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Happy New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse! Happy May!

It's so surreal to think we're already in May. It feels like 2022 just started (if we even completed 2021 or 2020 lol). This weekend was the new moon and partial solar eclipse in Taurus! If you'd like to learn more about the new moon and solar eclipse, feel free to check out the videos below.

My dream from Sunday night/Monday morning was a bit hazy, but it involved heroes. From what I could remember it started off with a bunch of characters from My Hero Academia. I think it was mainly the students training to be heroes; it was some large gathering as like a drill/practice run that turned into an actual emergency with this large group of villains crashing and trying to harm civilians. The students ended up forming small groups to handle the villains (the villains weren't run of the mill and were quite serious about causing havoc). There was something about Robin from Teen Titans going rogue and maybe being possessed, and they deliberated who was going to keep an eye on him; they settled on both Raven and Beast Boy working as a team. There was also something about Bleach characters, like Mayuri Kurotsuchi, being involved, too, and he turned into like this sluggish creature with his body being this decoy--he hid under some bed and let the villains believe he was passed it. It was weird. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

I struggled falling sleeping and staying asleep again Monday night/Tuesday morning. Then my alarm didn't go off. I was rather groggy and out of it when I did wake up. My dream recall was a complete haze, and I couldn't remember anything. The same repeated Tuesday night/Wednesday morning where I struggled falling asleep and woke up groggy and late due to my alarm not going off. I'm wondering if I turned it off in my sleep because I know for a fact that I set it. With my out of it state, I couldn't remember much of anything from my dream, but I think there was something about running a business and selling things.

I was extra sleepy on Thursday morning, almost falling back asleep unintentionally, but my alarm did go off. I remembered some of my dream this time around, too. From what I could remember, it seemed like I was on some family trip. We visited some kind of place that was like a mall that happened to have a massive skating rink. There was some kind of game taking place on it, and my family and I had to cross it during an intermission. With how intense the game had been, it was tricking to skate across the ice with all the grooves in it. There was something going on with the parking lot when we tried to leave; there seemed to be like a power outage, and there was a massive, intense rainstorm. I guess it stopped because we were able to leave with no problem, and my dad insisted on taking us to see some kind of display that was like 100 miles away via highway. It was like this little cabin/castle display that people would use for a decent backdrop for photographs. Part of it seemed like the toy castle/buildings little kids use to play pretend. My parents had completely ignored other ones on the way that featured stuff like Snoopy and a log cabin. The one my dad took us too seemed to have a bit of a Japanese theme with stuff like bamboo and lucky talismans. It was kind of interesting, but I was frustrated that he didn't give me a choice in going to see it. There was then something about me writing some kind of paper/thesis for college about creativity and how it impacts success. A couple of people that seemed like professors came over to check in with me and some other person/student to see how our essay/analysis/report papers were coming along. They were impressed with mine. At another point I ended up using this energetically charged spray to help me bring in success, prosperity, and abundance, and I think it's name had something to do with Archangel Michael. That's all I could remember when I woke up.

I was groggy again Friday morning because I struggled with sleeping. From what I could remember my dream involved selling digital products (NFTs?) to make serious bank. I was pretty successful at it. That's all I remembered upon waking, though.

I was grateful to sleep in on Saturday. From what I could remember I was working on creating a thriving online business and teaching others what I learned so they could be successful, too. At one point April was hanging out with me, and we were watching this new movie (at times it was as if we were in the movie). There were Pokémon like Bulbasaur and Charmander trying to protect people at one point. Team Rocket made an appearance, but they weren't up to any mischief. April's deceased father showed up and watched with us.

More happened and the focus shifted to this family. They seemed to have all these weird things happening to them. It turned out they were cursed, and they were trapped on this property without realizing it at first. When they did realize, they tried everything they could, but nothing proved successful. There was this guy that appeared with long, flowing, blond hair. He was either spiritual with profound powers or like an angel. He had the means to save them all but hadn't done so. He said that all they needed to do was ask. A few of the family members were on the run, begging desperately for help, from all these zombies/monsters/demons that kept popping up and swarming the property. Turns out the mom was behind the whole thing, desiring the whole family to stay together by any means necessary, even delving into dark arts. The blond being, hearing their sincere request for help, smiled while remarking, "Ask and it is given." He began to glow and shine in a golden light like crazy as he tapped into his power. As he saved them, a single glowing tear rolled down his face at the power of true love and how it can do anything (his power to save them was derived from said love). All of the family members, including extended ones, began glowing in the same golden light before being teleported and transported to somewhere safe. All that had been held against their will and not succumb to the darkness/evil were spared. The mother was left, surrounded by all the dark beings she summoned. It did not end well for her. They all turned on her as there was no one else left to torment. They began to devour her. She had trapped herself with them due to her selfish desires to prevent her family from leaving. The rest of her family moved on to live fulfilling lives, but her ending was tragic and painful. Apparently, this movie was the latest by Makoto Shinkai, as April and I gushed about the previous works of Your Name and Weathering With You. April remarked that I was the whole reason she watched them in the first place before I asked if she heard about the upcoming movie where this girl is traveling around closing doors to other dimensions/realities. That's all I could remember upon waking.

I didn't remember much from my dream when I woke up this morning, but what I could remember involved my brother showing off his new house and inviting the whole family over (he actually did buy a new house in Colorado). He was showing off all the hard work he had put into it, but apparently, he had a spirit residing in the home, too. The spirit was not happy about so many people being there and apparently, was quite vocal about it to my brother. As he was giving people a tour, I noticed a golden plaque on the door leading to the living room and bathroom. It read "police ward." I found it strange and tried asking my brother about it. He didn't hear me despite multiple attempts to get his attention and kept repeating himself, saying things like, "This is my home. I deserve to be here. I have every right to be here. I'm not leaving." I later learned that he was addressing the spirit and not letting it push him around and control things. I'm pretty sure he apologized for having so many people over but was adamant about not leaving. When I finally got a hold of my brother to ask about the plaque, he was shocked. Turned out he had no clue it was there and had never seen it before. Apparently, the house had been used as a makeshift jail, not that he had known, and the spirit was one of the inmates. I never saw the spirit, and it didn't seem violent. I visited my aunt and my toddler cousin, Addie, in another room. Addie was being silly and making up stories, i.e. there were meteors hitting the house (it was rain). She was really happy, and it was cute. That's all I could remember.

The kids had another fun week in before care. They decided to work more on their Pokémon drawing books, excited to see how much they've grown. They also had me help them design some shoes for on a coloring sheet; they handed me the coloring sheet and instructed me to add a design. When I asked what kind, I was given the ever-so-helpful-and-specific guidance of "whatever I want." I decided to make it kind of spacey with the crescent moon and stars, and the kids adored them. They were super excited to start coloring them. They also looked at my different art shops again and wanted me to draw some puff coloring sheets for them; they started making the puffs into superheroes. The kids became obsessed with collecting bugs and making habitats for them, too. We enjoyed having relaxed conversations, discussing favorite sea animals and experiences with chickens (i.e. my coworker used to deliver roosters/chickens on occasion in his previous job working with mail). On the playground my art buddy started playing with shadows, jumping on mine and fusing our shadows together to give me 4 arms (and she made us wiggle our arms so it was like I was some kind of alien lol). Kids are certainly creative.

Speaking of which, my art buddy told me she would tell me the origin story of Mega Ultra Chicken. She declared that at the beginning of the universe there once was an egg and from it hatched Mega Ultra Chicken, the only chicken in all of existence. She remarked that Mega Ultra Chicken loved to roam the vast regions of space, learning all there is to know, and that Mega Ultra Chicken loves to eat people because it's a giant chicken, after all. She announced that I was Mega Ultra Chicken and tried to get me to go to school. I told her that I was too big for school and would crush it. She said that it was giant chicken school, which I pointed out that she said Mega Ultra Chicken was the only chicken in the whole universe and all of existence. She countered with it being a school just for me; I told her I didn't need it because the universe was Mega Ultra Chicken's school. She tried to bribe me, claiming that I would learn all about humans and how to cook them if I went to school. I retorted that I didn't need it. She grew frustrated, exclaiming, "I'm your mother, so you have to do what I say!" I countered that she couldn't be my mother as Mega Ultra Chicken is the only chicken. She disregarded it, stating that she was still my mother but that she was a giant goose. Then she said that she would go to a school for giant geese. I asked where all the giant ducks were because we wouldn't be able to play duck, duck, goose without them. She then informed me that an army of giant ducks marched onto the playground so that the game could begin but that I couldn't play because I wasn't a duck. One of her friends was watching this whole exchange, giggling like crazy, and claimed to be a dinosaur cop. I decided to enlist some help, exclaiming, "Help me, Dino Cop! She's bullying me and excluding me from her game! Take her away and sentence her to one thousand years of prison!" He thought it was hilarious, bursting out in laughter, before going to make the arrest. My art buddy fled from the scene, refusing to serve a prison sentence. My art buddy then tried to accuse me of littering because she didn't want to throw away her snack wrapper. I told her that she needed to throw it away, but she dropped it on the ground, claiming that since I touched it I dropped it, and tried to frame me for littering. I told her that littering was a felony, and Dino Cop set out on the mission to arrest her again. Eventually, she threw away her trash, but she kept trying to get me in trouble. Dino Cop didn't fall for her ruses though. The game continued like that for the remainder of time until school started with Dino Cop trying to arrest my art buddy that kept excluding me from the game (LOL); they had a lot of fun and kept laughing. It was a great morning.

The boys enjoyed discussing theories, My Hero Academia, superheroes in general, the newest Pokémon games (Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, Legends Arceus, and the upcoming Scarlet and Violet), Mario, trains, InuYasha, and dreams. They also had a blast as we shared funny stories. They also started making plans for making their own YouTube channel and asked for my advice. They're so excited about it. The boys are also super excited for the upcoming summer break and how there's less than a month left of school. We'll have lots of fun over the summer together.

Tsuki was her typical nutty self, like always. She continuously knocks over her tent. She played in boxes (we made a make-shift cat condo out of two cardboard boxes). The rain made her sleepy, so on the rainy days she napped for hours. She even cuddled with my foot for whatever reason while I worked on writing. Tsuki loved hanging out with me while I learned about different opportunities for passive income and online business. It's been an eventful week!

Artwork for this week included more Perler projects:

I did some more writing and reading this week. I wrote a new story out, based off of a story my art buddy from before care told me. She's got a vivid imagination and insisted that it was the Ultimate Taco Tuesday. It was pretty interesting, but I really don't ever want to stand between her and food; if her story is anything to go off of, she'll conspire to remove any blocks in her way, and she'd be willing to go to great lengths. She's usually really sweet and kind, so it was a surprise the drastic measures the kids went to in her story. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories!

Additionally, I wrote some informative articles from what I've been learning lately about creating passive income, taking matters into my own hands to create abundance, and a simple 3-step system to change your life with passive income. Based on what I've learned, I decided to create a new blog series over on Ghost! Feel free to check it out!

Fanfic for the week included: Rescuer, For Future Reference, Repercussions, and Ideal World.

I didn't watch anything this week, since I spent the bulk of it learning and working. What I've been learning has been super exciting, and I know that it'll change my life for the better. I've had to invest in myself, and in the past that would have scared me off from trying. My advice for you? Take a leap of faith. Go for it even if it seems a bit scary. You'll never improve your life if you remain in your comfort zone. Yes, it's safe in your comfort zone and, well, comfortable, but you won't grow if you stick to it. You'll never know what heights you can reach if you stay in your next. If taking a small step is what it takes to get you to start exiting your comfort zone, then start small. Just take that step today. Take a leap off faith. The universe will surprise you. Take care, be gentle with yourself, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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