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Happy Birthday, Iris!

A very happy birthday to Iris! It's hard to believe she's already 4 years-old; time sure flies! You're such a sweet, caring, silly individual, and there's never a dull moment when you're around, Iris! I wish you the best, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

The first thing I recalled from my dream when I woke up on Monday morning was being at some sort of family gathering. My uncle was still alive in the dream (the one who passed away from brain cancer in 2020), but he was ill in the dream. He didn't seem to know it, though. Someone made a comment about him being ill, and he started to figure out that his body wasn't healthy. He mentioned something about receiving medicine, but, apparently, some of the medicine the doctor/pharmacy gave him was complete duds; he made a comment about never knowing if receiving the dud medicine would be the last chance he got (i.e. it would kill him). It was unusual. The dream transitioned with me going to some dinner at a restaurant with some people (I couldn't remember who). We ended up getting arrested for some reason, but it didn't make sense. They gave us paperwork to fill out; I think it was supposed to help the court system along in judging our worthiness or something. The questions didn't all make sense to me (as in some of them seemed rather irrelevant). The first ones seemed to be about what you did for a living, what kind of person you were, what your values were, etc. Later on a lot of the questions focused on Pinky and the Brain for some reason. It didn't make much sense. I think the group, myself included, got turned into mice at that point. We somehow seemed to escape or something and were outside by a busy street. We were trying to get back to the jail I think; I had managed to fill out the paperwork. We might have reverted back to humans, but it's a bit fuzzy. As I was making my way back, my brother Adam seemed to be with me. I felt a pain on the back of my neck, and somehow he had gotten involved with trying to turn me into a vampire. Some group wanted me to use for some nefarious purposes. I managed to get away. I ended up back and home, having dinner with my parents and sister. I shared my tale, still unsettled from what just happened. My sister complained about moving her classes from Friday morning to the afternoon and brought over a bunch of books. She handed me a really thick one that appeared to be the 2nd in some series; it seemed to be about groups wanting to wipe out the light or something. She said something about that book really having helped her. That's all I could remember upon waking.

I didn't remember everything from my dream when I woke up Tuesday morning, but what I did remember focused on this small group of people. The main focus seemed to be this girl; she seemed to be wealthy and maybe was some kind of video creator (or maybe just from an affluent family). There was this guy that seemed to be like her servant/butler, but it seemed to be more his choice to do her bidding. It was almost like he thought that's what friends do. Literally, he'd do anything she said. At one point the girl went to some café with one of her friends. This other girl was asking about the servant-like "friend," and the main girl just laughed it off, basically saying that she was using him. They had girl talk, but the main girl felt this presence coming from another booth, like a guy was staring at her (but the seating in the booths was too high for people to look over it at other people while naturally sitting, which this other individual was doing). Whoever this guy was, ended up leaving. The main girl looked out the window and noticed him. He had done something unusual with his hair, giving it an interesting dye job. It reminded me of a Scarlet Macaw; it was mainly red, but the ends of his hair were a bright blue and vivid yellow. The length/styling of it reminded me a lot of Ichigo Kurosaki (but obviously not the color). He seemed to be a high school or college student; he was wearing parts of what seemed to be a pirate outfit (I remember there being a pirate hat for sure) but also wearing those uniform jackets that boy high school students are always wearing in anime. He seemed to be talking with some friends and leaving. He ended up coming back into the café and walking right up to the girls' booth, staring right at them but not saying anything, as if waiting to be acknowledged because the main girl was actively ignoring his presence. He ended up sitting down on the booth uninvited and basically deciding they were all friends. They ended up leaving the café via car I think, but then there were wild boars coming out of the woods nearby (they looked a lot like Hawk from The Seven Deadly Sins but were covered in a light brown fur). There were at least three of them. The one girl ended up leaving I think, and the pirate-esque boy and main girl ended up walking. They ended up by some creek, and the girl fell in love with the koi fish there, swimming in the creek. I think the pirate boy wanted her to go to a concert with him. The rest of the dream's details were fuzzy.

My dream was rather hazy from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, but I remembered bits and pieces of it. At one point I was working on a water color painting with Corliss. It was rather gorgeous with the use of vibrant rainbow colors. It was abstract (at least from what I could recall). I remembered getting frustrated with her because I would finish painting one area and somehow she'd get splotches on it, as if water got on it, lightening certain areas. I tried asking her to stop I think. Another part involved Sesshomaru. I was over by a Burger King for some reason, and their sign advertised their cheap breakfast and various other deals. Something about 12 things for $40 or something. Sesshomaru appeared wanting balloons from Pepsi (I had no idea why), but he got rather irritated when Burger King was filling the balloons up with helium and regular air, making the balloons barely float. Not sure why he wanted a bunch of balloons, but he did and wasn't a happy camper about their sad state of inflation. There was some other part of the dream where I was with some people, but I couldn't remember who they were. We were making sure little girls got home safe because it seemed like there were kidnappings going on. There was some kind of birthday block parade going on being led by Ronald McDonald, but he was getting miffed that things weren't proceeding smoothly. The kid that was going to sing the song kept saying "fart" instead whatever they were supposed to; it wasn't on purpose. For whatever reason they didn't know how to say whatever word it was, and it kept coming out as "fart." More happened in the dream, but I couldn't recall it upon waking up.

I woke up Thursday morning recalling one main part of my dream. I was at a school. It seemed to be high school (but some of my coworkers from the preschool seemed to be working there). I went to one of my classes. Some staff member came into the classroom to tell the teacher that Sharron (the teacher's coworker or some staff member at the school) was in the hospital and was being revived. The teacher got choked up about this but was hopeful. The other person told her she would be updated with any news they found out. We were starting class when there was an announcement that Sharron passed away. My teacher was too emotional to teach, and some other person came into substitute for her (apparently, the school leadership didn't want the students to see staff emotional and wanted to put up this front). The school leadership made all the students watch some memorial video for Sharron. At the pod of desks I was sitting at there was some kind of holiday catalog. Another student and I started flipping through it, curious as to why it was there. The other student seemed to be a lot younger than me (elementary or preschool aged). The staff that came to substitute flipped out, getting super peeved at me for looking at the catalog. The other student started exclaiming, "Yay!" (or something to that effect) because they were excited about whatever was in the catalog. I made a "quiet" gesture to the kid, and then the staff member came over to me, taking the catalog and scowling at me. She said that I would be quizzed over the video since she was convinced I wasn't paying attention. The video seemed to end, and she asked me about what conscious decisions mean (it was somehow related to the video). I told her that meant that you knowingly made a choice whether to do something or not. She was all grumpy, interjecting, "That's right!" More might have happened, but that's all I could remember.

I didn't remember much from my dream when I woke up on Friday. My dad, siblings, and I went to Andy's to get frozen custard, but apparently it now served dinner food, too. It sort of seemed like my siblings and I were kids again. I told my brother all about the apple pie concrete, informing him that it was so good that I ordered it multiple times instead of my normal order of mint chip. He was impressed, noting that if I passed on my favorite go-to since forever that really said something. There were people playing at a park nearby. A police officer was hanging out in the area, keeping an eye on things. This kid started freaking out how he couldn't find his mom. The police officer tried to help him, but the boy ran off suddenly away from her (I guess he knew where to look for his mom?). I think more happened, but that's all I recalled from this part. There was another part of my dream involving Sesshomaru and Rin. Rin might have been around 13, and I think some guy was looking to be her husband. Sesshomaru was getting royally ticked off because whoever this guy was happened to be trying to take over and replace Sesshomaru's crest with his own. I remembered lots of black, like it was seeping and oozing to cover and take over stuff. It was weird, but that's all I remembered.

I woke up on Saturday morning in a bit of a haze. I knew a lot happened in my dream, but I could only recall one part. In the dream there was some kind of like evacuation. A bunch of people had bug out bags and were trying to flee from something, although exactly what wasn't really clear. I was with someone that appeared to be a mother figure (but she wasn't my mom, at least in this life time) and some kids that seemed like they would be younger siblings. We were camping out in the woods, and others were making their own camps. We were trying to avoid the notice of someone or something. Whoever or whatever we were supposed to avoid seemed to be approaching (not sure how that was figured out). The mother figure was going to try to stall for time, blocking their path, and I scrambled to get the younger kids all packed up (they had stuff everywhere). It was a struggle to get them ready; I'm not sure if they realized the danger we were in. I think we managed to escape and find a new campsite away from the danger, but it's fuzzy. I think the mother figure managed to make it back, too. That's all I could remember from the dream.

My dream was kind of all over the place Saturday night/Sunday morning. I remembered going to watch some anime movie with April and Corliss at a library. There was a decent crowd there, but it wasn't huge (maybe there were like 20 people in the room). We were getting settled for the movie, and April went off to go print something or check out some book. Corliss and I gave each other a confused look because it was sort of late at night and since the library was only open for the movie, not the regular functions. April ended up coming back, but I'm not sure if she accomplished whatever she set out to do. I couldn't remember what movie we were watching or what it was about; we were excited for it, whatever it was. The dream transitioned, and Corliss was driving us down a street. Apparently, I needed to go to before care; I saw the turn and told her to turn right. She kept driving and was going to miss the turn. I reiterated that we needed to turn right with more emphasis. She passed it and then made a severe sudden turn to the left, going down some road I had never seen before. We ended up passing this wide, open field and ended up in what looked like a small town. There was some small shop that we ended up going to. I couldn't remember why we were there or what we were getting. I think more happened in that part, but that's all I could remember upon waking. There was some other part that involved Hades and Meg from Disney's Hercules. They seemed to be under some spell or curse or something because every time they wanted to talk, they couldn't and the other would be forced to say whatever it was that they were going to say. It was strange. Pain and Panic had something going on with them, too, but it wasn't the same. There was some kind of like gray/black tentacle things that were coming out of some void on their chests. It didn't seem like they were in pain or that it was controlling them. It was just kind of there. I don't know what that was about. Pretty sure more happened in the dream, but that's all I could recall upon returning to the waking world.

It was a fun week at before care. My art buddy was excited to create with me (she's still working on her story) and told me all about all the books she read over the weekend; while we were playing on the playground, she'd follow me around, telling me that she loved me and eventually started pretending I was her mom. It was cute. She pretended to be a villain named "Evil Kitty Sprinkles" and tricked the villain "Bally" (the ball bully aka my coworker) into getting locked in jail. The pair of sisters brought in a new Beanie Baby this week: "Weenie" the Wiener dog. They had me go with them to the vet, driving us in their pretend car and making a stop at Starbucks. The younger sister decided to run the Starbucks store, creating a bunch of drinks including a "Puppacino" for Weenie. At the vet they had Weenie get an x-ray because his stomach was hurting. Apparently, Weenie swallowed an apple whole. To fix his stomach, the girls said he needed to have his stomach wrapped. Apparently, the apple was larger than Weenie--the older sister gestured with her hands how big it was, and it seemed to be about the size of a basketball or watermelon. Apparently, Diego's been stolen; they were grumbling that Christopher stole Diego and that he used a Hawk Ticket to do so (not entirely sure how that works). They even started to construct a hammock for "Mr. Green" (a little, green, alien/monster finger puppet); they used a mask, popsicle sticks, glue, and pipe cleaners. It was pretty creative. One girl didn't like her drawing that she started, so she turned it over and told us not to look at it. Two red dots had bled through, so I decided to joke and ask if a vampire or spider bit the paper. She said no, but one of the other girls thought it was hilarious, so she decided to draw the vampire that bit the paper, who later became known as "Broken Jaw Joen." Kids definitely keep things interesting. One of the girls received a couple of dollar bills from her mom to buy raffle tickets at lunch for “Lunch with a Teacher,” and she started throwing them in the air, exclaiming that it was raining fresh, clean money. She then added that it came from a money tree. She was very insistent about the whole thing. The kids also got really squirrely and started rolling down the hall spontaneously. I've never witnessed such a sight before. One of the boys was going around telling everyone he was a wolf. He pulled me aside, insisting he had something important he had to tell me in private. He looked me dead in the eye and stated he was half human, half wolf, that he hid his fur beneath his skin, and that he was being targeted. He insisted he was serious, that "this was real life." I definitely wasn't expecting that conversation; I figured it would have been one of the normal squabbles they tend to have with one another. Go figure.

The boys were excited that my Kagome Nendoroid arrived; they still want me to get all of the InuYasha character Nendoroids, but I'm content with Sesshomaru, InuYasha, and Kagome for now. They were excited to hear that I was going to see the new My Hero Academia movie with Corliss on Friday and want me to tell them about it when I see them next week. It was a chill week of babysitting, and I have lots of fun discussing anime, Tsuki's antics, and stuff Iris has done lately with them.

Tsuki's been an adorable nut. She's been waiting at the window for me to get back from before care. She adores the new box; she keeps hiding and playing in it. She also keeps trying to steal my Perler beads when I work on art. She's gotten to the point where she'll literally jump up into the air to catch them--I've started tossing her a few to distract her and keep her from messing with what I'm working on, and Tsuki will catch them between her front paws. It's pretty hilarious, actually. She jumps up onto the chair next to me, eyes growing huge, as she eagerly awaits for me to toss her some. She's such a nut. Tsuki's been hanging out next to me on the chair and on my lap as I read, write, and work on art. She's definitely a buddy cat. She hates being alone and follows me everywhere (even the shower lol). Love you, you crazy nut!

Art for this week included plenty of Perler bead projects:

I enjoyed writing, reading, watching some anime, and hanging out with Corliss and April this week. I posted a new short story this week. This one, Love is My Superpower, is based off one of my recent experiences working with children; it truly warmed my heart, so I decided I would share it. Feel free to read it and share your thoughts! I'm also open to suggestions and recommendations for future stories! I have other pieces in the works (several additional ones are inspired by the interactions I've had with children lately), so stay tuned for more stories! Take care and have a wonderful rest of your week! Fanfic for this week included: The Ruler of All, Midsummers Eve, and Midwinters Eve. I watched the newest episode of YashaHime this week, and I'm curious to learn more about Takechiyo and the tanuki/raccoon dogs. I had speculated that Takechiyo was Hachi's son, but that proved to be wrong--this episode revealed that Hachi is Takechiyo's vassal. It does make me wonder why we didn't see Hachi with Takechiyo at all before. I guess Takechiyo was in hiding, but it makes me wonder how old he is and if he was alive during the InuYasha series since yokai/demons age differently than humans. I'm also curious what Rion meant about Zero's time being stopped; is it because she got rid of her emotions or is she like Rion and like how Kikyo was? The longer YashaHime goes on the more intrigued I get by the story. It was interesting to find out that there are other demon slayers out there--not that I'm super surprised with how plenty of villages have issues with yokai attacks, but the InuYasha series never mentioned them (at least not that I remember). I want to know more; I keep getting more and more questions, and I eagerly look forward to next week's episode!

Corliss and I went to go see the new My Hero Academia movie on Friday, and it was so good! We want to go watch it again; we basically had the theater to ourselves, too. The only other people there were a mom and her daughter (she looked to be in the 5th-8th grade range). Corliss and I got so hyped up while watching the movie; we loved it! The last time we had been in theaters was to see the previous My Hero Academia movie last year in February. We had a blast with that one, too. Corliss's friend from New York was being a troll and messaging us with "spoilers" and saying that "he dies at the end." No one died at the end of the movie, although with how high the stakes were, it wouldn't have been too surprising if someone did. Granted, the one scientist died, but that wasn't on screen--it was just mentioned. Corliss and I foresaw what the villain meant when he talked about reflecting things. He'd never experienced love--it wasn't just attacks or powers he reflected. Our hearts went out to him since that's quite the rough hand to be dealt, but we didn't think that justified his actions. It gave off vibes of the Crusades, justifying acts of violence, chaos, and murder in the name of self righteousness, doing the world, humanity, and basically God, a favor. His feelings were valid but his perception was not. The lack of affection from others would definitely warp a person; I could see why such an individual would see Quirks as a curse, but that doesn't mean you get to play God and decide for everyone whether Quirks are inherently good or bad. Quirks in the My Hero Academia universe just are; it's people's choices that make them "good" or "bad." On a slightly different note, the character interactions were super cute, too; it melted our hearts. We were being such fan girls (LOL). We also got this neat new book for going to see it in theaters. We had a great time, and we look forward to more fun experiences together.

We also got to catch up with April after the movie; our schedules haven't lined up as of late, so it's been so long since the three of us have all gotten together. We had lots of fun, and while we were eating dinner, some of our classmates from high school suddenly appeared, asking if we heard anything about a reunion at the end of the month. We hadn't, and we were surprised to see them. It's strange seeing classmates from high school--they all look so old now. The pair seemed to be in their mid to late 30's. It's hard to fathom we're the same age any more; most people mistake April, Corliss, and I as teenagers. The kids I babysit usually think I'm like 15 or 18 or something; I find it interesting how we look so different from our former classmates. We debated whether we'll go to the reunion or not. We're a bit curious about our former classmates, but the reunion is down in the city at some bar (which is not my scene at all). It doesn't seem like the most fun. Corliss and April started throwing out ideas about going in costumes, and their ideas got pretty outrageous and hilarious. It was lots of fun discussing it since things got so silly with them. I adore my friends.

I hope you are able to spend time with loved ones and rest when necessary. This week has been a lot more restful; I haven’t particularly felt like doing much, and neither did Corliss. I wonder if it has something to do with the energies. A few years ago I would have tried to force myself to do things; Corliss and I have discussed this, and now we feel completely comfortable just chilling and not doing much of anything if we don’t feel like it. Before it would have kind of felt like we were “wasting each other’s time” if we didn’t go out and do something. It’s rather silly to force things if neither party actually wants to do anything, though. We’ve grown a lot recently, and it’s rather mind boggling to think about where we used to be. Please, take care of yourselves and prioritize your wellbeing. Too many people have become conditioned to push themselves and keep pushing themselves until they break. It shouldn’t be viewed as a “bad thing” to care for your health and recharge your batteries. People shouldn’t be expected to keep pouring from an empty cup. It feels like more and more people are reaching this conclusion, and that’s great! Society still has work to do for improving and growing into its best version, but we’re making progress. It’ll take some more time, but we’re amidst the butterfly transformation—it’ll be so beautiful and free once it’s complete! I wish you all well and have a wonderful week! Stay blessed with love and light~

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Some food for thought for the week:

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