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Happy New Moon in Pisces!

I hope the energies are treating everyone well! It's been a pretty intense week this past week; lots of emotions bubbling up, and I heard about a lot of people getting fired/quitting their jobs. Things are definitely heating up, and it honestly feels like we've past the point of no return. Things are changing, and nothing's going to stop it. We can choose to embrace it, allowing the flow, or fight it, experiencing quite the turbulent ride. If you want to learn more about the recent new moon in Pisces, feel free to check out the following videos!

I struggled falling asleep Sunday night and ended up only getting about 4 hours of sleep. I was super tired when I got up in the morning, and dream recall was nonexistent. Definitely not the most fun way to start the week, but I was grateful that it would pass and that I wouldn't always be tired. My dream recall was fairly fuzzy when I got up Tuesday morning, and I was somewhat tempted to go back to sleep. From what I could remember, I was at the store at one point and found some cool tie-dye clothes. There was another part where the founder of AMBSDR brought home a new dog to surprise his family, and his kids were super excited. More happened, but the rest of the details were hazy.

I was feeling kind of wired Tuesday night, which made sleep a bit tricky. Not sure when I feel asleep, but it was late whenever it was. Dream recall was elusive, too, but it felt like it was significant whatever it was. Wednesday night/Thursday morning was interesting; it was a bit of a challenge falling asleep, but it wasn't too bad. The main struggle came from waking up at like 4:30 am and not being able to fall back asleep despite how tired I was. Needless to say, I was exhausted Thursday; wasn't able to remember what transpired in the dream realm, either.

Dream recall was super fuzzy when I woke up on Friday morning, feeling exhausted and wanting to stay snuggled in bed. My alarm either didn't go off or I turned it off in my sleep; definitely looking forward to sleeping in. It was great sleeping in on Saturday; sleep can be quite glorious. Recalling what transpired in the dream realm was rather muddled, but I want to say there was something about being in some kind of class. Whatever happened, it seemed important.

I was quite sleepy when I woke up this morning, due to being out late with April, Corliss, Iris, and April's mom (lots of emotional turmoil, and people needing healing). Didn't actually fall asleep until after 4 am, and my dream recollection was pretty fuzzy. I know there was something about meeting up with Corliss in town. Seemed to be the middle of the night/early in the morning. Not sure what we were doing. Corliss might have said something about the library, but I remember her going into a bakery and helping out the staff there with creating baked goods. More likely happened, but that's all I could recall upon waking.

The boys were excited to have the day off on Monday, giving them a 4-day weekend. They were excited to tell me all about their fun weekend activities, going to the zoo and an arcade. On the way to school they were telling me all sorts of interesting stories; the one was telling me that Baby Shark was being beaten out by a more prehistoric being: Barney. He then proceeded to tell me that Santa was beaten by Mickey Mouse; not really sure where he was going with all that, but I found it hilarious. It led to him discussing winter holiday characters and proclaiming, "Rudolph outshines them all; despite the bullying and nastiness, he came back and saved all of their butts!" I just can't sometimes! They also uncovered what they dubbed "the greatest song in the world." Frankly, their reaction is what made it so great in my opinion; the two of them were cracking me up. They kept playing "Put the Money in the Bag," and making all sorts of commentary about it. The two of them are seriously great, and I'm lucky to have them in my life.

The weekend was extra full with healing, as the darkness was creeping in and trying to swallow up my friends. They definitely needed extra TLC, so I invested my time in helping lift them up rather than my original plans. They were in a much better place, afterwards, so I was able to sleep easier.

Tsuki was her typical goofy self and having lots of energy to bounce off the walls and be a wild child (lol). She loved playing with her paper beads, straws, tissue paper, and anything else she could get her paws on. The colder weather definitely made her nap more, and Tsuki loved snuggling with me on the extra cold days. She even took a nap on a book. Tsuki's such an adorable goof; so blessed to have her in my life.

Artwork for the week included plenty more paper beads for Tsuki:

I wrote more content for Creativity Chronicles this week! I also created new content for Luck's List! I even started collaborating with other websites! Feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

New Luck's List articles:


Make sure to be gentle with yourself as we shift through these times of intense change. You're doing the best you can, so show everyone, including yourself, some extra love and kindness. In a world full on chaos, trauma, and pain, choose to be kind. Choose to extend a helping hand. Give yourself the time and self-care you need, so you can help the best you can. You deserve happiness and are worthy of amazing experiences! Have a fabulous rest of your weekend and take care!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought to consider for the week:

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