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Happy New Moon in Taurus!

I hope everyone is doing well; it's been an energetically and emotionally intense week. There was an onslaught for me and my friends. So many disappointments, lies, frustration, and disrespect from others has shown up; we had each others' backs, so we made it out okay, but it was just so much, one thing after another. We did our best to understand others, have compassion, love, and gentleness for the other party, but they were just so confusing. Their actions and words made no sense and didn't match up. Not sure if it was related to the recent new moon, the solar flares, or what, but it was quite the week. If you want to learn more about the recent new moon, feel free to check out the following videos:

My dream recall was rather fuzzy at the beginning of the week. It felt like my dreams had something to do with change, but specific details were rather elusive. At one point I think there was something about my friends and potential partners, but it was so hazy. On Friday I woke up pretty sleepy, but the little I could remember from my dream was that it involved change. Dream recall was rather fuzzy again over the weekend. There was something about change and hanging out with friends, but specifics evaded my conscious mind.

The boys are excited for the coming end of the school year, but they're getting frustrated with the onslaught of homework and assignments that school has been assigning. I really feel for them, especially because they just got done with standardized testing. They were excited to chat about new games, like the Zelda sequel game, and can't wait for summer break to arrive. These kiddos definitely deserve a break; it's well earned from all the hard work they've put in over the past school year.

Tsuki was her usual adorable self, and my sister, friends, and I fawned over her extreme cuteness. There were plenty of cat naps, chill time, playful antics, snuggling, and enjoying sunshine out on the porch. She had so much fun birdwatching, savoring fresh air, and staying up late with my friends and me. It was a week full of spending time with the right people and Tsuki.

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week, so you're more than welcome to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

No matter what circumstances arise in your life, remember that you are worthy and deserving of love, kindness, compassion, and respect. It might take some trial and error, but the right people will find you. You don't have to put up with other people's bs. While it's important to show others unconditional love and kindness, it's just as important to treat yourself in such a manner. You don't have to remain around toxic energies, situations, or people. You don't have to continue to subject yourself to confusion, frustration, neglect, or abuse. Do what's right for you; make yourself a priority and always fill up your own cup. Your path is uniquely your own, so it doesn't have to make sense to others; they have their own paths. Include people that treasure you in your circle; you're deserve joy, peace, harmony, and love. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise; the world is better with you in it. Take things one step at a time and trust the process because you've got this! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone, and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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