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Happy New Moon and Holiday Weekend!

Happy new moon in Aquarius! It took awhile, but a few days after the new moon my sleep cycle stopped being all funky--ever since the full moon I've been sleep deprived (sleep avoided me regardless of how exhausted I was or when I went to bed). I'm super grateful to finally be getting back to normal! Anyone else experience any strangeness due to the moon cycle/energies? I heard other people have been struggling with sleep, as well, and my friends have been feeling off. We're certainly in interesting times right now.

It's been so bitterly cold lately, and there's been so much snow with more predictions for continued snow throughout the upcoming week (I find it ironic that Full Moon's "Eternal Snow" keeps popping up on the random-generated anime song playlist; it kind of feels that way with all the snow lately lol). Fluffy cat hasn't been all that keen on the weather, but she has enjoyed snuggling by the fire and with me to stay warm--she even crawled under the blankets with me a few times, which she's only done a handful of times throughout the years (you know it's cold if she's going to cuddle up with you underneath the blankets). She's just so gosh darn cute and adorable beyond words. Randomly crawling into bags and looking up at you with this precious face! AHHH!!! I adore you, fluffy cat!

I helped out with a bit of tutoring this week; like usual he'd rather play games than do school, but he's one smart cookie. Lately, he's been showing me Terraria after school; it seems fine (but I'm not sure I'd enjoy playing it all that much). He also tried convincing me to play Undertale on the Switch. From what he's told me about the game some of the characters are quirky and full of puns (which sounds amusing). Not sure if I'll play it any time soon. Haven't been in a game-playing mood lately; been more interested in reading fanfic, creating art, or watching anime. I'll freely admit that I'd be down for playing InuYasha/YashaHime games, though, especially if Sesshomaru is involved. I'd probably jump at the chance, honestly lol.

Here are this week's Perler bead creations--more rainbow tie dye animals as well as some hearts for the holiday.

I watched By the Grace of the Gods this week, and it was pretty good. I'm curious to how the story will continue; the 12 episodes felt a bit short. It kind of gives me That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime vibes, with the reincarnation, slimes, and ability to do a bunch of different magic, but Rimuru is way more OP. Starting your own business (even as a young kid), being innovative (discovering new slimes and using slimes to do freaking laundry lol), and sticking to your values (adoring slimes even though they're seen as "less than") seems to ring true to what the universe wants us to do. We gotta get creative and enjoy what we do, even if, by appearances, people are convinced it won't work. It could be just the thing people/society/the world needs. Don't sell yourself short. I also continued reading new Sesshomaru stories (thank you InuYasha FB group for recommendations). This week's fanfic includes: Mere Exposure Effect, Healing Technique, Green Eyed Demon, Demonic Christmas Tree, Fugue, Tease, Tales From the House of the Moon, and Terracotta Teeth.

I also hung out with Corliss this weekend since her birthday is this upcoming Tuesday. It was great to see her again! It honestly makes me think about last year; around this time last year we hung out when there was ample snow and then there was also the Chicago trip that had a good deal of snow, too (lol). It was extra ironic because Corliss checked the weather app on her phone for Saturday and declared that it would only be cold--it snowed all day (LOL). It was extra cold, too, but the fact that it snowed all day when there was such a small "chance" of snow (I think her app said that there was a 7% chance of snow), oh the irony. We mainly chatted, discussing anime, fanfic, movies, philosophy, the universe, etc. Corliss decided that we should create a fanfic crossover of Pokemon and InuYasha. As many people know, Brock disappeared from the cannon story for a bit before returning; Corliss decided that in the fanfic universe his absence was due to him unearthing information about his ancestry, which leads him to take a journey to learn more about his ancestry (and being related to Miroku). Plus, there's a definite lack of Yokai in Kagome's time, so Corliss decided that all the Yokai will have turned into Pokemon. It sounds interesting, and I'd like to see how it comes to fruition.

At one point we were discussing the different signs, and Corliss was discussing the differences between her air and earth sign nieces and nephews. She had been talking about her earth sign nieces and nephews, and she was trying to make a visual metaphor/example. What came out of her mouth was "Growler" (referring to Growlithe the Pokemon) when she was imagining Geodude/Graveler in her head. I was stunned silent because she had said "Growler" multiple times, and she backtracked, "Wait, no, I meant.... what was the floating rock guy.... Oh, Geodude!" I just looked at her and inquired, "Did you really say Growler???"

Corliss: "Yeah, the fire one. I meant Geodude."

Me: "That'd be Growlithe. It's like you merged Growlithe and Graveler together to get 'Growler.'" *bursts out laughing*

Corliss: "Graveler... Oh, wait! Graveler would be a more accurate picture; I was imagining like this giant boulder. All I could think of in my mind at first was Geodude."

Me: *still giggling* "Growler, though.... Can you imagine it? A Growlithe-Graveler combination?"

Corliss: "Oh! We should make it!"

Me: "They have Pokemon fusion generators online."

Corliss: "Really? Let's do it!"

Annnnndddd multiple Pokemon fusions later we were bursting at the seams with laughter. It was an unexpected turn for the night, but it was quite appreciated. It felt so good to laugh and just be goofy lol. Oh, good times. I've missed experiences like these. Stuff like this always happens when Corliss, April, and I get together; it is never planned, but it's always so natural. I love it!

I gave Corliss her birthday present, and I made sure part of it was wrapped up for shits and giggles. Way back when (over the summer) she had gotten some matcha Pocky for the first time, which she really enjoyed. We ended up walking over to the shoe store to pick up her order. Before leaving with her order she tried them on and walked around the store to make sure they were comfortable. Thing is, when she walked with them on it sounded like she was constantly farting, which caused us to burst out laughing constantly about "matcha farts" and how she couldn't have matcha any more. I figured she'd appreciate the joke of the matcha Pocky being wrapped in a shoe box (lol). It's much more interesting and fun living with a sense of humor. As she was opening her present, she became more and more excited. She loved each part of her present--each item building her joy and enthusiasm. By the time she reached the shoe box, she was so hyped. The shoe box confused her, though, and she admitted afterwards that she wasn't even sure I knew what size she wore. She attested that it topped off the present perfectly, that it couldn't have wrapped up any better--she absolutely loved it, and that it was the best!

We had been discussing this while she was reading one of her astrology books, focusing mainly on moon signs. She wanted to look up my moon sign (Leo~~ rawr). As she was reading about Leo Moons, she noted that they enjoy excitement and can even create their own excitement when things get too dull (potentially instigating "drama"). Considering this, I pondered aloud, "You mean like when my sister came out intensely demanding to know where her nails where and I casually remarked did she check her fingers, which caused her to glare at me and flip me off? It was just too perfect, witty, and punny to pass up. She could have asked where THE nails were, or SOME nails, but she specified HER nails." Corliss laughed at me, remarking, "Yeah, probably, but I would have been real sad if you had passed on the opportunity to make that remark. It was too perfect." To be completely honest, it's not like I try with comments like those--they just come naturally like breathing air. I get quite the kick out of them, too. As Corliss continued to read, she got really agitated with the pronoun usage in the book--all male. She flipped to the front and noted that the book was created by a completely female team back in 2015 before asserting that she wasn't going to go looking up her (potential) partner's moon sign when she doesn't even know her own thoroughly--she loves herself more. She went back to reading, grumbling, "If it says it [being he or him] one more time..." only for the sentence she was currently reading to end with "him." She was about ready to fight the book (lol). The look on her face spelt it out clearly--she was out her breaking point. I took the opportunity to point out that she could hit pause, take a break, and calm down prior to continuing reading (what's the point of continuing if you're only going to continue to be infuriated?), and she saw the insight to my suggestion, opting to take a quick nap.

We ended up watching What Happened to Monday on Netflix because Corliss highly recommended it. It's not a typical watch for me, and I found it ironic that Corliss would remark how she didn't remember sections of the movie happening (especially since she felt so strongly that we watch it). At various intervals we would pause the movie to enter a discussion about what's happening and connections to other media/the real world. We feel that similar truth bombs will be making an appearance in the real world in the coming days; it won't be the same truth reveal, but it will have extremely similar shock waves. Many people will have their minds blown when the truth comes out about what has actually been occurring for quite some time. In the movie they had been putting siblings in the "deep-freeze sleep" for 30 years, and it turned out to be an enormous lie. Needless to say, the people weren't happy about it. They had been fed lies about how they'd be reunited with their loved ones "once the population has stabilized." Sweet lies or the harsh truth.... things will get better in the world, but odds are, things are going to get quite a bit rocky before we arrive there. If the truth came out just by people speaking it, some people would believe it, but others would write it off, their beliefs and trust in the sweet lies being too strong. The video documentation released to the masses shattered the illusion the sweet lies built, and it was the only way for everyone to truly see and accept the truth. It sucks. It's harsh, but sometimes that's the only way for people to wake up. I wish for everyone to experience the highest love and light, but sometimes you need those massive jolts and shakes to wake up the deep sleepers. For a lot of people they're not going to see this tidal wave of truth rushing towards us. They won't have time to prepare, and it's going to shatter the world as they know it. Things that we were taught, things we were instilled to believe, will turn out to be nothing but lies and illusions. I pray for these people; it's not going to be an enjoyable experience when it all comes to light. It makes me think about how my parents were watching Evan Almighty recently; Evan Baxter was fighting against the will of God/Source/Creator and demanding to know why he was supposed to build an arc, why would He ruin things, why would He do such things if He cared for people/loved them, etc. Fighting against the will of God/Source/the universe doesn't work well, though. There's always a reason and higher purpose for events transpiring the way they do, even if we can't see why at the moment.

Things are kind of crazy right now, but they'll work themselves out. They always do, even if it's not in the way we anticipate. Just focus on being the best you possible. Prioritize self care, love, and happiness. It's important to not deny your emotions, but also remember not to wallow in them so much that it's all you end up seeing. Each storm passes. Every night yields to daybreak. No matter how dark it may seem in any one moment this, too, shall pass. Follow your heart, your passion, your joy. I wish you all love and light; stay blessed~

Here's some food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought to consider:

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