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Happy Halloween!

It's the end of "Spooky Month!" It's hard to believe October is already coming to an end. It feels like we just started 2021 and now 2022 is a mere two months away. Mind-boggling. I hope everyone had a wonderful week and were able to enjoy the holiday! I spent most of the weekend chilling with Tsuki, but I did do some babysitting and go to a Halloween parade with April and Iris. The parade was pretty fun. I wasn't sure what to expect since I got invited by April last minute. It was kind of small, but it was pretty cozy and enjoyable. Iris got her face painted, we got free cookies from Insomnia Cookies, and we got yummy lunch from Corner 17. Tsuki was super excited when I got back and started racing around the house. Based off of Iris's joke, Tsuki would be great friends with a squirrel (How do you get a squirrel to like you? Act like a nut!). She's been a hyperactive kitten ever since I got back. Tsuki also comes running whenever she sees or hears that someone has whipped cream; she'll be relentless until you give her some, so I had to share some with her when I went to have pumpkin pie. I babysat since the kiddos parents were going to a Halloween party; they were supposed to wear a couple's costume but wanted something simple. They decided to go as "Green" with "Envy" (their mom dressed completely in green, and their dad wore a shirt that had a picture of a giant nametag reading, "Hello! My name is Envy"). I thought it was pretty clever. The kids were excited to see me again and wanted to do crafts (like a glow-in-the-dark heart), play games, and create in the kitchen. It was a chill weekend, and I enjoyed it.

I woke up a bit sleepy on Monday morning, but it was nothing like how lethargic I was last week (it could have something to do with Tsuki continuously rustling around in my room last night). I remembered one main part from my dream. I had been at the local children's museum. I don't remember why I was there (maybe I was there to start off as a volunteer like I used to do all the time--not entirely sure). I started wandering around. Someone started asking me when the museum closed, and I told them that it closed at 5:30 except for on Fridays when it closed at 9:00. I found one of the kids from the chipmunk class at the preschool I used to work at. He was clingy and wanted me to pick him up to carry him. I ended up doing so and continued traveling around the museum. I saw various people I went to school with, but they all seemed to be in high school still (I specifically remember 9th grade for some reason). One of them seemed to be having a birthday party, and someone else could seem to remember the person even existing even though they had spent the previous year as best friends in the same class (I'm not really sure what was going on there). I think it was 5:00 at that point, and the boy from the chipmunk class wanted to play in one area, so we went there. They made an announcement over the intercom/speakers that the Magic House was closed so it was time to clean up. The boy didn't want to clean up even though I tried to help give him ideas and make it simple for him while handling the more complicated stuff myself. Apparently, he turned into a tiny teddy bear, but he was still alive. It was kind of weird. One of my coworkers from my first job (she was the lead of the program and was never particularly kind to me) appeared and said that we needed to clean up. I showed her how he had turned into that tiny, tiny teddy bear and how there wasn't much he could do at that point. She was surprised and tried suggesting things for him to do, but he was having no part of it. That was the last thing I remembered before waking up.

I didn't remember everything from my dream when I woke up on Tuesday morning (I wanted to stay in bed because it was extra chilly), but I recalled two distinct parts. The first part involved Corliss, April, Iris, and me traveling. I'm not sure where we were going, but we were on some kind of road trip. Corliss was driving us. She stopped us somewhere outside of a hotel type building, but we didn't have reservations there. I think she stopped because she was getting frustrated/flustered with driving. A person who had been driving behind us got out, too, and was all grumbling (I'm guessing they didn't like how Corliss was driving or something). Somehow we ended up going to someone else's room. They weren't in the room when we got there. The others were relaxing in the room. I think I had to go to the bathroom. We were getting ready to leave when the person staying in the room came back. She was rather mad about us being able to get into her room. I tried explaining that we weren't trying to take it and that we were leaving. She was still quite miffed but seemed to accept it if we left right then and there. Corliss found some kind of canned water that she had apparently been looking for. The brand was called something along the lines of "Dead City Water." It featured a person that looked like one of the patriotic colonists (at least the stereotypical portrayals of them) in a boat on a river in a forest. Apparently, it was the best water she had ever had, but she hadn't been able to find it for forever. Turns out there was some local cookie shop that carried it, so we went to get her some. The dream transitioned to some kind of wedding. My family was involved, but the details are fuzzy. My mom was wearing some kind of dress that apparently belonged to my grandma (my dad's mom). My dad didn't seem to recognize it, and my mom made some comment about wearing it for his sake. I didn't remember anything else from the dream.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, most of my dream was shrouded in a fog. I remembered two parts, though. The first part involved April, her mom, Corliss, and I being at some store. We were looking at various hats and clothes. I tried on a hat (it was this really pretty beige hat with intricate flowers designed into it) and asked them what they thought since I didn't see any mirrors. April's mom saw a mirror across the way and started pushing me towards it so I could see for myself. As she was pushing me, I started resisting once I noticed that it was in another store since they would think I was trying to steal the hat and tried to get her to understand that, saying, "Wait, wait! That's a different store! We can't go over there because they'll think we're stealing--wait!!" Her mom didn't listen, though, and set off the alarms. Staff members saw that I tried to get her to stop/I didn't want to steal, but they said they had to follow store protocol, taking the hat back and our phones. I was miffed. We went over to this wall of anime shirts, and 90% of them featured Bleach characters. April's mom said she had been looking for a Bleach shirt forever. More happened, but I didn't remember anything else from this part. The dream transitioned, and there was this like silver gorilla/ape creature wandering around the city. It had two little babies with it. It felt threated by all the various people/city buildings. It might have been trying to escape. I think at one point one of the babies got separated when it was a little older. I couldn't recall much from this part of the dream; it was really hazy.

When I woke up on Thursday morning, I was completely out of it, and I did not want to wake up. It was super cold and pouring rain. It was a day that would be great for staying in bed, but before care needed me to get up (there was no school on Friday, though, so I looked forward to sleeping in). I didn't remember much from my dream. There was a part where I was ordering a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne's for delivery. I'm not sure what was going on with that. There was this other part where I was at some house with people (but I don't think I recognized them). When I was leaving there was some kind of challenge, and it involved a water flower garden (like with lily pads and other water flowers) and then some massive water slide. The group wound up somewhere else, and there was some kind of other challenge where we had to gather the supplies and follow the clues to complete the challenge. I remember there being a bunch of Barbie dolls. There was some kind of other art craft challenge, but it the details were all fuzzy for the rest of the dream.

I woke up Friday morning feeling more rested. The first part I remembered from my dream was about receiving a thick envelope in the mail. Upon opening it, I found a bunch of cash and checks addressed to me. I started adding it all up, curious about how much there was. I didn't finish counting it, but there was at least $2000 there. Someone called me on the phone and informed me that if I told them the task I completed over this week, I could get $450 more sent to me. I was excited. More might have happened, but the next thing I recalled was a new part where my family and I went to some stage/concert. I'm not sure what performance was going on, but while we were waiting in the seats, my sister, brother, and dad were trying to figure out who sang a song. I don't know what song it was (not sure if it was even real), but in the dream I knew Panic at the Disco sang it. I tried telling them, but they either didn't believe me or wouldn't listen to me. There was some tomato plush sitting on the corner of the stage that resembled Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales. We were getting ready to leave, and I remembered that I had some stuff in a bag backstage. I went to get it, but there were people everywhere, making it impossible; I decided that it wasn't worth it and tried to catch up with my family, who were already walking out the door. I ended up get stuck behind a bunch of other people, trying to leave. I had put on a coat and started sweating because there were so many people there causing congestion at the exit (I hadn't thought it would take so long to exit the building). Upon reaching the fresh air, I noticed it was night time. I caught up with my family and noticed that there were two crescent moons in the sky. I started looking around and noticed more and more crescent moons in the sky. There were seven that I could see. I thought it was incredible, and they looked so beautiful. The dream transitioned, and I'm pretty sure more things happened before the last thing I remembered. The last part of my dream involved InuYasha characters. Sesshomaru basically came to the rescue to save everyone (I couldn't remember all the specifics). There were these two individuals that had tricked InuYasha and company. One of them was for sure a yokai, but I think the other was human (maybe a monk). Most of the the Inu-gang were in some kind of building. Shippo had gotten separated and was fleeing from the two baddies outside. Sesshomaru arrived and saved Shippo. As he was teaching the baddies a lesson, Sesshomaru was coming to realizations that InuYasha had been growing his own strength without realizing it and getting in his own way by relying on their father's strength through the Tessaiga; he realized that InuYasha would have been so much stronger if he believed in himself rather than falling back on their father's strength each and every time. At this point Sesshomaru was mastering the Tenseiga with the Meido Zangetsuha, and he used the technique to eliminate the two baddies. Shippo seemed super comfortable with Sesshomaru and made some comment about how he hoped Kagome had gotten Rin an appropriate gift, not like the baby bath toys she had gotten him recently. That's all I could remember from the dream.

I was a bit sleepy when I woke up Saturday morning. I didn't remember much from my dream, but at one point there was Team Rocket. They were sort of in this foresty area. They took some bus/boat that took them to the middle of nowhere with a group of other people. The bus/boat would come back days later to take them back. It was some kind of wilderness expedition. They were excited about it. Other things happened in my dream, but I couldn't remember what they were upon waking. I didn't remember much from my dream when I woke up this morning, either. What I could remember was there was a part that featured a Pikachu saving a Piplup. The Piplup basically fell in love with the Pikachu, with hearts in its eyes and everything. There was some other part that involved a robot (maybe it was Bender from Futurama). I couldn't remember anything else about the dream upon waking.

Before care was interesting this week; the kids were super imaginative. A pair of sisters told me all about how they went to two different Trunk-or-Treats this past weekend and how much candy they got. They told me Diego (their Beanie Baby bird) ate too much candy and went crazy; it got so bad that he put himself into a candy coma, which they said was still going on Monday morning. They put Diego in a "cage" (a basket). Apparently, Diego screams and goes crazy in his sleep. They then had us go on a rocket ship after divvying out money (they had asked what I wanted to buy; they told me that I couldn't buy candy for Diego or a mansion. Then they asked where we wanted to go; I replied, "On a trip on our favorite rocket ship."). We traveled all around the universe, visiting the moon, various planets, etc. We had to escape from a comet that was going to crash into us as well as a swarm of space Diegos. It was a bit chaotic for a bit. We had to search for the components of an antidote for Diego, but luckily we were able to find the antidote before they went to school Monday morning. We continued working on their Among Us characters for their story, and they loved hearing all about Tsuki's antics (they think she's adorable and crazy). They were excited to have Friday off due to conferences, so they had a long weekend.

It was a fun, chill week of babysitting. The boys discussed anime with me. They wanted to know if any of my InuYasha items shipped yet and were excited to hear about the special edition InuYasha loot crate that arrived at the beginning of the week. The older brother decided Shippo's his favorite InuYasha character of all time, so he was excited to see the Shippo keychain that came in the box. We discussed what's been happening in YashaHime, how various InuYasha characters met, and what the InuYasha group's posted/talked about. The group shared a video commentary on Sesshomaru and InuYasha's relationship (which led to us having a deep discussion about relationships between characters and how they interact):

They were also excited to see the Shippo keychain I got from the InuYasha Loot Crate in my car; they wanted to know all about what was in the box and were a bit disappointed that there wasn't anything really featuring Sesshomaru, Kagome, Miroku, or Sango. Technically, since there was a display of the Tenseiga and Tessaiga, one could argue Sesshomaru was covered. The same could be said about Sango through the Kirara hat and Kagome through the sacred jewel coasters. They had hoped there'd be a bee plush to represent Naraku, too, but that didn't happen. Even though the box didn't have everything they hoped for, they were happy to discuss it with me and show me some of their drawings (they decided to make Among Us people that were inspired by Frosty the Snowman). Pearl was happy to see me, too.

As you can guess, the InuYasha Loot Crate arrived this week. I was bummed out that there wasn't really any Sesshomaru goodies in there. Tsuki also broke the fan within seconds of me opening it (lol). The Kirara hat will be great since it's getting colder and colder now that we're in autumn. My new goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9 arrived, too! Hooray for crystal goodies!

Tsuki, aside from being a destructive kitten, was extra snuggly. The cold puts a damper on her never-ending supply of hyperactive energy. It's caused her to sleep through the night with us. She's adorable. She cuddle with me often, waited for me at the window to get home from before care, and attacked a paper bag like crazy. She also enjoyed playing with the water and spying on some guy that was power washing our neighbor's house.

Artwork for this week included some paintings and Halloween-inspired Perler bead projects:

I took it easy this week since I wasn't feeling all that energized. I tried out the new game Pokémon Café Remix; the food is pretty cute in it. It's an interesting combination of puzzle game and café game. Does anyone else play? I also spent some time writing, reading, and watching anime. I wrote a new story, and it's spooky for a Halloween theme. It features Serena and Karissa again, and they take a nighttime trip into the woods. It's called Hallows' Eve Spooks. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works (like one inspired by the toy bird that one of the girls in before care brings in), so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for this week included: After Class, According to Plan, StepDaddy to Hold Me, Leaving the Past, Towards the Future, A Road Well Traveled, and Paranoid of Sweethearts. I watched the newest episode of YashaHime season 2; the boys I babysit are always asking if I've watched the newest episode and asking what happened in it. They really want for Shippo to make an appearance and for Moroha to finally spend time with InuYasha and Kagome; they were happy that she was able to see them for the first time (that she can remember) but were bummed that it was just in passing rather than InuYasha and Kagome being freed. Honestly, though, if Rion's been dead for 600 years, it makes me wonder how that happened. I wonder if Zero arranged for it to happen if she didn't do it herself since she's the one that's seemed so concerned with the Sacred Jewel's prophecy about Kirinmaru being killed by a half demon. I feel bad for Kirinmaru since he seems to have genuinely loved his daughter (even if he went about demonstrating it in a really selfish and warped way by keeping her soul trapped for 600 years). Sesshomaru definitely has a master plan, though; he's too intellectual not to. Plus, he knew that Moroha had seen InuYasha. I'm not sure how all of this fits together, but Sesshomaru is definitely playing the long game. I eagerly look forward to next week's episode!! The story's getting so good!

I hope everyone enjoyed October and Halloween weekend! Only 2 months left of 2021, as hard as it is to believe. Take care of yourself. Prioritize your wellbeing. No matter what craziness comes our way, we've got this. The universe has our backs. We may have to overcome obstacles, but blessings are coming our way. Relax, breathe, and do your best. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Some food for thought from Ralph Smart to consider:

Here's some food for thought for the week:

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