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Happy New Moon in Aries and Spring Equinox!

The energies have been crazy intense the past week--one thing after another without any real reprieve. It was rather exhausting, and there was a lot of emotional purging and healing. My friends and I planned on having a fun staycation while I was pet sitting, but each day basically turned into a therapy session and diving deep into trauma. The house I was pet sitting at was also very energetically charged and very active in terms of spirits; it made it quite difficult to sleep. Granted, the energy felt extremely positive and helpful, but it was a lot. We did heal, learn, and grow a lot from it, though, so there's that. It also probably had a lot to do with the energies in terms of astrology; there was the spring equinox, the super new moon in Aries, Pluto going into Aquarius, Mars going into Cancer, and probably plenty of other things that I'm not aware of. It was such an active week. I hope you faired better. If you want to learn more about the recent spring equinox and new moon energies, feel free to check out the videos below!

Wild things happened Sunday night into Monday morning. So much energy and spiritual experiences. Corliss and April were both over, and the energies/our angels literally wouldn't let us sleep until after 4 am. It was intense. My dream recall was rather hazy, but there was something about the group getting arrested because some God (related to lightning/electricity was mad). The group had been "acting against" the God's wishes and they/he was not happy about it. The god had them arrested and there was some ridiculously high bail that few (if any) people would be able to pay (at least a billion dollars). The group kept speaking their truth even while incarcerated. There was something about a mall and the Simpsons family. The god seemed to be pulling the strings for that, too, threatening people. There was some big event, a speech, people being terrified of the god, etc. More happened, but I couldn't remember more and was exhausted.

It was a struggle to fall asleep Monday night, as well. Energies were still rather high. I didn't sleep much, and if I did, it was pretty light. There was something about the boys' mom being in a school building with me and going on about how lucky they were to have me because one of the boys just doesn't like people. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember.

On the plus side, I was able to get a decent amount of sleep Tuesday night/Wednesday morning; 7 hours of sleep is nothing to scoff at when sleep has been rather elusive. My dream recall was extra fuzzy, though, and despite having the feeling that things were happening, I couldn't remember exactly what. In all honestly, I didn't get much sleep the rest of the week; things were just too energetically charged. It made it a bit challenging to function normally, but I did my best. It also made dream recall challenging/impossible since I didn't really sleep. I did remember Corliss driving in my dream Saturday night/Sunday morning. She had decided to go off the road and driving through the grass in a park as some sort of short cut or something. I had asked her if it really was okay to do so, and she assured me that it was fine. That's the gist of what I could remember happening, though.

While the past week has been a lot, my friends and I still had fun. We were still able to laugh and enjoy one another's company. April had us dying with her antics; one night she hushed us before whispering, "The cards are telling me something. They say I want barbecue chips." She also called Corliss' tub of shea butter potato salad, and now we can't see it as anything else (she wasn't wrong). While there were plenty of deep emotions, frustration, tears, and upset, we still managed to find joy and laughter. Corliss even got me a matching InuYasha shirt; it was a great week with my friends even if it didn't play out the way any of us intended.

I hung out with the boys for a little bit this week, although they ended up going on a trip to the lake. They were super excited for spring break and to be able to sleep in/do as they please. Can't say I blame them. They enjoyed discussing games, anime, and stories with me, but it was kind of apparent they were mentally already on vacation. They did enjoy hearing about April's joke about cards telling her that she wanted barbecue chips, though.

I didn't see Tsuki much this week (partially because I just didn't have much energy to leave/go places), but it was nice seeing her on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday once pet sitting concluded. Tsuki was all too happy to claim Corliss' shoes while she was over, too, which was pretty funny. She was so excited to see me; she came running up to greet me as soon as I entered the house. Tsuki followed me around the house and didn't want to leave me side. She enjoyed snoozing on the chair next to me while I worked on art and writing; Tsuki did try to get into the diamond art, like I thought she would, though. She's such a goof, and I really missed her--I'm so glad to be back and to have her in my life.

This week I worked on the diamond art kit my aunt gave me over the holidays; it's super time consuming, but it's coming along rather nicely.

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week, so feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Make sure to take time to care for yourself; it's vital to show yourself love. In modern society, we're often programmed not to make time for ourselves (especially if you're female), and we're expected to prioritize everyone else. While others are important and you shouldn't mistreat them, you're just as important. My friends and I were coming to the realization that we need to love ourselves better. The following day my one friend was super upset that she didn't have the energy to do anything that she had planned and kept apologizing to me; she kept saying that she wanted to be successful, so I pointed out that if she took the time to love herself and rest like her body needed, she would be successful and doing exactly what she said she needed to learn. It made her emotional, but she realized the truth behind my words. It's certainly not always easy to take time for ourselves, especially in today's hectic world, but it's all the more vital. Show yourself all the love because you deserve it. It's okay to be flawed because you're human; humans, by nature, have areas of growth, but they also have areas of strength. If something bothers you about yourself and you view it as a deficit, then choose to act and improve yourself. You can make that choice. It doesn't have to remain that way. Improve little by little; there's no need to rush or push yourself too hard. You can make profound change just by working your way closer to your goals bit by bit. You're capable of phenomenal feats if you give yourself the opportunity, so don't play small. Do what you love and follow your heart; the magic is waiting for you. Stay blessed with love and light~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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