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Happy New Moon in Pisces and Daylight Savings!

I hope everyone is doing well! Has anyone experienced anything related to the energies? I've been feeling a bit lethargic, myself. Granted, I could be feeling that way today due to Daylight Savings--I didn't particularly want to wake up today, and fluffy cat decided I should just stay in bed all morning, cuddling and snuggling on me and refusing to budge (lol). The recent lethargy could also stem from all the rain and overcast skies. It went from sunny and warm in the beginning of the week to constant, gray clouds, a chill in the air, and downpours. It could be a combination of all of the above. I'm not sure of the particulars, but I've been doing my best to rest and relax to boost my energy levels back up. Hopefully, I'll feel more energized soon. It's proven rather difficult to be "productive" and create when my energy levels feel so depleted.

The new moon in Pisces was yesterday. If you are curious and want to know more about it, you feel free to check out the following videos and meditation:

Like always, fluffy cat has been extra adorable and snuggly. She's also been wanting to continuously go outside now that it's gotten nicer. It feels almost as if she proclaimed, "I live outside now. I just come to the house to visit." Lol. I'd believe she felt that way completely if it wasn't for the fact that she gets intimidated and scared inside by neighbors simply by them being outside (like how she scurried her way to back to the porch when she noticed our neighbor walking in their front yard today, cutting her outdoor excursion short). She's been growing more bold, but she's still such a skittish kitty lol.

It was a pretty calm week for tutoring. He was ecstatic about his recent test score; he showed it off to me right away, proud of his achievement. It was rather endearing, especially since he doesn't typically do so (he's not particularly one to brag). Contrastingly, he got a rather bummed out by the amount of typing he had to do for his social studies assignment. He's not all that keen on writing in general, but typing is what really frustrates him since they apparently no longer teach typing in school. One would think that typing would be taught, especially considering how more and more of traditional school is dependent on electronic/virtual apps and resources. Apparently not. The assignment itself, though, was pretty interesting (at least from my perspective). It was about different movements in China--Daoism, Confucianism, and Legalism if I remember correctly. He requested some help, and the Daoist beliefs felt rather pertinent. It wasn't a particularly in-depth assignment, but the key takeaways were about yin/yang (opposites), everything being interconnected (i.e. humans being a part of nature), being flexible and adaptable to change, flowing rather than forcing things, and being in harmony and unity. I feel like that these concepts/notions are growing in society currently. It definitely embraces a more love-based stance (seems similar to the 5-D consciousness).

Here are this week's Perler creations: more rainbow tie dye animals. If you have suggestions for future projects, I'd love to hear your recommendations!

This week the InuYasha group Corliss and I are a part of started posting all these "quotes" from InuYasha characters. It seemed like fun, and they shared the link for the incorrect quote generator, so I gave it a whirl. I was not disappointed--Corliss and I spent the afternoon laughing at all the things Sesshomaru, InuYasha, and others "said." Here are the quotes that ensued. I hope you enjoy!

The InuYasha group is fairly divided on stances for YashaHime. I'm a bit conflicted because we only seem to get more and more questions paired with scarce answers. Next week's episode is supposed to be the last episode, too, which makes me wonder how they intend to tie up all the loose ends. We still haven't seen Shippo. InuYasha and Kagome are still in the black pearl/at Inu no Taisho's grave. They just introduced the whole concept of the windmill of time. Rin is still stuck in the tree (probably being held captive by Zero since Zero's life is tied to Rin's). Zero seems to "love" Toga, but her actions are pretty questionable if that's the case. She's going after a bunch of his relatives. She broke the Tenseiga (Toga's fang). She verbally attacked his mate. Doesn't seem like love to me (seems more like possessiveness rather than love). The preview for next week has me unsettled. Setsuna is my favorite new character (alongside Riku), and the preview paints next episode leading to a tragic fate. I hope that's not the case. I hope that it's just the creators wanting to play with emotions rather than actually following through because dang.... Also Sesshomaru's comment inquiring why Setsuna didn't slay Zero with her own blade... Perchance he commissioned Totosai to make a sword for the girls using his own fangs? If that's the case, maybe Towa will be able to alter what seems to be a grim fate for her twin. Or maybe she possesses the ability as part of the powers she inherited from Sesshomaru. We still don't know about all the powers she inherited. Setsuna inherited a lot of poison abilities, but that doesn't appear to be the case for Towa. Here's hoping next week's episode is great (and that it is merely the final episode in season 1 and that there are more seasons to come)! I enjoyed plenty of fanfic this week (and the InuYasha group shared some more fanfics, providing future reading opportunities). This week's fanfic: It's All in the Cards, Instinct, The Promise of Eternity, Just Another Epilogue, Second Wind, Out of the Ashes, Say Yes, The Path Less Traveled, Iris in Bloom, A Case for Hope, Black on White, A Matter of Pride, The Way the Wind Blew, Fly, Little Butterfly, Citrine Eyes and Butterflies, High on a Cloud, For Want of a Meal, Ain't Nothing But a Boat, Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon, To Have and to Hold, Dream of Me, My Darling, Touch of Heaven, It Blossomed in Spring, Rest, My Darling, A Crown of Daisies, The Sun Will Rise, A Breakdown in Communication, Love is a Beautiful Thing, Buttercups in the Moonlight, White Gardenias, Rest Now, Darling, To Smash the Walls, Poison Kiss, A Spoonful of Sugar, The Rain Falls, Kagome and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Shot to the Heart, A Most Devious Plot, Pearls, Quarantine, Fated to Love You, Thunderclap from a Clear Sky, and A Drabble a Day Keeps Corona Away.

I also watched Asterisk War this week. I stumbled upon it and figured why not? Kirin Toudou's character really struck a chord with me. I could see myself in her (not that I'm a badass swordswoman or anything lol). She grew considerably through the show, learning to find her own way rather than following the path dictated by others (her uncle). This resonates so much with me; finding your own path, one completely of your choosing, can feel rather difficult at times, especially with others' judgments butting in. Even if others mean well (potentially--it could just be what they view as what's best for you even if it actually isn't), their words and actions can prove quite hurtful. I've been on the receiving end of my dad's "help" lately (more likely harsh judgments about what I "need" to do). People like Kirin's uncle can be rather controlling and can try to bully you into doing what they feel is best. You don't have to follow that path, though. You always have the choice. It may or may not be easy, but you still get to decide. You can follow the path others push you onto if that's what you want, but you don't have to do so. You can make your mind up for yourself. As Saya Sasamiya emphasizes, "Toudou, you need to stick up for yourself. Have a little backbone. Weren't you angry for how she was pushing you around?'s not a valid excuse for how she was bullying you." Kirin replies, "Think so? I guess I couldn't see it. Maybe it's because I've gotten so used to the way my uncle's always treated me." Saya asserts, "That's no good. You're gonna have to move past that. You should have more confidence in yourself, Toudou. You're a good person with a lot of great qualities. You're not perfect, but nobody is. Your imperfections make you beautiful." Don't let others' mistreatment become normal. Don't get used to it. You are valuable and worthy just by being you. You're beautiful, imperfections and all. The universe loves you and wants to see you do well--it will provide people and opportunities that see your true worth and beauty, giving you the opportunity to shine. Just because one person couldn't see it doesn't mean nobody will. Stand up for yourself. Find what matters to you. Live your life in a way that is meaningful to you, even if some people don't understand. It's okay to walk the path of your own choosing. Those that share your beliefs will find you as you walk that path. Don't lose heart. Just like Kirin was able to find her own way and true friends, you can, too.

People are still processing many things, undergoing healing and shadow work. 2021 has our work cut out for us, but I don't think that means it'll be some horrible year. Like 2020 it can be a year of great growth and realization. To be honest, without catalysts like this plenty of people would persist in their comfortable but average or subpar lives (myself is likely included in this group... I'm getting better, but if it wasn't for certain events spurring me into action and change, I can't guarantee that I actually would have done anything). It can be rather easy to get into habit and routine, and then before you know it your life passes you by. We've been given a lot of opportunity to think and reflect on what it is we truly want. Personally, I'd like to be able to help others, be creative, be able to travel as I please, have a flexible schedule, and have a life partner/family. A lot of people would likely argue that such a life/life style is impossible, but is it truly? Or is that merely a belief we've been conditioned by, much like Kirin was conditioned by her uncle and didn't even notice when another girl was bullying her. If something is normalized and we grow accustomed to things as being "just the way it is," we can become blinded to the possibilities and the truth. Plus, if you look at the word "impossible," it even says "I'm possible." I can't say I know how it'll all work out or how I'll achieve it, but I'm willing to work on figuring it out. If we never leave for the journey, we'll never find out. I choose to find my own path now, even if others (like my family) don't understand it. It's okay if they don't understand (or even want it); it's my path--it's meant for me. Their path is meant for them; my path doesn't have to make sense or work for them because we're different. Being different isn't a bad thing. It just is different. I may lack specific answers or logistics at the moment, but I'm certain the universe will provide me with what I need in its divine timing. Besides, knowing all the answers would be a bit boring. Learning, growing, and figuring things out as you go can be quite fun and fulfilling. I don't know what exactly your path holds, but I know it'll be perfect for you. Have fun exploring and discovering your path! Stay well; stay blessed with love and light~

Here's some food for thought for this week from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for this week:

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