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Happy Fall Equinox and New Moon in Libra!

I hope everyone is doing well! It's hard to believe we're already in fall, but it's actually starting to feel like it. Earlier this week it was in the 90s, but on Friday it dropped down to 60 degrees during the day, which left it feeling quite chilly. All the rain and the chilly temperatures had Tsuki sleeping a lot (I don't think she was prepared for the sudden, drastic change, but I wasn't exactly prepared, either). Hopefully, the energies have been treating you well; I've often been feeling rather tired during the day but wide awake at night. It's been interesting. If you're interested in learning more about the recent new moon, feel free to check out the videos below!

I felt super energized Sunday night; despite going to bed, I wasn't able to fall asleep until sometime after 1:30 am. I was surprised when I wasn't utterly exhausted upon waking up to take the boys to school Monday morning. My dream recall was extremely hazy, though. There might have been something to do with writing, but I couldn't remember anything specific when I woke up.

My dream recall was sort of hazy again when I woke up on Tuesday morning. At one point I was at a store with my siblings when they were younger (like children young). They were running around causing havoc. A police officer was trying to stop them/restrain them. There was something about Avatar The Last Airbender. Then there was a part that seemed to be about conditioning and programming, the loss of originality, and falling "in line." More seemed like it happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

A lot seemed to happen in my dream Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. The first thing I remembered was going on some kind of trip with my family. We stopped at some place that seemed to be like a mall, and apparently my parents had some kind of meal vouchers for it. This one lady that seemed to be in charge made some comment that the chili was expensive because people were looking to get a warm meal due to it being rainy and cold. My mom stopped at this one shop/stand, and this guy sewed something for her. Later, she ended up accidentally dropping the plastic bag it was in, and it started falling apart, coming apart at the seams. Understandably, my mom was upset and went to go complain/get it fixed. At one point I checked something online and found that I had a surprise payment of $579 waiting for me through commission sales on I ended up at a park later and saw one of the kiddos from my previous job at the preschool. She was excited to see me and was trying to buy cookies and other items from the store. Apparently, my dad was working there and helped her ring up the items correctly. There was also something else about making art and bookbinding, but the rest of the dream was hazy.

My dream recall was pretty fuzzy when I woke up Thursday morning, but I could remember a few things. The first thing I remembered involved Digimon somehow. I didn't recall exactly what happened, but there was something about mermaids and this person using a mermaid they caught as bait to lure in and kill other mermaids. There was another part that seemed to involve a children's museum and some kind of new exhibit. There was something about either only being able to play/go in to the new exhibit or the older parts, but while it felt like more happened, that's all I could recall upon waking.

My dream seemed to be pretty intense from what I could remember when I woke up Friday morning, although I was feeling rather groggy and was tempted to go back to sleep. There was something about crystals. I was at some kind of school of some sort, and the students were kind of chaotic. They were shouting and talking over each other at one point. This one boy/guy really wanted to figure this one thing out, kind of demanding to know if anyone knew anything about it, but everyone seemed to be ignoring him. The teacher ended up asking me for my opinion on something and made some comment about sharing a resource with me so I wouldn't have to take an expensive, time-consuming course. The teacher left to discuss something with her colleagues. There was some item that seemed to change your fate and reality as a whole. On paper it seemed to be great, but it had this monkey paw energy about it. Turned out it had this being living inside it (sort of like a genie) that was made of and/or released this fog to change things according to your desires. Thing is, it came at a cost. While the fog would alter reality, it would do so by consuming your positive energy/good luck to the point where you would have none left. I think more happened, but that's all I remembered when I woke up.

My dream recall felt pretty muddled when I woke up on Saturday morning. There was something about going to some kind of store with April, her mom, and Iris. No idea what store or what for. There was another part that involved art supplies. The last thing I sort of remembered was my siblings were playing some kind of nature/environment awareness video game. They were getting into arguments and fighting about it, but that's all I remembered upon waking. I didn't remember my dreams much better when I woke up this morning. There was something about being at a grocery store and something else involving art. At one point my sister was out in a car with her boyfriend. She came inside the house in her underwear, telling me to check out the sunrise. It was odd, but the rest of the details were obscured in a haze.

The boys had fun this week, going to a few clubs and after school activities. One of them got partially rained out by a sudden rainstorm, but they still had fun. We ended up getting into a discussion for asking for help this week because one of the boys didn't understand an assignment, so he just decided to not turn it in. Granted, it wasn't a huge assignment, but it's better to learn the lesson now rather than when it has huge implications. I helped him look on the class's online page to see if we could learn anything more about it and pointed out that he could email his teacher, requesting for help. That day he also had home room, so I pointed out he could use home room to go get help from teachers on assignments--that's the whole point of home room. We ended up figuring out what he was supposed to do for the assignment, but since it was his photography class, he tried to claim we couldn't do the assignment because he didn't have the camera. I pointed out that he had a phone with a camera, which he hadn't thought of. He was a bit surprised at how easy we could problem solve, and the assignment was quickly taken care of.

We also ended up getting into a deep discussion about "worthiness." One morning, one of them declared that moths were useless and should just die because they don't help like bees do. He then proceeded to crush and smear a sleeping moth all over their front door. I explained to him that just because we don't know/understand why a being exists, such as moths, doesn't mean that they're not important. I then explained the Yellowstone wolves' incident where people decided to take it upon themselves to remove the "menace" from the area and the resulting, disastrous impact eliminating all the wolves had on the ecosystem, emphasizing how everything has an important role to play and that removing one link of the ecosystem has disastrous implications for everything else. He mulled this over and conceded that moths might be important but that he still didn't like them. I remarked that he didn't have to like them or want them around, but that doesn't mean they should all be removed from the planet. I wasn't exactly prepared for such a deep conversation so early in the morning, but the information seemed to click, which I was grateful for. I wasn't hoping to change his mind and make him a moth lover, but it was great to see that he was willing to consider another perspective.

Tsuki was excited for a full week of freedom (the remodelers didn't bother to show up at all this week). She enjoyed being her typical, nutty self and having free roam of the entire house. She loved playing with her bells, sprawling out on the couch, and watching the birds and squirrels from the window. Tsuki especially enjoyed snuggling with the cooler weather and spent the entire morning yesterday curled up on my lap.

Artwork for the week included:

I published more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

April and I ended up going for an evening stroll Saturday night. We enjoyed the cooler weather and catching up. There's been a lot of drama happening to April lately, and her neighbor stole one of her cats and turned him over to the Humane Society. The whole thing seemed super sketchy, especially because the Humane Society (if that's really where he was) was demanding a $800 donation before she could even see her cat, Kira. Apparently, the neighbor had took Kira directly to the boss of a far away Humane Society location because she personally knew her. They tried to accuse April of being a horrible pet owner, saying that she was mistreating her 8-year-old cat, but they were tripping over themselves when she revealed that Kira is almost 19 years old. They also tried to make it sound like Kira was going to die at any moment and needed all of these complicated medicines and treatment every day for the rest of his life. When April took him to his vet, the vet basically informed April that they were full of it. I can't believe they would act so shady and try to pull such a terrible scam. It's really disheartening to find individuals holding positions of power in fields that are supposed to be about compassion and helping make the world a better place. The whole thing was all sorts of levels of messed up, but I'm grateful April has Kira back home and that he's nice and healthy.

Take time to take care of yourself and prioritize your needs. If you need rest, allow yourself to rest and relax. If you need to move your body, allow yourself to do so. If you need food, eat. If you need some joy and fun, find ways to bring them into your life. If you need to release your emotions, such as sadness and grief, allow yourself to have freedom of expression and cry. You're allowed to make sure your needs are being met; you're just as important as anyone else. Too often we're conditioned to put everyone else's needs before our own. Sure, we shouldn't try to intentionally harm another, but that doesn't mean we're bad people if we practice self-care instead of going to work, helping someone move, meet a loved one for lunch, etc. Be gentle with yourself, listen to your heart, and stay true to yourself. There's no need to pretend to be something you're not, so allow yourself to be genuine. The world's a better place with your authentic self in it. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought for the week:

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