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Happy December, New Moon in Sagittarius, and Solar Eclipse!

December is here, and it's hard to believe we're in the last stretch of 2021. It feels like just yesterday we were in 2020, and suddenly 2022 is right around the corner. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the new moon in Sagittarius/solar eclipse this weekend. From the sounds of it, I'm not the only one that has been feeling more lethargic lately due to energies; I've definitely entered more of a hermit mode this week, wanting to stay snuggled indoors and rest. Anyone else feeling this way? I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to the new moon/solar eclipse combo. If you're interested, I included some videos with more information and meditations below:

Sunday night/Monday morning had more strangeness. It proved rather challenging to fall asleep despite being tired. I also woke up slightly before 3 am and couldn't fall back asleep. I think I was half asleep for the last hour before my alarm alerted me that it was 5 am and time to get ready for before care. I presumed something was going on with the energies. What I could remember from my dreams was a bit odd, too. My dream seemed to be all over the place, but my recollection was a bit hazy. There was some sort of swirly-patterned Perler bead creature. There was this small group in a building that sort of seemed like a mall, but the small group seemed to be hunted by some other group that was persecuting them. Team Rocket appeared and helped the small group out, hiding them from the others and helping them get away. Corliss ended up writing some long speech and sending it to me to proof read. In the middle of the written speech there was a drawing overlaid on it; it was pencil shading in the shape of a person (girl?) screaming. I think Corliss's speech was about injustice. At another point my uncle from Colorado was over and apparently watching my siblings and I when we were younger. We were supposed to be getting up to get ready to go to school soon or something, but we were playing some peculiar game. It seemed like Pokémon, but it wasn't like any Pokémon game I've ever played. It was like a mystery game where you had to piece together all the clues to unravel the villain's plans, but you didn't know the person was a villain until the end. I couldn't remember any other specific details from my dream.

I was startled awake on Tuesday morning. I must have turned off my alarm in my sleep or something because even though I distinctly recalled setting it, I woke up 30 minutes late with no alarm. What I could remember from my dream involved a group of preschoolers (probably around 15-20). For whatever reason they were all having class in my front yard/backyard. They were running amuck everywhere. I was supposed to be acting as their teacher with my co-teachers from the Toucan class, but she was nowhere to be found. Most of the kids were from the Toucan class. I'd get them settled, and then they'd see something else that caught their interest, scattering them again. A couple kept trying to get in my trunk (not sure why). Strangely enough, I noticed that my car's tires were in poor shape. They were all withered/shrunken down with two or three of them having burst apart. Not sure what that was about. I gathered them all again only for the missing student to show up late, running down the street. He was super excited for school and was followed by his dad. Apparently, we were going to play in a pool in my backyard, and the dad was super serious, demanding that all of the kids' water wings be inflated (although I don't remember seeing any of them with them) and basically said that the kids would drown without them. I managed to gather them in the driveway, whispering to catch their attention. They lined up, eager to play. Some mom appeared and helped me with them. I asked the kiddos to raise a quiet thumb if they knew what we were going to do today. The kids raised their thumbs but started talking immediately. I gently recorrected them, emphasizing the quiet thumb. They quieted, raising thumbs. I called on one to tell me what they were doing today. He came up to me in roller skates and announced we were skating. This confused me since we were supposed to be doing something with a pool, yet he was dead serious about skating. I tried asking again to see if he'd change his answer, but I never found out what it was since I was startled awake at that point. It kind of reminded me of a chimp in its mannerisms. I think the lady was helping me get my freedom back, but that was all I recalled before waking up.

I didn't remember everything from my dream when I woke up on Wednesday morning. I think April came to visit me at one point. The main part I recalled started off with being outside. There was this lady trying to coax some kind of animal (one I've never seen before) out of like a mud puddle or something. The mud puddle was very deceiving; it seemed small but was incredibly deep. She had coaxed two of whatever creature it was out of the puddle. They were quite tall--maybe like 6 feet tall. They sort of resembled porcupines in a humanoid form, but the quills resembled tree roots kind of. My brother came over and was being full of himself. We tried to warn him against it, but he ended up infuriating the creature. As the lady got the last creature to come out, my brother set them off, and they ended up more or less going on a rampage. We got my brother to go into my grandpa's house to keep him from aggravating the situation further. One of the three noticed him go inside and followed, royally ticked because my brother had messed with this creature in particular. We forced my brother to hide, apprehensive of what would happen if he stayed. The creature wanted to go find my brother (and probably teach him a lesson), but I distracted it. It was curious about me and basically fell in love with me (not in a romantic way, though). I was a little uneasy with its sudden affection, wanting some distance as it was constantly invading my personal bubble. I went into my grandpa's living room and found Tsuki there; she got freaked out because the creature ended up following me. I ended up going back outside, hoping the lady would be able to help me because she seemed quite knowledgeable (like she worked for a zoo or something). The creature wrapped me in an immense hug and didn't want to let me go.

I only remembered part of my dream upon waking up on Thursday morning. I think part of it involved tinkering and inventing, but the main thing I recalled was being in high school. I was given a schedule, but it wasn't very clear. I think my dad went to school there. I saw him in the hallway, he pointed to a classroom across the hall when asked what his next class was. I went to find my next class; everyone was heading to 4th hour. I started heading to what I believed was my 4th hour, but it turned out to be my 4th hour class for the 2nd semester. I consulted my schedule again and got so confused. No other class was labeled 4th hour, so I wasn't sure what to do. I found a teacher or walking counselor in the hallway and requested assistance figuring out my schedule. They started looking over my schedule, and there was a senior hanging out with them. This senior girl was watching some anime video involving Shoto Todoroki, and she was quite enthusiastic about it. The staff member was rather perplexed by my schedule, too. They might have figured out what my next class was, but that's all I could remember before waking up.

I kept waking up Thursday night/Friday morning, but I'm not sure why. It was peculiar, but I still woke up well rested. Recalling my dream(s) was hazy, but it somehow involved travel. It involved traveling light, like a small suitcase of belongings and a wagon. It sort of gave me the vibe of a traveling salespeople, but I didn't know what was being sold (if anything). It started off with me, this guy (not sure if they were human), and some sort of child. Not sure where we were going, but the group grew as the dream progressed. At one point one of the newer members (gave me the impression of Mako from The Legend of Korra) asked me what I would be wearing (they were anxious I guess about whatever meeting or sale or whatever it was we were going to). I told them that I was just wearing a plain, white shirt. They seemed a bit shocked by this. More happened, but somehow I ended up stumbling across my aunt and cousin. They looked like they needed help (like they were stranded), so I ended up giving them a ride (but I didn't recall where any of us were going). That's all I could remember upon waking.

I woke up on Saturday morning completely out of it (Tsuki woke me up by crying in the hallway--she was sad and confused because I slept in due to not getting home until 1:30 am for babysitting). Needless to say, I was quite tired, but Tsuki leapt onto my bed and started chomping ferociously on me (I would have been full of holes if not for my blanket because she tapped into her inner shark). My dream recollection was shrouded in a thick haze, so I didn't remember anything upon waking (although I might have had better luck if I had gotten better sleep).

The main thing I recalled when waking up this morning was being at the zoo for some sort of school field trip. It didn't seem to be the local zoo. The animals seemed pretty cheerful; I remember seeing a group of sharks that kept leaping for joy. I think they could speak English (put I don't remember what they said). One of them leapt out of their habitat and landed in the habitat next door, which was some sort of desert exhibit. It flailed about in the sand, but it was out of excitement rather than distress or potential danger. It easily jumped back into its water after a few minutes. I explored more of the zoo and met up with my school group. Apparently, we were supposed to put on a play later for the zoo. The rest of the group/class was being pretty disrespectful and unkind to me. I was getting shoved to the fringes, disregarded, and they seemed to have absolutely no awareness of me nor seemed to care about my wellbeing. I kept getting shoved and stepped on, despite my efforts. They ended up shoving me off this ledge that was around my height. I got fed up and announced I was leaving. The teacher finally noticed me and frantically tried to stop me. She tried to guilt trip me and coerce me into saying, insisting that The Little Mermaid play, her dream, couldn't go on without me. I matter-of-factly informed her that my mom was on her way to pick me up (since she was almost off work and since I didn't have a ride since the school brought me). The teacher tried to physically force me to stay, but I managed to get away. I made my way to the exit. Apparently you needed to show a security guard your parking pass to leave. I explained that my mom was picking me up, and they made an exception for me. The exit sort of seemed like a maze, with different moving paths that sort of resembled treadmill belts. I made my way through and stumbled upon what seemed to be a staff lounge and workout area. There were many sections/rooms to it (gym workout machines, yoga studio, pool, workout balls, etc.). I searched through them all in hopes of finding the exit. I stumbled upon the breakdown, and the staff there were extremely friendly. I noticed the teacher had enlisted the rest of the class to hunt me down, so I laid low in this seating area. The chairs seemed similar to the brown ones on school buses. There was a boy around my age in the seat in front of me. He noticed all the people looking for me but didn't sell me out. The students left, so I felt it was safe to sit normally and check my phone; my mom was almost there. The teacher appeared and tried to drag me away by force. I stood my ground and called out her horrendous behavior. I informed her that it was liable for a lawsuit and that I would be pursuing legal action. She faltered, fearful of repercussions and stunned that I knew I could do so. She tried to laugh it off, acting like I was crazy and that it was all my imagination. The boy recorded the whole thing, though, sending it to me and informing the teacher we had video evidence. She paled. I think I thanked the boy for his help, but I woke up after that.

The kiddos in before care decided to run a "Martian café" this week. They created a menu for the café, featuring foods like purple Martian French fries and foods based off of shapes. They decided that Martian currency would be cards from a deck of cards. They became rather distraught Tuesday morning when they arrived to find that the afternoon kiddos used the purple fries for a craft, gluing googly eyes all over them. They were furious. For awhile they fumed in the corner before marching over to the coloring table. They pulled out a piece of paper, drawing a giant and very angry face. Eventually, they calmed down and decided to play, but it was a rocky start. They also decided to make a girlfriend for my coworker; apparently, she is quite old. The kiddos had me read a bunch of stories to them this week, too. Weenie read a book to me at first (Missy's Play), and apparently Weenie is French (continuously saying, "Oui oui."). They loved telling me about all of their elves' antics; the pair of sisters have elves named Peppermint and Jack, and these elves have been dangling in the air, making cakes for the brother's birthday, hiding, etc. Kids definitely keep things interesting. Plus, I arrived on Friday morning to find a dapper skeleton drawing taped to the wall. Life is full of surprises.

My art buddy also showed me her current project she's working on as a gift for her mom for Christmas: an original story. It's really cute. It takes place in "Happy Town" and features the adventures of Prisha, the princess. She has a younger brother named Sam, and her parents are King Canty (short for Cantaloupe) and Queen Lovelock. She wrote songs in her story; one had the townspeople singing about how great Happy Town was--the whole town celebrates your birthday, which is every day, and everyone does the chicken leg dance (she demonstrated the dance for me--you would flap your arms while kicking out your legs. It's pretty hilarious). The story starts off with Prisha and Sam enjoying their day off of school on Saturday and wanting to go swimming in a pool. They are called in for breakfast: funfetti pancakes. Prisha goes to her room to read, learning about dinosaurs (my art buddy included specific facts about dinosaurs and was very proud of this accomplishment). Prisha is called by her mother, where it is revealed that her parents have decorated the castle in lots of holiday lights. Prisha and Sam are amazed. It's been great seeing her story progress throughout the week, and she even has ideas for sequel stories (such as one where Prisha battles an evil dragon, and the dragon's son is deceiving everyone into thinking he's a good guy when he's actually incredibly mischievous). She has a vivid imagination and vast creativity, and I love hearing all her stories--it's great that she decided to write one down and turn it into a book!

It was a fun week of babysitting. I ended up checking on Pearl Monday morning upon the request of the boys' mother; she was worried because Pearl hadn't been feeling well the day before after coming home from the kennel. She suspected that they had just given her too many treats at the kennel while they were visiting relatives out of town. Pearl was excited to see me, and she seemed like her usual happy, eager self. She was rather confused since after I gave her some love and affection I left her in the room instead of letting her out (we let her out when the boys got back from school for the day). The boys wanted an update about what's happening in YashaHime so far, and they had lots of questions. They wanted to know if Kagome and InuYasha were freed yet and wanted to learn about the time Moroha and Setsuna visited modern day Tokyo. We delved into a deep discussion over Kikyo and InuYasha's relationship and how that impacted Kagome and InuYasha. We discussed the new Pokémon remake games, and they informed me of all their progress thus far. We ended up discussing anime theories and making up InuYasha jokes. We watched a video about all of Cat Noir's puns. They wanted to talk about all the different anime I've watched recently, and we watched some InuYasha clips--specifically that time he rescued a girl from a fire in modern day Tokyo and then she drew a picture of him that was on the news. They thought it was hilarious. Plus, Pearl kept using me as a pillow and wanting to be a cuddle buddy.

I also did some last minute babysitting on Friday night for the sister and brother duo that enjoy making videos with me, although, this time their friends were over. We played games (they enjoyed Pokémon Café Remix), did some art, watched movies, created in the kitchen, and had fun. It was a chill night, and I loved seeing them again (and meeting their friends). Duchess hung out with me basically all night. It was a late night, especially considering since I had been up since 5 am for before care, but thankfully I got to sleep in on Saturday morning (much to Tsuki's dismay). The kiddos want me back soon, and their parents are happy to comply because they want a date night. I'm open to it because hanging out with kids is fun and receiving money on top of it, sweetens the deal.

I hung out with April and Iris this weekend! We had lots of fun; we went for a walk at the park, and Iris made a new friend, named Emma. They had a blast playing together. Emma's mom thought that April and I were a couple (which we thought was funny). Emma and Iris played tag, slid down the slides, and played in the sand. They didn't want to leave, but it was getting rather cold as the sun went down, taking the warm sunrays with it. It made a gorgeous sight by the lake, though. As we were leaving, Iris noticed that someone had cut down a tree and got rather disheartened. She wanted to know why they hurt the tree. She gave it a kiss and started trying to heal it by searching on the ground for pieces of the tree and putting them in the cuts, cracks, and crevices. It was super sweet. Iris wanted to take the injured tree home, insisting that she loved it and needed it to come live at home with her. Melts my heart. I'm super grateful I had the opportunity to spend quality time with them; our schedules seem to conflict nowadays more often than not, so times where we can get together are precious.

I got new goodies this week! I got a new oracle deck: Moon Manifestation by Yasmin Boland, and the cards are gorgeous! I love it! I also received more goodies from Spiritual Supermall's Divine $9, with lots of exciting energetically chosen pieces.

Tsuki's been a nut, but no one's surprised about that. She tried eating the pine tree and its various needles, so we ended up moving it (probably isn't the best thing for nutty kittens to eat). She loved hanging out on the porch with the warm sunshine. She's been super hyped up due to abnormally warm weather for December (it's been in the 60's and 70's, oddly enough). Like many other weeks, she's tried to steal Perler beads from me while I work on art projects. Tsuki stalked me while I read on the couch, lurking behind my legs/knees and preparing to pounce (which she did many times, smacking me in the face with her paws). She got so hyped up that she slid the play tent up to the wall with her antics, and she tried to climb the wall. Nutty Tsuki even tried to stow away in my bag of goodies for babysitting Friday evening. She also tried to put me full of holes as she tapped into her inner shark and ferociously chomped on me Saturday morning (she wanted to play rough, and if it wasn't for my blanket, I would have been covered in holes for her constant, intense biting). She's such a crazy nut.

Artwork for the week included:

I partook in writing, reading, and watching anime this week; it was a enjoyable week chilling with Tsuki. I wrote a new story, Quest for the Antidote, this week about finding a cure for Diego's illness (it was inspired by a pair of sisters in before care; one morning they arrived, lamenting about how Diego put himself in a candy coma and that we had to fix him). Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works , so stay tuned for more stories! Take care and have a wonderful rest of your week! Fanfic for this week included: The Mischievous Lady, The Moons Lost Love, The Link, Blood Moon, and Once Upon a Flower. I watched the newest season of Hetalia this week: Hetalia World Stars. It was pretty humorous; the characters were definitely being themselves (lol). I wish the season would have been longer, even with the 3 OVAs, the episode count stopped at 15, but the episodes are only 5 minutes a piece. Granted, I'm well familiar with the brevity of Hetalia episodes; I just would have appreciated more. I also watched Fena: Pirate Princess. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It provided some interesting food for thought, delving into "callings," observers of the story, choice vs. fate, etc. I am curious if there's any more to the story or if the single season concludes its story. Either way, it was well worth my time. The newest episode of YashaHime was interesting; I loved finding out more of the backstory behind the tanuki/raccoon dog clan and how InuYasha, Kagome, Sango, and Miroku defeated the full moon raccoon dog years ago. We also got to see a human Setsuna for the first time since her dream butterfly was severed/destroyed. It makes me wonder if Sesshomaru planned the dream butterfly to keep Rin and Setsuna safe, preventing the spread of the curse and also allowing Setsuna to keep her strength to better protect herself (and prevent her from being more vulnerable). I wouldn't be surprised if that was his plan--he's so intelligent and strategic. I know some people have been smack-talking Sesshomaru in YashaHime, claiming he wasn't a very good dad, but there's a lot of things in play. He has a lot more to protect now, and all the players involved make it rather complicated. I suspect he would have preferred all of their family to be together all this time, but individuals like Zero have interfered. I'm certain he's done the best he can with the hand he's been dealt. I look forward to the continuation of the YashaHime story; it's so awesome!

I hope everyone is prioritizing their wellbeing. A lot has transpired these last two years, and things have gotten intense. It feels like more and more people are strongly opinionated and refuse to consider the other side's perspective. There's been a lot of shaming and taking sides of "right" and "wrong." I experienced some of that this week. I went to my mom's dentist for a check up (since the dentist I grew up with failed severely with communication the last time I went to them and were rather disrespectful); there was a lot of judgement from my mom's dentist. It started off fine with her inquiring if I had gotten a vax, if I planned on it, etc. When I didn't bend my will to her perspective, though, things got intense. She started belittling anyone who had a contrary belief (i.e. not jumping aboard the vax train). Personally, I am pro choice; if you want to get it or not, I believe it's your choice and that you have every right to make that choice. I don't see a problem with people getting it if that's what they believe is right for them, but that doesn't mean they get to dictate the choice for other people. The dentist got super triggered, exclaiming, "Whatever crap you read online about growing a third arm or going sterile isn't true. Don't believe that crap." She assumed a lot and didn't even ask why I didn't get one/want one. She tried to coerce me into getting one, but I didn't let her intensity sway me. It doesn't feel right for me at this time, so I will not choose to get it. It might change later, but it might not. I can change my mind any time I choose. Here in the US people pride themselves in living in the land of the free, so that freedom should include the freedom of choice in what is put in their body. Funnily enough, I proved her wrong about another one of her assumptions; she tried pressuring me into going to this certain dentist/orthodontist place that was like 40 minutes away because she didn't trust the newer mail-in options. Not only did it prove to be cheaper than an in-person orthodontist (and considering the one my mom had me go to as a teen messed up my teeth at that exorbitant price that spanned years), it was faster and way more convenient. The results blew her away, and she was basically stunned speechless. Her preconceptions were proven inaccurate, so hopefully, she'll come around to realize maybe her other preconceptions and judgments aren't true, too. I don't see why it's such a problem to use your own discernment and reach your own conclusion. People need to calm down and relax. There's no need to get so bent out of shape; nobody's getting hurt, and I doubt people like her would appreciate it if people were going around saying that they couldn't get the vax when they wanted it. People should be allowed to reach their own conclusions and decide. Moreover, what's right for one person isn't going to be right for everyone. Like everything else, there is no one-size-fits-all. I hope everyone stays warm, takes care, and stay true to the course set by your heart. Being inauthentic is the way of the past. We need to be genuine and sincere, speaking and living our truth. We've got this. We're eternal spiritual beings living a human experience; the universe has our backs, and wonderful blessings are in store for us. Big things are around the corner, waiting to pleasantly surprise us, but we need to allow it in. They'll never reach us if we hide away, scared. It's time to be empowered creators. Don't live small or fall back on being a people-pleaser. You didn't come to Earth to live such a life. Sing your unique song of your soul; the world will be so much brighter for it. Stay blessed with love and light, everyone~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Some food for thought for the week:

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