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Happy August!

I hope everyone had a great July! It's hard to believe we're already in August; it feels like it was May just the other day. I hope everyone has enjoyed summer so far. It's definitely been an interesting one.

This week I did a bit of babysitting for another family. The kids were super excited to see me and wanted to show off the changes to their basement. They also wanted to watch Wreck-it Ralph 2; I feel like that movie is a lot more spiritual than at first glance. I got the vibe that it was about acknowledging our shadow side and healing it, about overcoming fear and accepting change--that change isn't necessarily a bad thing; despite what you might first think, you'll be just fine when change occurs because you're everything you ever need in the first place--you are whole and complete as you are. Sure, it's important to be kind to others, share love, and have relationships like friendships, but just because your lives move in different directions doesn't mean it's the end of the world. It's okay if friends feel the pull to follow different dreams and different paths; that doesn't diminish your friendship. There's something each of us is here to do, and we shouldn't hold ourselves or anyone one else back from pursuing that purpose--nothing good comes from attempting to derail and hold others (or ourselves) back. Speaking our truths and having open, respectful conversations are key. If we do this, we can avoid many conflicts and obstacles (things definitely would have played out different in the movie if Ralph and Vanellope had done so).

After the movie, the girl wanted to pretend to have a YouTube channel and "make" videos. When we went into her room to look for ideas, I noticed a large bag made out of woven plastic bags; it was really neat and pretty darn sturdy. She then started with a make-up tutorial and then decided to do some sort of DIY with marshmallows. She got out food coloring and started adding blue to the marshmallow. I wasn't sure what she was intending to make her "video" about, and then she threw a curve ball. As she conversed to her "viewers," she announced, "Okay, so pretend this is a steak. Doesn't this look so juicy??" I'm not going to lie, it was a rather difficult not to laugh because it totally caught me off guard; I did not expect it in the least. We also went for a walk at their request (I'm not going to tell them no to getting some exercise). We saw a lot of cool signs along the way. As they were getting ready for bed, her brother was being extra goofy and silly. When he went to brush his teeth, she remarked, "My brother is so creepy." When I asked why she said that, she explained, "Because he's so weird." I pointed out that creepy and weird are two different things, he overheard his sister repeat herself and shouted, "I know you're not talking about me! You must be talking about your other brother!" When I expressed surprise over this development (it's just the two of them--there are no other siblings), his sister explained that the twin's name was Jack, short for Jackson. Again I tried not to laugh because that meant that the twins would be named Jackson (Jack) and Jaxon (Jax). That wouldn't be confusing at all. These kids are a hoot.

I spent the week taking walks, enjoying great food, hanging out with fluffy cat, and creating art. I had some new crystals and instruments arrive. I made a lot of new mash-up drawings. If you would like to see videos, I have a playlist:

I found out that there's actually a movie version of The Celestine Prophecy. For those of you who haven't heard of it before, The Celestine Prophecy is the first book in a really powerful and insightful series of spiritual books by James Redfield. I highly recommend reading all the books (I've read all of them). If you want an introduction to the series/concepts, YouTube has the movie up for free to watch. The movie is a more simplified version of the book, with certain things changed or removed, but the essence of the message is the same. I also started doing a read aloud series of The Celestine Prophecy if you're interested:

Michelle Patterson on Angel Souls did a sort of "Choose Your Own Adventure" with messages. If you're interested, feel free to check it out. I choose based on which crystal called out to me; each crystal had a corresponding pile of cards and messages.

Amanda Ellis emphasizes the importance of stepping into our power and finding the answer for ourselves right now; the universe is willing to help us in our endeavors and provide guidance, but we also need to put forth effort to help ourselves. She also points out that many people are going to begin focusing on self employment and seeing ourselves as the master. We can provide for ourselves if we allow ourselves the opportunity to try; if we shut down the thought immediately, we will never succeed.

Aaron emphasizes the importance of stepping out of our comfort zone (our "box") in order for us to thrive. If we stay in our comfort zone, we will only survive. It's the unknown, the new experiences that provide the greatest opportunity to grow and thrive.

More insight from Ralph Smart.

Things are definitely different, and it feels like the winds of change are coming. I know that a variety of people are stressed out and scared with all of developments. Sure, it might seem pretty scary. Your emotions are valid, but recognize that just because something can happen doesn't mean it will. You're thoughts are powerful; what you focus on you bring into reality. Thoughts and beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. What do you want the future to hold? Focus on that. Focus on joy and love. Do what you can to have fun and enjoy even just the small things. By doing so, you will bring more of it into your life. Life is a mirror that way. What you send out into the universe is returned back to you. Focus on doing what you can to bring the reality you wish into creation; even if it's baby steps, working towards it is what's most important. Take care of yourself. Support your loved ones and those around you. We decide what the future will be with our focus and our actions. Let go of what no longer serves you. You are not helpless. Sure, maybe you can't change some things (for instance, other people's decisions because that's their choice) but by seeing things in a higher, loving light you help shift reality. By seeing the positive possibility you help bring it into creation; you give others the chance to live up to that perception. They say, "Seeing is believing," but it's more accurate to say, "Believing leads to seeing." What you believe is what life presents to you. The "evidence" you see that causes people to say that seeing is believing is really the manifested confirmation of what you already believe. There can be miracles when you believe. Things might seem dark right now, but it is the dark that allows the light to shine bright; moreover, you might just have been planted. You have tremendous potential and bloom into brilliance, full of life, vibrance, and colors. We can accomplish whatever it is we desire if we give ourselves the opportunity. As Michelangelo emphasized, "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." Don't sell yourself short. You are capable of anything and everything if you allow yourself to. Do what feels right; listen to your heart. Follow your joy. You came to this earth to live more than a stagnant, dull life. You came here to shine brightly and share your truth to make the world a better place. You might not know exactly what your life's purpose is yet, but that's okay. Start with love and joy. Allow it to come together piece by piece; before you know it, it will assembled perfectly and feel completely obvious. Stay blessed, everyone, and I wish you all well!

Food for thought:

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