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Full Moon in Virgo as February Concludes

I hope everyone is doing well! Happy end of February! February was a bit chaotic, but I feel like I was able to grow over the month and reach new understandings. It's also nice not to be snowed in any more (fluffy cat and I have been enjoying outdoor excursions with the nicer weather). Also, happy full moon in Virgo! Here's some information on the full moon and a meditation if you're interested:

I enjoyed spending time with my friends and fluffy cat this week, especially outdoors. April and I went hiking on some nature trails, and a group of six deer came up to us! It was exciting! When the first deer appeared, a huge smile grew on my face and my excitement only continued to grow as the rest of the group appeared. The deer had such a calm, peaceful vibe to them (as compared to some of the grumpy walkers/hikers). The fresh air felt amazing and rejuvenating, especially after the intense snowstorm earlier this month. As we were concluding our trek on the trails, Corliss started texting April to let her know that she was in the area (this was right after April was lamenting on how the three of us don't get together all that often anymore due to conflicting schedules). We went to pick Corliss up for an impromptu hangout; it was much needed (April's family life has been incredibly taxing, and she needed a feel-good pick-me-up). We ended up having Corner 17 for dinner, and it was absolutely delicious. Corliss and April remarked that it was near impossible not to order the entire menu because all the food is so delicious. While we didn't do all that much when we were together, it was nice to chill, relax, and chat in each other's company. I hope that it becomes a more frequent occurrence; it would definitely lift everyone's spirits.

Fluffy cat's toy (the friendship bracelet that one of the kiddos in my class last year made for me) finally reappeared. It had disappeared while we were in Colorado for my brother's wedding. We've been looking for it ever since. We weren't sure what she did with it, but we presumed that she had knocked it underneath something. As I was getting ready to go to bed one night this week, I walked into the living room and noticed that it had materialized on the floor. I'm guessing she had gotten it stuck underneath the couch and finally remembered that she had put it there (lol). She's such a goof.

I was busy with a lot of tutoring this week, but it was a lot of fun! The book he is reading for class sounds pretty interesting (Fish in a Tree). During breaks we would chat, play Pokemon, talk about InuYasha/YashaHime, make jokes, and watch funny Asian commercials. As we played together he came across my character in game and announced, "Hey, you gave me a Pearl!" which caused me to reply, "I try. Oh, look, it's there on your couch," pointing to their dog, Pearl, who was sitting on the couch. He thought it was hilarious. I love how natural our conversations are and how easy it is to make light-hearted jokes.

Over the summer we had watched an Asian McDonald's commercial (Ronald was being a creep, calling a lady in the alley, trying to break into an apartment, etc.). He wanted to know if I knew of any other funny commercials. I remembered about the "long long man" commercial Corliss, April, and I saw a while back. His favorite part was when long long man dressed up in a bunny costume (which is why I ended up making a Perler bead long long man in a bunny costume). We watched it early on in the week, and he kept bringing it up and laughing. One morning in his homeroom his teacher told him to bring a straight edge to art class this afternoon; we joked that we'd bring long long man's bunny ears and that we'd start measuring in bunny ears. We made so many jokes about it. He says the bunny costume is cursed and is a rip off of the energizer bunny; my response: "Knock off energizer bunny--the ears keep going and going and going." Then somehow long long man started getting fused with other things in crossovers. For instance it got fused with the tootsie roll pop commercial:

"Mr. Long long man, how many licks does it take to get to center of a gummy?"

"One, two, three long loooooong maaaaaannns."

This is how I feel school should be. It should be fun. It should be more lax with not so many pressures about meeting certain standards. Sure, it's important to learn and grow, but I feel like kids should have more say in what they learn. Learning should be personally meaningful. It shouldn't be super serious all the time. It should keep each kid in mind rather than being cookie-cutter.

Here are the Perler creations for the week (I also made some more gifts for the boys):

While looking for an anime I keep seeing a AMV for (Bump of Chicken's Gravity), I stumbled across Oresuki: Are You the Only One Who Loves Me?. The bench gag slayed me. Each time it was featured in a scene, I knew it was going to get comical (to be honest, it probably was karma-related lol). Once some of the true colors/motivations were revealed, I wasn't sure how I felt about the show. I don't typically watch/enjoy shows with certain personalities, but something urged me to keep watching and not let the personality component discourage me. I'm not disappointed that I did. Oresuki felt like messages from the universe. It also felt aligned with the times. Every time there were manipulative actions/motives, things wouldn't work out the way characters wanted (like energy attracting like and karma and all). Once they were acting true to themselves, much more positive/preferable outcomes would occur. Oresuki gave me vibes of embracing your true authentic self (the light and dark), shadow work/healing, not selling yourself short (even though the main character is trying to play up being the main character of a romcom, he views himself as not good enough compared to his friends, like he is nothing of value, a mere background character). It also deals with "coincidences," fate, events of singularity, etc. The ending was very fitting considering Joro's personality and values (it came basically full circle). I recommend checking out Oresuki if you're looking for an anime to watch (be forewarned: episode 13 is an hour and 10 minutes--I had been planning on finishing the anime one night after tutoring because there were only 5 or 6 episodes left only to look up mid-episode 13 to it being 55 minutes in and being after midnight lol).

This week's episode of YashaHime was awesome! Riku has always been a character of intrigue for me, but every time we get more answers I feel like I also end up with more questions. In the flashback it seemed like Riku was lacking in emotions (he did comment on being a doll), but it makes me wonder where his emotions/personality came from. I know it's been like two hundred years since the flashback, but he's so lively now--he's quite the character. Sesshomaru's previous comment on the rainbow pearls being Zero's tears was confirmed, but it makes me wonder what Zero's relationship is with Inu no Taisho (Zero's constantly hanging out with Kirinmaru after all). That was some intense sadness and grief (enough for her to wish her emotions away). It makes me wonder how Sesshomaru knew about them being Zero's tears since he was not on the boat with Zero and Riku. Since Riku's goal is to gather the pearls for Zero's sake, I wonder what they intend to do with them. I don't know how well it would play out for Zero to suddenly get her intense emotions back after being free of them for centuries. Maybe the pearls can grant wishes like the sacred jewel (considering they were created with the sacred jewel--but that also makes me wonder how it went from Zero's custody to Kikyo's). I sincerely hope that YashaHime continues for multiple season because the story is so interesting (even if I would have preferred for the girls to grow up with their parents). I'm curious to see how next week's episode continues the story. I also enjoyed more fanfic! This week I read more fanfic: Everything Has Changed, Little Red and the Silver Beast, Dangerous Game, First Words, Masterful Deceit, To Serve & Protect, Marked, and Now & Then. Props to all the fanfic authors and my sincerest gratitude for the awesome stories they've created!

Overall, the message I've been getting from the universe is to be gentle with myself, find balance, and to accept/love my whole self: light and dark. There are times when I feel like I "should" be doing more. There are times where I feel like I should be "better." Between the anime, fanfic, videos, conversations, etc. that I've been encountered this week what I'm hearing is that everything is alright just the way it is. I don't have to be more or less--being as I am is more than enough. The people that are there to support me and my growth won't care if I'm not some "holy saint." Those that do care that I'm human (contrary to being a saint/perfect being), well, their opinions don't particularly matter. Their version of me is likely an image constructed from their thoughts rather than my true self, any how. Everything is meant. Even if I'm not "doing much," that, too, has it's valuable purpose. It can lead to revelations and new understandings from the extra time to reflect and meditate. If this lack of "doing things" leads to boredom, it can spur action and new development. Life is in constant ebb and flow, ups and downs. The highs are just as important as the lows. It's the contrast that allows us to understand what we truly want/need. Both the light and dark are important. Embrace yourself in your entirety. Polish your traits, even your "bad" ones, until they all shine. Even said "bad" traits might not be all that bad depending on the light you view them in; it's all a matter of perspective. Everything, all the choices you've made and past experiences, have made you who you are today--you wouldn't be the you you are without them. Give yourself a break; you're doing better than you think. Breathe. We'll make it through this--no matter what is thrown at us. The universe is on our side. Take time to relax and have fun. Remember to smile and laugh. Stay well, and stay blessed with love and light~

Here's some food for thought from Spirit Science:

Here's some food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Here's food for thought to consider:

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