to go student teach at the school I had before. We ended up meeting with the principal. The other student teacher seemed miffed about something the principal said, as if the principal thought he was stupid. The way it came across to me was that the principal wanted us all to be on the same page, so we wouldn’t be surprised by anything. I said as much, and it seemed like that was the principal’s intent. I think I met up with my cooperating teacher at that point, but this part of the dream was kind of hazy, too. That’s all I could remember.

My dream was a bit hazy when I woke up Saturday morning, but from what I did remember I was helping one of the preschoolers who's family was from India. I couldn't remember all the specific details, but we ended up going to India with his family, my family, and one of my former coworkers. There was something weird going on with the airline, like they didn't want guests to bring luggage or something. Once there, I think the preschooler's family gave us a tour. The dream was fuzzy, but I think that the airline was being super sketchy when we were trying to return, causing my coworker and I to agree to never use them again. I'm pretty sure the only reason we did use them was because someone else booked and paid for the trip for us.

More happened and the dream transitioned, although there's a gap in my recollection of the dream. I want to say something involving anime or InuYasha occurred, but I couldn't remember what happened in the middle. The last thing I remember was meeting up with one of my coworkers from before care. There ended up being this super miniature version of before care we ended up helping, like 10-20 kids. My coworker made some comment about how she couldn't wait for things to get back to normal, that she missed regular before care and me. More happened, but that's all I could remember.

I don't remember everything from my dream upon waking this morning, but it took place sort of at a school (it was not traditional by any means and sort of had this secret group). I'm not sure why there was this secret group, but apparently I was a part of it. I think the secret group was kind of a resistance; it seemed like it was to counter the massive control going on. The group was finding ways to create things on their own. I remember that they found a way to make their own paint/glaze. I was working on using it for something, but this guy seemed to be catching on to the group. This other member of the group noticed while he was talking to a teacher, and he started erasing the evidence; apparently, the paint substance was all natural and safe to eat (the other member licked it clean swiftly. There wasn't time to dispose of it in other fashions and he wanted to keep me and the rest of the group safe). The other guy was confused because he had been certain he could catch the group; he was suspicious and began following me everywhere. We went to some class with the teacher and began to glaze ceramic pieces we made. The suspicious guy hung close to me throughout the class, determined to find the group. He tried really hard to basically get me to confess about the group, but I never did (I'm not sure if it was purely out of loyalty with the group or if it had something to do with not knowing much). He gave it his all to try and get proof from me; the other member remained close, basically helping me from the shadows and acting like a guardian angel. Apparently, the suspicious guy thought one of my ceramic pieces could count for proof (I think it might have been in part a coil vase), but there was some kind of like flood that came in that swept it off into like a forest and broke it. The two guys (the member and suspicious one) both seemed to be interested in me (like they LIKED liked me). I think that the suspicious one was trying to get me to go with him and rely on him. I remember getting upset (I think it was about the broken ceramic piece). The suspicious guy got miffed and remarked to the teacher to just watch how the other guy (the member) would show up any second. He did show up almost instantaneously, offering a friendly hand to take me on a walk to calm down. I remember being on the verge of tears and nodding, not wanting to be in the class right then. He took care of getting some pass so we would be allowed to leave class and walked me to a path in the forest. The other guy was passed, seething with what seemed to be jealousy. I remember going on a tranquil walk in nature with the fellow member. If it had been the other guy, I suspect he would of tried to pull something, but the member just offered a solid, reassuring presence and peaceful refuge, only wishing for me to feel better. I did; the walk was wonderful. As we were looping back around and approaching the school grounds, he asked with a small smile if I wanted to take a detour and take the long way back. I wasn't ready to go back to class, so I agreed. As we took the long way back, we encountered a fence/locked gate. I'm not sure if the earlier flood somewhat injured my foot or if I didn't think I could get over it or what, but I lamented how we'd have to turn back. He broke out into a huge grin, scooped me into his arms, and hopped over the fence with ease. He placed me back on the ground and asked if I wanted to continue with a gently offered hand. I remember being so happy. I think more happened, but I don't remember anything else from that part.

I vaguely remember other parts of my dream, but they're all vague and hazy. I remember babysitting the brother and sister pair I had watched last night before sleeping, but I don't remember what we did in the dream. I also remember Aaron Abke showing up and having a conversation with him, but I don't remember specifics.

There was more babysitting this week as opposed to last week since the boys had Tuesday off from school and their parents were at work. We ended up walking through the elder's new schedule because there was an emergency IEP meeting at the end of last week (because the school didn't listen to his parents and wanted to try "normal classes" for his original schedule--needless to say, the classes didn't work well for him so they had to get him a new schedule). His new schedule was pretty easy, and it didn't hurt that he was familiar with the school now. We also talked about different fanfics (he had asked if they have fanfic for certain shows, and I assured him that odds are if there's a fanbase for them, then there'll be fanfic); he found that there was fanfic for Thomas the Train and The Nightmare Before Christmas, much to his delight. We discussed various crossover possibilities because he asked what the current fanfic was about (it was a Sailor Moon and InuYasha crossover). He told me all about what kind of fanfics he would write (mainly Disney, Mario, Pokemon, and Thomas related). They decided to search what franchises have inflatables for the holidays, ornaments, and plushies. They loved my new InuYasha shirt and wanted to hear new stories about Tsuki, Iris, my family, etc. One morning the younger of the two was watching a video on Minecraft players. I'd see glimpses of the players, and one character seemed familiar. It was bothering me because "Phil" looked like Kisuke Urahara from Bleach. I asked him if this Phil based his character off of Kisuke, and he was all, "I dunno. When did Bleach come out?" I searched it on the internet since I couldn't remember, and the internet said that Bleach started airing on Adult Swim September 9th, 2006. Apparently, whatever video he was watching was from some kind of competition that was in 2019. I pulled up a picture of Kisuke Urahara for him to see, and he agreed that the Phil player most likely based his character off of Kisuke (the resemblance is pretty obvious). On the drive home from school they'd ask me all about the story of InuYasha; who can go through the Bone Eater's well, who knows InuYasha, how Kagome went to school if she was in the past, the play (where Kagome was Escargot Pudding), etc. It was pretty humorous. It led to a discussion about if college is required after one graduates high school (because Kagome opted to go back to the past rather than continue her education), and we discussed all options people have after high school graduation. I love how naturally conversations about InuYasha and anime flow into real life topics with the boys. They also are working on building some new Lego sets and got a new electric drum set; it looks pretty cool. It's always fun hanging out with them, and they keep things interesting.

I also did some last minute babysitting for another family I watch for; the kids were so happy to see me. They insisted I come back next weekend since they haven't seen me since late June/early July. Their mom said I would come back sooner (most likely in two weeks--not next weekend lol). They were so excited to show me their new things; the girl rearranged her room and was ecstatic to show it off. They wanted to create a video with their dog, which we did. She also wanted to create some kitchen and art videos, which we also did. We ended up watching a movie since their parents said they could stay up later since they hadn't seen me in awhile. They're a hoot. We got to talking, and she asked when I was last in high school. I told her 10 years ago. She then proceeded to tell me that I was 21. Apparently, I graduated when I was 11, which I consider to be an impressive feat, considering I have no recollection of this 🤣 She also decided that I make $30 an hour (you won't hear any complaints from me). It then jumped to $100, then a $1000, and she finally settled on $8000 an hour 🤣 She asked if I made that much if I'd get her a phone. My response: "Heck, if I make that much, I'll get you several!" She was also asking about my friends, how long I've known them, etc. It came up that Corliss was at my house, hanging out with Tsuki to prevent her from being lonely (everyone else was gone from the house) and since we would be having a picnic with April and Iris the following day. She became excited, exclaiming, "So she's at your house? That means I can talk to her! I want to do a Q&A with her tonight!" I warned her that Corliss might be asleep; I'm not sure what is going on with the energies, but we got hit hard before I left for babysitting--a wave of exhaustion hit us out of nowhere. After commenting on how I suddenly felt tired, Corliss remarked, "Oh, good. It's not just me. I couldn't figure out where this sudden tiredness came from. You feel it, too, though." Turns out, I was right about Corliss taking a nap. Around 9 pm I got a message from her (I had informed her a little after 5 pm that the girl I was babysitting requested a Q&A with her), reading "I ,just woke up lol. I had a dream your family owned a miniature reindeer and another cat. Made me want to stay asleep to see what happened next lol. I was either a leprechaun or a centaur in that dream.... Hmm. I was in magic land. I may layback down! 😂😂". We ended up discussing how nutty Tsuki is, and she wanted to see all the pictures and videos I have of her (she informed me that she loves watching Tales of Tsukihime on the Youtube channel). It was a fun night, and I can't wait to see them again!

Corliss, April, Iris, and I met up Sunday afternoon to have a picnic. It was lots of fun! The weather was rather nice (but it was getting a bit toasty around 3); we decided to go to a new park, and Iris made some new friends! It was a really laid-back experience, and I loved it. It was so nice to catch up and just chill. We ended up taking a walk later to get ice cream. It was such a relaxed, fun day spent with my besties! I look forward to the next time we can all get together; I hope we can all go star gazing soon! The weather is perfect for it! I even got to meet Corliss's new puppy, Shadow!

Tsuki is a nut, as per usual, and she's officially 4 pounds! She's growing quite a bit in the time she's been here (I don't know exactly how much she weighed when we first got her, but she was absolutely tiny--I'm guessing she was around a pound). She loves jumping up on to the trashcan now. The trash bag ends up a bit torn and frayed because she loves the way it sounds and performs leaping attacks to get it (and sometimes she misses when she intends to jump on top of the trashcan). She enjoys hanging out on the porch, looking out the window and watching the various animals and people in the backyards. She loves to jump on me and climb up to my shoulder; I'll be making food or painting, and next thing I feel is a set of claws digging into my clothes/person as a flurry nut-cat climbs up to see what I'm doing. She hates being left out. As soon as I get home from babysitting, she rushes to greet me, crying about how much she missed me. She's lucky she so cute and loveable (because she can be such a nutty Sour Patch Kid), constantly chomping on my hands and feet. She's excited about the new blanket my sister got for her, though, and she ends up working herself into a frenzy while playing to the point where she starts panting. It's really adorable.

This week's artwork includes:

Here are the latest goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9. There were energetically chosen pieces for this week: energetically selected solid crystal pyramids, crystal angels, and palm stones. It was a pleasant surprise!

I spent the week mostly chilling with Tsuki, writing, and reading. I did some more writing lately; this week's challenge was All in A Day's Work, and the challenge was to write about why you love your job. It was a nonfiction challenge, so it's not a fictional short story about Karissa and Serena this time around, but I still had a lot of fun writing it! If you'd like to read about my work stories, feel free to check it out! My story is called At the Heart of It Work is Child's Play. Feel free to share your thoughts and any of your own fun work stories; I'd love to hear them! Fanfic for this week included: The Heart of Two Moons, Marry Me for Christmas, The Work Proposal, A Dog's Nose Knows, Yearning for Completion, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Valentine's Day Surprise, Nothing Is Impossible For Love To Overcome, Green Eggs and Ham: The Takahashi Way, Pride and Prejudice: The Takahashi Way, Holiday Magic, Santa Baby, The Corporate Catch, What is This Feeling?, Find What You Are Looking For, I Should Have Kissed You Goodnight, Classy, and Trick'd. I didn't feel like doing much this weekend, and it's okay to take it easy and rest. I feel like the current energies are demanding it. I would have liked to be a bit more productive this week, but I literally didn't have the energy to do so. It was a rather relaxing week, though. I appreciate that. Please, take care of yourselves and be gentle with yourselves. We're in unprecedented times. What used to work won't always work any longer. Rest when necessary. Make time for joy, laughter, and fun. Schedule in experiences you savor. Follow your heart. Don't merely do things because you "should." All the "shoulds" feel like they're breaking down, anyhow. Be mindful of your wellbeing and peace of mind; that needs to be priority. Stay blessed with love and light everyone~

Some food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Here's some food for thought for this week:

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