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Happy Full Moon in Aries!

I hope everyone is doing well and was able to enjoy the recent full moon! Has anyone else been feeling more lethargic lately? My motivation wasn't particularly high this week, and I was feeling rather tired. It could have been due to the fall weather, the energies, something else, or some kind of combination. I'm not really sure, but I had the impulse to go hibernate this week. Maybe that's why Tsuki's been extra nutty this week, too, and the kids; the kids were especially nutty at the end of the week. Mercury and Jupiter went direct on the 18th, so maybe that has something to do with it, too. My coworker commented this week that before they worked in before/after care they had thought that people who claimed the full moon effected people were crazy. After this week, especially, my coworker is a believer. I have included some informative videos and a meditation about the recent full moon in Aires if you're interested below:

A lot happened in my dream from Sunday night/Monday morning. The first thing I could remember was being in some kind of large building like a mall or school. I'm not sure where exactly it was. Something was going on, sort of like a challenge or survival struggle (not sure exactly what). I remembered a lot of people being in the building and moving throughout the building (kind of like moving through different levels of a dungeon in a game). Whatever it was I did on one "level" made me like the boss or ruler (sort of like being ranked number one player on various games). It wasn't really my choice; I didn't want to be calling the shots, but everyone decided that for me and looked to me for solutions. More happened, but it's a bit hazy. At one point a small group of people led me down this side area; it seemed sketchy, like they were lying to me about what it really was. I inquired if they were certain this was the next place to help us, and they assured me it was. It ended up being a double-crossing; they had been faking it and wanted to eliminate me. I thought to myself, well, shoot, I really should have listened to my intuition on that one. I ended up being saved by Sesshomaru. The small group was out to kill me, probably so they could be the ones in charge. Sesshomaru ended up taking us out some secret path through like what seemed to be air ducts or something--it wasn't a place that people could get there easily unless they could jump high/fly. I think wherever we ended up was extremely peaceful, but the specifics are fuzzy. That's all I could remember from that part.

There was another part to the dream where I started by playing a game, but it transitioned to be what seemed to be Sea World. I was with some guy that was my friend (I couldn't explain what he looked like to you--no recollection on that, I just knew he was a friend), and a staff member was explaining why they had to let all of the orcas go back to the wild (it was unhealthy for them to be in the small tanks). She showed us that they had basically blasted the outer wall, so the orcas could swim back to sea on their own. We ended up going out to the ocean on like a log or something (it didn't quite seem to be a log, but it was the same general shape as it). There were these creatures that were part alligator, part something else (I couldn't tell you what exactly the other part was). They started closing in on us, so we decided to return to the aquarium like place. We ended up meeting with a few other people. The dream shifted a bit, and we were at some kind of river. Apparently, some nefarious lady was out to get our group. We ended up hiding in the river. We kept diving down into its depths to avoid her detection. She seemed to be searching hard for us (not sure what we did to make her so angry). We swam away from where she was beneath the surface. When we were away from her, we came back up for air. It kind of seemed like we were near a water cave. We just peaked about the surface, trying to make sure that she was actually gone when one of the members of the group exclaimed, "Oh good, she's gone." The lady popped up with a wicked grin, thanking him for cluing her into where we were. We had all been holding hands, and the lady tried to grab me. I knew if I stayed connected to the others, she would get all of us, so I let go. The rest of the group, especially the friend from the start of this part of the dream, were upset by this. The lady ended up taking me prisoner to some cave/mine. She was getting ready to put me in chains. What seemed to be her boss arrived with like a bunch of soldiers. He was really smug and full of himself. He started talking down to me and expected nothing but obedience as his prisoner. He listed off all these things I was supposed to do; I started playing along by nodding when one of the group members appeared, growling, "Don't agree to that!" The rest of the group appeared to save me. They put me on some kind of air plane with them. I didn't understand what my role was supposed to be because apparently, everyone had a job. The cave/mine kind of erupted and morphed into an alive building (sort of like the Black Bull's hideout in Black Clover). It started spewing out monsters like in a game. There were hordes of them. We had to get rid of them in order to flee since there were so many. I think we ended up succeeding, but the rest is hazy. There was another significant part to my dream, but I couldn't remember it upon waking.

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I didn't remember everything from my dream. What I could recall started off with my sister, dad, and me being at a store (possibly Target) looking for alligator themed gifts for our two-year-old cousin, Addie. I found some little alligator toys (I think they were Fisher-Price) and then a couple that looked like they were a cross between an alligator and some other kind of reptile (possibly dinosaur? They had some kind of spikey, spine thing on their backs). My dad wanted to get her a frog outfit, completely overlooking the alligator one that was right next to it. We ended up going to the shoe section, and there was a staff member that worked in the shoes that had beef with my sister. Apparently, my sister had tried to steal shoes from there before. The staff member kept glaring daggers at her. My sister grumbled that that was then, this was now--why couldn't she let it go since she was a different person now? The dream transitioned to me going to some kind of building; it was like a house but it wasn't what I currently call home. It sort of gave me the vibe of the Big Brother show April's mom used to be obsessed about (the only time I had ever seen any of it was when April and I would be hanging out, and her mom would choose to watch an episode). I don't think anything was being recorded in the dream, though. There were multiple people that lived there, and I didn't know them personally (at least in real life--maybe I've met them before in my dreams or a past life or something). I decided to go to bed at like 4pm because I was super tired and apparently had to get up early the following day. A girl that would be sharing the room with me decided to come in and introduce herself. She didn't seem to get the hint that I wanted to sleep. Then some guy that lived in another part of the house showed up to say hi. He didn't stick around for long. The girl showed me some photograph; my dream self recognized one of the girls depicted as being called "Nadia" (although I have no clue who she is upon waking up) next to a girl who appeared to be from India and to practice the Hindu faith. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I knew that a lot happened in my dream, but I only remembered part of it. What I could remember started off with me being at some kind of house. I seemed to be staying there (although it didn't look like my current home). I think I was supposed to prepare some kind of presentation for a class or school. Apparently, I had sort of forgotten about it, and the due date was quickly approaching, despite me feeling no motivation to actually do it. It transitioned a little bit, and kids started showing up suddenly. I was apparently supposed to be watching them. It seemed like it was a before/after care program. More and more kids were getting dropped off, and apparently, I was supposed to provide child care for them all on my own. I was getting frazzled because there was supposed to be a clipboard for the parents to sign, but I didn't have one. The parents couldn't leave until they signed it, and there was like a build up of families. I was getting stressed. I looked out a window and saw the clipboard sitting on some care outside. That didn't help matters. I didn't know how it got there but knew that I was supposed to get said clipboard and keep an eye on the children at the same time. I felt stuck in an impossible situation. Some supervisors from past jobs showed up and were basically chewing me out. I explained that I was put in an impossible situation, and while they seemed to understand on a level that no one could be expected to do this, they still expected me to do it and were upset that I was not handling things better. Apparently, kids were messing up the bathroom, too. I had never met these kids, but I was expected to know all their names, greet the parents, get them to sign in, and watch the ever growing group of children. It was intense. Someone was supposed to be there with me to help watch the kids, but they never showed up. That's all I could remember from the dream.

My dream seemed to be all over the place from Wednesday night/Thursday morning. A lot happened, but I didn't remember everything from the dream. It involved Pokémon at one point. There was some kind of journey. I remember getting a Pokémon to level 66; I don't remember which one, but whichever one I used managed to to one-hit KO a Nidoking with absorb because it was super effective (the Nidoking was around my Pokémon's level, but I'm not sure if my Pokémon could even naturally learn absorb). There was another part involving some kind of school. I think my chemistry teacher from high school was there. I remember reviewing homework assignments for my various classes and seeing that I had several big projects/papers due soon. I think it was going to be the weekend, so I'd have to complete them over the weekend before coming back to school, but I think one of them wasn't due for awhile. I couldn't remember anything specific about the projects other than they were important, big, and needed to be completed soon. I think another part involved my siblings, but dream recall for the rest is really hazy. Much more happened, but I couldn't seem to sort out what happened and remember specific details upon waking.

I was rather sleepy when I woke up Friday morning, knowing a lot happened in my dream but not remembering much of what transpired. There was something involving a school I think at one point. I know I found myself at a gas station at another point. I almost feel as if there was some kind of sword at a different point. Everything was shrouded in haze, though, so I'm not sure what actually happened. I did want to stay in bed--that much I know for certain.

I woke up a bit sleepy on Saturday morning, but I remembered more from my dream. The first thing I remembered was being in my car in some parking lot. I think it was night time and that I was waiting for Corliss. I listened to music, not seeming to have a care in the world and patiently waiting. Suddenly, someone approached the car window, knocking. I rolled down the window, and they asked if I was the number that called them, holding up their phone to show the number. I didn't recognize the number at all and informed them that it wasn't me. At this point the person either turned into one of my aunts or left and my aunt appeared (I'm not sure which). My aunt gave me a gift; it was wrapped, soft, kind of squishy, and round. She told me that it had cost $70 but that it was worth it. As I felt the gift through the wrapping, it left me with the impression of earmuffs. I thought to myself that they would probably come in handy with the colder weather. I asked my aunt if they were earmuffs, but I didn't remember getting an answer (not sure if she didn't hear me or just chose not to answer). She told me that it was Stitch themed (i.e. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch), and I could tell because the wrapping had partially come undone with a Stitch tag peaking out. My aunt left, although I didn't remember actually seeing her leave. Apparently, it was the next morning because the sun was now out. I was still in the parking lot. My sister appeared, and she was apparently on the hunt for some gas for her car. Turned out there was a gas station right next to the parking lot. She asked me if their gas was any good. I told her that I had no problems with it as I had apparently gotten some gas from that station a few times before out of convenience. My sister was upset that the gas prices were all going way up; the gas station next door was priced at $4.35, but that was apparently a decent price compared to other places. My sister went over to get some gas, but apparently, she didn't want it for her car. She started filling up these containers. I guess she wanted to have some to spare in case things got crazy and in case there were shortages. That's all I could remember upon waking up, but I'm pretty sure more happened.

I naturally woke up around 6:30 this morning, but I tried to go back to sleep since I was still kind of sleepy. I was half asleep, but the first thing I remembered from my dream was that the family I babysat for last night had to get up at 1am for a swim meet (while it was true that they had a swim meet to go to this morning, I doubt they had to be up at 1am for it). They overslept. Their older son woke up at 2am, still tired since he hadn't fallen asleep until a little before 1am. He saw that it was 2am and that the rest of his family had overslept, but he couldn't seem to care about it and went back to sleep. I don't remember if they ever made it to the swim meet in the dream. It was supposed to be at 5:45am in the dream (not sure if that's the same in real life or not). There was one part of my dream that involved meeting anime characters; I met Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach for sure, but I didn't remember anything else from this part. The next thing I recalled was being with my parents and sister. We were traveling for some reason. I don't know if we had taken a car or plane or something to get there, but we were getting ready to board some kind of train. It was super crowded and couldn't fit any more people. We were discussing when we would be returning I think, and some other passenger was returning on December 13th, my birthday. My mom got really guilty because it reminded her that she would be traveling on my birthday (to my knowledge this was only in the dream--I don't think she has plans on doing so in the waking world). My mom started making some kind of excuses, claiming she would make it up to me. I wasn't particularly upset in the dream (I tend to be fine chilling by myself, hanging out with Tsuki, or doing things with my friends--I don't really need large birthday celebrations). I couldn't remember if we ever made it to our destination in the dream. The last part I could remember involved going to like this place in the woods/in a field. An event that was sort of akin to an Easter egg hunt was taking place, but it was searching for crystals. You had to pay to participate, but I didn't mind. I ended up finding some kind of shopping cart to put crystals in. There were all sorts of them, spheres, eggs, towers/wands, tumbled stones, etc. They were buried in the ground, but you could usually see at least a tiny bit of the crystal peeking out. As I was collecting crystals, someone stole from my pile in the cart. I confronted them about it, saying that it wasn't cool to steal, but they denied it. They ended up giving me some of them back, but they also gave me some kind of bottles. I ended up going in search for more crystals because I didn't want the bottles and since the thief disappeared. I found even more crystals than before; the cart was kind of overflowing with them. I know there was rose quartz, fluorite, septarian, and amethyst for sure, but there were lots of different crystals that I found. I was so happy to have an abundance of crystals. That's all I could remember from my dream.

The kiddos had a blast in before care this week. They were still obsessed with balloons and creating Among Us characters. One of the girls started drawing on one of the balloons; she drew two different characters on it, dubbing them "Joe" and "Bob." The balloon ended up exploding because she poked it with a paperclip. They had me help them make fortune tellers so that they could use them as puppets. They named one of them Flo, and "Flo" talked but only in the form of "ma." It was intriguing. They enjoyed creating more characters for the story/puppet show they plan on putting on, noting that they still need to create backgrounds. They held a drawing competition. They created their own sign out sheet so they could sign out their strawberry. They also enjoyed making bracelets, completing puzzles, running a pretend restaurant, tending to crickets, patrolling for zombies, etc. Seriously, they became obsessed with finding crickets. They had a pair Thursday morning and decided that one was a boy (Kevin Bevin) and one was a girl (Crystal Diamond); these two crickets were thrown a wedding that same morning. They are very creative. They had me create a rainbow bat; I had specific instructions that it should have eyelashes, a bow, grass below, and sunflowers. They added a sun/moon to the sky. It looks pretty cool. While we were working on coloring, drawing, and creating, one of the little girls chatted with me, commenting, "A lot of adults don't believe me when I tell them I have a superpower, but my mom believes me." I told her that anyone could have a superpower, even if it doesn't seem likely. She remarked, "Yeah! My superpower is super special! My superpower is love!" I replied that love was a wonderful superpower to have and that the world could use more love in it; she agreed. It was so gosh darn cute! It made me want to cry; she's such a sweet kid.

Friday was pretty crazy in before care. Maybe it had something to do with the full moon energies. Not sure what it was, but the kids were all over the place. They kept getting into arguments. One little girl refused to come out of the bathroom (she went in there to cry). Every time we turned around, there was a new dispute. Even the kids' play picked up on all the turbulence. Crystal Diamond and Kevin Bevin broke up and called off their marriage (this was after one of the girls kept saying that Kevin was delicious--apparently, she was saying that to Diamond to convinced her to kiss Kevin). It took forever to clean up, so my coworker and I ended up leaving late. I don't envy the after care workers; apparently, the kids had been fighting with everyone Thursday afternoon. Something's going on with the energies, that's for sure.

It was a pretty chill week of babysitting. The boys were off of school on Monday and Tuesday due to conferences, and their mom spent quality time with them. They wanted to know what had been going on with Tsuki and before care. They couldn't believe that Tsuki was being crazy and busting open her incision. They also were shocked that the kids in before care had a cricket wedding. We mainly discussed Pokémon and InuYasha/YashaHime. They wanted to talk about memes (their favorites right now being ones about Naraku and bees) and theories for upcoming episodes of YashaHime. They wondered whether there'd be a fifth InuYasha movie (i.e. a movie for YashaHime). When we started dicussing the recent teaser trailer released by the official Pokemon channel about the new variants of Zorua and Zoroark, I brought up the recent conversation I had with Corliss about the region and how it's called Hisui (the same name as Miroku and Sango's son). She asked if it was basically the feudal era, which it kind of is (but maybe it doesn't take place at exactly the feudal era). The boys got excited by the prospect and want a Pokémon and InuYasha crossover. I'm sure fanfic exists--I know of at least one story that does: A Miko and Her 'Mon. I enjoyed it. I'd be down to play an InuYasha-Pokémon crossover game. I wonder if there are any fan games out there already...

Tsuki's such a nut. Last Sunday we noticed that her incision site was starting to swell into a bump. We scheduled an appointment as soon as we could, but she ended up running around like crazy and popping it. We had to take her for an emergency visit since it started oozing some sort of bloody discharge. She ended up getting her incision site cleaned and checked for bacteria cultures (came back clean). The vet put a staple in to keep the incision closed. I went to bed Monday night, but my sister told me that Tsuki ripped her staple out, so she put her into her cat onesie so she wouldn't lick/mess with her incision. I woke up on Tuesday morning to find that Tsuki somehow managed to get out of it. She's such an escape artist. We managed to keep her in the onesie for several days by using a safety pin. We figured she was able to undo the Velcro and that's how she managed to get out of the onesie. Thankfully, her incision site seems a lot better now. It's not completely healed, but she's feeling pretty much back to normal. She's been running around pretty much since Wednesday. Saturday she started jumping again, too. We're glad she's feeling better and healthy. We're still going to keep an eye on her incision, though, just to be sure. Tsuki's been extra clingy and snuggly lately, too, due to the cooler weather. She doesn't like being cold, so she cuddles in my lap all the time to sleep.

After months of waiting they finally got around to working on our street. We got a notice in the mail back in May that they would be tearing up and repaving the street in June. 4 months later, and they actually showed up to do so. It was kind of a pain. I, personally, didn't see why they needed to since there were no holes, and while it was a bit patchy from the time there was a watermain break, there were no issues with the road. It looks nice now. Maybe they were concerned about aesthetics. Who knows? It scared Tsuki, but it's over now.

I did some last minute babysitting for a family on Saturday. It was pretty chill. When I arrived the younger of the two came up to me, showing off all his buddies. They were cute toys. He went on to explain all about his buddies and how he trapped them all. I made a comment about how that's not how I would treat my buddies, which caused his older brother to burst out laughing. He continued explaining how he wanted to trap his buddies and how they walked straight into the trap. Then after he took all of them out of the trap his buddy, Squiddy the octopus, schemed on how to trap the others. Squiddy tricked the others into walking into the trap again. One by one, they walked into the trap, thinking it was just a box, only to be trapped. They'd scream, "AHHH! IT'S A TRAP!!!" After three of them got stuck, I suggested that they warn their other friends about it being a trap so not everyone would get stuck. They followed my advice, but Squiddy didn't appreciate that and forced them all into the trap anyway. It was pretty humorous to watch. His older brother showed off his Halloween costume; it was pretty creative: a vending machine. I loved all the problem solving that went into creating his costume. The younger of the two said he was going to be a shadow for Halloween. We ended up watching a Spy Kids movie and Miraculous before they went to bed. Considering I didn't have any plans, it was a nice way to spend Saturday night. Kids are great and have such vivid imaginations.

My new window cling arrived! Hooray for Sesshomaru! My new costume arrived, too. At the beginning of October, the boys wanted to know what I planned to be for Halloween. I had no plans, so they decided they would choose for me. They started brainstorming and decided I should be an InuYasha character. Their first thought was Sango, but they soon changed their mind, flipping to Kagome, then Rin, before settling on Sesshomaru. Their reasoning? Because he's my favorite character (lol). They decided that Corliss should be Miroku, which she was completely game for. April heard what the boys decided, and she wanted to be Naraku. The boys thought that was awesome and want her to carry around a live beehive to be authentic to Naraku (LMAO). April wasn't turned off by the idea since she adores bees, but she wasn't sure it was the best idea because it was a bit dangerous to carry around a live beehive. They decided that she could carry a bee plush instead. Kids keep things so interesting.

Artwork for this week included:

This week was a pretty chill week; I was feeling pretty lethargic, so I took it easy. I read, did a bit of writing, and watched some shows. Fanfic for this week included: A Time to Start, Dreams of a Bluer Sky, Assassins Requiem, Counting Crows, Sacred, Face Down, Mending the Broken Hearted, Pieces of a Broken Heart, This is Jealousy, Some Scars Lie So Deep, and My First. I posted a new short story on Vocal, so feel free to read it! This week I wrote Grandmother's Promise. This newest short story about Karissa and Serena and takes place after the short story "The Lone Wolf Discovers A Friend," so they're still in elementary school for the story (versus most of the other stories where they're young adults). Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories! I watched some of Adventure Time since Corliss started having me watch it with her, but Corliss had me watch where she was in the series (which was starting at season 5). Not going to lie, it left me with a lot of questions. I knew bits and pieces since my sister used to watch Adventure Time, but I was not up to speed with what was happening. With the episodes being shorter, I was able to get somewhat close to catching up to where Corliss had me start. Some of the episodes were kind of meh, but I figured that was because I'm not the target audience. Some of the later episodes Corliss had me watch were pretty deep and trippy. Those kept my attention a lot better. I also watched the newest episode of YashaHime, and I'm so excited! Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha have know all seen/met their parents. Granted, InuYasha and Kagome are still trapped in the realm between life and the afterlife with grave of InuYasha and Sesshomaru's father, and Rin is still asleep and sealed in the tree of ages, but still. I'm curious about Rion. I wonder what kind of role she'll play and what caused her to be sealed away. Kirinmaru seemed to be an okayish dad (granted, bringing a kid to a battle field isn't what I would consider to be the best parental move, but to each their own, I guess); he wanted to show Rion the world, which I can get behind. Makes me wonder if his humiliation of losing to Inu no Taisho soured his relationship, and each time he saw Rion he thought of his failure. He said as much about each time he looked at Riku (the horn Toga broke off in the fight) he'd remember his failure. Rion was at that fight, so maybe the same could be applied to her. Makes me wonder if the arm they had Riku dispose of in the Bone Eater's well became Towa's former teacher, Mr. Kirin--if a broken horn can become Riku, a discarded arm could certainly become an entity like Riku. It also seems like the feudal era and the present era have become severed from one another, at least based off what Mr. Kirin was saying at the end of the episode. I eagerly await next week's episode! The story is super interesting and leaving me with more and more questions (the boys will likely ask if Shippo's made an appearance yet in YashaHime; they will be happy to hear that InuYasha and Kagome made an appearance rather than just appearing in flashbacks). I don't usually partake in such "lazy" weeks, but it felt necessary this week. I wonder if it had something to do with the dream/astral realm; I didn't wake up feeling all that refreshed most mornings even though I would go to bed fairly early. Who knows? Health is important, so I made sure to rest even if it wasn't always in the form of sleep. Chilling with Tsuki curled up on my lap is really nice. Take care of yourselves, everyone, and rest if necessary. 2021 may be almost over, but I feel like there's still a lot more to come. Be gentle with yourself, and take time to breathe. We're all doing the best we can. We're human, and it's okay to make mistakes. I wish you well; stay blessed with love and light~

Here's food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Some food for thought for the week:

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