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Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! The energies felt rather intense this week. I'd start the day off feeling fine, and then as the day continued, towards the evening I'd feel exhausted. Interestingly enough, I felt super energized on the 13th, the day of the full moon, and had issues falling asleep. Needless to say, I was extra groggy when I got up for babysitting the following day. Hopefully, the full moon has treated you well. If you want to learn more about the recent full moon in Capricorn, you can check out the videos included below.

My dream recall was rather fuzzy when I woke up on Monday morning. There was something about being creative and making art, but I couldn't remember specifics. I woke up in the middle of Monday night rather hot and kind of sweaty, which was strange, but when I woke up on Tuesday to get ready for babysitting, I was feeling kind of chilly. Not sure what that was about because I didn't feel sick at all. Maybe it had something to do with energies; Monday was the full moon, after all. My dream recall was kind of hazy, too. There was something about some kind of special art, maybe like art prints. It was either something about collecting, creating, or selling them. It felt rather significant, but I couldn't remember specifically what happened when I woke up.

A lot seemed to happen in my dream from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. At one point there was this girl, who was, apparently, a secret African princess. There seemed to be something going on with her native country, so she was taken out of the country by one of the staff/a family friend of the king. The man was honored by the task but at the same time felt unworthy of such an important task. The king and queen just wanted to keep their daughter safe. The king had a good, hearty laugh, and I remember liking it. It filled up the room with joy and resounded a lot. I'm not sure if the girl remembered being a princess or not. There was something about the Plantars from Amphibia, too. I think they were attending an African wedding for some reason. Hop Pop was getting into unintentional trouble. There was something about a grocery store. The next thing I could remember was babysitting for the boys. I had gotten a text about taking one of them to some school event, but it turned out it got moved to the evening; apparently, there were multiple, but the school tweaked things so he'd only have to attend one and not get overwhelmed. He was playing some kind of game on his iPad where you're swimming in the ocean and have to fight/punch sharks if they come up to you, otherwise you'll end up dying because they rip your arms off. The dad was asking me if I had ever seen the game, as he was confused why people would want to play that game, and I think my dream self had heard other kids talking about it an one point. There was some kind of commercial for a Nintendo game (I think it was Mario-related), and some kids started singing along. They might be their new neighbors, but I haven't met any yet. There was also something about a word "ganna." It was some other language, and kids were asking me about it. The closest thing I could come up with was "ganar" in Spanish, which means to win. Pretty sure more happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking up.

I felt super energized when trying to go to bed Wednesday night, making falling asleep tricky. I also woke up a few times throughout the night, sometimes waking up rather chilly and other times extremely hot. From what I could remember in my dream, it seemed like I was trying to re-awaken people to the possibilities and how powerful they are. I seemed to be kind of jumping from different timelines/time periods/realities while showcasing abilities like creating things out of thin air (a few times I created this fun, light-hearted snow indoors), flying, teleporting, transforming things into new things, etc. I think the point was just to get people to realize there was more than meets the eye and start considering what was truly possible. The powers that be didn't seem too keen on this in different timelines/time periods/realities, and they would have these large groups try to hunt me down and stop me. I'd always end up making allies with people that would help me along my way and keep me safe, like Corliss and her family among others. The other groups would try rather desperately to stop me, but I'd always manage to get away and pick back up where I left off at another point. Overall, the masses seemed thrilled with the prospect, but in some cases I had to be extra careful about what I did and how I did it because just coming out in the open and showing what I could do, illustrating that they could do it, too, would be too much too soon and overwhelm them. I had to be very strategic about it, providing them just what they needed in a fashion that was at the right place at the right time. It was rather interesting. Pretty sure a few people ended up joining me on the mission, following me as I moved on to other points/times/realities. More probably happened, but that's all I remembered upon waking up on Thursday morning.

I had trouble sleeping Thursday night and was fairly groggy when I woke up on Friday morning. I think there was something about a park in my dream, but my recall was extremely hazy. I couldn't remember anything when I woke up on Saturday morning, either. I was groggy when I woke up on Sunday morning since I had been up late babysitting, but I could remember parts of my dream. The first part I could remember involved having this grandfatherly mentor figure. We seemed to be in this other worldly location; it seemed kind of magical. Not sure what we were doing. At one point he transformed into a Pokémon; I think it was Umbreon. He had himself "caught" by a pokeball that was apparently mine, so he could assist me. Team Rocket and Giovanni tried to steal him from me; there was something about me not officially catching him, so then I had to rescue him. There was a lot of chaos, destruction, and collapse. There was some kind of fire on the roof, and the mentor/grandfatherly figure was hiding underneath something large (sort of like a car or chunk of building) as the Umbreon so Team Rocket couldn't get him. Apparently, I turned into a Pokemon, too. I seemed to be a shiny Umbreon, but I had bright blue eyes, too. I managed to rescue the mentor figure, and I think we made it an official catch so no one could try to steal and misuse him again. There was some other part of my dream involving traveling through some extensive cave system that had waterfalls as a Pokémon trainer. There was another part involving getting some new, cool back massager. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

It was an interesting week of babysitting. In the middle of the week they moved into their new house, so I ended up meeting them in a hotel a few days. Despite the unusual week, the boys and I still had fun; we found a pretty funny video about creating fake Pokémon. It had us dying with laughter. They're now officially moved into their new home now (although they still have a great deal of unpacking), and they all love it. The rooms are bigger, the neighborhood is lovely, and it's a real convenient location--the boys enjoy walking to the park that's right around the corner. We spent a lot of time at the park walking for the boy's online class. It was a busy and bit chaotic week, but we made it through rather smoothly. Their parents kept thanking me so much for all my help (I even helped them move some of their boxes) and insisting that they couldn't have done it without me. I just wanted to help how I could because it's how I would want to be treated if I were in their position.

I babysat for another family Saturday night, and the kiddos were super excited to see me. They wanted for us to play games, watch videos, create snacks and drinks, sing songs, and more. We had a lot of fun together, and they had us watch these TikTok compilation videos for a while; this girl kept making up songs (they were pretty good). According to the younger sister, I will be back next week to babysit them on Sunday and spend the night; this was news to me since their parents always tell me about stuff way before hand, but in reality it was just her wishful thinking despite all her claims that her parents told her so. When it was time for bed, they were up to their usual silliness. This time they were sending each other messages though their Echo dots. Apparently, you can get Echo dots to make announcements to other Echo dots (I had no clue because I've never had one or used one). It was getting a bit obnoxious and the older brother ended up trying to send the message, "No, I'm not," as an announcement. His sister's Echo dot started playing Parry Gripp's "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom" song instead. It was pretty hilarious and had us all clutching our sides. When I asked him if he knew that would happen because it almost seemed like he had planned it with how much he was laughing, he was quite adamant that he had no clue it would happen. It was unexpected and a fun way to end the night.

Tsuki was her typical nutty self, crawling under her tent, playing with bells, trying to catch bugs through the window, etc. She enjoyed hanging out on the porch, lounging on her stool, snoozing on the chairs, and napping on her new favorite rug. Tsuki even cuddled up on my lap and tried to claim my new anime goodies. She's such a goof.

My new anime goodies arrived this week! I'm super excited about them! The best part was I got a bunch of them for free thanks to my aunt.

Artwork for the week included:

I did more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! With helping out with moving for the family I babysit for, I didn't have as much time as I normally would for writing, so I didn't write any poetry or short stories this week. Feel free to check out the new art supply articles, though!

New articles include:

Things seem a bit chaotic at the moment (i.e. one of the family's I babysit for had their air conditioner break over the weekend). It's best to take things one step at a time and not plan too far ahead. Focus on what's right in front of you so you don't become too overwhelmed. We're doing the best we can in these times of transition and change. Be gentle with yourself, take time to breathe and relax, and prioritize your self-care. You'll get much more accomplished if you are well-rested and taken care of. Plan some time for creativity, fun, and joy, and let yourself have expressive freedom. It's a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and growth, so don't limit yourself. You're worth so much more than we're often conditioned to believe. Live your truth and allow yourself to live your best life. You deserve it. Take care, follow your heart, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week included:

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