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Happy New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year! It's Now the Year of the Tiger~

I hope everyone is doing well! It's been an eventful week. We had the full moon in Aquarius on Monday. We had the Chinese New Year, and it's now the year of the water tiger, so happy Chinese New Year! We also had a massive amount of snow this week, resulting in snow days and school closures on Wednesday through Friday. It was so relaxing to have some extra days off (although it wasn't necessarily the best financially speaking); I definitely enjoyed being able to take time to get out of bed when I felt like it--it's been so cold that getting out of bed can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. I hope everyone has stayed warm and safe this week--some people were referring to the snowstorm this week as "snowmageddon," and while I agree there was a lot of snow, I don't know if it's to the epic proportions they were alluding to. If anyone is interested in learning more about the recent new moon, I have included some videos below you're free to check out:

From what I could remember from my dream from Sunday night/Monday morning I was strolling around the wilderness, gathering up resources and materials to craft supplies. I didn’t recall exactly what I was gathering or crafting, but I imagine my dream was influenced by Pokémon Legends Arceus since you can gather items in the wild to craft your own pokeballs, potions, revives, etc. I think more happened in my dream, but that’s all I could remember upon waking up Monday morning. I woke up extra cozy on Tuesday morning and didn't particularly want to get up. From what I could recall my dream was similar to the day before with me wandering around the wilderness to gather items for crafting. I also happened to be looking for anyone that got lost in order to help them find their way. I didn't recall any other specifics, but the dream was likely influenced by Pokémon Legends Arceus again. More likely happened, but the rest was surrounded in a hazy veil, making it too difficult to remember once awake.

In my dream from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning my mom got a puppy. She wasn't being honest about why she got it, though, continuously making up excuses as to why she got it like that it was for Tsuki or my dad. I kept calling her out on her lies, but she persisted, refusing to admit the truth; I pointed out that Tsuki gets freaked out by dogs and that dogs cause my dad to struggle breathing, so it was blatantly obvious that she didn't get the puppy for them like she claimed. She never did admit the real reason why, doubling down and continuing to lie. At another point I was exploring the wilderness again, but I couldn't remember why I was doing so upon waking. More happened in the dream, but that's all I could remember.

In my dream from Wednesday night/Thursday morning I was babysitting for one of my regular families. The kids were having us watch some show and really wanted me to spend the night. They were super invested in whatever show it was, begging to watch another episode, but it was getting too late (I think it was 10:34). They started getting ready for bed, and the girl pleaded for me to have a sleepover. Her older brother snuck into these cookies, grabbing two "for his lunch" the next day even though he openly admitted he planned on eating them right then. Their mom said I could sleep there if I wanted. More happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking.

From what I could recall I was out in the wilderness to start in my dream from Thursday night/Friday morning. I met up with two other people, but I didn't remember who they were upon waking. The two wanted to go off exploring on their own for a bit, and I seemed to be knowledgeable on the area/an expert. I told them to call me if they needed help and went off in search of items. I was finding a bunch if rare ones when I received a message from a stranger, saying that my two friends were in trouble and in danger of dying. I rushed off to find them. It seemed like we were in Pokémon Legends Arceus, and I found them swarmed by what seemed to be 6 alpha Pokémon. They weren't doing so hot, and I had to save them. I asked why they didn't call me, and they said something about not wanting to bother me. More happened, and I vaguely remember being in some kind of café with some of my family as well as April and her mom. April's mom bought a lot of baked goods, and I was in line to purchase a few things like macaroni, some kind of dessert that kind of resembled funnel cake, and something that looked similar to a cinnamon roll. The cashier made a comment about people who had green or blue cars being rock stars and that it was especially true about me since my blue car was covered in stickers. That was all I remembered once I woke up.

I woke up rather cozy on Saturday morning, and my dream recall was a little fuzzy. I was traveling with a group. Not sure if they were peers, coworkers, friends, etc., but I didn't recognize them upon waking. They seemed pretty friendly and cool in the dream, though. I couldn't remember where we were heading, either. I did remember stopping at a gas station to get more fuel. Whoever was driving couldn't decide which pump to go to, circling the station, which gave me the opportunity to see the various totals from previous customers. The first one we passed read 11.1111 (I guess for the gallon total). Each one we passed featured at least one 11 or 111. I think we got out to stretch our legs or something, but it got a bit fuzzy. We went somewhere else (not sure if it was our destination or not), and I chatted with some of the group. 2 or 3 people decided to pull some oracle cards with me and then share what each people got. There wasn't a set number we pulled, just whatever felt right. I didn't recall what exactly I pulled, but it was all really positive. I think it all revolved around abundance and remembering my blessings. I think a card or two involved the color orange somehow. Whatever deck we used was really neat, as at least some of the cards had moving images, almost as if they were animated. That's all I remembered upon waking, but more happened in the dream.

I woke up cozy and kind of sleepy this morning. From what I could remember my dream started off with me subbing for another person, and their job was to write responses to certain prompts/questions within a certain time frame of like an hour. The responses had a word limit, too. The first one i worked on was about a painting; it was a self portrait of an artist, and we were supposed to write about why it was meaningful to the world/important. I wrote something about how art was important, especially in the past when people weren't very literate, as it served as communication and let people in the future learn about that time period (i.e. what the artist looked like). The dream transitioned, and there was something about a school after walking past some train tracks. My recall got fuzzy. There was something about taking sleep medicine in the middle of the day for some reason. Apparently, it was also the day of the new moon, and InuYasha was beginning to weaken. He tried to fight with Koga but was struggling. Koga ended up sort of setting traps by bottling up demonic attacks. InuYasha would try to attack Koga but would hit those bottles instead, setting them off. InuYasha wore himself out (Koga never actually fought back) and laid down on the ground, a little charred and smoking. Sesshomaru came over to bring InuYasha inside to sleep on a bed, but InuYasha initially refused his help. Sesshomaru mentioned something about how InuYasha would be carrying Kagome the next day with a shrug, getting ready to leave InuYasha to his own devices and let him pass out and sleep on the hard ground if that's what he so desired. Hearing this, InuYasha reconsidered and took Sesshomaru's offer. Sesshomaru basically grabbed InuYasha by the scruff of the neck, pulling him up by the collar of the robe of the fire rat, and began flying next to Ah-Un. A young Rin was riding Ah-Un and agreed enthusiastically when InuYasha remarked how cool it was to fly. That's all I could remember from my dream.

The kids in before care were excited for the end of January; apparently, they’re fed up with the month. One of the girls came up to me, announcing that it was “Pranksgiving.” She informed me that Pranksgiving is the celebration of the middle of winter that takes place on January 31st. Everyone gets together for a feast. She then informed me that she was the queen of everything, meaning that she could do whatever she wanted, and that she only ate people. She then proceeded to inform me that I was her breakfast and that as soon as her eggs hatch, they would be feasting upon me, too. She invited all of her family to join in on the celebration. She “ate” me probably 10 times that morning. My coworker thought it was kind of funny but tried to help me, offering other items like basketballs and cones, but she’d playfully smack them away, stating that she only ate people. When I went to go let a kid inside when they arrived, apparently, she went after my coworker, stating that she was thirsty, that she needed water, and that he was made of water. She started chasing him around the gym to quench her thirst. It was definitely an interesting morning.

One of the sisters brought more Stitch friends and wanted photocopies of them. She then enrolled me in “Stitch class” where I was supposed to learn all about Stitch. The class didn’t seem to be focused on Stitch, though, because she was asking me what the date was, what day of the week it was, which week of the month it was, etc. She then told me that I didn’t know anything and left her role as teacher. It was a bit peculiar, but I rolled with it. Another morning the kids enrolled me in their class. One of the girls acted as a teacher, handing me a piece of paper and telling me I could do anything I wanted with it. I asked if that meant I could crumble it up and throw it at her. She scowled at me saying that if I did I would be sent to the principal's office. I pointed out that she said that I could do anything I wanted with the paper, which could have included throwing it at people. She told me that I could draw anything I wanted to which I pointed out that she hadn't specified with that qualifier before. My coworker laughed and said I had excellent kid logic. I didn't think it was kid logic; it was a valid question and was within the parameters of the girl's specifications. Granted, I didn't actually intend on crumbling it and throwing it at her, but I was curious as to what her reaction would be.

I filled in for one of the afternoon care workers after I finished babysitting on Tuesday, and the kids from before care were excited to see me, rushing up to envelope me in massive hugs. They were so excited to chat and play with me in the afternoon. One of the boys gushed about how his birthday was quickly approaching (it's next Monday). I ended up walking him to his car when his mom came to pick him up, and she was excited to see me again (they have been running late in the mornings lately, so he hasn't shown up to before care for a few weeks). She gushed about how much she loved the thank you card I made for her son (they were the sweet family that gave me a surprise holiday gift including a Jack Skellington mug). She revealed that my card almost made her cry, that it was so sweet and thoughtful, and that it was their favorite holiday card. They hung it up and adore it, especially since I had it feature a Santa Jack Skellington for her son's favorite holiday of "Creepmas." She was so appreciative, and I could feel so much love emanating from them. They're such a sweet family, and I'm truly blessed to work with them!

My art buddy tried to use her “dizzy spells” on me again, spinning me around and around the gym. She informed me that the spells didn’t make the caster dizzy, that I would be the only dizzy one. For some reason she was determined to make me so dizzy that I fell. One of the girls was feeling sad because her best friend moved, so we worked on cheering her up. Kids keep things interesting. The kids were super excited at the prospect of a snow day, and they were lucky enough to get one on Wednesday.

The boys were excited to hear about how YashaHime's story progressed and were full of theories about what might happen next. They really want to see the original gang get back together and fight Kirinmaru. I'm sure they'll have a part to play in the fight, but the next generation is going to play a big role. The boys were also excited by the prospect of having a snow day, and they were ecstatic to receive three snow days. We kept getting more and more snow, so they ended up getting an extra long weekend from Wednesday to Sunday. I'm sure the boys were excited, and I'm sure it was an extra special way to celebrate the younger brother's birthday on Friday.

Tsuki enjoyed the extra quality time with me this week. She kept trying to attack me from beneath the blanket while sitting on a chair; it's one of her favorite pass times. Since it was so cold, she even cuddled under the blanket with me and got extra snuggly in her bed and by the fire. She also had a blast playing out in the snow and refused to come inside despite her shivering, so we'd have to pick her up to bring her inside. She's such a nut.

I got more goodies this week! New pieces from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9 arrived as well as the February box from Goddess Provisions. Hooray for new goodies!

Artwork for the week included a present for one of the boys I babysit for his birthday and some other star constellation pieces:

I did more writing this week. While we've been snowed in for the past few days, I wrote a new story based on an interaction I had with one of the kids in before care on Monday. I'm pretty sure she made up "Pranksgiving," but if anyone has heard of it before, please let me know--I'm curious (lol). I have additional stories in the works, so stayed tuned for future short stories! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in a future story, as I'm open to suggestions and recommendations for prompts/future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories!

I didn't do any reading this week because Pokémon Legends Arceus' story got me pretty absorbed. It had some InuYasha vibes to it, with the player character being transported to the past and having to save the day against an incredibly strong opponent, much like Kagome. I enjoyed wandering around the various areas, collecting materials for crafting and catching wild Pokémon. The alpha Pokémon were a nice addition, too. My sister's boyfriend is jealous I caught an alpha Lucario (lol). Quelling the Nobles' frenzy was an interesting challenge, although quelling Avalugg's frenzy was a serious pain. I'm so grateful I don't have to do that again. The icicle sphere bombs are what ended me every time; I could avoid everything else just fine. The themes that this latest installment delved into were pretty deep, contemplating about whether if we didn't have the mind if there'd even be a world to experience, whether if we didn't have the mind if we would even notice if the world were heading into disarray or destruction. It also discussed the interconnected nature of time and space, which makes sense considering Dialga and Palkia rule over such natures of existence.

I watched the newest episode of YashaHime this week, and the girls are finally heading back to modern day. Kirinmaru's "love" for Rion is excruciatingly twisted. He doesn't listen to her at all (or consider what she wants), and he's going so far to use/curse her friends, make her cry, and kidnap her. He had Rion unknowingly play a part in his schemes to bring her back to life, having Rion give a cursed sword to Towa when Rion merely thought that it would help Towa and the others defeat Kirinmaru. Sesshomaru's mom actually seemed to be concerned about the wellbeing of her grandkids, warning Towa about the curse. Towa, being Towa, decided to try to master the sword anyway and disregard the warning. Hopefully, that doesn't come back to bite her. Kirinmaru started the Degenerate Age officially now, forcing his way into the Windmill of Time after Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha earned the privilege. It seems like all hell is about to break loose on both sides, modern day and feudal era, as demons have been starting to appear in modern Tokyo and hordes came flying out of the Windmill of Time after Kirinmaru entered it. Things are heating up, and all hands are going to be needed on deck. I look forward to seeing how the story continues next week!

It felt like quite the busy week, despite having extra days off due to snow (Tsuki can be rather demanding when she wants to play lol). This week was a great reminder to prioritize rest and relaxation. Life can get rather hectic and demanding, but it's important to maintain your overall health and wellbeing. Prioritizing proper rest so you can rejuvenate and recuperate is crucial, but a lot of times we forget this. I'm super grateful for my surprise time off. It was a wonderful blessing, and I appreciate the opportunity the universe has gifted me. Life is full of surprises, and I look forward to seeing what other blessings it has in store for me. Be gentle with yourselves, make time for rest and fun, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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