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Fun, Adventure, and Synchronicity

I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool! Corliss and I had originally planned to be in Japan this week for the star festival, but plans change (we did not foresee all of this going down the way it has). While we didn't travel the way we originally intended, we did still have fun and go on an adventure! While on our adventure, we ended up doing a lot of new things that we had been intended to try for some time; this led to Corliss exclaiming, "I feel like a tourist in my own hometown area!"

This adventure was so much fun! We started off by heading to a store to pick up a pot Corliss had on hold. Next door was World's Fair Donuts. We have seen this store so many times on the way to the Botanical Gardens. The one time we tried to check it out, it was closed and looked very empty. We thought maybe it was closed for good, and we were quite disappointed. We decided to give it a round two on this adventure, and it was open! We went inside, and it was so neat! It actually had a pay phone (which genuinely surprised Corliss and me) and a retro register from when the store first opened. There was an incredible mural on the wall. The doughnuts were delicious, and the store sold super soft shirts! The cashier was so friendly and wore a Ninja Turtles shirt from Old Navy's boy clearance. It was fun finally checking out this store and chatting with her!

We drove around for a bit after picking up Corliss' order. It was a leisurely drive just exploring the area, looking at the different buildings and awesome trees. By the time we reached our next destination, it started to rain. We had heard that there was a chance for off and on showers all afternoon. It then proceeded to pour rain for about 20 minutes. We ended up sitting in the car listening to the rain.

Then we finally made our way to The Silver Lady after the rain let up. As those who have been following our adventures may remember, John from Sunshine Daydream recommended The Silver Lady on our first adventure. We tried to go there that day and on our next adventure, but ti was closed both times, but not this time! The window displays were so interesting! I really enjoyed the huge amethyst with the little mining scenery. The owner, Jeff, noticed us outside and invited us inside. We had every intention to go inside--we had been trying to get inside for weeks! We wanted to fully appreciate all the pieces he had in his window display, though, before going inside. Jeff was super friendly and super knowledgeable. He had so many interesting pieces on display inside the store, too, and he willingly brought box after box from the back storage so we could look at all the crystals he had. Another lady, Brandy, joined us and shared our enthusiasm. She showed us pictures from her latest dig in Arkansas, recommending we go check it out. Corliss and I had actually began to consider doing a dig in Arkansas (but we're totally open to doing digs elsewhere, too). She also highly recommended the crystal store, Dirty Girls, at the Lake of the Ozarks. We recommended she check out Prospectors to which she exclaimed that her friend had just recommended Prospectors to her. The synchronicities were so high! There really are no coinicidences. We found so many beautiful crystals, and Jeff recommended a neat book to us: The Great Encyclopedia of Healing Stones, Fragrances, and Herbs. He informed us that he had fourteen degrees in identifying rocks, and we asked if he could teach us--we've been wanting to learn more for awhile. We definitely know more than when we started, but we still have a ways to go. Jeff-sensei agreed to help teach us. He also gave us these large Picture Jasper stones for free, remarking, "Welcome aboard!" He's so cool! We've received free crystals before from other stores, but they have always been the small, tumbled stones. Jeff is so generous! Definitely check out The Silver Lady! You won't regret it!

We then stopped by a flower shop, Flamenco Flowers, on a whim. The owner, Elisheva, was super nice and genuine! She's a really fun soul! She let us pet her dog, Max, and told us about the map hanging in her store; all the pins indicate where her customers are from. She happens to be Russian. We told her we'd return later after eating so the flowers Corliss wanted to get wouldn't wilt in the intense summer heat.

We stopped by Snow Factory to get a cold snack. I've wanted to try it for a while now, but it seemed like a lot of ice cream from the pictures. Snow Factory serves rolled Thai ice cream. They use dry ice under a metal plate to freeze the ice cream and let you watch them make it. It's really interesting! It was so delicious, too! No regrets at all. Plus, looking at all the notes that cover the walls while eating was fun! We definitely want to go back. They have 33 different flavors, so there are plenty of things for us to try next.

We then went to Sunshine Daydream to see our buddy, John, and what crystals were for sale. We had to wait a few minutes for the customer availability to open up. John opened the door, saw us, and playfully turned the other way, running back into the store. We joked back, remarking that we'd take our business elsewhere. He let us in and went straight to the crystals--he knows. As we were browsing their current selection, we informed John that we had finally made it to The Silver Lady like he recommended and how much we loved it. John agreed, remarking that it's a dangerous store to be in because on multiple occasions his entire paycheck went to The Silver Lady. Corliss asked him to do a price check on the large amethyst since the last one she got rang up cheaper than the price tag. He left to check and came back empty handed. Corliss was confused, and he explained, "I left it at the counter. It's $50." Corliss replied, "You're right. I want it." She looked at a large piece of labradorite while I snatched up a large blue calcite we had looked at last time but hadn't gotten. Corliss wanted to think on the labradorite and asked John to hide it. He placed it behind a small display, commenting on how he couldn't actually hide it. While getting ready to check out, I reminded Corliss about Jeff's signs at The Silver Lady and how she'd regret it while cuddling the blue calcite. She recognized I was right and told John to get it. So, as we were checking out not only did the amethyst ring up considerably cheaper but so did the labradorite--around $40. John was impressed. When my blue calcite rang up for $40 instead of $76, John couldn't believe what he was witnessing. He didn't actually voice this, but the look of utter disbelief was painted clearly all over his face for everyone to see. The universe is full of abundance and thoughts, intentions, and beliefs hold great power. They literally create our reality. We knew we would have an awesome day full of abundance, and that's what we received.

We had some more delicious stir fry from Corner 17. No mishaps like the first time. It was so delicious. Corliss also got some kind of dumpling for us to try. If I remember correctly, it was chicken and spinach. We sat down in the shade, enjoying our food and the beautiful scenery.

After eating Corliss wanted to check out a global grocery store, and on the way a man offered to do a free caricature of us. He was really nice. It didn't take very long--at most it was ten minutes. Our caricature came out rather sassy even though we were just sitting there like normal people, which we found rather humorous. We weren't bothered by this at all because we got such a good laugh out of it. I gave him a $20 tip, and we wished him to have a great day. Corliss stocked up on all sorts of goodies while at the grocery store.

We rounded out the day by returning to Flamenco Flowers. Elisheva was happy to see us again. We got to talking, and she told us that she doesn't believe in rules--they're meant to be broken--and we somehow got to talking about dancing, specifically how some people have this grace while others just don't. She told us about a funny video and immediately went to pull it up on YouTube: "White Man Dancing--Legally Brown." She commented that she had no dancing skill, prompting Corliss to encourage her to go into water--everything's more graceful and in the flow in water. Her response: "Poop also floats in water. I'm not buying it." She insisted that she didn't have the gene or makeup or whatever that allows for good dancing. She was quite unconvinced by Corliss' attempt, but she's just so humorous! Corliss got herself a beautiful arrangement of flowers, and we also bought more geodes and selenite crystals. Elisheva is such an interesting person with such an interesting store--definitely check it out if you're ever in the area!

It was a wonderful adventure full of fun and abundance! It truly felt like we were on our own mini vacation even though we didn't travel all that far from home. Honestly, this felt the way life should be. Life should be easy, in flow, with abundance and fun and incredible people. If we stopped trying to dictate and control our lives, life probably would be that way. While Corliss and I definitely set clear intentions for our adventure (that being fun and abundance), we didn't try to force things to happen or direct the way it "should" go. That's what usually trips people up; the "shoulds"--what you "should" do, what you "should" buy, who you "should" see, etc. Being open to how life and the adventure decided to unfold did wonders. Life truly is incredible, and we're so lucky to be alive.

This week has been a rather productive one! The book I created back during my graduate class is now available as an ebook! Feel free to check it out! I've also spent the week creating a bunch of art since I had the week off from babysitting. It's so much fun to just go with the flow, not have schedules, and just create. I also spent a good portion of the week reading; The Tenth Insight arrived, so I immediately read that book; it's so insightful and full of food for thought! It makes so much sense in light of all the recent developments. It all adds up. There are no coincidences. I can't wait to read the third book of The Celestine Prophecy series (about the 11th insight) because The Twelfth Insight arrived before it. This series is so incredible! I definitely recommend reading it!

I got to meet up this week with my teaching partner from this past school year for lunch. It was so great to see her again! We originally planned to go to Canyon Cafe, but it turned out to be closed for a few days (I found this funny; life has a real sense of humor). We decided to make it a bit of an adventure and try something new. A restaurant called BrickTop's was nearby, and neither of us had tried it before so we decided to go there. It was pretty good.

We got into deep conversation. Time just flew by; it really didn't feel like two hours had past--it went by in a blink of an eye. We talked about recent developments and what we have been reflecting on. We discussed what "human" really means/stands for. Think about it. It refers to "hue" as in there are different hues or colors of skin. We discussed how perception makes reality; people can be placed in the same situation but choose to use that experience to guide their lives in different directions. I recently came across a story of two twins growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father. One brother ended up in jail. When the mother asked how his life ended up this way, he retorted, "My father was an abusive alcoholic! How could I NOT end up this way?!" The mother then went to visit the other brother, who was extremely successful, staying away from alcohol, and had his own loving family. When the mother asked how his life ended up this way, he replied, "My father was an abusive alcoholic. How could I NOT end up this way?" Perception makes a world of a difference. Choosing to see life's experiences as either a blessing or a lesson will help you profusely. There's no doubt that the twins didn't enjoy their father's actions and choices. How they choose to view that role he played in their lives was night and day. It's your choice to make. How do you want to view your life?

I brought up this concept that popped up in my head while driving to hang out with Corliss earlier this week: people are clinging desperately to old leaves. The leaves a withered, brown, and very much dead. They do not serve them any longer. They refuse to release them and let them go. They don't recognize the cycle of seasons need to take part of their lives, much like the trees. The trees don't hang on to their dead leaves in the winter; they let them fall. By letting the old leaves go, they have room for the new leaves to grow. They can experience new life. By clinging so desperately to the old, people have no room for new experiences, relationships, and things that are trying to enter. Carla was blown away by this example, exclaiming, "I love this analogy!" I didn't share it with the goal of being "profound;" it has just been sticking out so prominently in my mind ever since it first crossed my mind. She told me that I should be a public speaker. I don't think I'm quite ready for that, at least in a live sense. Writing blog posts, possibly making a video to upload--that I could probably do somewhat easily at this point. Previously, I never would have considered it because public speaking has been super intimidating. I'm an introvert; large groups of people can be rather draining on my energy levels. I've definitely come a long way (especially when you consider that I willingly entered a teaching position). I do find a difference between larger groups of kids versus larger groups of adults. Groups of kids don't faze me a bit. That might be due to kids still being in close connection to their true self/source. Not entirely sure to the why, but I know that I enjoy being around (groups of) kids. I know that I should probably genuinely look into the public speaking thing, though; the universe provides the direction we should take in a variety of ways, including conversations with people.

Also, Carla had recently been put in a position where she saw that what she recognized a few years ago rang true to this day; I told her that God/the universe had put her there to recognize she has her own insight and wisdom and that she shouldn't doubt herself. She remarked, "You're probably right... No, you are right." There were a lot of synchronicities. It was no coincidence that we met up when we did (we had originally intended to meet up earlier, but life had other plans); we were able to provide insight and new perspectives for each other's experiences, bringing in a new sense of clarity. It was really profound. More and more things keep adding up. It felt a lot like what the insights from The Celestine Prophecy were talking about; there was a really high energy, and each of us shared vital information and insight with the other. It felt rather magical. I'm so glad we met up for lunch and that we were able to continue to help each other grow--we really grew so much over this past school year. I'm super grateful that I met her and was able to teach with her. She taught me so much, but she emphasized over lunch how much I have been able to teach her as well. I feel like we've helped each other get so much closer to becoming our best selves. Life is incredible.

What's been popping up on the YouTube homepage has also resonated highly with recent developments. Amanda Ellis created a recent video, "Eclipse Energies - Prescription from Spirit" (, to address the eclipse on July 5th. With the eclipse energies we’re in the period of birthing right now. This will last 3-6 months (but most likely 3 months). You need to keep in contact with your inner child (and heal inner child wounding) during this time. Birth can be messy and not always go as expected, but the arrival of the new in your life is a good thing. We’re being asked to let go in order for this new to come in. There’s a strong energy of pink/magenta right now; pink and magenta are linked in to healing, self-healing, feel good energies, and the loving energy of the hug, cuddle, comfort and support. We need to look after, nurture, and take care of ourselves right now. Around the birth of the new there’s a block around the throat chakra and being able to speak up—like you’re frightened of voicing it for some reason, but we just need to jump in and go to where we need to be because it’s long overdue. Get over the “what if” and conquer your fears—start today. Your message that needs to be communicated holds great wisdom. That message could be just what someone else needs to hear. There might be the greatest work, project, initiative, etc. inside of you but you believe you’re not good enough. Let go of the fear. Spirit is writing an energetic prescription for you—are you going to go get it and take it? It’s time to reflect, go deeper, and communicate with spirit, your guides, your higher self, source, etc. You need to act; spirit can perform action for you. Spirit can act through you, but it can’t pick up the phone for you, put something on the market, go to the job interview, etc.; spirit is with you but can’t do it for you. It’s the time for action. Even if you don't know all the specifics or where exactly you're heading, take the step forward and trust the process--trust the universe; it has your back.

As Amanda notes, we're in a transition period. If we're prepared, we can spring ahead.

We can be successful and tap into the abundance of the universe if we have the right kind of mindset--if we have the "winning" mindset.

Money is a touchy subject for a lot of people, as they tend to feel that money is "evil." The thing is: money is a resource and energy. It is neither good nor bad; it's neutral. It's how you use money that makes all the difference. We need to rethink money and our relationship with it.

People might feel that books, shows, movies, anime, manga, etc. are just "stories," but they can have powerful messages. There's actually a lot of spirituality in Gurren Lagann. I first watched it years ago (early on in high school I do believe), and I rewatched it somewhat more recently (probably towards the end of college or just after), and Spirit Science's recent video makes me want to watch it yet again. It's so good!

It's been a very full week. Lots of fun and abundance. The universe has our backs; we just need to remain steadfast in our trust and faith in it. It feels so good to be alive; to quote my uncle, "It's a wonderful day to be alive!" Love and light to you, my friends, and stay blessed~

For those looking for some information here's some food for thought:

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