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Finding Abundance: Taking Matters into My Own Hands to Create Financial Freedom

Rising inflation.

The Pandemic.

Job loss.

Student Loan Debt.



Onslaught of bills.

Low-paying jobs.

Incurred interest on loans and credit cards.

So many of us would appreciate extra abundance and financial wealth in our lives.

Now more than ever, the struggle feels very real.

The world around us can feel like it’s closing in, crushing us with immense pressure.

So many of us are so tired of it all and are looking for a way out of our financial woes.

I understand that distress.

Let’s rewind the clock about a decade ago.

I’d submit job applications during high school only to be rejected. Why? I “needed job experience first.”

Interesting premise considering everywhere was telling me that; how would I get said job experience if no one would hire me? Beats me.

I move on to college, earning substantial scholarships to pay most of my way.

I was feeling rather happy about not incurring student loan debt. I heard many horror stories about student loan debt (like how my cousin had nearly $100,000 of said debt).

Things were going swimmingly. Then my advisers started pushing this 5-year program for both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in art education.

Cutting the time it would take for a master’s degree in half sounded awesome, so I decided to enroll.

To pay for the 5th year, though, required student loans.

My advisers had sworn up and down that the extra degree would guarantee a teaching position post-graduation.

I completed the program, eager for my upcoming future as an art teacher.

Student loans were far from my mind, as a teacher’s salary would pay off the debt at a reasonable rate.

The problem was schools didn’t want to hire me.

Oh, the degrees were desirable, but the lack of experience was, again, the issue.

That dual degree program became a double-edged sword that didn’t serve me.

Year after year, I applied and interviewed only to come away empty handed.

Sure, the schools were willing to hire me for support staff, like before/after school care and a teacher’s assistant, but the pay was quite low.

I loved working with the children, grateful for the opportunity these jobs offered. The problem was the schools’ leadership never truly appreciated such positions.

Employees working these positions often experienced gas lighting and then got used and discarded like a tool.

I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this.

Countless others are in the same boat. Life doesn't have to be this hard.

We don't have to struggle with money. With a change in our mentality our entire lives can change.

Yes, I’m sure there are those of you that are skeptical. I don’t blame you.

There’s plenty of evidence “proving” otherwise.

There are countless stories with proof that life is hard, that we need to struggle to succeed.

There are two sides of the coin, though.

Many people are familiar with the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

It’s more accurate to say, “You’ll see it when you believe it,” because your beliefs create your reality.

Even with that being said, there are those who want to see the proof that beliefs create reality.

Evidence does exist.

A number of mentors have influenced my mindset and opened my eyes to the possibilities, such as Ralph Smart, Abraham Hicks, and Jake Ducey.

They emphasize the importance of your beliefs and how they impact on your life.

For example, take Jake Ducey.

He’s had a profound impact on my life.

Many have probably seen him on YouTube. Many might have heard his story.

When he and his wife were in their early 20’s, they were broke.

They faced so the struggles so many of us are currently combatting.

Their lives have completely changed since then, as they became millionaires by the time Jake was 27.

That’s great for them, you might think, but that won’t happen for me.

Such thoughts, however, are self-fulfilling prophecies.

If you’re convinced that it can’t happen, it won’t because you won’t ever take action to make the change.

You’ll continue with your same, old routine, remaining in the familiar.

Your uncomfortable comfort zone becomes a prison.

Frankly, I refuse to remain stuck in this position.

I’m ready to obtain financial freedom. I’m eager for change. I feel it in my bones—great change is upon us.

I first stumbled upon Jake Ducey years ago, and he’s been a bright beacon of inspiration in my life for years.

He offers great insight in his empowering YouTube videos and provides a free Success Hypnosis MP3, which I listen to daily.

If you haven’t checked out his videos or free Success Hypnosis, I highly recommend doing so.

I downloaded his hypnosis years ago, and it's helped me make profound life changes

Jake's helped me tremendously over the years with his free Success Hypnosis and his empowering YouTube videos.

When I heard about his new program, I knew I had to check it out or I would regret it.

At the beginning of March 2022, I joined his 10 K in 10 Weeks online course where he shares a wealth of inside information about financial abundance.

Honestly, I’m so glad I didn't pass up this opportunity.

When I first watched his promotional video, I became so excited; the concept resonated so much and was exactly what I was looking for.

Each week's content provides even greater insight.

There are so many opportunities to bring in greater financial abundance that I had never considered before.

The 10 K in 10 Weeks course has discussed inflation and its impact on your salary if it remains the same.

It identifies 3 different types of financial goals and the implications it has for your finances.

It guides you in brainstorming multiple sources of income and emphasizes the importance of passive income. Many of us work multiple jobs, but there’s only so many hours in the day—passive income is a blessing.

This online course highlights the importance of creating a money map to guide your course of action.

For those curious individuals, the following is an overview and outline of the course:

Introduction and Best Practices

Week 1:

· What Is Money & How Do You Earn It

· What Problem is This Solving?

· Rationalizing

· Work Hard On Yourself

· Priming the Pump

Week 2:

· 3 Types of Financial Goals

· Multiple Sources of Income

· A Fantastic Source of Income: Becoming an Affiliate

· The Jake Ducey Partnership Program

Week 3:

· Lowest Hanging Fruit

· You Are 2 Businesses

Week 4:

· High Income Tasks

· Gamify Your Income

Week 5:

· 11 Money Traps

· How Inflation Affects Your Purchasing Power

· Minimum Wage Tasks

Week 6:

· The YouTube Workshop

Week 7:

· Quick Cash

· 22-Step Sales Letter Template

Week 8:

· The Importance of a Mentor

· Unlimited Abundance with Bob Proctor

· Bob Proctor Interview

· What I Learned from Bob Proctor

Week 9:

· Creating Your Mastermind

· A Perfect Partnership

Week 10:

· The Inner Game of Money

2nd Mind Neuro-Programmer Financial Abundance Tracks:

· Financial Abundance - Raw State

· Financial Abundance - 2hz Deep Delta State

· Financial Abundance - 3hz

· Financial Abundance - 4hz Theta Drowsy State

· Financial Abundance - 6hz Fantasy State

· Financial Abundance - 8hz Relaxed Alpha Sate

Final Thoughts


· Money Coaching Call: Quantum Income Jumps

· Money Coaching Call - Developing Multiple Income Sources

· Clearly Defining Your Financial Goals

· How to Attract Money into Your Life

· The $10 Into $1000 Masterclass

This course has provided great insight in ways I can generate more income.

It’s prompted me to create multiple online shops for my art, like Redbubble, TeePublic, and TeeSpring. I then submitted photos to stock photography sites.

It compelled me to write a new book, although I already have the picture book I created in college for sale as an e-Book.

While I ultimately didn’t find any for myself, this online put hundreds of extra dollars in my best friend’s pocket through Unclaimed Property.

One of the aspects that has me most excited is the Affiliate Program; I am now a proud member of the program!

The 10 K in 10 Weeks course has inspired me to never give up in what I desire because I can make it a reality.

I’m so glad I gave it a try, and I strongly urge that you at least check it out, too.

Do you truly wish to wait?

Personally, I’d rather change my life for the better, improving my belief system and allowing financial abundance to enter my life.

Don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself today by clicking here.

You’ll be glad you did. I know I am.

Moreover, there’s no reason to fret because Jake issues a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you want to learn more about Jake Ducey, feel free to check out his website.

Plus, considering how many other courses and programs go for thousands of dollars, the 10 K in 10 Weeks course is a steal!

There happened to be a promotion when I joined, allowing me to join for just under $300.

At the end of the day, is 10K in 10 weeks possible? Most definitely.

Will you be guaranteed $10,000?

That depends on your efforts invested. If you merely go through the motions without putting any real effort into it, perhaps not.

Even if you didn’t quite make it to $10,000, earning several thousand extra dollars instead, in your initial 10 weeks, wouldn't that still be worth it?

It's extra cash in your pocket. Plus, you gain crucial insight on how to keep bringing in more abundance and continue growing!

For those of you interested in other ways to generate more income, I have a free resource here.

May your 2022 be abundant and prosperous!

Change is upon us, and blessing abound.

Affiliate Partnership Program Disclosure:

I'm a proud partner of the Jake Ducey Partnership Program, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. My recommendations are made on intense knowledge and a deep understanding of Jake Ducey, not due to the small commission I may receive. Please don't spend any money on these programs unless you believe they will enrich your life.

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