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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed a pleasant week! To anyone finishing up the school year, here's to a fun, relaxing summer! Energetically, it's felt rather heavy and intense. I spoke to my friends, and they've been experiencing a lot of cravings lately, too. It's been interesting to experience. It seems like things are heating up for the summer months, but only time will tell.

I wasn't able to recall specific details from my dream when I woke up Monday morning. I was tempted to go back to sleep when I woke up Tuesday morning. My dream recall was a little fuzzy, but a variety of things transpired. There was something about removing and clearing puss from the body. At one point there were these frogs raining down from the sky. They started getting sick/being contagious with some kind if disease that made them have these stark blue/purple polka dots. People were terrified. I was aware of the situation and not doing anything too crazy, but I wasn't scared. Pretty sure I started energetically clearing things and protecting areas. There was another part of the dream involving travel and some sort of competition. There was one team that was super strong and started chucking these huge chunks of ice/pillars to block other teams from making progress. Cera from The Land Before Time was there, and she started crying, complaining, and emotionally manipulating her dad to get her way and get him to do what she wanted. More happened, but that's all I could remember.

I ended up waking up an hour before my alarm Wednesday morning, jolted awake, and for whatever reason I was convinced I had overslept and was late. I fell back to sleep for a bit and almost fell back asleep after my alarm went off for real. Dream recall was hazy, but I think there was something about change and maybe some kind of jelly/Jello. It was super tempting to remain in bed, too. It was a struggle getting up on Thursday morning, too; I almost fell back asleep. Details from my dream were fuzzy, but there was something about someone being dead set on traveling and living like a nomad. Not really sure what it was about. The power had gone out Friday morning, resulting in me unintentionally sleeping in; thankfully, the boys were off of school and their dad was off today, so it didn't cause any issues. I had been feeling super sleepy and lethargic, making it hard to get out of bed. My dream involved travel I think, but details were elusive upon waking.

Didn't particularly want to get up Saturday morning, and it was super tempting to just stay in bed sleeping. My dream recall was somewhat fuzzy, but it involved showing someone the church my dad's family grew up in and discussing how my grandpa lived right down the street. Then it involved traveling with April, Iris, and someone I didn't recognize. We were out driving by a woodsy area that was by a body of water. It looked rather pretty, and April and I commented about wanting to ride on a boat after seeing a bunch of boats cruising about. The person I didn't recognize was driving and said that April should act as navigator and enter the coordinates in their phone. I think we were looking for some kind of store we had visited before, but I wasn't sure what it was. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember. I woke up and didn't want to get out of bed this morning; just felt like a whole lot of effort. My dream involved some kind of travel again, and at one point April and I were over at Corliss' sister's house. Plenty happened in the dream, but it was veiled in a rather thick haze.

The boys were excited for the final week of school before summer break. It was a busy week as they wrapped up the school year and completed finals. They were excited for end of the year celebrations, getting snow cones and pizza. Their parents even got them some new video games to celebrate. They loved discussing anime, figurines, video games, and memes with me. The boys were super excited for Memorial Day weekend and to take it easy for once; school can be a lot, so I don't blame them.

Tsuki was her typical adorable self and oh-so cuddly. She enjoyed plenty of play time, sunshine, cozy cat naps, fresh air, and antics. Tsuki also got rather miffed and scared this weekend, since my brother decided to come over and bring his dog, Yogi; she ended up hiding the whole time they were here (not that I blame her, as they're rather loud and bring a lot of chaos and drama with them). She was so excited to enjoy the peace and quiet after they left.

I wrote more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week; feel free to check out the newest articles! New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Make sure to take time for the things most important to you, for the things that bring you joy, laughter, and fun. It's way too easy to get caught up in to-do lists, shoulds, and obligations. I made sure to make time for some anime this week after a month of barely watching any; there's always something going on in life, so make sure you prioritize all of the important things, which includes yourself. Self-care and downtime are crucial, so don't continuously put them on the backburner. You are worthy. You deserve kindness and love. There's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and taking time to rejuvenate. Life will be so much better and enjoyable if you do. Choose yourself just as much as you choose to help others; by filling up your own cup, you'll be able to better assist others in the long run. Enjoy the rest of May and make room for fun!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought to consider for the week:

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