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Happy June!

It's hard to believe we've already made it to the month of June! This year (the past two years, really) have seriously flown by. It's been another eventful week. I started my summer babysitting schedule this week, which threw Tsuki off since she's used to me being home during the middle of the day. I've made some significant progress in my online course, and I'm super excited about it! A large screw also managed to lodge itself into one of my tires this week, which resulted in needing a brand-new tire. Life keeps things interesting.

From what I could remember from my dream from Monday night/Tuesday morning, it had a My Hero Academia theme. Midoriya had a younger brother that he was visiting. It was cute. They were doing everything together and were so in-synch. He was such a loving, big brother. Midoriya was wondering why Bakugo was being so distant since they had grown up together. Bakugo was really quiet and seemed to be keeping a keen, observing eye on the pair. The younger brother didn't appear to mind that Bakugo was seemingly ignoring them; his sole focus was Midoriya. He seemed rather obsessed. Midoriya seemed obvious to this fact. Bakugo started noticing strange occurrences and mentally kept track of each of them as they added up. He recognized that things weren't making sense. He started noticing this strange purple light/glow that would dimly appear under things Midoriya would use, for instance. He knew something was up and didn't like it one bit. When the younger brother was gone for a moment, which rarely happened because he clung to Midoriya like glue, Bakugo confronted Midoriya. Bakugo noticed that Midoriya seemed unnaturally exhausted and realized that the "brother" was at fault. In typical Bakugo fashion, he confronted Midoriya about how it was all a lie. Midoriya tried to laugh it off, asserting that Bakugo grew up with them, so of course he knew his brother. Bakugo emphasized how he had absolutely no recognition of the supposed "brother" and explained all of his observations of the strange occurrences, like the purple light and unusual exhaustion. He emphasized that the "brother" was a fraud and the importance of getting away from him. Midoriya didn't want to believe him, remembering all of the great experiences he had with his brother; it felt too real. Bakugo stressed that it was all forged, that the "brother" was using him. Seeing how serious Bakugo was, he decided to trust him, knowing he wouldn't make this up, despite how everything he could remember implied otherwise. Bakugo started sharing his findings about how the whole world/location they found themselves in seemed to be a fraud, some kind of artificial realm to keep them stuck. He devised a plan to get Midoriya out since he seemed like to be the target. At this point I seemed to no longer be an observer, as I was responsible for carrying the exhausted Midoriya out. Bakugo went to distract the "brother" and was convinced if Midoriya made it from the school to the street, he'd be free. It was a bit slow going because Midoriya was kind of heavy for me. The "brother" started freaking out when he realized what was happening and tried to pass Bakugo to reach us. Bakugo refused to let him get away. The brother was completely freaking out, dropping his personal and making some remark about only having 3 days left to live. I was basically at the street when it started raining. I wasn't too concerned at first until I realized that when the rain hit Midoriya, it would glow purple and turn into these miniature, energetic, wispy leech-looking things that would sap more of Midoriya's energy. The artificial "brother" had dropped all pretenses of being a human and was willing to do whatever was necessary to succeed, no matter the cost. His true for seemed to be some kind of artificial, deep purple leech being. I went as fast as I could, and Bakugo mobilized his other classmates to help save Midoriya. I think we ultimately got away, but that's all I remembered upon waking up.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up on Wednesday morning. I know I was watching the boys I regularly babysit. I think they ended up getting a couple of new puppies. I think there was also a party of some sort. I was taking the younger brother to camp or swim practice at one point. More happened, but specific details eluded me upon waking. I couldn't remember anything when I woke up on Thursday morning.

My dream recall was somewhat hazy on Friday morning, but from what I could remember, I was babysitting the boys. Their mom had made some cookies, and we ended up playing at a park or playground. The cookies had disappeared, and when I asked the boys about them, they admitted that they had no idea where they went. It turned out the other kids on the playground had found them and eaten all of them except for 4. I tried explaining to the other kids that they shouldn't eat things that they just find, but they couldn't understand why. I tried explaining that some people have nefarious intentions and can tamper and poison food, so they shouldn't just trust the food if it's lying around, especially if you have no idea where it came from and even if it's cookies. When we got back, the boys parents were back. They thanked me for watching the boys, and the dad said something about only needing me Wednesday morning. He then said that they would want help pet sitting their dog on weekends and that he would pay me for each day until 5 pm even though I left earlier. That's all I could remember upon waking.

I couldn't remember anything from my dream when I woke up on Saturday morning. My dream recall when I woke up this morning was a bit fuzzy, but I was writing articles at one point (not sure about what). There was another part where I was hanging out with some of the kids I babysit. Their dad was asking me something, and apparently, I intuitively picked up on how their grandmother had recently passed (not sure if this is accurate in the waking world or not). The dad was blown away. More happened where I was driving somewhere. Couldn't remember where I was heading when I woke up, but I ended up by my grandma's house. She came out of her house, wanting to go somewhere. My mom was, apparently, there, and my grandma told her that I had agreed to drive her somewhere. My grandma sort of made it sound like I owed her. I told my mom that I didn't really agree to it but that I was willing to. My grandma got into my car, and I started driving. When I asked where she wanted to go (because she never told me before), she couldn't remember. That's all I could remember when I woke up.

The boys are super excited for summer break. They told me all about how they went to Kansas City last weekend, and they showed me the new goodies they won from Dave and Busters/bought from Lego Land. They loved showing me all the games they were into and discussing anime (we spent a lot of time discussing InuYasha/YashaHime and Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club). The boys got a kick out of quizzing me on different anime opening songs. We also compared yearbooks to see which teachers are still at their school that were there when I attended years ago. There's a decent amount, but even a number of the young teachers are no longer there. It was interesting to observe and compare. I also found that one of my high school friends hide drawings of gnomes in my yearbook, so that was fun searching for them. One of them decided to go through some CIT training, and he's super excited about it. It's great to see them so excited and happy.

I did some last minute babysitting Friday night; their mom texted me at 3 in the afternoon seeing if I was available to watch the kiddos for a spontaneous date night. The kids were so surprised and excited to see me. They were shocked beyond words when they found me at their front door, demanding to know what I was doing there. Their mom was cracking up, confessing that she had been hiding in the backroom so they wouldn't know she was leaving with their dad. The kiddos had so much to tell me since they hadn't seen me in months. Duchess was excited to see me, too. We played games, looked at Pokémon cards and crystals, did some art, watching some of their old videos, and looked at all the new goodies they now have (the brother has a new, gaming PC that just arrived, and he's so excited to set it up). They were even more excited because I'm coming back next weekend.

Tsuki was confused this week because I started my summer schedule of babysitting all day; she's used to me leaving for before care in the morning, staying home in the middle of the day, and then leaving for afternoon/evening babysitting. Having me gone all day totally threw her off, and she definitely missed me. Tsuki was her typical, nutty self, though. She decided to attack one of the chairs one night and kept flipping around, biting, and latching onto it. She's such a goof. She searched for and played with bugs. The goofy kitty played in her tent and even tried to steal my new gel pens. Tsuki napped and got cozy (she's such an adorable cat). There's never a dull moment with Tsuki around.

My last order from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9 arrived this week. It was bittersweet since Spiritual Supermall discontinued the Divine $9 line, but it was great while it lasted. They did start up a Clearance Crystals section, which could be promising.

My aunt gifted me with a bunch of scratch art, and I'm super excited! After Corliss saw some of my scratch art, she wanted to try it, too, so we'll likely be making some later over the summer! I also got new gel pens, which I'm excited to use! (Tsuki was excited and wanted to steal them lol.)

Artwork for the week included:

I wrote a short story for a recent challenge on Vocal in honor of Mother's Day. It was supposed to be about secret confessions, and this piece happens to be fiction. It felt rather relevant since it seems like more and more people are struggling with expectations and authenticity. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories!

I made progress on my online course, which is excited because I have a new blog called Creativity Chronicles. It now has some articles up on it! It's a work in progress, but feel free to check it out!

I watched How the Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom this week, and the story's getting super interesting. I was wondering about why the King/Queen just handed over the kingdom, but the last episode explains that. It's interesting to see how the creators handled multiple timelines/realities. I'm super excited for season 2 (whenever that comes out). I want to see the continued rise of the kingdom because it's definitely made a comeback so far. There's so many interesting, unique characters, too. I'm definitely down for watching the rest of the series.

As the summer heats up, make sure to prioritize your self care, rest, and joy. While not everyone has a "summer break," that doesn't mean that you shouldn't make time for fun and relaxation. Carve out time for passion projects and fun experiences to savor by yourself or share with loved ones. Be gentle with yourself as we learn and grow in these unusual times; you're doing the best you can, so there's not need to be a harsh critic. You're the best you that you've ever been, and that's not something to write off. Take care, embrace your best life, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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