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First Full Moon of 2021

Happy first full moon of 2021 and full moon in Leo! Did anyone else notice the lunar rainbow? Corliss called me to make sure I would be able to witness it. Sirius was also super chatty--it was brightly flashing in a rapid change of colors. A dimmer star located between the full moon and Sirius also started the rapid flashing of colors. It was quite the sight to witness. Things are definitely heating up. Corliss and I stayed out for a good while despite the intense cold. I'm curious if anyone else noticed anything strange the night of the full moon; before we wrapped up our conversation and lunar viewing I noticed something rather odd. There was this strange substance/object in the sky. It was sort of reminiscent of clouds or smoke, but it did not wispy or alter. It sort of resembled a gray, wavy ribbon in the shape of a 'V'. It was not perfect 'v' with one side being longer than the other, and it was tilted to the side, almost like a '<'. It moved across the sky, but the curves/waves did not change--whatever it was merely slid across the night sky. When I first glimpsed it, it left me rather shell shocked. Corliss was chatting rather happily with me on the phone, but I started exclaiming to myself, "What--what the--what the heck IS that???" I tried explaining what I saw to her (but I couldn't find the right words). To add to the strangeness of the experience, every time I tried to explain what I was witnessing, all Corliss would hear from me were garbled, weird noises. If I talked about anything else, she heard me fine. This happened multiple times without fail. It's like I couldn't share what I was witnessing. I'm still at a loss for words. I have no clue what it was. If anyone else has any insight, please share. It's a rather perplexing thing to witness. We live in an interesting world.

Here's some information about the full moon and a meditation for anyone who's interested:

It also snowed again this week; it was a considerable amount, too--enough that we actually needed streets to be plowed. It was a beautiful expanse of winter white. The kids were all excited for the snow, too--the boy I was helping with online school couldn't wait for school to finish so he could go sledding in his backyard with his friends. The looked like they were having lots of fun with the hill sledding. The enthusiasm of the kids for the snow was contagious. I loved it. Frankly, the bulk of adults I come into contact with aren't for the snow, often grumbling about the roads. Sure, it can be an inconvenience for driving (or potential safety hazard), but that doesn't make snow itself bad. It can be breathtakingly beautiful. The simple white and quiet of it all. It calls to my soul (maybe because the modern day lifestyle tends to be rather chaotic and noisy). I hope the kids can still get snow days. The simple joy of playing in the snow. Life doesn't have to be so complicated.

I continued working with the cosmic animal theme with my Perler bead projects; here are this weeks creations (and April recommending trying rainbow tie dye animals, so I'll be experimenting with that soon):

I was excited for my new oracle deck that arrived: the Water Crystal Oracle based off of Dr. Emoto's work with the hidden messages of water. The crystallized water is breathtaking, and it felt rather fitting with all the snow this week.

Fluffy cat enjoyed snuggling up; she'd gladly keep me in bed all day if I'd let her (seriously, yesterday she stole my spot on the bed and remained there for the remainder of the day, the little warmth and bed snatcher lol). I can't say I blame her. I haven't particularly felt like doing all that much lately. Not sure if it's due to the short days, the cold, the snow/rain (there was plenty of both this week), energies, or what. Taking it easy just has an irresistible appeal at the moment, which my cat lives by (lol).

I spent a good portion of the week chilling with fluffy cat, reading manga and fanfic. I caught up with Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun (I love the anime; the manga is good, as well, but I was kind of hoping for more character development, sort of like Wotakoi, but sometimes this manga is more about being goofy--which isn't bad by any means). I became quite immersed in fanfic this week, and I gotta say I was really intrigued by the Husband Catalogue--I was not anticipating parallel universes/multiple timelines. Props to the author (and all of the other fanfic authors--I sincerely appreciate your stories, and you have my humble gratitude). I also thoroughly enjoyed Conversing with Emotions; I had planned on doing some art and other things, but once I started this fanfic, I did not want to stop. Literally getting stuck in Sesshomaru's head and dealing with different versions of him as his emotions; man, it's great. Corliss and I adored these fanfics. This week's fanfic included: Husband Catalogue (obviously lol), Conversing with Emotions, Macaria, Distraction, Together Alone, Aftercare, Fall of the Mighty, Camera Shy, Leftovers, Eventide, War Paint, Soul Mates, Mute Promises, Chamomile Fields, Grave Insult, Vitriol, Mornings in the 80s, Laughter, Frisky, Queen Bumblebee, Airports, Whispered Plea, Impostor Syndrome, Young Love, Original Priestess, Imitation, and Affection. Fanfic ensnared me into their stories and didn't want to release me lol. No complaints, since the stories were great. The InuYasha group Corliss invited me to also shared a bunch of their favorite fanfics, so I'm set for awhile lol. Long live fanfic! This week's epsidoes of YashaHime was also great; the preview for next week's episode has me pumped--Sesshomaru's going to make an appearance, hooray! How will the story continue to unfold--I want to know!

I working on taking things one thing at a time and focusing on my joy right now. The outside world is all complicated with people getting uber intense with their emotions and beliefs (even my family have been getting super intense about super minor stuff--it's mindboggling). I'm going to focus on being the best version of myself, one where I'm actually happy and enjoy what I do. If that means that there are days where I'm "less productive" than society deems I "should" be, so be it. I'm over the "shoulds." Should according to who? What's the reasoning behind it? I'm tired of being told to pretend, to act like I'm someone I'm not or feeling other than I actually am. If I'm not feeling like doing a certain activity, it can be done later. It doesn't make me a bad person (it doesn't make anyone a bad person). Time is an illusion, anyhow. Seriously, one morning I woke up but was half awake--next thing I know 2 hours had passed even though it felt like maybe half an hour (I didn't fall asleep either--I was just relaxing and didn't feel like rushing about). It feels like things are in this weird transitional phase where they weren't what they were--they mid-transformation, much like a caterpillar in its chrysalis phase. It's no longer a caterpillar but neither is it a butterfly yet. It's probably why things have been feeling so weird. Seems thing uncertain even though I know the universe has my back and is full of abundance. Wondering if the old 3-D program is trying to shake my faith because things have been coming up, as if to "convince" me otherwise. Leaves me a feeling a bit tired, but if we want to become that butterfly we need to undergo the process. It won't work to cut corners, trying to jump straight to the finish line (no matter how much we might want to). If we take things one step at a time, the process will be easier (since we'll be less likely to become overwhelmed). So, with that in mind, I plan to be genuine with myself and others and follow my heart, wherever it chooses to lead me. I used to listen to the "shoulds" of others before, and it led to feeling trapped and restricted; I have no intention of repeating that. Take care of yourselves, everyone. Take time to breathe, relax, and laugh. Find what makes you happy. You matter. Stay well. Stay healthy. Stay blessed with love and light~

Here's some food for thought from Spirit Science:

Here's more food for thought from Ralph Smart on Infinite Waters:

Food for thought to consider for this week:

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