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Happy New Moon in Sagittarius and Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday if they celebrate! It's been a busy week, full of all sorts of energy and activity. I spent a lot of time with family throughout the week, and I ended up helping my parents move their furniture because they're getting their floors redone at the beginning of next week. We also had the new moon in Sagittarius this week, so we're officially in Sagittarius season! Happy birthday, my fellow Sagittarians! If you want to learn more about the recent new moon, feel free to check out the videos below.

I was tempted to go back to sleep when I woke up Monday morning because I had had trouble falling asleep Sunday night. My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up. There was something about Bella, Edward, and Jacob being out in the middle of nowhere in some kind of forest by a lake. Bella was miffed at both of them and seemed cold. Jacob offered her a dead squirrel or skunk or something, while Edward made her clothes made from a fox pelt that he he acquired and/or made. Bella stomped off in a huff and started cleaning up Happy Meal trash that was by the lake. It seemed like a large group had left the trash, but no one else could be seen. That's all I could remember once I woke up.

I was tempted to go back to sleep Tuesday morning and stay snuggled in the blankets. My dream recall was super fuzzy, and I couldn't remember what transpired in the dream realm. I was fairly groggy when I woke up on Wednesday, and my dream recall was veiled in a thick haze. I couldn't remember what occurred in the dream realm.

I enjoyed sleeping in on Thursday; it was so nice not having to get up, especially since I haven't been feeling tried at night ever since at least October. My dream recall was a bit muddled, but there was something about my mom getting an email from the remodelers. The boss had some kind of excuse for why he/his employees were unable to complete the work. Part of his excuse somehow involved me and my online work; he claimed that I hadn't updated anything in months and somehow that's why he couldn't do the work. The thing was, he looked at the wrong website, and it made no sense as to why he was even concerned about it in the first place. There was also something about babysitting for one of the neighborhood families and their kids playing with Legos on a second floor of their house (that doesn't exist in real life). More definitely happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

I was able to sleep in again on Friday, which was great, since Tsuki wanted me to stay awake with her the previous night. My dream recall was pretty fuzzy. I think there was something about working with a partner on something, but specifics eluded me. My dream recall was pretty fuzzy Saturday morning when I woke up; I ended up kind of dozing and falling half-asleep for a couple of hours. It was a pretty sleepy day. It felt like a lot happened in the dream realm when I woke up this morning, but I struggled putting my finger on specific details. Everything felt fuzzy.

The boys were super excited for the short school week and Thanksgiving break. We spent a lot of time discussing anime and video games. They watched a bunch of "best of Hooty" videos, thinking Hooty from The Owl House is hilarious, and we got into deep discussions about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. They can't wait to get the games for themselves. The boys were super excited to go on their trip; after visiting their relatives out of state, they're heading off to Disney. They've got big plans, and I look forward to hearing about it when they return!

Tsuki enjoyed a week of freedom, but the cooler weather definitely made her more sleepy. We found her snoozing a lot more this week, whether in her cat house, on the bench seat, on her blanket, the stairs, my lap, or another location throughout the house. She also got confused because things were all rearranged due to the remodel. Tsuki will be bummed next week on Tuesday since she'll be confined to the upstairs all day, but at least she'll be able to hang out with me the whole time since the boys are on vacation. She did thoroughly enjoy feasting upon turkey, though, and will promptly appear if she ever smells it. She's such a goof.

Artwork for the week included:

I wrote a bunch more content for Creativity Chronicles this week! I'm super excited to have hit 300 articles published; it's amazing how far I've come in almost 6 months! Feel free to check out the new articles!

New articles included:

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week! Take care, be gentle with yourselves, and prioritize self-care. We're officially in the hectic holiday season now, so don't spread yourself too thin. Nothing good will come for it. Your to-do list isn't going anywhere, so it's okay to take breaks to rest and recharge. You'll be able to do your best if you do. Have a wonderful rest of November, and remember to stay thankful and have fun!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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