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Happy Full Moon in Libra!

It's hard to believe March is almost over. It still feels surreal that we're in 2021, but I'm still finding things to enjoy and ways to amuse myself. Sometimes it results in a little bit of an unexpected adventure. Sometimes it's stumbling upon a funny situation/picture. Sometimes it's naturally making puns with absolute ease.

I hope everyone enjoy the full moon! If you're interested in some information about it or a meditation, feel free to check out the links below:

Fluffy cat has enjoyed the past week; whether it was snuggling up in bed with me, savoring the sunshine, getting comfy for a cat nap, or going on many outdoor adventures, she always found ways to do what made her happy. She's too freaking adorable! There were a couple of rainy days where she refused to let me out of bed until after noon. She's lucky that she's so cute--it makes me feel guilty for even considering moving her. I suspect she knows it, too (lol).

Here are the Perler bead creations for the week! I ended up making some gifts for the numerous Aries in my life (my dad, my sister, one of my best friends, to name a few). My best friend loved my smaller Perler bead frogs and requested a giant rainbow tie dye frog; she also loves Mickey Mouse. My dad has always been obsessed with Spider Man.

I had a variety of goodies arrive this week! It was super exciting! I had some gifts arrive for one of my best friends' birthday; I know she'll be excited for the crystal pyramids. I had my new Sesshomaru backpack arrive (Corliss and the InuYasha group shared my excitement for it); as soon as it arrived, I felt the love from the universe--I felt wrapped up in a warm, snuggly blanket of love. My new stickers arrived early (they were supposed to arrive between April 2nd and April 6th, but I'm not complaining). A deck of cards was supposed to arrive, but when the package arrived, it was completely empty. The package arrived unsealed, so the cards fell out somewhere along the delivery process. I won't say I was happy per se about the situation, but I do note the universe's sense of humor. An empty package--nice one (lol). It'll be fine, though, since a replacement will be here by early next week. I would have preferred to have it arrive as originally intended, but who am I to argue with the universe?

I put all my new stickers on what kids have dubbed "the Sticker Car." The kids I babysit want me to cover the entire car with stickers, and I'm getting closer. I still have over halfway to go, though (lol). I wonder what Iris will say when she sees my car (she always runs over to look at all the stickers on my car when I come over to visit). Corliss is in love with all my stickers--it's funny because each time they look at my sticker collection they notice new stickers (even if said stickers have been on my car for months or even years lol). It's definitely more fun to have a car with personality and stickers!

If you're interested, here's a little video tour of the stickers on "the Sticker car":

Corliss and I had fun this weekend. She had to pick up her order from Jeff at The Silver Lady, so we checked out some of our favorite shops in the area. We stopped by United Provisions to see what goodies they had in stock; Corliss found her favorite ramen, but unfortunately, I couldn't find my favorite mint Pocky. Global Foods has been out of it, too. It's rather disappointing. We stopped by Sunshine Daydream, and I found some precious beauties! If anyone has noticed, my favorite color happens to be blue (lol). I bought a gorgeous celestite crystal as well as a blue calcite with aragonite tower that gave off dreamy ocean vibes. Jeff had some cool crystals at The Silver Lady, but they hadn't called out to my soul like the blue beauties at Sunshine Daydream. I'm overjoyed to add these crystal buddies to my collection! We wrapped up the day by going to get the pretzel pizza from Little Caesars since today happens to be the last day you could get it. It went from sunny to an outright downpour with storm clouds leaving the sky dark as night; it was pretty interesting to witness. Lightning kept vibrantly lighting up the sky, too. It was an intense spectacle, but it cleared up by the time we made it back to Corliss' place. It was such a fun day!

The InuYasha group has me dying with laughter more often than not. This week one of the members shared this text conversation with their boyfriend, who was inquiring if she'd rather marry him or Sesshomaru but didn't know how to spell Sesshomaru's name. The end result? Sushi mommy ru (which literally had me and the other members in tears). Sincerest gratitude to the InuYasha group; they always know how to provide a great laugh!

Unfortunately, there was no new episode of YashaHime this week since season 1 concluded last weekend; I'll have to wait until season 2 comes out (whenever that is). I' have season 3 of Fruits Basket and season 5 of My Hero Academia to look forward to, though! It's so exciting! That being said, I didn't watch any anime this week (sad, really, I know lol), but I did read some fanfic. This week's fanfic: Simply Business, Night Terrors, Delightfully Disastrous, and Underneath the Brown Wrapping. If you have any recommendations for anime, manga, fanfic, stories, movies, etc., feel free to share!

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. It's always important to do so, but it feels more important now more than ever. Make time for yourself. Don't work from an empty cup. Savor what you enjoy. Find humor in situations. Remember to smile and laugh. Give yourself permission to feel; allow yourself to be present and allow yourself the opportunity to feel and heal anything that comes up. You matter. You're important. You're worthy. You're amazing as you are; the universe loves you. Learn to trust yourself. Listen to your inner voice and intuition. You've got this! You're freaking incredible and are capable of mind-blowing feats. I might not know all of the specifics, but I know that you are a wonderful soul. We're constantly learning, growing, and improving, so don't belittle yourself for any "mistakes" or "mishaps" that may occur. You're doing the best you can. Take the experiences that arise as learning opportunities. Your story isn't over yet; it's just begun. The next chapter might just blow your mind. I wish you well! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

More food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Here's some food for thought to consider:

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