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Full Moon and Lion's Gate

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the full moon! It was breathtaking! I spent quite some time just gazing up at the epic sight that was the full moon. Several full moons ago I spent probably an hour or more gazing at the moon; I gazed at the moon in an out of focus kind of way (pretty much exactly like The Celestine Prophecy describes when viewing auras, but I hadn't read that book/series yet). I was mesmerized by the glow back then, and now I recognize that I was likely looking at the moon's aura then. The same happened this week; I intuitively just started looking at the moon out of focus, and the glowing "halo" (or aura) grew and transformed. It looked a lot like a blooming lotus/flower or life while having a large eye imagery overlaid on top of it. The moon's glow/aura started getting rainbows scattered inside it. Then this black part showed up amidst the glow (maybe representing the shadow?). Every time I would try to get a better idea about what was going on (especially with the shadowy part) and look at it, it would dart away, usually to the opposite side of the moon. I was attempting to sort all that out when clouds started moving in. At first it didn't really dull the moon or its aura/glow. Then things started getting murky/hazy. While watching the clouds slowly move across the sky/moon, suddenly they jerked lower (sort of like the whole sky excluding the moon shifted lower) for a second or two before jerking back only to the swiftly jerk to the side. It was super disorienting, but then the stars got really active, two in particular. They'd get brighter exponentially only to swiftly dull to the point that you couldn't even tell they were there. They kept these hijinks up for some time, but it was sort of like tag. Each time I noticed the brightness of one, it would simultaneously dull while the other would brighten. It felt very intentional, and it was a lot like ping pong. Then these two buddies/unidentified flying crafts showed up, brightly and rapidly alternating between white and red flashes. The whole experience was mesmerizing, but it left me with a sense of whiplash. I wonder if it's a metaphor for the state of the world right now, all the change and sudden developments; true beauty can come from all of this, but we need to acknowledge and heal humanity's shadow--we can't ignore it and pretend it isn't there. There's so much energy right now.

We also had the Lion's Gate this week! It's a powerful gateway, bringing in even more energy this week; Amanda Ellis discussed it and did a meditation:

There's also a Divine Round Table discussing the Lion's Gate:

I spent the week creating art, hanging out with fluffy cat, gaining insight, and watching anime. I watched Toradora! for the first time (I highly recommend it) as well as the next season of The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. I feel like they contained messages of things turning out differently than expected and things not always being the same as appearances--go deeper than the surface level. We need to stay true to ourselves and not become dissuaded by others; everyone has healing to do, and a situation might need to be viewed in the larger picture rather than fixating on your immediate response. I feel like these are the energies that are really prevalent right now. It's super important for find our joy and have fun.

This week I also spent time with loved ones. I finally was able to bring my cousin his birthday presents since his schedule opened up. He loved all the gifts, laughing at the inflatable shark drink holder (he said he’d use it in the bath), admiring the art I made (he was impressed especially by the pieces I made using water color markers—it seemed like he didn’t know there was such a thing), and fantasizing about wearing the “Totally Jawsome” shark socks while golfing. I’m glad I could brighten his day! Two of my aunts also stopped by to visit with everybody this week. I also visited and helped out April, her mom, and Iris. I assisted them run some errands (we were trying to return something they didn’t purchase, and it turned into quite the wild goose chase with each place we went to sending us somewhere else), we got ice cream, and we played with Iris. Iris is a hoot! Pretending to run a pizza shop, she had us order the kind of pizza we'd like. She gave me pizza with peppers and onions, and she gave her grandma pepperoni. When it came to be April's turn, she asked for ice cream. Iris replied, "'Roni and cheese pizza? Good choice!" April pretended to eat it and then asked if she could have ice cream. Iris responded, "More 'roni and cheese pizza? Good choice!" April gave up and just accepted the pizza. Iris loves her macaroni. Spending time with loved ones is priceless; it's something to truly treasure.

Everyone's perspective is being inspected and broadened. We each have a way we view the world, but this perspective was built over your life. Why do you believe what you believe? What traditions/traditional beliefs do you hold on to and why? There's nothing wrong with such beliefs/traditions, but it is important to question them to fully understand them and their purpose.

You've had the key all along; food for thought from Ralph Smart:

Insightful food for thought from Amanda Ellis about the current situation we find ourselves in:

Amanda Ellis also discussed the Lion's Gate:

This week brought a lot of energy to the table. After my previous boss started bringing weird vibes and intense negative energy, I decided not to go back this upcoming school year. This transpired right when my uncle got really sick and passed away. I didn't want to add to my parents' emotional load--my mom (bless her, she means well) worries way too much, so I decided to wait until I could prove to her that I would be taken care of financially. I know the universe has my back, but my family has a very different mentality. They're not bad people, but I've always felt like the odd one out. At the beginning of this week I got confirmation from another family I babysit for that they would like me to help out with tutoring with the online schooling. With two families enlisting my assistance, I recognized this was the trust in the universe materializing. I shared it with my mom, feeling confident, but she reverted to her typical worrying. It was rather intense, and it definitely dulled my energy levels. It wasn't a pleasant experience. I knew I had to get out of the funk--it wasn't even my energy--so I tried to find something to lift my spirits. When I opened my email, I recognized that I had an unusual email. Upon opening the email, I found out that the author of one of the books I did a video flip through of watched the video; she loved my video, noting how sweet I am, and asked if it'd be okay to send me her latest book for free to return to love. It blew my mind. Yes, I know the universe has abundance for me and everyone else, but I never expected to receive things like books for free; when I made the video my intent was to share the information in order to help others, and it felt like the universe was very much rewarding me. The following day, my order from Spiritual Supermall arrived. Upon opening it, I thought that the large pyramid seemed a bit off; I checked the website, and the photos of the pyramids suggested that I received the wrong one. When I sent an email inquiring (including the pictures from my order and the website) to customer service, they thanked me for reaching out and let me know that they would be sending the correct pyramid for free. So, again, I felt rewarded by the universe as that meant I received a crystal pyramid for free. Life can be a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, but the universe really does wish only the best for us. It wants to bring the highest good to us if we allow it in; I'm so grateful for all these blessings from the universe. No matter what it might appear like at first, don't give into despair. Let the love in. Find your joy and gratitude. Your story has so many wonderful surprises in store for you. Stay blesses, everyone~

Food for thought:

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