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Happy Earth Day, and Happy Birth Day, Newborn Evan!

I hope everyone is doing well and had a fabulous week! Hopefully, the energies have been treating you well (although, I'm pretty sure it was the energies and solar flares were what had been keeping me up at night this week). I hope everyone had a phenomenal Earth Day! Earth Day this year was extra special for my family, as my baby cousin, Evan, was born! I got to meet him yesterday, and he's super cute! My aunt made the pun that it was his b-earth day and announced that she'd make the pun every year for him (LOL).

Not sure what happened with the energy exactly, but I could not for the life of me fall asleep Sunday (Easter) night; I felt rather energized, and my mind was buzzing with so many ideas, racing between them all. I was in bed by 10 pm, but (if I fell asleep, it was an incredibly light one) it was well after midnight (not exactly sure because I didn't keep looking at the clock in hopes of actually falling asleep). I'd be getting close to asleep, lulling myself into a calmer state, when my brain would suddenly start flitting about more ideas. As I didn't want to be exhausted for before care in the morning, I tried my best to will myself to fall asleep. Needless to say, it didn't work. My alarm didn't go off either, which led to an interesting Monday morning. With my struggles with falling asleep, I couldn't recall anything from my dreams, too.

I was extra comfy when I woke up Tuesday morning and almost fell back asleep (plus, I didn't have struggles falling asleep Monday night; I heard from Elizabeth April that there's been a crazy amount of solar flares, so maybe that's why it was such a struggle Sunday night). My dream recall was a bit fuzzy, and I was quite tempted to stay and bed and sleep. From what I could remember, I was with Corliss. I think we were traveling. Pretty sure we ended up stopping at some kind of store or eatery. There were other people there giving me grief; it seemed to be frequented by African Americans, and they seemed really territorial about it. Some of Corliss's family was there, warmly greeting me and welcoming me, but the others seemed pretty judgmental for some reason. Corliss was getting rather pissed about it. We ended up wandering around and found what seemed to be a gift shop type stand outside of it. It had various knickknacks, and I found a print of Him from The Powerpuff Girls. I think there was some lady doing this presentation about energies and negative entities and how it impacts sales/businesses. That's all I could remember when I woke up.

I was extra cozy and tempted to fall back asleep when I woke up on Wednesday morning (I almost did fall back asleep). I couldn't remember much from my dream, but what I did remember involved making sales. I'm pretty sure I sold a bunch of my different art and suddenly came into a lot of money. I think it was from places like my Redbubble and TeePublic online shops, but specific details were fuzzy. There was also something about a crowd flocking around me, obsessing about how soft and beautiful my hair was. Not entirely sure what that was about. That's all I remembered upon waking up.

I was so comfortable Thursday morning when I woke up that I almost instantly fell back asleep; it was a real struggle getting up for before care. My dream recall was rather fuzzy, too. What I could remember was being super successful and starting my own business. I didn't remember any specific details upon waking, though.

For whatever reason, this week I've felt super energized at night, which has made it tricky to go to bed; as mentioned previously, Monday night was the worst with it being nearly impossible to fall asleep. The other nights weren't as bad, but there were still a struggle. It'd be after 11 pm, and I'd still feel wide awake even though I need to wake up at 5 am for before care, which made getting up in the morning more challenging. Thursday night/Friday morning played out the same way. My dream recall was super fuzzy, too, and I couldn't remember what happened in the astral realm at all upon waking up. I struggled falling asleep again Friday night. As a result, my dream recall was super hazy and vague. I think I ended up selling art and making money, but with the lack of specific details, it was hard to be certain what happened in the dream realm.

I slept better Saturday night, but I still had some struggles sleeping. I remembered a bit from my dream. There was something about sharing what I've learned with others. At one point it seemed like I was in some school as a student, meeting new people and making friends. There was something about being at a pool and maybe making plans for a business. A lot happened in the dream, but recalling specifics when I woke up was tricky as they seemed veiled in a haze.

The kids in before care were discussing dreams this week and staying ever-creative. They had us continue to work on their Pokémon drawing collections and even had me draw this little bear that happened to be wearing a ring like a belt. They also had me draw an Easter egg. A group of girls also was discussing abstract art and requested that I show them pictures of the best abstract art. I told them that I could show them some of mine, and they got so excited. They started squealing, oooing, and ahhhing while looking through my work, exclaiming how much they wanted to buy it and how I was "the best artist." It was really sweet, and they were so excited, telling me that they were going to tell their parents to buy some for their birthdays. They looked at some other artists' work, commenting on how it was amazing but that I was the absolute best artist (lol). My art buddy enjoyed reading aloud to me the final Percy Jackson book (she got the series for her birthday a month ago and is almost finished with the final book; it's super impressive for a first grader). One of the kids decided I was a piece of paper and have been paper for 10 years; they never explained why, but, apparently, it just is fact. One of the boys decided he was an imposter, and he started slaying us while we cleaned up the cafeteria. He also thanked me because I was the only one that noticed his haircut. It was pretty sweet; he kept hugging and thanking me because noticing his haircut meant that much to him.

The kids were rather touchy Thursday morning and emotions were running high. Everything seemed like it was the end of the world. One girl was sobbing in the bathroom, refusing to come out, because she got some salsa on her pants, and she resolved to spend the entire day in the bathroom if she had to--she wanted new clothes and wouldn't budge until she got them. Thankfully, her mom was able to bring some new clothes up, but this first incident set the tone for the rest of the morning. One second grade girl kept exploding and yelling at other people. Another girl tried to talk to someone, which set off the first explosion; The second grader lost it and started screaming about how the other girl interrupted her and wouldn't let up, blatantly ignoring how the girl kept trying to apologize. The second grader just kept on her tirade; it didn't matter what anyone said. I tried comforting the other girl, as the second grader was stressing her out when she was already super stressed out due to MAP testing. Another girl got stressed out by the second grader's attitude and screaming, and I did my best to soothe their frazzled nerves, commenting on how it seemed to be just one of those days where people were touchy and how we had already had a salsa incident. The second grader started screaming at me about how she was sensitive and started up her whole rant about getting interrupted again. I emphasized that her feelings were valid, but I pointed out that I hadn't even mentioned her and that I had been making a general observation about the morning as a whole. Later she got into it with a boy because he wanted to use the hula hoop but she refused to share. It was intense, and hopefully things will calm down for the remainder of the school year.

Friday morning was less theatrical and less of an emotional roller coaster. That's probably because it was career day, and all the kids were excited to dress up as their future careers. We had several teachers, with my art buddy going the extra mile of having her lesson plan binder. We had a weather forecaster/meteorologist. We had a chef/baker that set up a pretend bakery to sell her goods. One girl decided she would be an animatronic builder and brought in this cool metal bird she created. One girl came as herself because that's all she needs to be (and because she forgot it was career day). We even had a couple of artists. One of the boys dressed as an artist was excited to share his favorite part of the costume: a drawn-on mustache. It was pretty hilarious, and everyone loved it! It was an excellent way to conclude the week, and we had lots of fun!

The boys and I discussed various theories this week, such as the Pixar theory that 22 from Soul ends up being born as Meilin from Turning Red. The older brother declared that A Bug's Life was infinitely better than Antz (and I can't say I disagree with him; I never cared for the movie Antz). We talked about games they've recently been playing, and they've almost completed a few. The boys enjoyed hearing about my Easter and thought it was hilarious that my cousin accused my aunt of murdering bubbles, accusing her of suds slaughter; they then declared that it would be the next big protest at their school with people declaring, "Bubble lives matter." We had a good laugh. The boys were bummed that there hasn't been any new episodes of YashaHime and keep hoping there will be a continuation of the story. They're excited to go to the zoo this weekend, and they also hope to hang out with April and Iris again this summer.

I paid of my car this week! Woot woot! It'll be nice not to have that expense any more, especially with inflation and everything that's going on in the world now.

Speaking of inflation, I'm currently working on this new project/business opportunity, so stay tuned to learn more! I'm really excited about it!

Tsuki's been her normal, nutty self, attacking her play tent and knocking it over. She enjoyed trying to surprise attack me, lunging at me while I'm sitting and squeezing herself through the small gap between my legs. She enjoyed hanging out on this huge cardboard box. The weather's been all over the place, interchanging between cold, rain, sunshine, and hot. It's definitely thrown her off, leaving her extra lethargic on the cold, rainy days and hyped up, bouncing off the walls, on the warm, sunny days.

Artwork for the week included more Perler projects:

There's over 300 designs to choose from over on our Redbubble shop and closing in on 200 to choose from over at our TeePublic shop. Feel free to check them out; we'd love the support!

I complete more writing, reading, and anime watching this week. I wrote a new piece, Setting Sail to a Brighter Future, for the latest challenge on Vocal, which was in honor of the Titanic. It was inspired by the stories one of my besties has been sharing with me; she got into a relationship through work, and everything seemed great at the start. She thought the guy was so sweet and shy. Things got weird, though. He got bent out of shape over not being invited to a playdate between her four-year-old daughter and her nephew; he started claiming that she didn't want him in her life and was afraid to have him meet the people important to her. It got worse when he actually met people with him being standoffish and detached (it was an extremely awkward experience meeting him). More things happened, with my best friend thinking that he was just having an off day. As she told me the story, I remarked that he had metaphorically steered and crashed the ship (their relationship) into a massive iceberg and was blaming her for it. She had already decided to cut ties and jump ship, but he kept sending texts and making calls full of verbal harassment. He was furious the ship was sinking and refused to let her make it out without him--if he was going down, he was determined to take her down with him. Feel free to read this piece and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works, so stay tuned for more stories! Fanfic for the week included: Mortality, Anthology, Blindsided, and Future Therapist Cash Cow.

I watched The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest this week, and the anime has an interesting premise. This all-powerful sage gets reincarnated thousands of years later and retains his memories, finding that humanity has regressed since his last lifetime. They're lost a lot of their memories/knowledge about magic and are convinced that the most powerful crest is actually the weakest. They don't even remember how to spell cast without incantations, which surprises the sage, Mathias, so he goes about righting things and redistributing lost information. Turns out the drastic regression is due to demons infiltrating human society, masquerading as fellow humans, and suppressing knowledge to make the humans weaker and less of a threat. After all, an ill-informed group is quite easy to manipulate and control. I could see some definite parallels to the real world.

There's so much that, as a society, we don't remember. There's so much knowledge that's been suppressed. This includes the power of thought/beliefs/intentions and frequency. Despite now-deceased scientists declared frequency's importance, society as a whole doesn't have a clue. For instance, Nikola Tesla emphasized, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Then there's Albert Einstein’s thoughts on frequency:

  • "Everything in life is vibration."

  • "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

  • "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."

Thankfully, more people are distributing the suppressed information, like the Midas Manifestation - INSANE New Angle Makes You Money. It shares powerful, healing frequency tracks to reprogram the chakras for success and prosperity and provides access to suppressed knowledge and frequencies that the top 1% don't want you to know about.

5 Healing Tracks:

  • “Manifest Destiny”: targets the third eye chakra to begin the process of retuning your brain to directly connect with universal consciousness

  • “Divine Willingness”: targets the crown chakra, which is directly connected with the ability to receive abundance from the universe

  • “Anahata Bliss”: targets the heart chakra, which, when not tuned correctly, is responsible for negative thought patterns that can prevent achieving wealth

  • “Manipura Consciousness”: targets the solar plexus chakra, will raise your consciousness and amplify all of your chakras

  • “Midas Unleashed”: focuses in on the root chakra, which is directly involved with the ability to generate wealth, success, well-being, luck

Midas Manifestation - INSANE New Angle Makes You Money includes a quick start guide to get you started and explain how often, when, and how long to listen to the tracks to bring in abundance, and it provides a comprehensive, life-changing,118 page illustrated e-Book, “Midas Manifestation Handbook,” which details everything learned from decoding that ancient manuscript.

It's great to see that vital information, much like Mathias does in The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest. So much vital information is kept from us, and we're conditioned to just go along with it. It's time to breakout of the programming and reclaim our power. We have the power to create anything; we can live a life of abundance and prosperity. I'm eager to see the new future we will create with this information!

Stay informed, everyone. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself for success! Take care, prioritizing self-care, too, because you can't make the life changes you want if you're constantly running on empty. Be gentle with yourself if you make a mistake; you're human, and mistakes aren't the end of the world. Learn from it and move on, making sure to pick yourself back up. I know you're meant for great things, and I can't wait to see it! Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought to consider for the week:

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