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Happy New Moon in Leo

It's hard to believe we're already at the end of July. Time is flying. The startup of school is just around the corner, even though it just feels like we started summer. I hope everyone enjoyed the recent new moon in Leo! The energies were feeling rather intense over here, and I hope it treated you well. If you're interested in learning more about the recent new moon, I've included some videos below.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up on Monday morning. There was something about designing something, but I couldn't remember what when I got up for babysitting in the morning. The unending rain had me dozing back to sleep on Tuesday morning (literally unending as I woke up to a flood warning). My dream recall was rather fuzzy again, too. There was something about my mom wanting to put a border of brick in my brothers' old bedroom closet. No idea why. More happened--it felt like there was some kind of spiritual/energetic event of significance, but specific details were wrapped in a haze, making it impossible to remember when I woke up.

It felt like a lot happened in my dream from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. There were a few specific things I could remember. One was being at some kind of movie theater with my parents, siblings, and one of my aunts. I think we saw a movie, but I mainly remembered exiting the theater. As we exited after the movie, the theater turned into something similar to a mall. Some girls were talking about what their dad always said in order to get things at like a 50% discount (it didn't sound very positive--it sounded like he demeaned other people). My dad pulled up some plan/blueprint for creating some kind of tower, shed, and other little building type things that would go in the backyard and also on our neighbor's property. Not sure what that was about. There was something about someone making commentary about Rukia Kuchiki loving both Kaien and Ichigo, and I think it was some kind of coloring book. There was also something about the mom of the boys I babysit calling me because there was a complication with one of the boys. She had been receiving reports about how well he was doing in camp, but she was very confused because the camp/school was trying to kick him out. She couldn't figure out what was going on and was very worried about it. She asked if I could pick him up early, so she could see if it could be sorted out. More definitely happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking up.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy from Wednesday night/Thursday morning. There was something about creating coloring books and going to a grocery store. Not sure about the specific details, like why or the significance, but that's all I could remember upon waking up. My dream was hazy again when I woke up on Friday morning. There was something about coloring and the boys I babysit. I think they had coloring books. There was something else about an assignment. I couldn't remember any other specific details when I woke up.

A lot happened in my dream from Friday night/Saturday morning, although some of the details were a little fuzzy. The first thing I could remember is being at some kind of social gathering/party. There were people out at a pool. Someone had a bunch of Pokémon cards that people were looking through--they literally had stacks and stacks of them. There was going to be some kind of viewing event of some kind of movie or show. It might have been anime. I went to sit down, and someone sat next to me. I think it was a guy (not sure it who it was). I was unperturbed and curious about what they were going to show. The person decided to sit right next to me, not caring much for personal space. Still, I wasn't concerned. The person then decided to be extra clingy, wrapping us both in a warm blanket and basically enveloping me in a massive hug, so that it was a major struggle to move. It didn't seem mean or anything like that, but I was becoming way too hot in the blanket and with their clinging. I asked them to let me go since I wanted out of the blanket, but they had no intention of releasing me. I struggled my way to freedom and decided to leave the viewing because I got the distinct impression if I stayed it would just happen again. I didn't particularly have an issue of the closeness, but the warmth was unbearable, especially since it was already so warm (which is why other people were at the pool).

There was another part where I think I made some kind of product. At one point I think I was with the boys I babysit. Then there was something about being at school. I was enrolled in some kind of advanced Spanish class with the teacher that had been my Spanish 2 instructor leading it. There was a series of questions on the board that corresponded with some kind of booklet, but the questions weren't particularly straightforward. I was working on one of the problems, which happened to be a math word problem for whatever reason, and the teacher came over and told me that I was doing it wrong. This majorly confused me because I had been doing it right, and I explained my thought process. He told me that normally, that would be what you do, but that we were supposed to do something else because there was some kind of secret component to the question. I couldn't figure out what he was referring to, which was rather frustrating, and he handed me a dictionary, telling me I had to brush up on my Spanish. A lot of the questions were confusing and few were straightforward, having the class jump through all these hoops to figure them out. One was a type of word problem you had to use with this picture/diagram; you had to figure out how much soup (depicted as cans and these blobs in some kind of maze) but also had to figure out how many steps/squares it would take to find it all in the maze. I didn't enjoy it and didn't see the point. The last thing I could remember was something about sharks. This group was diving in the ocean and seemed to actively be wanting to see sharks while not wanting to see them at the same time. Some shark snuck up on them and bit a foot, and someone else in a small boat encountered another. The shark seemed pretty aggressive, like it really wanted to get the person in the boat, yet it wasn't actively biting. If it really wanted to bite, I'm sure it easily could have, but the person was able to push it away repeatedly with some kind of oar. It was unlike any shark I've ever seen; it had this long, massive jaw that was skinnier like a dolphin's but the lower jaw extended way past the top one (it kind of made me think of a narwhal tusk/tooth, although it wasn't nearly that skinny). More probably happened, but that's all I could remember when I woke up.

My dream seemed to be kind of all over the place from Saturday night/this morning. There was something about being near a park/community pool. I seemed to be helping out with a class or camp with kids, probably around age 5. More probably happened, but the next thing I remember is there being this town/community that was near the forest. An individual that seemed to be Sesshomaru (although he had styled his hair to resemble his father, Toga) appeared. He seemed to be giving this girl pointers and advice; she seemed to be living on the outskirts with a bunch of orphans. He was helping her get ready for to get a job and be taken seriously--apparently, no one really respected the poor/orphans in the area. The kids all thought he was super cool. He took the girl to this shop full of crystals to find the perfect piece to pull her outfit all together; the plan seemed to be to turn it into jewelry. As he was looking through all the options, he felt they all failed to measure up (they were all pretty, but he wanted the perfect piece, not just pretty). The girl found these plastic Pokémon sculptures and thought they were funny before finding this old video game console hooked up to an older, chunky TV. She started playing it, and there was something about a lion and a dragon. They were hanging out in what seemed to be a safari/savanna. The dragon found this baby/young animal (maybe like a gazelle?) and wanted to take care of it. It got slaughtered out of nowhere in front of the dragon, and it was devastated. The lion came to console the dragon and offered for the dragon to rule the area with it. The dragon turned into a lioness, and the pair walked off to go rule. More seemed to have happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

The boys and I had fun this week. They enjoyed discussing anime and memes. One of the favorite things they looked up was the rivalry between InuYasha and Koga; they thought their petty fights were hilarious and kept watching clips of when the two would sling insults at each other. The older brother was excited to wrap up his online PE course this week, and we celebrated the last day on Friday by going out for lunch. He's looking forward to taking it easy until school starts back up. They're super excited about going on a long-weekend vacation next week. I'll be going on my own trip with Corliss, April, and Iris next weekend, and we're all excited.

Tsuki's enjoyed being a goof, as per usual. She watched the rain a lot this week because we kept having serious thunderstorms. Tsuki has mixed feelings on the kitchen remodel. She loves exploring the torn up kitchen (and trying to climb into the open walls), but she hates being confined to a bedroom while the remodelers are here. Tsuki enjoys her naps on the blanket, couch, chairs, and stool, and she loves playing with straw wrappers. Her nighttime routine before bed is to go hunting for bugs at the window. She loves watching the birds and other animals from the windows and was super excited that I started growing her some grass. Tsuki always finds a way to keep herself occupied.

Artwork for the week included:

I worked on more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

Have a wonderful rest of July! There's still plenty of time for fun and relaxation, so let's celebrate and do something special! Even if it's not far (my friends and I are just going a couple of hours away), going on a trip and mixing things up can do wonders! Do something different in your life, add some fun and joy, and listen to your heart. You deserve wonderful experiences, so don't deny yourself. Take care, be gentle with yourself, and have an incredible August! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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