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Congrats on the Colorado Wedding~

I hope January is treating everyone well! It's been a bit crazy for me. Something happened with the fuse box right before leaving for my brother's wedding; the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and random lights no longer work. No one is able to come until next week. There was some complications with the wedding stuff, and then I came back home to a dead car battery. I wouldn't say I'm upset, but it definitely could have gone smoother. I did enjoy going out to Colorado, though. I ended up watching the wedding virtually with my aunt, cousin, brother, and my aunt's cat. The rationale behind restrictions for the wedding didn't particularly make sense, but what can you do? I enjoyed having a cat snuggled on my lap throughout the wedding and being mask-free, so that was a plus. The wedding looked pretty from the little I saw of it (it lasted about half an hour). Corliss asked what we did while we were out there (we were out there for a few days), but all we really did was hang out with our relatives out there (and I happened to be a cat magnet most of the time, with my relatives' cats claiming my lap, which was 100% fine with me). I ended up playing some Scrabble with my relatives, and it was impressive that we only had my cousin's leftover 'U' (which I found impressive since most of us hadn't played Scrabble before). I also found it funny that no one else noticed the Dragon Ball Z car that was situated at the very front of the rental car lot--everyone else just kept walking. I thought it was cool and stopped to appreciate the car, taking a picture of it to commemorate the occasion. My brother did make us dinner, though; he made everything from scratch, props to him, but his tastes are much spicier than mine (too much spicy heat for me).

I was happy to find that goodies were waiting for me when we got back. All my new treasures: new crystal goodies and Sesshomaru!! Yay for awesome new blanket, pillow, t-shirt, and bracelet!

Speaking of Sesshomaru, I was minding my own business, checking emails, and I stumbled upon the blasphemy of blatant lies. Corliss was dying from laughter; she agreed that the audacity of such claims are disgraceful. Since when are bland, plain tank tops Sesshomaru blankets? This fraud is treacherous slander--what kind of world do we live in? (Note: we are both serious and not serious about this--it really is outrageous, but we're not livid about it; we know that Sesshomaru wouldn't stand for such disgrace, though lol) Be the judge for yourself:

This week I watched the most recent episode of YashaHime, and it had me feeling all sorts of emotional. Plus, it had me questioning things again (specifically freaking Riku; last episode had me questioning his motives in all of this, and I still can't discern any of it better). I'm grateful some of the questions I've had are getting answered, but there are just so many freaking questions (but having the story unfold is rather nice--Corliss and I can't wait to re-watch YashaHime in binge form because it's freaking YashaHime). I also read more fanfic; this week's fanfic includes: The Broken Hold of Matrimony, To Live Again, The Color of Love, What Remains, Romancing Ego, and Hunter's Moon. If anyone has recommendations for their favorite fanfics, I'm open to them--please share! I also caught up with the most recent chapters of Wotakoi and Noragami this week. It's been a busy week (but I've enjoyed my recreational time with anime, manga, and fanfic).

Fluffy cat has been extra glued to my side ever since we got back (she's not keen on being alone in the house--she doesn't like to be pestered, but she wants people around). She's just so cute and cuddly, wanting to snuggle all the time and following me around! She even decided to beat me to my bed, becoming a bed snatcher (lol). She's been keeping me in bed until noon or later because she doesn't want to be alone (thankfully, I didn't have anything else going on this week where I had to fulfill any obligations/responsibilities/commitments).

I didn't make much art this week since we were out of town (and away from my supplies), but here's the new Perler bead creations:

Corliss and I ended up meeting up; we've been wanting to catch up. We ended up going to Sunshine Daydream for the first time in what feels like forever--the first time in 2021 (the last time we went was no later than September I do believe because it was before Corliss went to help her dad in Texas). Funnily enough, we went when there happened to be a sale, which is what always happens when we happen to go on Earthbound (we never plan it that way). We didn't even know that there was a sale until we reached the checkout. Neither of us had went in with the intention of acquiring new goodies, but that's what we both ended up doing. We also ended up buying some large, fluffy blankets and food for a homeless man we saw (we were just walking around, waiting for our food at Corner 17 to get ready, when we happened to see him and had been planning on wandering around a store anyhow, so we decided to help give him what he needed). It was so freaking cold since it's winter, and the blanket he did have didn't cover him all that well. We were really glad to be able to help him out. At first we were a bit concerned because when we left the store and made our way back to where he had been huddled, he had disappeared. We were able to find him as we made our way back to Corner 17, though, to our relief. It's no fun to be out in the cold in general, but to live out in it? It's just brutal. No one should have to live like that. Corliss ended up spending the night, and we enjoyed chatting about InuYasha, YashaHime, Sesshomaru, anime in general, drawing, fanfic, and joking in general. She was a bit envious of my new Sesshomaru goodies lol, but she did give me a new Kyo Soma figure! Like usual, time passed in a blink of an eye, and it was after 2 am when we finally went to sleep. The next day we ended up chatting some more and re-watching Monthly Girls' Nozaki Kun for some great laughs. It great to be able to relax, chill, and not take things so seriously. Honestly, it was the most I've laughed in quite a while (not that I take things super seriously in general, but people bring different energies with them--Corliss, April, and I always end up extra goofy when we get together lol). I'm eternally grateful for my amazing friends!

Plenty of things can seem rather crazy, but there's still plenty of blessings that can be found. Been thinking a lot about wise Uncle Iroh and his advice: "If you look for the light, you can often find it, but if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see." It's so true. Even if works are "fiction," that doesn't mean they don't have profound insight to share (Uncle Iroh is a prime example of this--I consider him to be my mentor). Despite the state of the outside world, don't forget to take care of yourself, breathe, relax, and remember your blessings. The universe has our backs (even if it doesn't look like it in the moment--I speak from experience; looking back, I can see how events played out for my benefit, but it doesn't necessarily feel like it in the moment). Embrace love and light. Love and light (or love-light and light-love) are incredibly powerful--the dark, fear, anger, misery, negativity, all of these things can't stand up and persist in the face of love and light. There's no need to bury your head in the sand, but remember you have powerful allies and resources at your disposal, ready to assist you whenever the need arises. Follow your heart. Follow your joy. Follow your passion. Stay healthy (in all manners of speaking, heart, mind, body, soul). Stay blessed, everyone~

Food for thought from Higher Realm Holistics:

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Here's some food for thought for the week:

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