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Happy August!

It's hard to believe we're already in August. It hardly feels like we started 2022, but we're going into the final third soon. When I got back from babysitting on Wednesday afternoon, I noticed that there was an outbreak of dragonflies. They were literally everywhere. I noticed one, thought to myself, "Huh, I rarely see dragonflies," before noticing more and more dragonflies zooming about. There was at least 20 but probably more than that (they were hard to count). They seemed to be hanging out specifically near my home. It was odd but pretty cool. Life is full of surprises. I wonder if it had anything to do with the energies. There's the powerful portal of Lion's Gate coming up, after all. Lion's Gate is just around the corner! If you want to learn more, you can check out the videos below.

A lot happened in my dream from Sunday night/Monday morning, and it seemed all over the place. The first thing I remembered was being at the window in the hallway upstairs, looking out the window. There was a giant moon that seemed to be in a total eclipse. I called my mom over to look, and as we were gazing at it, it turned into a massive full moon. Eventually, it disappeared for some reason, but multiple smaller moons appeared randomly throughout the sky. As I was looking at the various stars, I noticed the little dipper. It started to light up and become different colors. Then the night sky seemed to become a Chinese lantern festival. The various constellations became extra colorful and things like the dragon décor would fill up the night sky. It seemed super cool, and I called my sister over. She was mesmerized and started leaning out of the window to get a better view. I tried to warn her to be careful, but somehow, her leaning out of the window messed with the stability of the house; somehow, the house ended up distorting/becoming really malleable, and the 2nd floor bent over (sort of like it was melting while being tipped to the side) and got near the ground. We ended up fixing it, but my sister was freaking out because she was convinced she broke the house.

The dream transitioned and seemed to focus on a pair of young sisters. The older of the two noticed some strangeness going on with the town. There were these galactic beings that came to Earth, and ever sense people started acting weird. Specific details were kind of fuzzy, but the older sister realized that something was going on with the air; the galactic beings had released some kind of chemical or substance into the air that affected all the people. They had become rather unintelligent overall, not questioning things and easily accepting everything, and some people even underwent complete personality changes. No one wanted to believe her, and parents even started neglecting their kids, remarking that they were better off without them. Most people were completely distracted and absorbed with things like sports. I think there was some kind of special task force that was uniting to deal with the galactic beings, but for some reason I feel like the beings weren't particularly evil. Maybe it was an unintentional side effect of something or maybe there were two groups of galactic beings. I think there was something about brainstorming with others, and this whole plotline was a story being written or like a video game.

The last thing I could remember was my cousin's dad coming over to the house in the middle of the night after my cousin randomly let him in. I tried telling him that he couldn't just come inside, and he threw money at me like that would solve everything. He started going through all our stuff and started trying to take it for himself. He claimed my cousin said that he could have it, but I corrected him, letting him know he couldn't just take it. For whatever reason, he seemed down on his luck and was only in his underwear. He then proceeded to try and stay, declaring that we couldn't kick him out if he was in his underwear. I let him know that he couldn't just invite himself to our home. He decided to change up his tactics, proclaiming we wouldn't kick a person out onto the street if they were nude. I got the distinct impression he was going to remove the little clothing he had left, so I informed him that if he took them off, we would be calling the cops. He truly seemed to be trying to manipulate everyone and get us to go along with whatever his wishes were even if we didn't like them. He started trying to find places he could stay, but I told him that we didn't have space due to the kitchen remodel (truly, there's stuff everywhere, and it's pretty cramped). In the dream there was this tiny, built-in, wall cabinet/closet thing, and he tried to force himself into that. It was locked (and it wouldn't have fit him either, because it wasn't deep or large). He seemed willingly to do whatever it took to get us to let him stay. He didn't want to listen to reason or respect our wishes. More probably happened, but that's all I could remember upon waking.

From what I could remember from my dream Monday night/Tuesday morning, it started off being at a school. I was in a classroom working on some project involving glue (I think). For some reason, I opened the door and looked out in the hallway. Bobby Proud from The Proud Family was walking down the hall with a small posse and singing his song Dysfunkshunal. Something floated away from the classroom, like balloons but I think it was some kind of cardboard or like that. I went to go bring it back to the classroom, and there was a kid that helped me track it down because he saw where it went. I think his name was Anthony. More might have happened, but the next thing I knew there was what seemed to be a fantasy world. There was a small group of people wandering around what seemed to be a town/kingdom. A guy called out to his mentor, who happened to be working with some blacksmiths, although the mentor was not actually a blacksmith. He seemed to be an elven ruler or leader of some sort. The guy picked up a piece of metal and called out to his mentor what kind of sword he wanted. A girl in the group wanted to help, so she grabbed the metal as the guy began to toss it. The girl unintentionally threw off their groove; the pair had apparently done this many times, but when she interfered, the mentor was unable to catch the metal. Realizing that her desire to help did the exact opposite, she went off to pout, feeling bad about making things worse rather than easier. The guy was her friend, and someone asked if she was okay. He wasn't too concerned, recognizing that she was pouting, and explained that after giving her some space to process things, she'd be just fine. He realized that if he showed up right away, things would be worse (maybe like an overexaggerated, overactive imagination convincing her that he was made at her). That's all I could remember upon waking up.

I could only remember one main thing when I woke up on Wednesday morning. There were these two kittens that showed up at my front door. The first one seemed fine, just little and a bit hungry, so I fed it. Shortly after another kitten showed up that was limping. I felt really bad for it, especially since it seemed super hungry. I fed it and gave it water. I noticed that it had a collar, so I was going to see if I could find the owner. Not too long after that, this little boy and his mom came looking for their lost pet. They asked if I had seen it; I don't remember exactly what they called their pet--it was something really long and had "Biscuit Buddy" as part of it. I showed them the injured kitten that was still eating (although had eaten a lot) and asked if this was their kitten. The little boy was so relieved to find his lost kitty. They took the kitten home so they could nurse it the rest of the way back to health. It started snowing, and my parents started acting weird, trying to pile snow in the driveway to block people from parking in it. Several other relatives were there, and my cousin that lives in California, Mark, grabbed this massive hunk of snow. While he hadn't shaped it, it resembled a door and was rather large. He had drawn some symbols on one side of the "door" that looked like the astrological symbols for planets and/or the constellations. More might have happened, but that's all I could remember once I woke up.

My dream seemed to be a bit all over the place from Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The first thing I remembered was chatting with the leader of the youth volunteer group I had been involved with as a teen. He was lamenting his home being out of wack due to a remodel, and I commiserated since we don't have a kitchen currently. The next thing I new I was getting ready to enter a school, but stopped when I got a message from a former boss that told me she moved me to a school that was 40 minutes away. Since it was last minute and since I never agreed to this, I informed her that I wouldn't be going and would be finding employment elsewhere. I went home to find that I now had a flat tire, so I couldn't go even if I wanted to. There was something else, maybe about glue or crafts, but the details got fuzzy. That's all I could remember upon waking up.

My dream recall from Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night was all incredibly fuzzy. It didn't help that April and Corliss stay up pretty late but get up rather early since I'm a very light sleeper when it comes to sounds. I was quite tired but couldn't sleep, which made dreaming/remembering dreams quite the challenge.

The boys are super excited for their long weekend in Alabama, looking forward to using jet skis and chilling by the pool. They enjoyed showing me the games they're playing and discussing anime, such as the Death Note potato chip scene. The one brother has started an Elden Ring run as "Saint Nicholas" and loved showing me how Santa is going to be the supreme ruler of everything. He decided to drink orange juice out of a wine glass to be "sophisticated" and played some video about eating dirt; he kept telling me to think about how the dirt felt, so I asked, "What if the dirt doesn't want to be eaten?" He didn't care for my questions and politely told me to leave (lol). They asked about what Corliss, April, Iris, and I will be doing in Kansas City, but we haven't made any plans aside from going to Snooze. The boys suggested we go to Dave & Buster's because they went to the Kansas City location for Memorial Day and came back with a Lego Sonic set. Understandably, they're super excited about their upcoming vacation and promised to trade stories when we get back.

Tsuki was her normal, goofy self. She loves the sunshine and lounging in strange positions. Tsuki knocked over her grass and made a mess, but she generally loves making messes and knocking things over. She enjoyed hiding behind the remodel materials, napping on her blanket and the stool, watching the rain and birds, snuggling, and just being a nut. Tsuki tried to climb the fridge multiple times, too, because my sister put Tsuki's fishing pole toy up there and Tsuki really wanted it. She had fun attacking a scrap of paper and trying to destroy it. She was probably sad when I left for my trip with my friends because I've never been gone over night before, let alone not come back to the house for a few days. Tsuki's gonna be so excited to see me when I get back tomorrow evening.

Artwork for the week included:

I worked on more writing for Creativity Chronicles this week! Feel free to check out the new art supply articles!

New articles include:

Our long weekend vacation has been a lot of fun. The drive down after April got off work was especially interesting because the moon grew more and more massive the closer we got to Kansas City. There was also the fact that the moon started off pure white, transitioned to a pale yellow, gradually turning orange before becoming a crazy deep red. When it started changing colors, we thought our eyes we playing tricks on us. The more saturated it became, the more undeniable the change was. There was also strange occurrences on the moon's surface, too. Shadowy blobs seemed to be moving around, switching which part of the moon they were on and almost completely covering the surface at one point. When we were about 20 minutes away, the moon completely disappeared from sight. We looked everywhere for it, but it vanished without a trace. There were no clouds, and we even walked around the surrounding area once we arrived, but it was completely gone. We couldn't understand how a moon that large, vibrant, red, and bright could just suddenly disappear. The moon didn't grow in size or change its color the rest of the time we were there, either.

We haven't had much planned; the only thing we wanted to do was go to Snooze for awesome breakfast, and it was delicious. We've gone to different parks, explored a local farmer's market, star gazed, and more. I even got a new tie dye hat. While we were out shopping one night, someone put a random sticker on my car. We have no idea what Dutch Bros is or why it's the "next level chill," but we found it rather amusing and unexpected. It's been a pretty laid-back vacation where there isn't pressure to do anything.

One highlight was when we were stargazing by these waterfalls and a woodsy area. Strange phenomena was going on with the moon again. It started emitting this haze that kept changing colors. It started of this orangey-red color before turning this deep purple. There was this pair of birds that were quite peculiar; they were out around sunset when we arrived and stuck around until we left a little after midnight. It was extra bizarre because these birds are never out at dark; this type of bird sleeps when it gets dark--they are not nocturnal. They were the only birds around, too. They kept getting closer and chirping whenever our conversations reached profound moments. The birds left the area when we left, too.

We also spotted some fairies. At first we weren't sure what they were. I was the first to see them, and I was extremely puzzled by what I witnessed. The best way to describe it was that there were tiny stars in the wooded area by the waterfall. Not up in the sky or reflections in the water but in the woods itself. I asked April and Corliss if they saw them, too, and at first they had no clue what I was talking about. Then they spotted the tiny forest "stars," too, and were blown away. The fairies were completely watching us, most likely surprised that there were humans out and about that late at night. One of the fairies even followed us to the car when we were leaving, escorting us to make sure we got to the car safely. It was a magical experience. There were these "stars" that traveled across the sky, and there was a trio of "stars" that appeared and gave off the vibe that they were patrolling the moon after what happened the other day. As soon as we left the area and started driving back to the hotel, the trio of "stars" completely disappeared. It was surreal.

April wanted to know why strange stuff always happens when she's with us, and I surmised that it had to do with our collective energy. While strange stuff always happens, it's really interesting to witness. I wonder what will happen next. Take care, have fun, make time for rest, and be gentle with yourself. There's magic all around if you have open eyes and are willing to see. Have a fabulous Lion's Gate, and stay blessed with love and light, everyone!

Food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Food for thought for the week:

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