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Happy March!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's surreal that to think that we're already in the March; feels like New Year's was just the other day. Weather has been temperamental and bipolar here, as per usual. It had snowed, got up to 86 degrees, dropped back down to the 20s and 30s, and is now back in the 70-80 degree range. It literally can't make up its mind. The weather definitely takes us on a roller coaster. Felt like a roller coaster in terms of energy and motivation, too; up and down and all around. Kind of feels like we're just along for the ride, which is fine I guess. Some days can be quite a lot, though. There's still plenty to celebrate and appreciate, though.

My special prize snail badge arrived this week! It was very exciting!

Not sure if it was due to energies/the recent full moon, changes in temperature, or something else, but sleep was pretty tricky. I kept waking up Sunday night/Monday morning, so energy levels tanked hard. Dream recall was nonexistent, too. I think sleep was slightly better Monday night/Tuesday morning, but it wasn't that much better because I was getting too warm. Details from dreams were really hazy; there might have been something about a meeting, travel, or going to school, but it was too muddled to make out anything clearly. Wednesday morning wasn't any better; still felt rather groggy when I woke up and struggled remembering what transpired in the dream realm.

I woke up Thursday morning extremely hot--like the kind of hot I was when it got absurdly warm  earlier this week (84 degrees kind of hot before dropping down to winter cold again). Confused the heck out of my brain. Looked at the current temperature to see if it had gotten super warm again. It was 22 degrees and felt even colder (maybe like 16?). It really befuddled my brain. I knew I wasn't sick because I didn't feel the physical weirdness/offness/badness that accompanies it.

My dream recall is somewhat fuzzy, but it somehow involved travel (I think by plane?). I ended up walking into some store (no idea what one) at one point and noticed something was very wrong with the situation. While the door was unlocked as if it was open for business, all of the lights were off and there seemed to be nobody in there. A glint of light caught my eye, and I saw this person crouched behind a counter that was at the left side of the store/building. Had a gun pointed directly at me, and I noped it on out of there. Was not interested in whatever it was they were planning. They started shooting shortly after that, and I remember being all flat against the ground out front behind some trash can. The person really seemed to have it out for me, but while the bullets were technically close, none were able to touch me. I was trying to get away, but like the person would make it so I was more or less pinned down out front of the store. I think they wanted me scared, but I wasn't. I think that's the last thing that happened before I woke up.

Not sure what the deal was Thursday night/Friday morning, but even though I got more sleep than normal, it felt like I got considerably less. It was quite odd, and it left me wanting to remain in bed. Dream recall was super hazy, too, and I had no idea what transpired. Dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up on Saturday. I think it somehow involved some kind of business? Not really sure what or what for, but it had some kind of importance. Dream recall wasn't much clearer when I woke up this morning. Felt like a lot of things happened, but from what I could remember, I was hanging out in the backyard with my sister for some reason. I think it was a night, but I don't really remember what we were doing or why we were there.

The boys had a somewhat chill week, although they seemed a bit disappointed that they had a full week of school (after two 4-day weeks). The older brother has been struggling with patience as of late, wishing things would hurry up already (i.e. when his brother couldn't find his school laptop, he kept making remarks about how he wish that his brother would just get out to the car already). The younger brother is having a blast in his cooking class and was excited to share his scones that he made; they were pretty good. They were excited to go see some movie with their dad this weekend, though.

Tsuki was her typical adorable and goofy self. On days where it was colder, she ended up snoozing basically the entire day away. On warmer days she would get all hyped up and race around the house, getting into all sorts of antics. Tsuki had a blast rolling around on the stairs, snuggling up on her favorite chair, lurking for sneak attacks, playing in boxes, perching atop my shoulder/arm, sprawling out on her window shelf, stealing my sisters sweatshirt, and trying to claim my laptop. She always has a full week, brimming with rest, relaxation, and fun.

It was a pretty busy week. I ended up helping Corliss get a bunch of stuff together to move into her new apartment. She's super excited about it and just adores the view she has. We ended up going out to eat to celebrate, and the calzones were absolutely delicious!

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

This week I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles, so feel free to check out the newest content!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

As the seasons change, as life brings new experiences to your door, be gentle with yourself. All anyone can do at any point is their best. It's okay to not have all the answers. It's okay to not know how to do something and need to learn and grow. It doesn't make you any less. Nobody knows it all, and every master was once a beginner. Give yourself the time and space to learn, grow, and improve. Each step you take will bring you one step closer to your goals and dreams. You don't need to rush or push yourself to take giant leaps that you're unable to. You don't have to push yourself so hard because when we do that, we can break.

You are worthy as you are. You don't need to "earn" love, kindness, and compassion. It's okay to be the work-in-progress. You're doing great, so keep moving forward, no matter how small your steps. Even if it feels like you're inching along, you're still making progress. Takes break when you need to, give yourself some TLC, and remember that you're human. There's only so much any one human can do, so don't push yourself too hard. You're capable to achieve great feats, but you'll be able to do more if you fill up your own cup first. Take care of you; you matter. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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