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Happy New Moon in Gemini

I hope everyone is doing well and that the energies have been treating you kindly. Not sure what was going on with the energies here (could be the new moon energies, the 6/6 portal, solar activity, or something completely different), but it got rather intense. Sleep was such a struggle, and emotions seemed pretty turbulent. My friends remarked on how intense things were, too, and I noticed a lot of people online commenting on how there's been a lot of struggle lately. Hopefully, things have been easier for you. If you want to learn more about the recent new moon in Gemini, feel free to check out the following videos:

Sleep was acting up again Sunday night/Monday morning; struggled falling asleep, struggled staying asleep, and then when I would wake up, I would struggle falling asleep again. Maybe it's an energetic thing--not really sure. I could remember bits and pieces from my dream, though. There was something about working in an after care program with a kid, and there being a tornado--a variety of parents and kept trying to take home their kids despite the dangerous weather, though. I think I was chatting with people from the online ND community at another point. Then there was something about helping out my grandpa with moving things (at least I think that's what it was). I remember getting repeated increments of $1111 at one point. Later, my siblings showed up to help, and our grandpa gave us each $200. I'm pretty sure my siblings had just shown up for the money, though, because I remember hearing my brother that lives out in Colorado remark that it was the easiest money (not sure if my siblings actually did much or not). More might have happened, but that's all I could remember.

Sleep wasn't much easier Monday night/Tuesday morning. Sleep didn't want to cooperate, I kept feeling too warm, making falling and staying asleep quite a struggle. I did wake up feeling more rested, but I'm not sure if I really got that much more sleep (as I also had to get up earlier to help with babysitting and pet sitting). Same ended up playing out for Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Body just does not seem to be willing to sleep (although I know sleep is important). So very strange. I slept better Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but the sleep struggles were still there; not sure why it's so challenging to fall asleep, stay asleep, and return to sleep this week. Dream recall has been rather elusive, too. Sleep struggles continued the rest of the week, too, although not nearly as bad as the start of the week. Dream recall remained a mystery, though. Sleep was complete trash Saturday night/this morning; could not fall asleep at all due to circles the "unhelpful mental Peanut Gallery" was dishing out and this weird pressure that kept going on on my forehead and cheeks whenever I tried to close my eyes and sleep. Was not fun, and I spent hours and hours and hours attempting to no avail.

The boys are enjoying their summer, grateful to be able to sleep in and relax more. They enjoyed discussing games, memes, shows, Disney, etc. The autistic boy went into this major info dump about the claymation Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer movie, sharing all sorts of tidbits and info. Pretty sure he's told me some of it before, but I didn't mind listening. It's great to see him excited and passionate; he was less happy about having to be out of the house while the cleaners were at their house, but since he got a special lunch, he minded a whole lot less. He was also showing me all these new releases and upcoming releases for Funko Pop figures; he seems to know quite a lot about this special interest.

Tsuki was her typical goofy self. She enjoyed plenty of cozy cat naps, leisurely lounging, fun antics, watching animals from the window, getting involved with boxes and assembly, and just living her best kitty life. She's so precious, soft, and cuddly, and life is much better with her in it.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles, so feel free to check out the newest content!


New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Life can get quite messy and complicated, so be gentle with yourself. You're doing the best that you can; you don't have to have all the answers and you don't have to reach "perfection." Everyone is a work-in-progress, learning, growing, and improving, so know that it's okay to go at your own pace and not rush. It's okay to have off days and be thrown into the depths of deep emotions. Feeling doesn't make you "bad"--it makes you human. Take things one step at a time, observe your thoughts, and watch as you make progress bit by bit; you'll have come so far before you know it. You're an amazing person, so give yourself credit; for any "flaws", areas of challenge, or areas for growth you may have, you will also have strengths, skills, talents, gifts, and blessings. You can do so many great feats, so help nurture yourself and allow yourself to bloom. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend~

Food for thought to consider for the week:

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