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Fall Break is Fabulous

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Had a relaxing fall break (as much as I enjoy my work, I do genuinely appreciate breaks). I kicked off Fall Break by going to see Frozen 2 (I highly recommend seeing it; the songs have been stuck in my head all break). I wouldn't mind going back to see it in theaters a few more times. I watched Noragami for the first time, and I highly recommend it, as well. I love great stories, especially ones full of intrigue. Got some gift shopping done (found a cool holographic shark picture for my cousin; gotta love unexpected yet amazing finds). Spent much needed time with my besties; Corliss picked up a pretzel dog at the mall only to lose the dog to the floor. Not going to lie, it was pretty hilarious. She kept going on about the disgrace of it all. We all made cookies together (April and Corliss easily ate 5 a piece last night--good thing there were 80 of them). To be completely honest, the peanut butter cookies were super delicious--I can't blame them. Fortunately, none of us have a peanut allergy. April chose to eat with three forks (all at the same time) and joked about using a bunch of forks (like three in each hand) as chopsticks to eat food from now on. Little Iris chose to randomly hide in a box; at first it seemed like she was merely going to sit in the box like my cat likes to but then proceeded to try and enclose herself inside it. I needed the laughter, the chance to sleep in, and quality time with my favorite people. I'm refreshed and ready to start the work week tomorrow!

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