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Happy Full Moon in Gemini!

I hope everyone is doing well! This week was a bit crazy (and bitterly cold), but thankfully, I was able to rest and relax this weekend. I'm feeling more "normal" now. Not sure if it was due to the recent full moon in Gemini, the overall energies of the times, the end of the year hubbub, or what. Hopefully, things have been going more smoothly for you because navigating these rocky waters can be quite exhausting. If you want to learn more about the recent full moon, feel free to check out the videos below:

It was rather painful getting up Monday morning, as it was bitterly cold, and I was just so tired. My dream involved being at school again, and it seemed to be the high school, as I passed my chemistry teacher there. It also appeared to be the start of a new school year with plenty of students in the halls. I ended up in this one classroom, and I'm guessing it was supposed to be an English class. There was some kind of riddle/word puzzle on the board. We were trying to figure it out. I was also trying to figure out my schedule and write it out, as it was rather confusing and jumbled on the printout. There was something about having a variety of "free periods" that involved baking, sweet treats, etc. There was also a class on autism. I don't remember what the other classes were. Things got blurry and hazy. I mainly wanted more sleep, but obligations and commitments interfered.

It was another bitterly cold day Tuesday, and I was so tired when I awoke, making it super painful getting up. It's just so hard functioning in the winter/early in the morning. I wish society would take a chill pill and be more flexible. My bran felt so fuzzy, and I wasn't able to remember anything from my dreams. It was more of the same on Wednesday when I woke up: bitterly cold, exhausted, and wanting to stay in bed. There was something about travel/a trip of some sort and I think there was something about McDonald's french fries (like my younger brother ordered a bunch of them or something). Otherwise, the dream was a complete blur.

It was such a struggle getting up Thursday morning, and I almost accidentally went back to sleep. I was at school in my dream. I might have met with an old English teacher at one point. I think I started off as a student but later the dream transitioned to meeting the boys I babysit at the school (with them being the students then). Details got pretty hazy. Mainly, I just wanted more sleep and was disappointed that I had to get up for life obligations and responsibilities. It was just as difficult getting up Friday morning; the week had really been wearing on me. I was grateful for the knowledge that I could sleep in this weekend, though. Dream recall was quite blurry, so I had no idea what transpired.

It was so nice sleeping in on Saturday morning (although I would have preferred sleeping longer--sleep debt is no joke). It was so cozy and warm under the blankets, making it hard to get up. So grateful that I didn't have to get up for anything. I think there was something about school in my dream. Also think I met up with someone. No idea who. Details were pretty fuzzy, though. Being able to sleep in this morning, as well, was so nice (it's so beautiful waking up and you're not exhausted). Details from my dream were pretty hazy, but a lot happened. I only could remember bits and pieces, but one part of the dream had me at a school, one part with chocolate bars being in the fridge, another part had me at a beach, and there were other parts that were a complete blur. I think there was something about a special book being at the beach, but details were too muddled to accurately remember specifics. At least I was fully rested, which was truly a blessing.

The boys weren't too keen on the drastic drop in temperatures (not that I blamed them). The younger brother remarked that he just wanted to stay in bed and go back to sleep with their puppy. I could definitely relate to wanting to stay in bed rather than getting up and being a "productive" human being. They had some gripes about school/assignments/teachers, and their complaints were justifiable. I don't have a problem with the idea of school and learning, but the ways the educational system chooses to implement are often questionable at best and focus on the wrong things rather than students actual individual needs and learning. There's so little choice and too much emphasis on accomplishments/grades rather than genuine learning. We also got into a deep conversation about Disney's Wish at the end of the week; we've all been hearing quite a lot about it (none of us have seen it, and from what we've heard, it doesn't feel like an enjoyable use of our time). Based on what we've heard, it just seems like a complete flop of a movie/story and doesn't even have a good moral to the story. The "villain" sounds like he was in the right and had very valid, rational reasons for why he did what he did. It's like the creators didn't even consider consequences to wishes and the lesson of being careful what you wish for. There are so many factors and nuances to things, that even if you get "what you want," it might come in a fashion that you can't stand and makes you (or others) suffer. I hope creators can put a little more thought and effort into their creations because it's just sounds like pure no...

With the bitter cold, Tsuki spent a lot of this week snuggling, snoozing, and getting cozy. Rest and relaxation were the main things on her agenda, although she made time to play with paper, bells, and cat toys. Most days she ended up napping on the couch, by the fire, or in her cat bed. Tsuki could also be found lounging on the table next to me, taking advantage of the heat from the space heater. The colder weather definitely has mellowed her out. I wonder what she's going to do when the true winter weather hits; she did enjoy exploring the snow in years past, but she also doesn't really enjoy the cold.

Artwork for the week included more diamond art:

I created more new content for Creativity Chronicles this week as well as YouTube shorts! Feel free to check out the newest articles and shorts!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

Make sure to make time for you; your life is meant for you to enjoy and live to the fullest, and if you don't live a life for you, others will have you live for them (i.e. bosses will consume your time with work, parents will live vicariously through you, etc.). What brings you joy? What lights you up inside? Make time for self-care and TLC for yourself. You can't truly help others if your own cup is empty. Granted, at times it can feel easier said than done, but it's always worth it in the end. Would you rather be able to show up at 100% or at 50%, 30%, 10% or less? Imagine all that you can do if you were able to show up completely, invigorated and inspired? What kind of world would we live in? It's okay to put yourself first and tend to your needs; that doesn't mean you ignore others, but you cannot fill others' cups from your own empty cup. Follow your joy, embrace a grateful heart, and live a life full of love. You don't need to push yourself too hard because it will only result in burnout (I know far too well from my own experience). Be gentle with yourself and write a story that you'll be proud of. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Food for thought for this week:

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