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Full Moon Energy Coming in; Time to Go With the Flow

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the full moon in Pisces! Going with the flow has certainly helped me out lately; there's certainly more peaceful this way. Taking the time to breathe and take it easy has been a must for me lately.

There's been a lot of powerful energy recently. It's definitely been shaking things up. It explains a lot (i.e. why I have been opting to relax and rest more this week than weeks past, opting to enjoy anime rather than creating art). I binge watched Wotakoi (and shared disappointment with Corliss when we found out there's only 11 episodes total). I felt I could relate a lot to their struggles with doing "normal" stuff and being able to form "normal" relationships with "normal" people. Growing up, it felt that very few people shared my interests/I didn't see the appeal of what "normal" people raved about (massive parties, alcohol, sports, dances, expensive brand-named clothes, etc.). I didn't feel all that much like I belonged. Sure, I was grateful when I found my awesome friendships with April and Corliss, but when I had to interact with the "real" world, it was a struggle to be understood and find common ground. After the very short stint of Wotakoi, I stumbled across Kakuriyo. I enjoyed this anime quite a bit, as well. It was interesting to think about there being a "hidden world." Makes me think a lot about the different frequencies and how people might not be aware of others because they're operating at different levels/densities. It also emphasized the importance of recognizing each individual rather than generalizing with stereotypes, which resonated a lot with me. Anyone could be good or bad; they have the free will to choose--it's their choice. Just because one person chooses one thing doesn't mean that those "similar" to them (i.e. like the same "race") would choose the exact same thing. After finishing both of these anime leaves me yearning for more new, awesome anime. I wonder what I'll start next. They've provided plenty of food for thought. The energies right now are definitely pushing towards a reset.

I helped tutor with virtual learning for another family this week. I stopped by on Sunday to get the scoop on the kids' school schedules. I ended up babysitting for a few hours so their parents could look for a new couch (they moved the old couch to the basement to have a comfy learning space for virtual learning), and we went on a walk to take advantage of the fresh, cool air (quite a rarity for August). They're a really sweet family; their mom told to let her know what art supplies I'd like to use with them and that she'd happily buy them for me (or I could buy them, and she'd reimburse me). She also wants to include me in their lunch plans (for instance they're going to be doing pizza Fridays like their school did). I'm super lucky to be able to work with these families; I'm blessed to have a steady income through this tutoring with the school system/matrix failing me. The universe has my back, and I am extremely grateful. When I left on Sunday, their daughter ran up to hug me and exclaimed, "See you tomorrow!" It's so nice to be loved and wanted--to be able to make a positive difference. Leadership in the schools have tried to tell me differently, but time and time again the families themselves love me and want to work with me. So many families would not want me to babysit for them if I was "no good" like leadership has tried to convince me. Don't buy the story the matrix tries to sell you. It's full of half-truths, lies, and fear, and fear is merely false evidence appearing real. I rebuke that story; it's not going to be my reality.

We've had a lot of fun with our time together; we've been doing fuse beads/Perler beads during breaks in the day. We have quite the collection going. I've brought them a variety of Pocky to try; at the beginning of the week I brought over one of my boxes of mint Pocky for them to try--they loved it so much I stopped by the global market to get others for them to try. I also tried to make their whiteboard their parents got for them more fun; their parents are doing the best they can to make online learning organized and easy for their kiddos (they got a desk, lamps, pencils in a pencil holder, chargers, a couch, chairs, etc. all to create a comfy space in their basement for them to learn). We would play popcorn on their trampoline during recess (they kept having me "pop" them; when I'd tell them that I wanted a break and that it was their turn to pop me, they would give up after not even a minute complaining about how their legs were tired. I pointed out that that's how I felt with the continuous jumping lol). They wanted to try making some videos with art/crafts. We even went on a scavenger hunt. I've also brought them some crystals, and they were super excited about them. When I arrived on Wednesday their mom was catching me up on what had happened the previous night. Their grandma recently moved to the area from North Carolina, so their grandma and aunt have been coming over for dinner this week; the previous night during dinner the kiddos had been showing off the crystals and crystal/mineral books I brought over for them. Their mom kept emphasizing how excited the kiddos were and how everyone had gotten into a deep discussion about different crystals, which ones they have, how they're made/where they're found, etc. I'm really grateful that I listened to that intuitive whim to bring over some crystals for them. I love that something so small can bring them so much joy.

Amanda Ellis discusses the return to school. Here's some food for thought about students going back to school, whether that be in person or online.

The sky has been beautiful this week. I love being able to witness these breathtaking sights. I also received my crystal sets from Goddess Provisions this week; I had been thinking about buying them (it sounded really nice to have colored crystal sets all nicely organized for certain meditative/energy purposes), and then Goddess Provisions had a sale, which made it seem like the perfect opportunity to get them. It was super exciting to acquire them. I haven't decided where to put them yet, but I'm sure I can find the perfect spot. On Saturday April and Corliss stopped by my house out of the blue to "adult-nap" me so I would hang out with them for the day. I got to see Iris, too, and she showed me her Ken doll. I asked her why she was pulling Ken's pants down (she randomly started to do so), and she exclaimed, "He lost his diaper!" Not gonna lie--it was extremely difficult not to burst out laughing. She's so freaking adorable. They ended up taking me to the mall, and we went to Earthbound and Attic Salt. Both stores had a buy one get one 50% off sale for Labor Day weekend. We got some nice new crystal additions, we each got a new crystal book which talks a bit about birth chart components (which we happened to be talking about on the drive), I got some presents for family members/kids I tutor/babysit, and Corliss and April got some new dresses. Since I had never been to Olive Garden before, they decided we had to go there for lunch. It wasn't bad. I'm still in this weird spot with food where not much sounds all that appealing, but I tried the Alfredo fettuccine (at least I'm pretty sure that's what I ordered). Corliss got an eggplant Parmesan, which I had thought about getting but decided not to since I wasn't sure how I would feel about it. Corliss let me try it, and it was delicious! I'll definitely get it next time (whenever that happens to be; it didn't seem all that close, and I don't feel like going out of my way to go to Olive Garden). I added peppers, onions, sage, and tumeric to my leftover noodles, which was pretty good. I also ended up watching Children of the Sea later since Corliss let me borrow it (she sung high praises for this film; she said everything keeps adding up with other info we've been getting). After watching it I would have to agree with her assessment. Children of the Sea contains really powerful content. A Lull in the Sea is similar in content, but Children of the Sea definitely goes deeper (although I prefer the character animation style in A Lull in the Sea). We are all one with the universe; we're all made of stardust. The universe is constantly communicating with us, but it's not always in the form that we expect. It's helpful to keep an open mind; even the smallest of moments can contain the greatest of messages. The universe/source/God/Creator wants to help us, but our expectations often get in the way.

April and I were discussing this on our walk this week; there's a story about this priest/religious leader that had the utmost faith in God. Disaster struck this town in the form of a flood. One of the townspeople went to warn the religious leader about the rising waters, but they insisted that God would save them. The individual wanted the leader to come with them, but they refused to leave. The water continued to rise, and another townsperson came to get the religious leader because they heard that the leader refused to go; they urged the leader to come with them because it was unsafe, but they continued to insist that God would save them. The townsperson reluctantly left in order to stay safe. The water levels continued to rise higher and higher. The water grew quite high. Another townsperson came to the place of worship on a boat hoping to finally get the religious leader to leave for safety, but the religious leader refused to leave, insisting God would save them. The townsperson took their boat to see if anyone else was stuck and needed help. It got to the point where there was barely enough air left to breathe, and the religious leader grew upset, accusing God of forsaking them. God came down and corrected the leader, "I came to you on three separate occasions trying to take you to safety. Each time you denied my help. What more do you want from me?" The religious leader had these specific expectations of what God's help would look like and resisted the multiple attempts of help sent specifically their way. Looking back, I realize that I have been guilty of this--not recognizing the assistance that the universe/source/God/Creator has sent my way because it didn't look the way I expected it to. It helps to keep an open mind, especially since the Divine Master Plan knows a heck of a lot more than we do (despite our best intentions). Stay well, everyone. We've all been planted. We can grow as much as we allow; the universe is more than willing to help, but we can't grow if we resist the process. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend with love and light!

Some food for thought from Spirit Science:

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Here's some food for thought for the week:

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