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Happy New Moon in Capricorn!

I hope everyone is doing well! Did anyone experience anything with the new moon? To be honest, I felt rather drained for the new moon and had a terrible time sleeping. I struggled falling asleep and then struggled staying asleep. I wonder what the energies were like with the Schumann Resonance and all. It's still hard to believe we're in 2021 already and halfway through the month of January. Here's to a great 2021! Also, if you're interested, here's a guided meditation for the new moon this month:

Speaking of energy, I had been discussing energy flowing through the body and referenced Guru Pathik's explanation of it being like connected pools of water. A few days later this pops up on the YouTube homepage. I'm not mad. Avatar: The Last Air Bender has deep insights; props to this animated masterpiece from the mid 2000's!

I watched Soul recently, and I thought it was pretty good. I found it interesting that such spiritual content was rather blatant in this movie (generally it's felt like popular, mainstream content avoids spirituality in general). My mom got all upset that 22 wasn't Joe's baby (she wanted Joe to go find Lisa, I think that was her name, and then have 22); I tried explaining that 22 had already incarnated on Earth by the time Joe returned, so it wouldn't work out that way. She didn't care and stomped her foot, insisting her viewpoint was correct. If you're interested in a discussion on Soul's spiritual content, Aaron Abke did a recent movie review.

Fluffy cat wanted to stay snuggled up indoors this week; it was cold once more. It even snowed. She'd wait for me to come home from tutoring this week. She loved keeping me in bed in the morning. She's such a cute cat.

Not too much happened this week with tutoring (aside from him not wanting to do his school work lol). He did show me the character he created for his ELA class, though; they had to design a unique character and then write a descriptive paragraph for the character's backstory. It was pretty interesting (he showed me his drawing since he knows I'm into art, but the writing part didn't seem to cross his radar for sharing lol).

We did discuss upcoming games during his free time, though. I saw the trailer for New Pokemon Snap; it looks gorgeous. I remember wanting the original Pokemon Snap back in the day but not being able to get it. I wonder how much fun it is. Anyone played the original and hyped for the latest? He's hyped for the upcoming Pokemon Snap game.

Here are the most recent Perler bead/fuse bead creations; I decided to go with a cosmic animal theme. I quite like it. I'm open to recommendations for future projects, too.

New goodies arrived this week! I got new stickers for my car as well as a new InuYasha figure! The Sesshomaru figure (the main reason I went onto the store website) was pre-order, so I still have to wait for him.... It's fairly disappointing, but at least he will be here eventually (Sesshomaru is my all-time favorite). I have some other goodies that haven't arrived yet (they're running late, but oh well). Has anyone else gotten any cool goodies lately?

This week I caught up to the most current chapter of Snow White with the Red Hair. I was simultaneously disappointed and excited because the story was ongoing. With that manga reaching a stopping point, I turned to Shounen Maid; the manga is just as adorable and wholesome as the anime. I love Madoka and Chihiro; I want them in my life, darn it! They fill me with the warm fuzzies, and Madoka understands my cat love (granted, I'm not nearly as allergic as he is). I wish that the manga was longer, but it's still absolutely amazing~ I'll definitely be revisiting the anime and manga; it's such a feel-good story! Next I started on Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. I didn't get all that far into this manga, but that's okay; that just means there's plenty for later! This week's fanfic included: Forgiven, Breath in the Pages, Mine Eyes Behold, Revolution of a Memory, In Terms of a Shadow, and Blind Stitch in My Heart. I'm super excited for this week's episode of YashaHime!! The preview got me so hyped! I'm a bit disappointed that I'll have to wait to watch it since we'll be going out to Colorado for my brother's wedding in a few days (not that I'm upset with going to Colorado because it's a sweet place, but the timing with the episode airing and when we're leaving.... Plus, I don't know how occupied we'll be once we get there). I guess I'll just be super stoked by the time I finally get to watch it (lol). I'm sure Sesshomaru is going to be epic! Freaking meteor/asteroid doomsday scenario and all--psh, you can't stand up to Sesshomaru's might! It might have stood a chance before, but he has freaking Bakusaiga now. Plus, it looks like InuYasha is going to team up with Sesshomaru, so between the Bakusaiga and Tessaiga (and its whole arsenal of devastating attacks) that space rock stands no chance at all.

Corliss invited me to an InuYasha Facebook group; it can be rather humorous. Here's some of the images/memes that were floating around this week:

Life is certainly interesting. It's been snowing a lot lately, and the power's been acting weird. One set of lights stopped working, but resetting the breaker didn't help any. Who knows what that's all about. I'll be in Colorado for the next few days, so that'll be fun! I wonder if it'll snow in Colorado, as well. I'm hoping it won't be too cold so I'll be able to check stuff out like the nature parks (since who knows what will actually be open in terms of things to do while we're there with all the restrictions and mandates). It'll be nice to see my cousins, aunt, and uncle that live out there, too. I wonder if people will apologize about all the closures this time around (last year when Corliss and I stayed with my aunt and uncle in March, my aunt kept apologize about how our vacation was ruined due to the closures--the same thing would have happened back home, so moot point. It was nice to check out the mountains and go to parks--it was a nice change of pace). Hopefully everything goes smoothly for my brother's wedding; there's been rumblings about 10 days of darkness and all. I wonder what that'll look like (or if it'll even happen). I've decided not to worry about it; whatever will happen, will happen. I'll deal with things as they come up rather than stressing myself about everything that could happen. Let's just take things one step at a time and focus on the next thing we will do. Things might get a bit shaky with stormy weather rolling in, but every storm will pass. We can ride the waves out and reach the brighter side. We'll come out stronger. We've got this. It might not be the easiest path at the moment, but that doesn't mean it is not worth it. We've grown so much over the past year. Keep calm. Carry on. Spend time with loved ones. Follow your joy and passion. Take care of yourself, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Here's some food for thought from Spirit Science:

Here's more food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought this week:

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