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Happy Mario Day and Happy New Moon in Pisces!

Happy MAR 10 day! I hope everyone is doing well and that life is treating you kindly. Weather has been wonky and bipolar, as per usual, going hot and cold. Energies also seem to be all over the place, causing motivation and energy levels to fluctuate quite drastically. Daylight Savings certainly didn't help matters. Also coincided with the recent super new moon Pisces, so I'd imagine the energies were a bit amped up. If you want to learn more about the recent new moon, feel free to check out the following videos.

I was a bit tempted to stay curled up in bed when I woke up on Monday morning; it felt super early. Dream recall was super hazy, and I wasn't sure what transpired, but maybe it involved travel/shopping of some sort? I kind of almost fell back asleep Tuesday morning; not sure if the rainy weather was putting me to sleep, or what. Dream recall remained super fuzzy, though, and I wasn't sure what transpired. Wednesday and Thursday mornings were more of the same, although I think I was chatting with various people in my dream Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Details were way too muddled to remember anything clearly, though. Recalling details from my dream when I woke up Friday didn't pan out; things were too hazy, and I almost fell back to sleep on accident.

Dream recall wasn't much better when I woke up on Saturday. On the plus side, I was able to sleep in. The downside was I didn't actually feel like I had slept much for whatever reason. It was strange. Maybe it was related to energies. Things were hazy when attempting to remember my dream, but I think it might have involved travel, shopping, and school? Not entirely sure what the purpose of it all was, but it seemed to hold some sort of significance.

I could remember more when I woke up this morning, although some details were fuzzy. From what I could remember, I was bringing someone to their house. Not entirely sure who the person was, but I did not recognize the house. The person needed to pick up something. Their dad was there and opened the door; he continued to hold the door open while looking at me, as if expecting me to come inside, so I entered the house not really sure what it would accomplish but not wanting to be rude. The dad sat at the table and told the other person that I was basically nothing but a distraction and basically said that they should have nothing to do with me. I had no clue what I did to even garner such a reaction because I had never spoken to or seen the guy before. The dad's rant made the person I was with upset, and we ended up leaving.

I think I was supposed to drive them to some kind of school, but we ended up at some girl's home I think. Apparently, we were spending the night, but it was for an investigation. Turns out the home was haunted. All sorts of unexplainable phenomena kept happening, like lights flickering on and off (but going in extremes), things moving across the room, I think disembodied voices, etc. I think the girl was more freaked out than anyone else. I ended up getting into a conversation with the girl about something while the person I had been initially hanging out with went outside to get something (I think). Some guy was there and seemed pretty mad. He started growling and seemed to be on the verge of transforming into a werewolf; kind of gave off a possessive vibe towards the girl (maybe he was her boyfriend?). The girl and I wrapped up our conversation, and I joined the other person outside. We ended up going to some other house that seemed pretty fancy; it was fairly large in size, but it wasn't like a mansion or anything. There was some alarm system on the glass front door, and they had to do some kind of special button combination thing. There were two dogs at the house. Tsuki was also with us for some reason. I think we were supposed to grab something from the house, but details got rather muddled, and I couldn't remember anything else once awake.

It was a fairly normal week of babysitting/tutoring. The boys enjoyed chatting about games, Disney, anime, theories, etc. They had me watching this compilation of Bluey memes, Bandit's best moments, and Hooty's best moments, too. The older brother was info dumping to me about pickles (i.e. different types and flavors when it comes to regular pickles and fried pickles) as well as all the different things you can do at the Disney theme parks; he really thinks I should go. He's also excited about their upcoming trip over spring break. The younger brother had a concert he seemed excited about, and they let me know that their dog Theo seemed biased towards me--apparently, I'm his favorite. Go figure.

Tsuki was her typical adorable self this week, being cute and getting into antics. It was a week full of cozy cat naps, investigation, and play. Tsuki love snuggling up with me and using me as a pillow. She savored the sunshine on the porch. She called dibs on bags as beds, got cozy on her favorite chair, lounged on the back of the couch, lurked behind my laptop and the wall, played with straws, and just had a blast being herself. Life is much better with her in it.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles, so feel free to check out the newest content!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Life can be a roller coaster and a whirlwind of experiences and emotions, so remember to be gentle with yourself. You're doing the best you can with where you're at. You best today will not be the best as your yesterday or tomorrow. Each day provides the opportunity to learn and grow just a bit more. Some days you can tackle the tallest mountains while others it will be a Herculean feat just to crawl out of bed. Don't judge yourself so harshly; some days will be more challenging. Remember that days where you're off your game (i.e. if you're sick) will be different than if you're at peak game--don't treat every day and every experience as if they're exactly the same. Life is full of fluctuation, nuance, and change. Do your best to go with the flow and treat yourself and others with kindness. All anyone can every do at any given moment is their best; it won't always look the same, and that's okay. You're still an amazing individual. The world is still a better place with you in it. Be your own personal ally and cheerleader than your worst critic and enemy. Watch the difference it can make in your life. You're capable of amazing things, so don't sell yourself short and give yourself time and space to make it happen. Your journey is uniquely your own, so don't rush, savor your experiences, and enjoy the ride. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Food for thought for the week:

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