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Happy New Moon in Leo!

I hope everyone is doing well and that the energies have been treating you kindly. It's been intense over here; the lethargic energy is strong, and my friends and I have been feeling extremely drained. Wednesday afternoon we were hanging out at a park, feeling pretty good, and then when we left, it was as if the energy was literally sapped from us. My one friend remarked that she felt like she was being energetically gnawed on. It was surreal how quickly it all happened, but after praying to the angels, we started getting our energy back. We've struggled with sleeping, too, getting woken up repeatedly. It's been rough, and it makes it challenging to find the motivation to do much of anything. Tsuki's been sleeping a lot more than usual, too. The heat wave at the end of the week didn't help matters, either. Some of this could have been due to the recent new moon energies, but part of it definitely feels like energetic attacks. If you want to learn more about the recent new moon in Leo, feel free to check out the videos below.

My dream recall was a bit fuzzy when I woke up Monday morning. There was something about talking with my aunt Tiffany, working on craft projects as gifts for family members with soldering or something, and a storm. There was something else about meeting up with my friends and traveling down this side street in this valley-like area. Apparently, they were doing road work and there were some holes/pot holes in the road. As we were going down the road, one of the road construction crew stopped us, telling us that there were crew members working underneath the road pavement and making it sound like we couldn't be on the road. We told him that we didn't know the road was closed because we had seen no signs. Turns out the road wasn't closed; he just wanted us to see because it was "cool." The crew member gave some kind of business card to my brother Adam, having 3 numbers on it and the name Micah. April was agitated by it and crumpled it up. Corliss was discussing some upcoming party with people. There was something about going to like a children's museum and using the elevator. It took us to the lower levels where it was apparently all businesses and corporate. We got bored and headed back to the upper levels. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

Dream recall was a bit hazy when I awoke Tuesday morning. From what I could remember, I was at a park with Corliss and her niece Harper and brother-in-law. There seemed to be some kind of festival going on. I noticed a sign with a Scooby-Doo reference/pun on it. There were a bunch of crystal rocks around. As we were leaving, I noticed these large numbers as signs around. I remember there being 13 and 3 specifically, but there were others, too. Harper said something about 13 should be our number and thanked me for hanging out with her. More probably happened, but that's everything I could recall.

I woke up feeling rather groggy on Wednesday morning. There was something about getting mint chip ice cream and then riding with my parents and siblings to get them ice cream. They pulled up the car to what seemed to be a McDonald's, but the McDonald's seemed to be crossed with the local children's museum. They drove the car up to a second floor drive-thru (that doesn't exist in the physical) to place their order. In a sense, the drive-thru gave off the feel of a car wash, as you pulled inside the building to make your order. Instead of cleaning mechanisms, though, it was some kind of play area. One of my old coworkers was there, watching a group of kids, and she told me I was a good storyteller. Then there was some kind of time travel/dimensional portal shenanigans. Not sure what that was about. The last thing I could remember was there being some kind of large-scale treasure hunt with clues that were sort of like a scavenger hunt on some island. Pokémon ended up showing up, some helping some seeming to thwart people's progress. The whole island seemed to be shaped like a human body, with the last clue being at "the toes," but the final goal being at the head on "the crown." More could have happened, but that's all I could remember once awake.

My dream from Wednesday night/Thursday morning seemed to have a strong school theme. The first thing I could remember was being at a school cafeteria. This one group of kids stole someone else's lunch it seemed, and the staff started making more. The kids tried to bring them the new nachos before they had finished cooking, and they couldn't seem to grasp that they were still cold despite multiple people trying to talk to them and explain things to them. I seemed to be a co-teacher with another teacher, a second-in-command of sorts. The kids really seemed to love me. A few of them only seemed to connect with me, and the struggling students seemed to respect and listen to me. The last part of the dream I could recall involved some kind of choir/singing practice. The group of kids were faking the performance, so I ended up turning it into a game. The kids got really excited and engaged in the game, seeming like a whole new group of kids. More might have happened, too, but I didn't remember any other details.

From what I can remember when I woke up Friday morning, there was something about air hockey in my dream. I also happened to be at a store like Target with April, her mom, Iris, and Corliss. April and Iris were showing us things Iris would like for her birthday later this year. There was something about Iris having a nasty dragon for her other grandma, one that didn't actually care for her or get her presents. Iris came running up to me with this adult-sized blue and green tie dye shirt. It gave off a watery, ocean vibe and featured a print of Lilo and Stitch. Iris said she wanted the shirt for a Build-a-Bear for her birthday. I pointed out that the shirt was rather large, even for people like her mom and me, and that the bear would be swimming in it. It got a bit fuzzy, and then there was something about a café. There was something off about the café. It was pretty popular, but it turned out that they had done something with the food and drinks. They ended up putting people to sleep and transporting them to some game world, but nobody had any idea that they were sleeping and in another world; they were convinced they were still awake. More could have happened, but that's everything I remembered.

I woke up feeling extra tired Saturday morning, but a considerable part of that was likely due continuously waking up and thinking I was late to my sister and her boyfriend's brunch. I never overslept, but it happened at least 5 times. My dream recall was pretty fuzzy, but from what I can remember, my brother and his dog were visiting. I was getting super frustrated because neither of them were listening or respecting my boundaries, and his huge dog kept invading my personal space. There was something else about some group of kids having like an animation competition or something. They were convinced one of the girls was acting like a mastermind behind the scenes and rig it so she could win even though she had already lost. The girl wasn't, though; they didn't even have any proof. The others were just judging her unfairly and all caught up in their hateful biases and misconceptions. Some older guy came in and said he always wanted to be super chicken, animating himself as a chicken for the competition. No one seemed to win the competition. That's all I could remember once awake. My dreams were a complete blur when I woke up this morning; I woke up still fairly sleepy, but it wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday. There was something about being at the local children's museum's art studio, but that's all I could recall.

It was the last full week of summer vacation for the boys, and they had a bit of mixed feelings about it. They were excited to see friends again in school but would miss the time off with summer break. We walked their new schedules, making sure they knew where their classes were, and the boys felt pretty confident about starting the new year. They enjoyed chilling at home, spending time discussing games, anime, and theories, playing with their dogs, watching videos, and playing games. I was glad they could take it easy before going back to school.

Tsuki was her typical self, but she wasn't a big fan of the heat wave that came (or the fact that my brother and his dog showed up this afternoon, resulting in her hiding in the closet). Otherwise, it was more of the same old, same old. She enjoyed plenty of cat naps around the house, birdwatching from her window shelf, snuggling on her chair, snoozing on the couch, playing with her catnip ball toy, and engaging in plenty of antics and shenanigans. Tsuki's such a goof.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week and continued creating YouTube shorts, receiving over 4 million views for the tie dye one! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Be gentle with yourself because things are definitely heating up, both in terms of temperature and energetics. You're doing the best you can, and you're learning and growing along the way. It's okay to not have all the answers. It's okay to fail and make mistakes. It's okay to stumble and fall at times. The most important thing is to show yourself kindness and pick yourself back up. Your timing is your timing, so you don't need to rush. You're doing just find. Breathe. Relax. Make room for joy, love, and laughter. Time is a precious gift, so spend it in a way that creates a life worthwhile. Have a wonderful rest of your week and take care!

Food for thought:

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