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Happy New Moon in Leo and Lion's Gate!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's hard to believe we're already starting a new lunar cycle. It's also a little mind-boggling to think that the new moon in Leo landed on the same day as Lion's Gate. Some may write it off as coincidence, but there are no coincidences in this universe. The universe loves synchronicity. Has anyone experienced anything odd with this New Moon in Leo? I've struggled some with sleeping lately, but I don't think anything too crazy has happened (at least I haven't personally noticed anything super crazy--aside from Tsuki getting all hyped up and practically bouncing off the walls and the fact that a lot of anime characters have shown up in my dreams lately. Go figure). Here's some information about this New Moon/Lion's Gate if you're interested:

I don’t remember too much from my dream, but I know it involved That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime and talking about puppies. I think the part with puppies happened first. I think my parents and sisters were at a hockey game. It might have been out of town (I might have been out of town, too, but I didn’t go to the game). One of my dad’s coworkers was around. She was asking if I knew about Dan (another one of their coworkers) and his puppy. I was all, “Actually, there’s quite a story behind that,” and told her all about how he came about the puppy (my brother had brought the puppy out from Springfield because out of the 10 puppies his roommate’s dog and the roommate’s uncle’s dog had, no one had wanted it—the roommate dubbed the puppy “Uno” and proceeded to ignore it, which broke my brother’s heart). She was quite saddened by the story and was surprised that the roommate’s dog was so destructive (he’s literally torn through the bottom of the roommate’s bedroom door). We talked about how Dan had named the puppy Spencer but gave him the nickname of “Grab-and-Go” because the puppy will snatch Dan’s stuff and run off with it. It was pretty easy to talk with my dad’s coworker in the dream; she always seemed nice. I think a TV was on at some point because I noticed that the hockey game’s score was 8 to 8 nearing the end of the 3rd period. I think that the team my family was cheering for ended up losing at the last possible second. It didn’t really affect me (I wasn’t invested in the game).

The next thing I remember is Rimuru from That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime was talking with Veldora (the Storm Dragon) outside of the cave. Rimuru had set Veldora free. As soon as he did, Rimuru started stressing out because he realized other people would freak out (Veldora is super strong and other people would feel his massive energy as soon as he was free). Rimuru and Veldora did some quick thinking to rectify the situation and not cause panic; they ended up turning him human/giving him a humanoid form. When a group of people came running up to the cave entrance, panicked because they had felt Veldora, Rimuru and Veldora played it off nonchalantly like they saw Veldora the dragon flying in the sky far off in the distance. I’m not sure if the whole group believed them or not. Most of the group left (probably to go look for Veldora the dragon I guess) with one young guy left behind. The guy was fairly short, and he didn’t believe their story at all, calling them out on it and saying, “I know you’re actually Veldora.” Rimuru and Veldora didn’t seem upset at all by someone knowing the truth. I’m not really sure who the guy was. He seemed pretty proud, though, and acted like he could do everything by himself (i.e. he tried lifting this big heavy object that sort of seemed like a palanquin thing, but it was obvious that you would need at least two people to lift it—he insisted he could do it by himself). I don’t remember anything else from my dream, but I’m pretty sure more happened.

I didn't remember much from my dream when I woke up Tuesday morning, but it involved InuYasha characters. I remember Kikyo was in it for sure. She was a vampire (kind of makes sense as she was brought back as the living undead in the story of InuYasha). She didn't seem mean in the dream. She didn't drink any blood or anything in my dream. She was just there as a vampire for whatever reason. That's all I remembered from the dream.

The specifics of my dream were hazy when I woke up on Wednesday morning, and the dream was kind of all over the place. I remembered my sister brought up to me three small orca plushies. I know one was pink, and one was blue. The other was either black, yellow, or purple--I can't place my finger on it (the plushies resembled the orca plush we had as kids growing up that our first cat, Rascal, really enjoyed playing with). My sister was going on about how Tsuki really enjoyed playing with the blue one, and I noticed a few areas on the plush that were matted down (like she had repeatedly licked, played, and loved on those areas the most). I felt like more happened in this part of the dream, but that's all I could recall.

I think the next part involved my uncle that passed away last year. I think he started off at Target. The area of the store he was at was strange. There was only one register to check out with. The staff might have been struggling with the system for some reason. The main thing I remember is him going on about a short story he wrote. I think he titled something about "48 hours." It was a story about two days involving his two youngest sisters (he was the oddest of eight and had five younger sisters). I can't remember anything else about the story or this part of the dream, but I feel it was important.

The other part I could recall from the dream is that I was babysitting one of the boys. Their dad was off somewhere, and the other brother was off doing something with his mom. We hung out, chatting and playing games. It was getting late, and he didn't want to go to bed. He went up to his room, but when I went to check, he was never asleep; he was always something else. I think it was after 11 pm in the dream when I finally managed to get him to go to sleep. When his brother and mom got home, his brother was miffed that he hadn't gone to sleep when he was supposed to, convinced that his brother had been trying to stay up to see them when they got back and grumbling that he should have known better. I knew A LOT more happened in the dream, but I couldn't remember anymore from it.

I didn't remember much when I woke up Thursday morning from my dream. It felt like a lot happened, but the main thing I remembered is that it involved this location that was similar to some kind of monster dungeon in some RPG game. Other than that, I couldn't really pin down any details.

I woke up on Friday morning with the knowing that a lot happened in my dream, although I didn't remember everything. The first thing involved characters from Bleach. Ichigo was involved somehow (maybe he was relaying the story?). Karin had found a pair of wolves in the city. I think other people didn’t believe that there were wolves, writing it off as impossible (maybe not revealing themselves to other people). I think she ended up searching to find them again. The wolves were really important, but I didn't remember why/what importance they held. One was black, and I think the other was gray. That’s all I remembered from this part of the dream.

The next thing I remembered we were in the car with one of my friend and another friend’s mom; she was driving. My other friend came walking up to the car, knocking on the window. I was the only one that noticed. My other friend was trying to get her backpack that was left in the car. The door was locked, so she couldn’t get it. I let everyone else know, and her mom rolled down the window so the friend could grab it. After she grabbed it, her mom proceeded to drive off without waiting to hear anything from her. I was shocked. It was beginning to rain, and now my friend (the mom's daughter) had to walk home in the rain. I asked why she didn’t say anything to her daughter/my friend, see if she needed a ride, or anything along those lines. It seemed strange to drive off without a word. Her mom announced that it was because “I” had told her not to talk to her much so they wouldn’t struggle with communication. I was stunned. It made no sense to completely ignore her; her mom hadn’t wanted her daughter to get mad at her, and I didn’t see how completely ignoring her and forcing her to walk in the rain wouldn’t upset her. I tried to gently point this out to her, and she started bawling, wailing that she didn’t know what to do. My one friend and I tried our best to calm her down and let her know that there’s nothing wrong with having emotions and that too often society has us conditioned to bury everything deep down, pretending that everything is absolutely perfect when we feel anything but. She kept looking over her shoulder to look at my friend rather than looking at the road—she was still driving. It was nerve-wracking since she almost hit other drivers multiple times. My friend ended up using her hands to make sure she was at least facing the road (but she couldn’t force her to actually look at it). I’m not sure why, but she seemed to refuse to pull over the car for the conversation and insisted on continuing to drive. We were sort of in this canyon/wilderness area, and there was this river nearby. It started flooding. The river water was rapidly rising. We barely made it across certain sections before the water completely overtook it. It got rather intense.

I think more happened, but the next thing I remembered happening involved Seto Kaiba and Mokuba. We might have been discussing their backstory. I remembered explaining how as a young child Seto ended up cornering their (later) adoptive father using his intellect and cunning, ensuring that they were both adopted. Something about Mokuba came up. I’m not sure why, but I remember hearing/saying something along the lines of Mokuba not being Seto’s true brother, that he was taken from like a servant by Seto’s parents because they wanted another child but couldn’t/wouldn’t have their own. I’m not really sure. It’s kind of fuzzy now. There was something to do with “blood” like… a “blood servant” maybe? It was really strange, and I can’t for the life of me understand what it was supposed to mean.

In my dream from Friday night/Saturday morning I was at some kind of mall or outdoor shopping center I think. I passed by these dining/areas to chill/meet up with friends. They were pretty elaborate. There was great attention to detail, lots of décor that pulled the space all together. There were a lot of areas to sit around large tables. They had definite Asian inspiration. It was pretty cool. There was some kind of new ice cream store (I can't remember what it was called), and I overheard an employee tell another customer that if they used the app on their phone, they could get free ice cream. I was curious and checked it out. The app had their menu, and it revealed a lot of unique flavors. They also had chocolate. What I found most surprising was the fact that they had two different InuYasha CDs/soundtracks for sale. I don't remember if I actually got anything or not (I know I was quite tempted to get the InuYasha music).

The next thing I remembered was that I was babysitting. Either the boys had a new home, or they were over at a friend's home. The details are kind of hazy. The older of the two was supposed to be getting ready for something (maybe to leave, maybe for bed). He had disappeared for quite some time, so I went to check on him. Turns out he got distracted and started watching a video/playing some game. That's all I remember from the dream.

I struggled sleeping last night. I was tired and wanting to sleep, but sleep evaded me. My legs felt extra achy, and that was part of the reason I struggled sleeping (I couldn’t get comfortable). When I did manage to fall asleep, I didn’t remain asleep—I kept waking up. What I do remember from my dream involved being at high school. I was attending the school, but I don’t know if I was actually high school aged. I remember being somewhat confused by my schedule. I got a text from some of the parents I babysit for, asking if I would be able to babysit after school got out. I confirmed that I would be able to, and they were super excited. I remember going back and forth between two different lockers that I had for whatever reason. They weren’t close together, so there was a lot of traveling through the halls. The one locker was kind of banged up in the left corner (not sure why). I remember gathering a lot of items from the lockers, including this massive blue gown that was wrapped in plastic. I have no idea why I had this gown (it looked rather pretty, though). I remember school concluded and that I was going to go babysit. First, I planned on picking up crafty stuff and some of my Pokemon games from home since the kids love them so much. I ended up waking up around this point.

I remember I was somewhere like an airport waiting for some kind of luggage (I’m not sure if it was a suitcase or backpack or what). Somehow, I realized that someone else had taken my stuff (how I knew, I couldn’t tell you). I noticed that there was a kid’s backpack. Somehow, I knew that it was this kid who took my things. I grabbed the backpack, noticing how this kid was supposed to go to the Toucan class (it was on the nametag, but I can’t recall his name; I think it was a Spanish name, though). I ended up back at the preschool. I found the boy and offered to trade; he was sheepish when he realized that he didn’t have the right stuff (our stuff didn’t even look similar). I ended up taking him to class. My former coworker/co-teacher was there, instructing a large class of preschoolers. She had to leave to get something and decided to leave me in charge. I was a bit thrown, since I didn’t know these kids or what they were even supposed to be doing. She just kind of threw me “into the fire,” unworried. I don’t think anything particularly bad happened, but there was some interactive online activity they were supposed to do. I couldn’t figure out where it was/what the point of it was. The director ended up coming by. The co-teacher came back. She had me take a small group of kids out in front of the classroom entry way to use various rulers on the floor to measure a variety of objects. The boy that had my stuff before wasn’t using a ruler, so I suggested he get one. He was trying to measure things using a “ladder” made out of toy sticks (kind of like Lincoln Logs—it wasn’t sturdy or actually fixed together; the sticks were just placed next to one another). The director said that the “ladder” was close enough to measure with even though the “rungs” of the “ladder” varied in size and weren’t the same size as an inch. It confused the heck out of me, but as I was just a visitor (I had just came to exchange belongings), I decided not to worry about it. I ended up waking up again.

The last thing I remember was being at some kind of park. I don’t know why I was there. I don’t know what was happening. There was a pair of individuals just hanging out. There was like a small awning they were sitting under. They made a comment on how it was the perfect time of day because the awning completely shaded them from the hot sun. I feel like more happened, but that’s all I can remember from this part and the rest of the dream(s).

Corliss and I discussed dreams today (8/8 Lion's Gate/New Moon). I also told her that I have a present for her, which she replied, "I dreamed of giving you a present, so that makes me extra happy. It feels like new year is happening." She informed me that a lot happened in her most recent dream. She was after someone who robbed a house. She thought the house was haunted, having old, museum quality things in it. Some torturous, like foot shackles that had to be uplifted to be taken because they were bolted to the kitchen floor and other things. There was a cat and a dog. She had seen the sweet and docile dog in other dreams, but she was surprised to find an old and fluffy Keira (one of April's cats) with the dog, coming up to her for pets. When she touched him, she was radioed to April. April asked her how the rescue mission was going; speaking to April was how Corliss noticed she was underwater. Instead of speech she opted to text her. They spoke in numbers... She told April what they took, and April instructed Corliss how to capture the thieves. Corliss informed April that she couldn't for whatever reason, and then that's when Corliss felt weakness and uncontrollable vibration in this world and there in the dream world. She couldn't stand and knew she had to get out of the house; she thought the spirits that roamed were upset and/or sad. They cried for freedom and were troubled because Corliss couldn't help. The weight was upon her, shaking her very physically. Corliss crawled out of the house with all her strength; while leaving, she saw the pick up truck leaving. Corliss video chatted April, who was in a diner (meeting perhaps) and showed her. Things escalated quickly; Corliss told April what was happening to her. April could see her weakened form. As she left out of the ocean, shaking and quaking uncontrollably, Corliss saw a moonless night and an orange sky covered in overcast. And energy warped to her. When she got to the top of the many cliffs April appeared, in inhuman speed, wearing large black rain boots, which was in contrast to her dinner attire. She spoke, and it wasn't English. They glowed, but the trembling somehow got worse. That's when Corliss woke up, not all the way, and the great trembling was felt until she was in full wakefulness. The feeling too real to not be true--her body was tingling, only slightly upon full wakefulness. We were discussing this at 11:11. At 11:11, Corliss started wondering about the glowing and then recalled how she was gifting me in the dream and how I said I had a present for her. She remarked, "That dream was magical. It was the day after I was upset and very reassuring. I was with my mom (my favorite dreams) and we pulled over to look at the stars. We were on a church parking lot that I know of. The stars were like how you see in books or movies!!! Magnificent! Then other things happened... It's how your gift came. I'm being guided to tell you that part in person, though." Seems like a lots been happening in the dream realm lately. I can't say I know exactly what I'm supposed to understand from the dreams, but it is interesting. Has anyone else had interesting dreams lately?

It was really interesting driving to work this week. The sun was still fairly low in the sky since I have to be at the boys' house kind of early since their parents leave for work. It was pretty peculiar. The sun was super interesting as it kept growing brighter and brighter. There was the normal disk of the sun that grew brighter but also the outer glow that kept expanding with it. As I got close to their house, the glow kind of turned into a "twinkle" (two rays/points of light appeared, kind of like it was a shish kabob of light). Can't say I've ever witnessed anything quite like it before. Has anyone else witnessed something like this?

Along those lines, my skin seemed extra shimmery this week. I was hanging out in the sun and noticed that it was glistening as if glitter was on it. I've seen a few random specks of "glitter" on my skin before (I use quotation marks because that's what it looks like, but no one in my household actually uses glitter--not that we have a problem with it. We just don't feel compelled to use it), but it's never been like that before. I took a few pictures, but it really doesn't do the phenomenon justice. It was much brighter and noticeable in person. At least you can kind of tell what was happening in the photos, though. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

We had fun this week with babysitting. The boys were excited to discuss various games (like Pokemon Unite and Terraria). One of the boys spent most of the day at camp, which he thought was mostly fun (he was not keen on the "field games" they had the campers play on Monday. Otherwise, he thought the camp was fine. Pearl was happy to have me, using me as a pillow often. We ended up discussing various topics (the older of the two kept bring up InuYasha and started watching "InuYasha Best/Funniest Moments" videos with absolutely no prompting from me, which I thought was hilarious). We ended up checking out our Animal Crossing islands (they convinced me to buy the game last year while I helped with tutoring and babysitting); I had forgotten they had encouraged me to create the "Long Long Man bunny" (from the Long Long Man commercial for gummies) as my island flag and that I had created a Sesshomaru outfit. It was a pleasant surprise. The boys decided that I needed to change my island tune to InuYasha, so I did. It sounds rather nice, and they were excited about it. The boys decided that they'd make their own InuYasha themed outfits (they started with creating InuYasha so we could "fight" but said they wanted to create Jaken next so they could follow me around on my island LOL). I love moments like these; it's freaking great (and hilarious).

Tsuki has her periods of being docile lap cat and hyperactive, destructive cat that gets into anything and everything. It's almost like a Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde kind of scenario. She's super adorable, though, and oh-so squeaky when it comes to her meows. The goof loves to climb up and hang out on people's shoulders; she decided to climb up on my head this week but started freaking out because she didn't know how to get down. She's so silly. She also had a play date with my aunt's kitten, Mandy, this week. They were a bit wary of each other, but they seem like they would be good friends if they had repeated exposure to one another (seemed like they were trying to get a read on one another this afternoon).

Last week at the cat café, one of my coworkers showed me this new book she was reading. It was The Power Wish, and it looked pretty neat. I thought about buying it, but I didn't feel like going to the store to buy it (or look for it online yet). The next day my mom was complaining about needing to spend more money at Target to get whatever she wanted to ship but that she didn't want anything else. I informed her that I was thinking of getting The Power Wish. My mom ended up getting the book for me, and it was the exact amount she needed to get her order to ship. The universe works in wonderful synchronicity.

Speaking of the cat café, the universe has an interesting sense of humor. I went to help out at the café today since one of the owners (the wife) asked me to. Apparently, my phone didn't bother to let me know that the other owner (the husband) had left me voice mails. Since he hadn't gotten ahold of me, they got other help today. I helped set up and do all the prep work to open the café for the day since I was already there and their additional help wasn't there yet, but it kind of felt like the universe was pulling a joke on me. Not in a mean-spirited sort of way, but to have a laugh. I wasn't upset about it, going with the flow, but it makes me wonder what takeaway I was supposed to receive from the experience. Maybe I'm overthinking things. Oh well, it's in the past, and I'm going to focus on the present now.

I got more goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9. I'm so excited! Adam, the owner of Spiritual Supermall, packed me a special surprise! He gave me a set of orgonite hearts for free. I love Spiritual Supermall; they give out freebies rather regularly (at least, I receive them, but that could be due to me being a long-term, returning customer). They accidentally forgot to pack the pendant that I ordered, but Adam apologized and assured me that he would sent it to me asap. I wasn't upset (I had thought maybe they had accidentally run out of the pendants so they sent the hearts as a replacement). They're some really cool people!

Here are my paintings for this week; let me know if you have any suggestions for future projects. I plan on experimenting with Ebru (Turkish marbling) art soon.

I did more reading this week. I also caught up on watching My Hero Academia. Fanfic for this weeks includes: I Won't Say I'm in Love, Hope After All, Rest of You, Auto-Incorrect, Dating for Dummies, Decoding Emoticons, Home Wrecker, Miss Diagnosed, Of Swords and Dog Demons, A Miko and her 'Mon, Waiting, Correctness, An Instance of Injury and Friendship, What Makes an Angel, A Bad Day, Finding Balance, A Bad Day: A Better Day, Situation: Normal: All Screwed Up, Alternative Meeting, Mating Marks, Trapped Together, Spirit in the Stone, Early Intervention, Eyes Wide Open, and Parallels. Corliss and I also spent more time writing short stories. We created pieces for more challenges, including the Golden Summer/Marigold and Raging Bull challenges. My story for the Golden Summer/Marigold challenge was Surprise Hidden Amongst the Flowers. Corliss's short story was Miracles in Summer. We plan to have an editing session/story discussion tomorrow. Including the remaining four challengers, I have ten short stories in the works currently. I have several other ideas floating around my head for other stories, too. Let me know if you have any prompt suggestions for new stories; I'd love to hear them! Creative writing is a lot of fun, and I'd love to read some of your stories, too! The specific method you choose to be creative in isn't what's most important. It can be writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, gardening, cooking, knitting--the possibilities are endless. Stay creative and have fun. Life's too short to spend it bored and listless. Find that spark of passion, joy, and love, and nurture it. Allow it to thrive and grow. Life's so much for enjoyable that way. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone, and take care of yourselves. You're each precious and irreplaceable~

Here's some food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for this week:

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