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Happy New Moon in Libra!

I hope everyone enjoyed their week and the new moon in libra! I think it impacted my sleep this week; energies seem to be a bit all over the place (and causing people to act strange and a bit crazy--people almost hit Corliss and I with their car while we were walking and while we were driving). I hope everyone is doing well, and hopefully you didn't encounter such intensity and craziness. If you're interested in learning more about this new moon or doing a meditation, I included some videos below, so feel free to check them out!

I had some trouble staying asleep Sunday night/Monday morning. Maybe it had to do with the new moon energies; I'm not entirely certain. What I did remember from my dream was that it involved Sesshomaru. Some person (I think it was a girl, probably a human, but I couldn't recall what they actually looked like) was helping the Western lands. It sort of seemed like a video game at one point; there were like these different outfits/difficulty levels or something. The person got sent into the future (not sure how far) from Sesshomaru's era to help save the day. There was some kind of being that was similar to Bokuseno, but I don't think it was actually him (it looked kind of like him, as it was a tree being, but it had a different vibe/didn't look identical). I couldn't recall what this tree being/yokai told the person/girl, but it seemed sick/dying. It's branches were bare. There was something about needing to save the tree being in order to help save something else--by saving those two things/beings the Western lands would be saved from the looming disaster (it seemed like if the disaster wasn't stopped, then the Western lands wouldn't have a future). That's all I could remember from the dream, but I knew much more happened.

I didn't remember everything from my dream when I woke up on Tuesday morning, but I know in one part Corliss was with me, and we were happily traveling. I couldn't remember where or anything more specific, but traveling felt like a big component of it. I also remembered that there was some kind of class taking place in another part of the dream. It seemed like there was an older lady that was teacher that knew magic. There was this snake-like being (he seemed pretty innocent and sweet); the teacher had caught him in some sort of spell. He tried to get her to stop, thinking that she didn't realize that she was choking him. She apparently knew, and that was the final straw; he ended up taking them both out with a freezing spell I think. I feel like that part of the dream was inspired by Adventure Time since Corliss had me watch an episode with her before bed (it was one with a dinosaur-like being named Gunther that was acting as apprentice to some magician guy named Evergreen I think). I couldn't recall anything else about the dream, though.

My dream from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was fairly hazy. At one point in the dream I was with Corliss. We might have been traveling, hanging out, or cooking food, but I couldn't remember what we were specifically doing. I remembered the last part of the dream more; I had been babysitting the boys. The younger of the two had gotten back from hanging out with his friends; I don't remember what activity he and his friends had participated in, but he had had so much fun and was gushing about the experience. I hung out with the boys for awhile before their mom came home. I think we were supposed to hang out in the basement for awhile because someone came over (like their cleaners or something). When she got back, she went to go get money to pay me (which I thought was a bit strange because she wanted me back the next day, and usually when that happens they pay me at the end of the week). She came downstairs with a wad of money and began counting out the bills to pay me. I forgot the exact number she counted to (it was either 270 or 370), but she realized she was a bit short on the cash she wanted to pay me with (probably because she had given some to the younger brother to use when he was hanging out with his friends). She told me she would pay me the rest the following day since I'd be back. That's all I could remember from the dream.

I was kind of out of it when I woke up on Thursday morning. I didn't remember much from my dream even though I knew a lot happened. What I could remember involved me hanging out with Corliss. We were walking around some neighborhood, and the trees/plant life were gorgeous. I couldn't recall why we were walking. We ended up stumbling upon what seemed to be like a staff lounge (I feel like it was a teacher's lounge, but there was no school around). It had some nice appliances and refrigerator. A lot of clean, stainless steel. I feel like we walked up to the lounge area to check it out. I'm not sure what caused it, but a bunch of oven mitts started flying out from some kind of storage container on top of the fridge. There were at least 30 of them. It made me kind of anxious because it was almost like we caused it, and I didn't want to leave a mess. I asked Corliss to help me put them away. We ended up walking a bit further and found another staff lounge type area. This one had two pools; the water was absolutely stunning. Corliss and I were in love, and I remember making a comment about hoping they were salt water pools. I feel like someone came up to us to talk with us, but I don't remember what was said. More happened, but the details are hazy. It turned out to belong to the Greek gods, though, and multiple showed up (Zeus and Hades were definitely there, but I couldn't recall any others for certain). It was a peculiar yet interesting dream. More definitely happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

I was definitely out of it Friday morning and almost fell back asleep. A lot happened in my dream, but all that I could remember from it was the part where I was out of town and hanging out with the boys I babysit. I think we were in Colorado, potentially visiting my relatives there. We had been in the car, and we were going to park. We ended up parking next to my aunt in her car (although it was not one that lives in Colorado). The car started acting strange. It started moving on its own/in the opposite of the gear; the car would be in park or drive and would start reversing (even if I didn't have my foot on the accelerator). The boys ended up calling my aunt on the phone to get assistance I think. My aunt didn't understand their message and left one of her own, saying something about being confused and hearing something about the ground. It was proving rather difficult to park in the space since the car get moving backwards. Eventually, I think we managed to park and then go inside a building, but the rest of the dream was hazy, so I couldn't remember anything else.

I woke up out of it on Saturday morning, too, feeling half asleep and still tired. I didn't remember much from my dreams, but I knew whatever happened in the dream realm was important. I did recall something about being in some large building that seemed sort of like a church or of religious origins. There were sooooo many people there, and it felt like those that acted as leaders of the building/church were manipulating and controlling people. They tried to get people to blindly follow and practice the beliefs. I was there, but I didn't agree with it. I ended up wandering around rather than doing whatever it was they wanted me to do. I ended up looking to see what each different area was doing because it seemed almost as if there were different stations. The leaders were pressuring others to teach guests the belief system/teachings, but a lot of people didn't even know what they were supposed to be teaching, so they more or less faked it. I think I ended up leaving, not wanting any part of it. There were some kind of portals involved. I know more happened in my dream, but I couldn't remember anything else upon waking.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't remember everything from my dream, but it felt like a lot happened. The part I could recall involved a My Hero Academia theme. There was some kind of hero school gathering/get together. It sort of seemed like a competition, but the specifics were kind of hazy upon waking up. Some student from another school was rather intense and more or less challenged Midoriya. Shoto and Mina were with Midoriya (it sort of seemed like they were a team--maybe it was for the competition the following day?). The guy from the other school was very insistent and kind of drug Midoriya off to an isolated room (I think it was referred to the Mewtwo room). Apparently, they were supposed to summon spirits or beings to battle to show off their strength or something. It was supposed to take place with teachers around the following day in case it got out of hand, but the guy didn't seem to care--he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. Midoriya was trying to keep the peace and reason with him, but he refused to listen. It was escalating rather quickly, so Midoriya decided to do the summoning (the other kid seemed like he was ready to explode). I don't know if it was due to the room they were in, Midoriya's One for All powers, or what, but the being he ended up summoning was crazy strong. Things went downhill fast, and the four of them (Midoriya, Shoto, Mina, and the other guy) couldn't stop the summoned spirit/being. It ended up destroying a lot of the room and escaping. Midoriya raced after it to stop it; I think the other guy was stunned speechless. I think it was with the teacher's help that they were able to actually stop the summoned one, and they were none too happy that the students summoned early on their own. The group was in trouble. All Might was lecturing them, chiding them ("What were you thinking?!"). I feel like more happened, but that's all I could remember.

It was a fun week of babysitting! The boys enjoyed discussing anime with me. They wanted to know what I would be for Halloween, and I told them that I hadn't decided yet; they said I should pick a character from InuYasha since Corliss and I have cosplayed as Bleach characters (Yoruichi and Rukia). They decided Corliss should be Miroku. They pondered who I should be. First they said Sango, then Kagome, then Rin, and they settled on Sesshomaru since I love him so much (I told Corliss after I got off work, and she wants to make it a reality--gender bending cosplay for us lol); when we told April about it, she said she wants to be Naraku. We discussed different games and gaming systems I had growing up. When their dad got back from his business trip on Friday, he asked me how many hours I got for the week. I started to reply, "Thirteen--" and he jokingly added, "Thousand?!" I decided to roll with it, remarking, "Well, sure, let's go with that. Thirteen thousand hours. Or thirteen thousand dollars. Whichever you prefer." He laughed and said that he'd pay me that much if he had it and how he had told the boys if he won the lottery he would go on a permanent vacation; the boys didn't grasp the concept at first, but after some serious, deep thought, they loved the idea and wanted a permanent vacation, too. I'm down for vacation, permanent or otherwise (lol).

There was another kind of emotional breakdown this week; one of the boys got in trouble for their behavior in class. He told me it was a joke; I talked to him about keeping in mind that people have different senses of humor and that there's a time and a place for jokes. He said that he did it because he was frustrated because the class was confusing. I asked him if he let his teacher know that he was confused or asked her for help. He told me that he hadn't. I pointed out that he should advocate for himself, speaking up and asking for help, so that his teacher knows that he was confused and struggling, otherwise they won't be able to provide the assistance he needs because teachers aren't mind readers. He seemed to take my advice to heart, and he calmed down after our talk.

The kids seemed pretty emotional at before care. One of the boys kept flipping out because "no one wanted to play with him." The thing was that he wanted to play a very specific kind of game, and the others didn't feel like playing the game at that point. They were willing to play with him, just something other than the one thing he wanted to. I tried to think of other games they could play together, so hopefully everyone would have fun, but he refused to play anything else. Then he would blow up because "he had nothing to do because no one would play with him." We tried to get him to take a break so he could calm down, but he seemed fixated on it, which ended up working him up further. He calmed a bit down when it was time for class, but he was still incredibly frustrated. He has strong tendencies for controlling. It causes some friction. Another little girl started having a breakdown because she couldn't find her mask when we were going back inside from the playground. Apparently, it was her father's favorite mask, and it was the end of the world for her. I told her that she had it outside, that I had seen her with it, but she sobbed that it was gone and that it wasn't outside. I calmly walked her outside, doing a loop on the playground so we could search for the mask. She started saying that another girl took it (which made no sense to me). I did my best to calm her down and soothe her frazzled emotions; we ended up finding the mask on the swings. She was still emotional about the experience, so I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to class. She did, so I walked her to class, discussing what she does in school, what she's done with her friends, etc. That seemed to do the trick, and she was all happy and smiles by the time I dropped her off at her classroom. Has anyone else experienced similar emotional outbursts this week?

Despite the few emotional outbursts, before care still was plenty of fun this week. The kids decided to make potions using the marbles so that they'd have a way to turn my coworker into a monkey. I discussed interests with some of the kids. One boy told me that he loves coffee but only his mom's super sweet coffee, not his dad's black coffee. A little girl told me she was going to be Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas because it's her favorite movie (the boys I babysit were excited to hear that because they love the movie, too). She says her mom will be Oogie Boogie for Halloween, too. One of the other girls brought in a new sticker puzzle book for us to work on with her, and it was The Nightmare Before Christmas, too. The kids are still obsessed with the marbles; they are still using the marbles for a variety of games and pretend play (the marbles holding super powers is still one of their favorites). We also had a new child join before care this week since her mom started working for the school; funnily enough, her mom is a fellow Jessica, and she thought it was the greatest thing. They both seem really sweet. The kiddos had me play hangman with them this week; they were super enthusiastic about it. They picked some random things for hangman (fish, boots, "boat" spelled like "bout," etc.). It was pretty fun. One of the little girls decided to get out the toys and have the My Little Ponies have a ball. It was apparently for Princess Celestia's birthday, and the other ponies had to go to the store to get ready and get presents for her. It was interesting. She decided that I would play with a car, helicopter (which received a "garage" for it), and these two Barbies. The Barbies were, apparently, sisters: one a fashion designer that also teaches dance and the other was a gymnast. She had quite interesting stories for everything. The sky was also interesting when we'd go outside to play on the playground; some days had bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds while others were super misty/foggy and overcast.

Corliss and I chilled with Tsuki a lot this week. We treated it a lot like a staycation even though we both had things to do (I had my part time jobs, and she had various appointments/interviews). It was a lot of fun and relaxing, though. We enjoyed hanging out, eating great food, and watching some shows. We got some pretzels to celebrate our friendship and her recent interview; they were so delicious! We did some cooking experiments, which overall, turned out rather well. We had a bunch of veggies (red and green peppers, onions, squash) with some stir fry noodles, and we tried cooking some mushrooms. Corliss was following an online recipe, but we know to change it up for next time. The way the recipe had us make it caused the mushrooms to be too thick; we'd slice them to resemble chips more so they could be crispier and less squishy. Otherwise, everything was perfect. When we had been shopping for dinner ingredients, I found more mint Pocky after not being able to find it for the longest, and there was an abundance of it. It was a little mind boggling, but I'm excited! We also tried the new seasonal specials at Andy's: pumpkin pie and apple pie--they were incredibly delicious! We want to go back before they go out of season. It had been a beautiful day, and we had walked around the area while we ate our pie custards. We found that a new cat café would be coming to the area, and we're excited! We couldn't get over the fact that not too long ago we wouldn't have been able to do so because we both had been super busy with work until recently. We love being able to work in our respective areas and have financial income, but our former jobs were so restrictive and often caused conflicting schedules so we wouldn't be able to see each other often. Having part time jobs is rather freeing, and we loved being able to hang out with each other so much this week. We even took April's mom to Trader Joe's to see if there was any fun, new foods, and we had a lot of fun--April's mom has been lonely since April's still on vacation, and she joked that we were on a secret mission. We got a bunch of pumpkin flavored goodies: pretzels, cookies, whipped cream, pie, ice cream, cinnamon rolls. They were all so delicious! Fall's the best. We had fun at the park, too; the weather was so beautiful! It was a fun staycation. I ended up using my full tank of gas this week, but the numbers of it all--the universe seems to approve my recent perspectives, providing $22.22 at 3:45 pm. There are no accidents or coincidences, so thanks for the confirmation universe!

Tsuki was a nut like usual. She loves hanging out in the decorative pumpkin; I've found her sleeping inside of the pumpkin so many times this weekend. She snuggled with my foot. She waited for me at the window, which was super cute; she kept pawing at the window, wanting to get to me. I also found Tsuki curled up in the sink when I went to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. She's such a nutty kitten, but she's so loveable and adorable.

My goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9 got delayed for delivery, but my new Sesshomaru Nendoroid finally arrived! I'm so excited! It was supposed to arrive in August, but I'm so grateful it's here now! Ahhhhhh~ Sesshomaru!

Here are the paintings for the week:

I read, wrote, and watched more anime this week. Fanfic for this week included: That's My Girl!, Only a Kiss, and Ever the Lotus. For writing this week I created a pair of short stories that revealed the two different perspectives of Serena and Karissa. I was inspired by this online story generator; I had thought that it would give me a story prompt, but it generated a whole story. The story that was generated... was pretty insane and absurd. There was a gem hidden within it, but it could not stay as is (I shared the generated story with Corliss, and she got super confused by it, not reading my note that it was auto-generated). The story had rather humorous elements to it, though, so I figured it'd work well as some sort of dream sequence. Karissa and Serena had very different opinions on the matter, which I find humorous. If you want to read Karissa's viewpoint, read Sweet Dreams (Karissa), and if you want to see Serena's, read Sweet Dreams (Serena). As always, feel free to share your thoughts so I can grow as a writer and feel free to share story prompts for future short stories--I'm always open to them!

The new episodes of Demon Slayer look like they're going to be pretty awesome based off this trailer:

I watched The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light this week, and it was pretty interesting. The main antagonist was as I predicted, but it was still an enjoyable experience. I want to see the other kids of the next generation of the 7 sins; it was cool how we got to see Tristan at the end of the 5th season, but the other kids were just alluded to. I was excited that Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle is finally released! The kids I babysit and I have been waiting to watch it for so long! It made me cry; it delved into deep concepts/themes and felt pretty relevant to the times. It was beautiful. I highly recommend seeing it; I know I would have no problems watching it again--thankfully, it's on Netflix, so it's easy to do so. I also watched the new episode of YashaHime's season 2 this week, and I loved it! Setsuna's back--hooray! Plus, there's proof that Sesshomaru cares for his daughters; while he may not show it in traditional means, I always knew it. He would put those under his protection first, even if that means he has to stay away. I mean, Rin was targeted by Zero due to her connection with Sesshomaru, so I have no doubt that his vast intellect would recognize that his daughters would be targeted, too. If it seemed like he didn't care, i.e. they weren't close to him, then they wouldn't have the same target on their backs. If they traveled with him and whatnot, those that have grievances with him or what to do him harm would do so through his girls--they would be seen as his "weakness." Honestly, I think he would have preferred to have a larger part in their lives, but he would put them first--if it would do them more harm, then I can definitely see him staying away for their good. I look forward to the rest of season 2; if episode 1 is anything to go by, it's going to be amazing!

It's been a fun and busy week; I look forward to more experiences like our staycation. It was super relaxing. I'm down for traveling, too, and I know Corliss would have no qualms about it. Prioritizing fun, listening to the heart, and doing what you enjoy feels incredibly relevant right now. It feels more important now than ever to do so. Corliss and I came to many realizations this week, and I look forward to our continued growth! Take care of yourselves and be gentle with yourself and others. We're all doing our best right now, and sometimes our path gets super tricky to navigate. Sometimes we'll stumble, get a bit lost, and confused. We'll always find our way, though. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Some food for thought for the week:

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