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Happy Full Moon in Cancer!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm! It's been bitterly cold here, which has made it rather difficult to get up in the morning. The energies have been rather intense lately, and I'm guessing it's at least in part due to the full moon. One of the boys I babysit had an incident on Friday where a kid was verbally bullying him; emotions were definitely running high. Thankfully, the staff intervened, but he was understandably quite upset about it. He's back to his normal self now and already looking forward to their 3-day weekend next weekend and planning out what we'll do when I hang out with them all day (most likely during spring break). It's great to see him happy and excited. If you want to learn more about the recent full moon in cancer, feel free to check out the videos below:

My dream was rather intense from Sunday night/Monday morning. It started off rather ordinary, having me wandering around the aisles of a store, which seemed to be Target. I'm not sure what I was looking for, but I think I passed up the toy aisles, Christmas aisles, and so on. I ended up in the electronics section and started feeling weird. There was some intense, negative energy that made me feel uneasy. I ended up meeting Sandra (from The Magnificent Future/Akura YouTube channel), and she told me not to worry. There was this little opening/space in the aisle, and she had me sit down there with her. We might have placed a blanket over us or something, but whatever it was passed us by and had no clue we were there. More might have happened in that area, but the next thing I could remember was being at the checkout, despite not having anything to purchase. Sandra gave me two pieces of rose quartz, a heart and either a palm stone or a sphere, insistent that I have it and then I would be fine. I gladly took the rose quartz, but I wasn't sure what she meant. The next thing I knew I was grouped up with 4 other girls. Some being/creature seemed to be considering us to be it's plaything/"wife." It almost seemed like we were part of a game/dating simulator app, as the creature/being was scrolling and selecting options from a menu, deciding which it/he wanted. It seemed like the other girls were convinced/hoping that it would pick me and some kind of game announcer/narrator was spouting off details about the various girls, such as one being married, ages, etc. The being selected other options for the other girls, such as to play games with them, chat, etc. Then came the decision on who would be the one to be with and start a family. The other girls thought they were in the clear since the being had selected other options for them. When it came down to it, when deciding what to do with me, surprisingly the being decided to set me free/send me home. The other girls were shocked and couldn't believe it. Sandra was quite right about how I would be fine.

My dream recall was super hazy when I woke up on Tuesday; I couldn't pinpoint any details once awake. My dream recall was rather hazy when I woke up on Wednesday morning. From what I can remember, April, Corliss, and I were going to go to Hawaii. There was something about this ice cream wafer cookie dessert that April was insistent that I try. There was some kind of cinnamon rolled cake, too. We wound up at some store. There was something about dragons from Yugi-oh (I specifically remember seeing the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon). Then there was something about space, as well as something about Tsuki and a look-alike copy cat wandering around the aisles of what appeared to be a grocery store. More likely happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

It was quite difficult falling asleep Wednesday night, and once I finally did fall asleep, it wasn't a very restful sleep. Plus, I needed to wake up at 6:30 for school drop-off. My dream recall was quite murky, but I think there was something about Sonic plushies. While I was able to fall asleep about an hour earlier, it was still super challenging getting up Friday morning. Didn't help that it was bitterly cold, either. My dreams felt significant, but they were veiled in a haze. They only thing I could remember upon waking was there being something about Sonic the Hedgehog (I think it was plushies, but I'm not 100% on that). My dream recall was super hazy on Saturday morning when I woke up; it was also super challenging to wake up because my body just seemed to want to sleep all day long. I think there was something about Sonic the Hedgehog in my dream, but with everything being so muddled and murky, it was hard to tell.

My dream recall was clearer when I woke up this morning, and a lot seemed to happen. Most of it seemed to involve schools. There was one part where this kid decided to not go to school and play hooky, taking a group of friends with him and seemingly not showing up at school ever again. His older brother wanted to help him and get him back in school and debated whether to follow him or not. There was another part of the school that seemed to be like a boot camp/military school. It was very controlling and full of rules and uniforms. There were a couple of little boys from that part of the school that really wanted to be my friend. I think there was some kind of cosmic event at one point. Details got hazy. I was at a different school later, walking around outside. Someone was shouting about a vaccine being a sham or something and that it was full of red dye. I ended up going to the wrong class at first, ending up in math when I was supposed to be in Spanish class. When I got to the right class, one of my classmates was being like a class clown, and the teacher basically called him out on it, saying that if he wanted to get up an cause a ruckus, he could get into this little arena/stage area of the room and start performing a dance. He wanted no part of that. Then the teacher said something about turning in homework, which I had apparently forgotten all about. When I tried pulling out the worksheet she was talking about, it made no sense to me. The directions weren't very clear, but I started to piece together what I was supposed to do slowly. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking up.

The boys were excited to enjoy the last days of winter break before returning to school at the end of the week. They enjoyed discussing Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and loved showing me their new PS5 and Sonic Frontiers game. The younger brother really wants me to watch One Piece; granted, I have watched some of it, but that was back when I was a kid and when it was being dubbed by 4Kids. There are just so many episodes... He insists that it's super easy to watch a bunch of episodes in no time at all; apparently, he's watched like 100-150 episodes in 4 days. He's planning on getting another 100 or so episodes in by the end of the weekend.

Tsuki was her typical goofy self this week, although she was pretty sleepy due to the intensely cold weather. She enjoyed plenty of cat naps, with her favorite spots being her chair and cat house, and had a blast birdwatching from the kitchen window. Tsuki had fun hiding in the tissue paper and playing with paper beads, straws, and her toys, like her interactive snake toy. She even snuggled on my lap because it go so cold. She had a fairly chill week, but she's loved losing paper beads all over the house.

I've been discussing various things with my friends inside AMBSDR. We got discussing about how the best way to phrase a concept to be a nice quote. We settled on: "Do not mistake the process for the final outcome; perception and perspective can be tricky concepts. Sometimes what you perceive to be the conclusion is a mere illusion or prelude to all that is to come. Don't limit yourself into thinking it's only either/or because there's a sea of possibility. Most importantly, don't settle for less because you might miss out on what your soul is actually yearning for." It's pretty powerful stuff.

Artwork for the week included plenty of paper beads:

I wrote more content for Creativity Chronicles this week! I did a bunch of writing for Luck's List! Feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

New Luck's List articles:

Please, take care of yourself, prioritizing self-care and making time for fun. It's way too easy to neglect your needs when you have massive to-do lists. I've enjoyed taking some time to watch new Miraculous episodes and The Way of the House Husband. Definitely need a bit of down time. Be gentle with yourself as you're doing the best you can. You don't need to get it all done now, so don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing great! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and stay warm! Stay blessed with love and light~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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