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Happy February and Full Moon in Leo!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's been a packed week, full of babysitting, tutoring, writing, creating art, hanging out with Tsuki, the AMBSDR 5-Day Challenge, and pet sitting. It definitely was intense, depleting energy reservoirs. It didn't help that the dogs kept barking in the middle of the night at deer and the like. Definitely looking forward to sleeping back at home and getting some quality sleep! Hopefully, your week went smoothly! If you want to learn more about today's full moon, feel free to watch the videos below!

It was a surprise snow day on Monday, which was quite nice; it was so bitterly cold and icy, so I appreciated staying in bed longer. Granted, I wasn't able to fall back to sleep, but it was quite relaxing. My dream recall was super fuzzy, and I wasn't able to remember any specifics. Tuesday morning was another bitterly cold day, making it tempting to stay in bed. Tsuki was all hyped up and kept jumping up onto my bed to playfully attack. Details from my dreams were elusive again, and I wasn't able to remember anything specific. It was another cold morning on Wednesday, making it super tempting to go back to sleep rather than get up. My dreams were still hidden by a fog, and I wasn't able to get a clear idea of what transpired

My dream recall was sort of hazy when I woke up on Thursday morning, and I was pretty tempted to go back to sleep. From what I could remember, I had signed up for some art class, although I was late joining the class because it had apparently started the previous week. It was supposed to be this in person class that you could also take online. Apparently, it was all day on Fridays for about 2 months; I think there was about 8 classes. The 2nd day's class was about a bunch of ceramics, pastels, and some other art supplies based off the email I received. I was going to email the teacher if I could do the school work on weekends since I worked during the week. There was something about getting ready to meet with April and Corliss, too. That's all I could remember upon waking, but I'm sure more happened..

It was super tempting to stay in bed and go back to sleep Friday morning, as it was another Chilly day. Whole I couldn't seem to remember much from my dreams, it seemed to involve art, maybe specifically painting. I woke up with a song from The Aristocats stuck in my head, so that might have been involved, too, but I wasn't sure since details were quite murky. My dream recall wasn't any better on Saturday, as the pair of dogs I was pet sitting kept waking me up since like 4 in the morning when they saw various animals. It was pretty constant, so sleep was difficult to come by.

I could actually remember bits and pieces from my dream when I woke up this morning, but my sleep quality wasn't any better (the dogs were still barking up a storm in the middle of the night). There was something about being at this building that sort of seemed like a school. There were groups of people that seemed to be classes, mainly compromised of kids. They were supposed to be having a practice drill on how to evacuate the building, but I got a download letting me know that it wasn't actually a drill. The building also seemed to be part grocery store, and I noticed April, Iris, Corliss, and her niece, Harper. I gave them a heads up to gather some supplies because we'd be having to hunker down for a couple of days. We gathered some basic supplies and started packing our backpacks, so we would at least have some food. The "drill" evacuation location was this building/business that was across the street. I had never heard of it before, but it had a name that started with a 'p' and sounded Italian. I'm pretty sure we were getting ready to be evacuated when the dogs woke me up once again. Wasn't able to go back to sleep after that.

The boys were super excited to get a surprise snow day on Monday; while they chose to just relax on their extra day off, they were so grateful. They enjoyed hearing about what I've been up to with Creativity Chronicles and Luck's List, excited to hear that I'm starting to make consistent money (albeit, it's not massive amounts yet). The boys were stoked to hear that I was one of the winners from the AMBSDR livestream this week, too; I wasn't expecting it, but the older brother kept saying I was going to win because I deserve it. Also, according to him, the founder should give me 50K, which I found hilarious; to be fair, the founder basically gave him that idea since he had heard him announce on the livestream that he wanted to give me thousands of dollars. They also enjoyed researching the different designs Build-a-Bear has featured over the years, such as Pokémon, Pixar, and Disney. It was a fun week.

I ended up pet sitting again this weekend, and the dogs were super excited to see me. They're super sweet, but I wish they wouldn't wake me up so much at night with their barking. It makes it rather challenging to focus and function off of little sleep.

Tsuki was her typical goofy self, stealing paper beads, playing up a storm, birdwatching, and getting cozy by the fire. She's too smart for her own good because she's even managed to figure out how to open up the fireplace screen doors. She shouldn't be able to, but she's managed it all the same. Tsuki definitely keeps things interesting.

Artwork for the week included more paper beads, much to Tsuki's excitement, and working on some Perler projects for a birthday present for the younger of the two boys I babysit:

I wrote more content for Creativity Chronicles this week! I also created new content for Luck's List! Feel free to check out the newest articles!

New Creativity Chronicles' articles included:

New Luck's List articles:

I enjoyed taking it a bit easy in the evening after intense days, watching anime and movies while I created paper beads. I ended finishing all of the available episodes of Komi Can't Communicate and loved it! Definitely look forward to seeing the story continue. I always watched Sing 2 for the first time, and the takeaway message of don't let others take away your dreams and dictate your life was super powerful. I also finally started watching the new episodes of Spy x Family, and I love Twilight, Anya, and Yor so much! I hope they can be together forever! Taking some down time relax was a wonderful form of self-care and greatly needed; I hope you prioritize your well-being and do what you enjoy, too! Life's too short to be so serious and work all the time! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Have some fun and enjoy each moment! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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