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Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the rest of 2023! It's so surreal that tomorrow will be 2024. Time feels so wonky--feels like just yesterday was 2020. I hope everyone has been able to enjoy themselves and celebrate in the way that works best for them! It's been a tough week with family drama, but I will say that I've had a blast over on the (ironically named) Anti-Social Club. The people over there are so warm, caring, and welcoming--feels like a loving family and home. So happy I get to be part of it. Those lovely souls have definitely helped me keep my sanity amongst all the chaos! If you want to learn more about the recent full moon, feel free to check out the following videos, too!

Sleep was basically nonexistent Christmas Eve going into Christmas (like only 2-3 hours despite how hard I tried and how much I wanted sleep). I think the little I did sleep involved a dream with Sesshomaru and Kohaku, but Kohaku seemed to be an imposter (not like the puppet version of himself but some kind of nefarious mastermind-ish type?). Details were really hazy. On the plus side, I was able to get more sleep Monday night/Tuesday morning, and felt more alive/normal. Dream recall was super hazy, though. Not sure what transpired. Wednesday felt more of the same; it was so hard to be awake--there was this just lethargic, heavy energy, and there was this kind of sad mood. Not sure why. Dream recall was a complete blur.

My dream was rather strange Wednesday night into Thursday. Don't think I remembered it all, but I think it started off with me being by this beach with people. The ocean was being extra weird. Its waves kept growing. I noticed a great white shark heading to the shore, so I tried returning back towards the building, but the waves grew so big it was pointless and the shark came right up with no problem whatsoever. I went inside the building and got sent inside this weird elevator thing. Like super weird. The elevator stopped at these "exhibits" but you never left the elevator. The exhibits were really sad and falling apart, too. Full of these depressing fish in pitiful states. I felt bad for the fish and the whole thing seemed run down. As I continued up with the elevator, I ended up popping up out of this structure/vehicle thing out in this wooded area. It was strange. Turned out that it was also some kind of time travel thing, as I ended up in the future. I also was wearing this jacket/lab coat thing that wasn't mine. Someone spotted me and identified the article of clothing immediately as their friends and started happily chatting with me. I ended up going back inside of the structure/vehicle thing and somehow ended up in the past (like Victorian era dresses/gowns were being worn). It was unusual. There was something about getting a full tank of gas for a car at some point yet when I got inside, to drive it, it was nearly empty. Very weird. More likely happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking.

It felt heavy when I woke up Friday morning, and it was extra cold, so I didn't want to get up. It was quite challenging. From what I could remember from my dream, it started off with Giovanni from Team Rocket having this massive secret base underneath at city. Like, a considerable chunk of the city would move and open up to get into the base. It was pretty interesting. Things got fuzzy, but the next thing I could remember involved the characters from Miraculous. Gabriel Agreste was going a bit loco and seemed to be trying to take over the world. All the Miraculous holders were trying to stop him. Gabriel had such a grasp on things that they were struggling hard. If I didn't come in an help them, it seemed like he was going to squash all the efforts and become like a dictator. Somehow, I had like special powers the overrode the normal world, giving me the boost and assistance needed to help them. I used it sparingly, though, not wanting to "cheat" I guess, and only used it when they couldn't manage to get out of a situation on their own. Apparently, in the dream Gabriel used to be a reporter/journalist/photographer and was very for-the-world's-good but something happened to make him snap. All these people had signed a petition and filed out these documents in secret to remove him from power, but they were too scared to act, convinced Gabriel would make their lives a great hell. I had to help them and the Miraculous team get their plan in action and basically have a secret coup d'etat within the company Gabriel took over. Gabriel couldn't understand why he couldn't catch the Miraculous team because by all calculations and reason, he should have by then (and it was my interference). Things got hazy after that, and I couldn't remember what else happened.

I got to sleep in Saturday morning, which was super nice, but I absolutely did not want to get out of bed. It was just so comfy and warm. I ended up unintentionally falling back asleep for like 2 hours. Wasn't "mad" about it, but I had intended on doing other things with that time, so it kind of threw me off. Dream recall was veiled in a thick haze. Waking up this morning was more of the same--the only difference was that I didn't unintentionally fall back asleep. It was still just as comfy and warm, though. Also, couldn't remember a thing from my dreams, but that likely stemmed from the fact that I kept waking up for whatever reason. I was grateful not to be completely exhausted. Don't exactly want to conclude the year feeling exhausted and dead.

The boys are super excited to be on winter break and to have celebrated Christmas. They were sharing all of the gifts with me, excited explaining their holiday. They got a bunch of Funko Pops, Lego sets, trains, video games, and even a record player. They were so excited about it. I'm glad they had a wonderful holiday! The boys are also super excited to be able to sleep in and have a break from school, and I don't blame them for it.

Tsuki was in hiding for the first part of the week (she is not a fan of the noisy, chaotic duo that is my brother and his dog). Thankfully, the second part of the week was a lot calmer and quieter. We had a blast hanging out with each other, and Tsuki was definitely all for me staying up late to hang out with her (she got made at me a couple of times for going to bed even though it was super, super late--like 4:30 in the morning late). Otherwise, it was a pretty normal week for Tsuki, full of cat naps, birdwatching, antics and shenanigans.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles and YouTube shorts this week! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

 New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

No matter what the year 2023 brought you, I'm wishing you a wonderful 2024. This upcoming year may have its ups and downs, but you're are awesome just for being you. You deserve joy, love, and laughter. You're worthy. You don't need to "prove yourself" or work yourself to the breaking point. You're worthy just for being you. You have a lot of wonderful things to offer the world. You may have areas for learning and growth, but we all do as humans. Just because there's room for improvement doesn't mean that you don't already have so many strengths. You're an incredible soul, and I wish you the best new year!

Food for thought for the week:

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