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Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!

I hope everyone is doing well! Did anyone check out the moon this week? It looked pretty massive here and had a definite yellow-tint to it. I have included some info and a meditation for this Full Moon in Aquarius below if you're interested:

I woke up Monday morning a bit tired; Tsuki had been crying a lot the previous night, sad because she wasn't sure where everyone was (even though I kept showing her where we were all sleeping--the others were already asleep). She kept leaving my room, crying and searching for us. She'd come back into my room, crying before playing with random things she'd find. She climb all over me, crying as if to say, "Get up and play!" She eventually curled up on my back to sleep. Maybe she was picking up on energies because it wasn't just because Tsuki was wandering around, crying, that I struggled with falling asleep. I was tired but felt energized. I'm not sure what the energy was from, but I felt it. Ideas for short stories kept popping into my mind, not wanting to leave me alone. I wasn't particularly upset by receiving all this inspiration to write, but I would have appreciated some sleep (lol). What I do remember from my dream, though, was that I was helping with some kind of school with before/after care. There were lots of kids, and I was looking for something (maybe a cat/Tsuki--the specifics are fuzzy). There were so many staff members there, and it's like they didn't even notice I was there. It was strange. I know more happened, but I can't remember what.

Tsuki had kept me up for awhile Monday night; I didn't remember exactly what happened in my dream when I woke up Tuesday morning. Whatever happened felt significant. I'm struggling placing a finger on what happened, though. Tsuki settled in Tuesday night, seeming to recognize nighttime routines so that she knew that we were going to sleep upstairs, so she didn't keep me up like she had previously. I slept pretty well. What I remembered from my dream upon waking up Wednesday morning was that the boys were helping me. I'm pretty sure they were helping me take care of Tsuki (and maybe helping me with other things). I didn't remember anything else, but I woke up feeling pretty well rested.

When I woke up Thursday morning, I recalled more from my dream. The first thing I remember is that the road construction workers were finally going to work on the street (they had sent a letter back at the beginning of May that it would take place a month ago, but they have yet to even appear on our street). They showed up in the dream but apparently they had no idea what they were supposed to do, deciding that they would just "wing it" the next day. The next thing I remember I was with the boys I babysit; my mom and sister ended up meeting them. They were asking my sister and mom some questions, like if they had ever gotten any of the food before (apparently, they had gotten some kind of unique breakfast special from Dierbergs that came from like a buffet and you could fill like some white buckets to the brim with whatever you wanted). My sister hadn't understood the question, so I clarified what they meant, and she replied that she had never gone to Dierbergs before (which isn't true, but she's only gone there a handful of times in real life). More might have happened, but the next thing I remembered was there was some massive river; it was incredibly high, flooding the surrounding trees/woodsy area partially. There were various individuals (like anime characters) zooming overhead on brooms. I remember Zenitsu from Demon Slayer for sure. He had been fleeing speedily on his broom; apparently, Zenitsu/people were fleeing Tatsumaki/Tornado from One Punch Man. I don't recall why. As soon as he got far enough away from her (until he reached some safe point in the woods), he woke up and started freaking out--he had been flying on the broom unconscious the entire time. There was some sort of gathering in a clearing/field in the middle of the forest. It was significant, but I couldn't really remember anything else. I think other anime characters were meeting there. but I'm not entirely certain. The details got fuzzy. I know more happened in the dream, but that's all I recalled.

When I woke up Friday morning I felt like a lot happened in my dream, but I only really remembered one part of the dream where I was at some sort of school. I was meandering down the halls and ended up going to what was supposedly a Spanish class. I had to give some sort of presentation. While the specifics of the presentation are hazy now, it had something to do with being authentic. The teacher requested I provide an example on how I live my life authentically so the others would know what I meant/have an idea so they could answer the question themselves. I was a little stunned for a moment, since I was unexpectedly put on the spot, but I think I settled with that I love creating and tend to be silly. The teacher seemed satisfied with my answer. Everyone seemed to really like my presentation. I went back to my desk to sit down.

While sitting at the desk, a paper appeared on my desk from behind me. It had a note that read, “Quien esta detras de tu?” I could hear Scott and Charlie (two people who went to school with me) sitting in the row of desks behind me. My dream self was nearly 100% certain it was Scott that had written/given me the note, as he was directly behind me. Charlie was behind me like a couple of desks over. I was tempted to write back, “Un chico esta detras de mi :P “ but I don’t think I ended up responding.

A group of at least 10 students came into the classroom at that point. There was a student several grades above (or they were possibly a student teacher) that came with them. The older individual was super excited, announcing they had finally gotten names. Apparently, there was a bad case of bullying going around. Several classmates remarked how they had been getting grief from the bully, including Philip (also went to school with me). The older student/student teacher informed the teacher that they had finally figured who it was. The classroom apparently had two doors: one towards the back where the group came in and one towards the front. Some teacher/staff member had opened the front door, trying to coax someone into the classroom. I could hear whoever it was pacing and freaking out in the hallway, shouting that they didn’t want to come inside. Not sure how, but somehow they coaxed the individual inside. I’m pretty sure it was Sam (another person that went to school with me). They had him stand before the class and apologize. He was crying and didn’t seem like he wanted to actually apologize, not meeting people’s eyes and looking at things around the room instead. I don’t remember what he actually ended up saying, but it was something along the lines of he didn’t really mean it, he had been trying to learn about the various people so they could be friends (it kind of seemed like it had been so he could have ammunition to use against whoever he was “friends” with). He ended up wailing most of whatever he ended up saying. I guess it was like a narcissist getting caught and trying to blame others/gaslight? Not sure how that ended up being resolved (like I don’t know if people actually forgave him or not because the dream just kind of moved on).

Students began sort of packing up and assembling something for an assignment, putting different papers, worksheets, and the like in a folder. My folder was rather packed. Magenta Pixie became the teacher, and she came to talk with me. I think we were supposed to turn in our folders. She noted my folder, smiling and saying something along the lines of me working hard. Taking a closer look at the folder, she commented on how most of the papers were stored in the front half of the folder—it was overflowing with the papers—whereas the back half of the folder was slimmer and more tidy. She then proceeded to remark something along the lines of the divine feminine (referring to the back half of the folder) was a bit reluctant, mindful and reflective of what is transpiring. I think she was partially referring to me, and it sort of seemed like she was referring to divine feminine in the relation to partnerships/relationships. I made some comment about how I hadn’t found the right person yet, hence why I was still, in my friend's words, a “single Pringle.” She gave me a gentle smile. That’s all I remembered happening in the classroom.

Class was over I guess because I started making my way through the halls again. I ended up walking through the cafeteria, and a bunch of elementary school students appeared to be eating lunch there. A group of them seemed to be bickering because a couple were snatching food off of the others’ trays because they hadn’t been able to get what they wanted but the others had. At a lunch table a student asked one of the staff where some other staff member was because they missed him, but the staff member replied that he had moved away. I ended up leaving the cafeteria and going out the doors of the school. A bunch of students were being picked up from school in a carpool pickup circle. I ended up walking towards the side to use the pathway to the side street (the “super special, secret, awesome” path that we used from high school). I don’t remember if any staff tried to stop me or talk to me or not. For some reason I feel like they didn’t want me to go that way (maybe because everyone else was using the carpool pickup circle?), but that’s all I remembered when I woke up.

Interestingly enough, Corliss had a similar dream Thursday night/Friday morning. The start of her dream was the two of us going on this epic trip, full of massive evergreens. It sounded beautiful. We ended up going to some sort of old, shiny, breath-taking museum. Corliss informed me that it's an actually place in Greece, some sort of ancient history museum/school. She told me that the whole dream up until that point was super sunny, but when we arrived it started to rain. We went there apparently for classes, but we each had a separate class there. I went one way, and she went down to the basement, which resembled a dungeon of some sorts (apparently, it had happy prisoners that could come and go as they pleased). She met her teacher, who was apparently Will Smith. He was super friendly and teaching her all sorts of things. She said he was a centaur. There was another cruel centaur down there that Will Smith said he had to hide Corliss from. Eventually, the other centaur broke free, so Corliss had to hide. She was right above it in the dream; she felt that it should have been able to sense her, but it couldn't sense her for some reason. The basement started flooding for some reason.

The first thing I remembered from my dream when I woke up on Saturday morning was Star and Marco from Star vs the Forces of Evil were outside of like a school. They were apparently at some kind of P.E. class with other students on a field. There were like stations of different activities the students were working on that surrounded a pirate ship (not sure why it was there). Star and Marco were wearing some kind of matching coats, and Star started to show them off to the others, revealing that she was actually wearing another coat underneath the first. The classmates were telling them that they had to wear some kind of specific pants, but Star didn't like the ones the others tried to give them. Star and Marco ended up going to a store to get some they'd be happy with. There was like some kind of sand castle competition going on outside on the parking lot. While I knew a lot happened in the parking lot, the details were fuzzy upon waking. At one point rain that came rushing down gutters arrived, washing away what people were working on. More happened, but I couldn't recall what exactly transpired after that. I know that at one point Tsuki ended up in some kind of playful competition that seemed to resemble the new game Pokemon Unite, but the rest of the dream is shrouded in a haze.

A really peculiar experience occurred Saturday evening. It was just me and Tsuki. She was squeaking at me to give her some more food (she likes to act like we never feed her even if we gave her food an hour before), so I obliged. I'm not really sure what I witnessed. I was drying my hands when something drifting by caught my attention. It was really small and resembled a tiny fleck of gold leaf that I've used for projects (like the kitty heart collage painting I made of fluffy cat somewhat recently). Thing is, it was glowing this intense golden-amber color. It almost seemed to pulse (I had thought it was a firefly for half a second, but I realized it was wayyyy too tiny to be one). It was there for a few seconds and then just up and vanished. I blinked and began searching for it, but the search proved fruitless. I shared the experience with Corliss via text, and she remarked, "Hey! Almost the same thing JUST happened. Except it felt like the sun itself because I'm downstairs and the window just glowed. Like it was telling me to get up. It's the thunder man BMO was singing about. 😂*insert nervous laugh* Or in this case the Sun man." Has anyone else experienced anything strange lately? It was so strange and unusual. Words don't even adequately describe it.

Tsuki has been adjusting to our home rather well. She cries whenever she can't see anyone (she's convinced she's alone, and it makes me think about the scene in Lilo and Stitch where Stitch is in the woods and cries, "I'm lost."). She's been following me around practically everywhere. She climbs up my jeans and curls up in my lap, purring. She wants other people to be with her (she only went out on the porch when she followed me out). It's really cute (it makes me think of a little duckling). She launched herself at me when I got home from babysitting on Tuesday, clinging to and climbing up my leg. It was the first time she had done that--she's climbed up my leg while I was sitting before (because she didn't want to jump), but it truly felt like she wanted to prevent me from leaving (I had wanted a shower when I got home since it had been super hot and since we had been at the zoo all afternoon). She's super cuddly and loves being a "lap cat." She'll often snooze for hours on my lap. Tsuki also likes flipping around and attacking my legs while on my lap. She'll go from lap to lap during dinner, making her rounds. She's a goof. She's had a ball with various toys and items around the house. She often races around the house, playing with various toys/items (including pencils), and skids and slides all over the wood floors. It's pretty hilarious to watch. She often slides herself underneath various cabinets while she's playing with them, too.

We watched Chevy this week since my cousin, Caleb, and aunt were out of town, vacationing in Florida. Chevy's such a sweet boy! We took Tsuki to meet him since my brother is bringing his puppy over next weekend; we thought it would help acclimate her to being around a dog, although the lady who fostered Tsuki said that she was good with dogs. Tsuki did not enjoy meeting Chevy. She puffed up and hissed at him. Chevy is so gentle and friendly, though. It makes me wonder if she'll handle meeting energetic Yogi next weekend.

It was a fun week of babysitting. One of the brothers was away at camp, so the other got a lot of one-on-one time with me, which he loved. We continued working on his online P.E. class, taking walks around the neighborhood. Pearl loved having us at the house, using me as a pillow. He loved my new Sailor Moon sunshade. We even spent the afternoon at the zoo on Tuesday; we met up with April and Iris, and he was so happy to finally meet them. He was looking forward to it all morning. He got so excited, asking what their favorite exhibits were, where we would meet them, what were their favorite shows, etc. It was really sweet--he even got rather concerned when we couldn't find them in the Red Rocks exhibit, having us go searching for them to make sure they weren't lost. Iris was being her typical hilarious self, telling stories. One story was about how she went to the park the day before and "saw a booty." When asked about what she meant (and if it was a "bird booty" since she had just been talking about birds), it was "a people booty." The boy I babysit tried so hard not to laugh. Later Iris started mushing a strawberry into water, making "soup" which later turned into (her words, not mine) "poop for daddy." She is such a character. When we were leaving, he remarked that it was too bad that his brother wasn't there with us so he could meet April and Iris, too, and that now all he had to do was meet Corliss. On the 21st Pokemon Unite released for the Switch, so he had us play it together. It's pretty fun, but some rounds the opposing team had 3-5 Pokemon gang up on me, surrounding me and knocking me out. That was a bit frustrating (lol).

On Saturday I volunteered at a cat café in the area as a test run to see if they wanted to hire me. It was a lot of fun! The vibe and atmosphere there was amazing! It felt like a home with family and friends rather than a "workplace." The staff there is phenomenal, and they're all into art! There's no dress code, meaning I can happily wear anime shirts or tie dye or whatever my heart desires. It's so relaxed there; the owners want the staff to have fun there (but still make sure that the café is able to function well). It feels like there's no real pressure there, and they emphasized that there were no wrong questions, feel free to ask. The cats were adorable! The owners work with rescue cats and shelters to find them loving homes. The owners are married, meeting through working at a shelter, and they started the café back in late 2018 if I remember correctly. They still have full time jobs, so they're quite busy during the week. They have paintings/drawings/prints of their own cats hanging up in the café, and they have so many fun stories about the cats and even the décor in the café. For instance, one of the cats they adopted out apparently now has an Instagram account. I think she said that the cat's name is Mr. Licorice. She also told me the story about this massive wood-painting of a cat head hanging up on the wall; they had received it from their neighbor across the street from the café before he moved. They had stopped by to say hi one day, and the husband noticed the partially painted head, informing the neighbor they would buy it if he finished it. It's been hanging in their lobby ever since. The wife, as a graphic designer, designed their logo and their t-shirts. She even makes home-made cat toys. She's such a bubbly personality, and I adore her. She was discussing her wedding with the staff members and me, recalling how she tried to create specialty drinks at the reception based off of her cats but it was too expensive. We wondered why she hadn't created a specialty drink named after Yuki and Whiskey at the café; her eyes bulged, inspiration striking, and she remarked aloud, "Why haven't I??" We bounced some ideas around for how she can those specialty drinks to the menu. It's such a creative, relaxed, energizing environment. They requested I come back next weekend to learn opening/closing before they hire me. The café feels so promising! I eagerly look forward to collaborating with this group!

After volunteering I had thought that I saw a crystal shop on the map nearby. I went to investigate, and I found it down the street. It was a neat little shop. It had such a powerful and positive energy. I felt revitalized as soon as I walked into the shop. They didn't have prices on everything, but I found some gorgeous clear quartz, citrine, and bumblebee jasper. They called out to my soul. I decided to just go for it, even though I had no idea what the price was. It ended up being $55 even. The staff were really friendly, and they remarked that my purchase was one of the few purchases that came with "ancestor money." They asked if I knew what ancestor money was. I replied to them that I had never heard of it before. They informed me that it was a really powerful time with the full moon to use it, that it could help bring in abundance, and that I should research it more since I hadn't heard of it previously. Corliss hadn't heard of ancestor money either. This weekend/full moon feels really powerful. It feels like big things are coming. I don't know what exactly is heading our way, but it feels major and like it'll be here soon.

This week concluded the tumble process for my crystals in the rock tumbler! It's been about a month since I started tumbling them, and it's so exciting to see the finished, polished versions of the stones! I also got some goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9! It's so exciting to get new goodies! I won't have any new goodies from Spiritual Supermall this week, though, since this week's Divine $9 was a bunch of repeats from weeks past that I already have.

Here's my latest painting pieces; I have to get some more canvas to make some more. Let me know if there's any color scheme or technique you'd like for me to try--someone left a comment on YouTube suggesting I try the Turkish marbling technique, saying it was called Erbu art. I'll have to look into it; I've never heard of it before.

The InuYasha group shared a funny set of pictures they found on a Sims group. It was all InuYasha themed--I found the chickens/chicken coup funny. Life is full of unexpected, little gems. Thank you, universe! I appreciate your sense of humor ^_^

I spent most of my free time playing with Tsuki or writing, but I did do a bit of reading. Fanfic for this week includes: The Long Way Home, Of Captivity and Captivation, Checkmate!, and Mother of My Heir. I finished my short story and posted it online for the competition! I settled with the title of "This One Takes the Cake." It was written for the "Death by Chocolate" competition (the prompt being: "Create a short fiction story including a slice of chocolate cake"). I had a lot of fun writing the piece; I decided it would be a short story with a sense of humor and lightheartedness. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and if you have any requests for future stories! I have multiple others in the works since I had so much fun with the chocolate cake prompt (I have six currently in various stages of the writing process). I'll share them as soon as I finish editing/revising/posting them. There are seven challenges left, but I have some ideas for other short stories that are unrelated to the challenge prompts (my stories so far are expanding the universe of "This One Takes the Cake" since I had so much fun with the characters of Karissa and Serena). I'm open to suggestions or recommendations when it comes to storylines, so feel free to share them with me! Tsuki will be more than happy to hang out on my lap while I write them (it's what she's been doing all week).

It was a lot of fun to delve into the creative process of writing again; I haven't written a short story since my high school creative writing class. I feel like I've grown considerably since then (while describing the setting isn't quite my forte still, it's considerably easier than back in high school--dialogue/character interaction is still what comes most easily to me; my mind's eye can envision/hear it crystal clear). It was really nice to stretch my creative muscles in a new way; while there's a competition for a lot of the stories I'm working on, it doesn't feel like there's a lot of pressure. I enjoyed the creation of the story, and from what Corliss told me, it puts a smile on lots of people's faces (she shared the cake story with a bunch of her family members). While it'd be great to win one of the prizes, that fact alone, that my story can make others happy, is quite rewarding in and of itself. If someone had told me that I'd be writing a bunch of stories this summer, I probably wouldn't have believed them. I really had no expectation to get back into writing any time soon (I had gotten a bit burnt out in school, if I'm honest). Life is full of the unexpected, though, and Corliss unknowingly gave me the encouragement to pick up my pen again to write. Especially now in these times, we need to have an open mind. As well-intentioned as our plans might be, we don't have the insight of the universe's master plan--the universe knows much more than we do, so flexibility will help us go far in life. Who knows where the unexpected surprises will lead you. I hadn't expected to fall in love with the cat café as much as I did (I knew I'd love the cats, but I was a little unsure of acting as a barista since I have absolutely no experience in the area--all the staff there are super welcoming and friendly, though, so I'm sure I'll be just fine). The universe will leave us crumbs, guiding us to where we'll find great joy, even if it's not where our mind anticipates it will be. Life is a journey, so it's important for us to enjoy it as we go along. There's nothing wrong with exploring something unexpected, something not in your "master plan." It just might turn out worthwhile. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition. These are some powerful times of change. The ways things used to work might not work any longer, so be open to that. As humans, we may struggle with this and accepting all of the new changes (sometimes change is scary and unnerving). At the end of the day, though, we'll be alright. The universe will give us what we need; it has our backs. Prosperity, love, peace, and happiness exists for everyone, not just the few. You are worthy. Let go of fear and resistance; there are no accidents or coincidences in this universe. It might not make sense now, but in time you'll come to understand how the universe is full of blessings and lessons--it works in your favor. Give yourself the chance to breathe. Cut yourself some slack. You're doing the best you can. You're a beautiful soul living the human experience. You've got this. Rest when necessary, and take care of yourself. You're important. Stay blessed with love and light~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Here's some food for thought:

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