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Happy Lion's Gate and Super Full Moon in Aquarius!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed this super-charged week. The energies were crazy intense. It left me quite tired and lethargic. My friends and I miss the waterfall park in Kansas City, too; it would have been great to hang out there for the full moon. My friends and I definitely want to go back, and we're thinking about going back at least once a year. For anyone wanting to learn more about the recent energies, Lion's Gate, and the super full moon in Aquarius, feel free to check out the videos below.

I didn't sleep well (if at all) Sunday night/Monday morning because April, Corliss, and I had been out late stargazing. Then I kept hearing noises that prevented me from sleeping (i.e. people rustling through plastic bags, pill bottles falling, people taking showers, coughing, a 5 am alarm April forgot to turn off, etc.). It wasn't a particularly fun way to end our long weekend trip and left me extremely tired.

My dream recall was rather fuzzy on Tuesday morning, but I remembered more than the previous mornings. Penny Proud was designing these fancy pants that have all the gadgets and features on them, and everyone really wanted them, throwing all this money at her to place orders. She was convinced she could fulfill all the orders, but she designed the pants herself. I'm not sure if she told everyone the pants would be ready by the next day or that everyone else just assumed they would be, but she ended up staying up way late into the night to try and make all the pants. Needless to say, she burned herself out. There was also something about me hanging out with the boys I babysit; we were in some kind of cave, but it gave off sort of an amusement park vibe. Not sure where it was or what exactly we were doing, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

A lot seemed to happen in my dream Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. At one point there was this minotaur that was on the loose, going on a rampage and causing chaos/destruction. Gray from Fairy Tail was going to stop it. There was something about the minotaur manipulating people and trying to incapacitate them through their feelings. It had stopped everyone else who had tried to stop it this way. The minotaur tried to do the same thing to Gray, trying to get to him through Juvia. Gray ended up changing it to his favor, using their emotions to make them stronger. Instead of trying to face off against the minotaur alone, like all of the previous people, Gray teamed up with Juvia and they were able to defeat it. There was something else about my parents, sister, and one brother disappearing. My youngest brother had disappeared/been kidnapped, but he had come back. I was at my grandpa's house with my youngest brother as we tried to figure out where the rest went. My grandma called asking where my mom was, but I had to inform her that we hadn't found them yet. She asked if I was okay, but I explained that I didn't feel much of anything at the moment, likely in shock. More probably happened, but the last thing I could remember was being at some library. There was something about the Hunchback of Notre Dame (not sure if the characters were actually there or if it was the movie itself that was there). Quasimodo was apparently blind, and people were lying to him about what was going on; being naïve, he naturally believed them, it never even occurring to him that they would lie (or that lying was even a thing). There was also something about Sesshomaru coming to pick me up to go somewhere, but the detail were fuzzy. That's all I could remember upon waking.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up on Thursday morning. What I could remember was I was hanging out with the boys I normally babysit. I'm not sure where we were exactly, but we were at some sort of home. There was this massive spider hanging out in this corner, and I was getting a weird vibe from it. I told the boys to come over towards me because I was pretty sure it was a black widow because I saw the marking on its back. The boys were kind of freaked out, convinced it was going to bite everyone. I told them they would be fine as long as they left it alone (hence why I told them to come over to me and away from the spider they hadn't noticed). Specific details got fuzzy, but I think their mom came home and there was something about me receiving a couple of bites on my foot (although I didn't see the bug/spider that did it). That's all I could remember upon waking.

My dream recall was extra fuzzy when I woke up on Friday morning, and I couldn't remember any specific details. I woke up pretty sleepy on Saturday morning and really didn't feel like getting out of bed. My dream involved some kind of school and after school clubs as well as the characters from Full House. I didn't remember any specific details, though. My dream recall was still a bit fuzzy again when I woke up this morning, and I really didn't feel like getting out of bed, feeling extra sleepy. What I could remember from my dream had two main parts. There was one part that seemed to be like a video game. There was lava and like this cave-like system/volcano. There was some kind of battle between different creatures/beings. There was a group of manipulators convinced that they would win, but the other group got a sudden boost out of nowhere, turning the tables. There was also some kind of liquid/goo that showed up on the ground everywhere that would paralyze anyone that touched it. More happened, but the next thing I could remember was being at some kind of school. I got put in charge of some kind of camp/class/after school program. It wasn't organized well, and it wasn't clear who was supposed to be in the program/group and who had already been picked up. It was kind of chaotic, and parents kept suddenly showing up, making it hard to keep track of who needed to leave. Some staff member showed up, who wasn't supposed to be there, and, apparently there had been a lot of problems with them. It sounded like they weren't allowed to be there and that they had been hitting other people. More probably happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking up.

The boys were excited to discuss vacations and show me what video games they've been playing. They've been playing a Roblox bee game, and it sounds pretty interesting, especially the sporadic meteor showers. We worked on getting ready for the school year, picking up schedules and school tablets, dropping off medications, walking the new schedules, etc. The boys have mixed feelings about the start of the school year, wanting to see their friends but not excited by the premise of all the school work. They're really smart and can do great in school, but they're not interested in all the required courses, which I understand; I always got great grades, but the longer my school career continued, the more I ended up getting lost in daydreams (but still managed to ace quizzes, tests, and exams). The younger of the two really wants to go into botany and/or marine biology. I'm curious to see where life takes them as they reach adulthood.

Tsuki was super happy to see me when I returned from my weekend trip on Monday. She was less happy about being confined to a bedroom while the remodelers were back working on the kitchen. Tsuki also enjoyed watching birds from her perch on the couch and trying to catch the nighttime bugs. She felt extra snuggly and wanted to cuddle while I watched some of Yuri!!! On Ice. Tsuki was excited that I decided to try finger weaving because she decided to call dibs and make it her new toy. She also stole some of my mint ice cream (she always comes running when I have some lol). Tsuki's such a goof, but she's adorable.

Here's the artwork for the week. I mainly played with gel crayons, but I also used chalk markers and dry pastels.

I worked on more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

-Styrofoam paint

-Scrapbooking pens

-Baby blanket yarn

-Sewing box organizers

-Sentro knitting machine yarn

-Soap making kits

-Dishcloth yarn

I enjoyed watching Yuri!!! On Ice this week. I definitely needed more chill time this week with all the intense energies from Lion's Gate and super full moon in Aquarius. I love Yuri and Victor as a duo; their interactions are hilarious, lifting my spirits after an intense week. I especially loved the "good luck charm" interactions. I'd definitely be down for another season. I'm really glad everyone will continue skating together, too!

Be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to rest if you need it. There's no need to be so harsh and critical; it's okay to rest. It's okay to take it easy sometimes. If you need to watch some anime, chill on the couch with your cat, or meditate in a park by a water source, that's fine. There's no need to run yourself ragged. Listen to your heart. Allow yourself to feel. Let go of the old that no longer serves you. The times currently are constantly changing, so don't cling on to things if it's time to release. Do what feels right and resonates, following your instincts and intuition. If it doesn't feel right, that's okay; it's not meant for right now, but that doesn't mean that it will never be the right time. We're evolving souls, so choose what's a "yes" for you. All we have is right now, so let go of all of the other worries. Just because something is "logical" doesn't mean that it aligns with your heart and soul calling. Do what you love and don't get caught up in justifications. Your path is uniquely your own, so it doesn't have to be "right" for others. Live life with an open heart and open mind, and see where it takes you. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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